Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 137 part 1

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The 137th chapter “Beauty under the Moonlight” (part one)

With one of their rades dead, the remaining three court magicians weren’t just idly standing by either. Combining their might, they managed to erect a powerful shield in front of them as they flew towards the wood where the hidden bowmen were located.

As for Sir Chick on the ground, he was already forced into a bitter battle of survival. Surrounded on all sides, he had no choice but to slowly retreat backwards. However, behind him is the prince’s carriage, so there is no way he could possibly move back any more!

Mustering every ounce of his strength, Sir Chick’s swordsmanship has reached a legendary level as he repelled strike after strike around him. Thanks to his effort, the enemy could not break through his front blockade no matter what.

Back in the carriage, Du Wei had stuck his head from the carriage window to check the situation. Seeing Sir Chick could not hold the line much longer and the fact that the enemy was ing around from the side, he could only think of one solution in his mind. Rushing over to the horrified Prince on the floorboard, Du Wei whispered into his ears: “Get on the horse and escape!”

Pulling out a magic scroll from his sleeves, Du Wei did not falter in the slightest as he threw the precious scroll out towards the oning riders. Immediately, an intermediate fire based spell erupted from it and incinerated the riders to ashes. Without missing the opportunity, Du Wei and the prince both jumped out of the carriage and mounted the remaining two uninjured horses in front of the carriage. Then taking out a dagger, Du Wei sliced apart the hindering reins and poked both of their mounts in the butt to make them get moving!

It didn’t take long for the enemy to notice their movements. As soon as Du Wei and the prince tried to make a run for it, a set of enemy riders quickly headed towards them to intercept. Thankfully, Du Wei is well prepared for them. Pulling out another scroll, he threw it out towards the enemy riders again. Unlike the previous fire spell, the magic that erupted from his scroll this time was a petrification spell! Caught off guard, the enemy riders were defenseless against the spell and immediately turned to stone. As a finishing blow, both of them intentionally allowed their mounts to collide against the petrified riders to shatter them into pieces! Even if a mage were to dispel the petrification spell later on, these poor enemy riders would not have any chance of surviving.

Despite being freed from the encirclement, Du Wei suddenly felt a sudden sense of impending danger! From the side of the road, a dark shadowy character carrying a giant crescent shaped bow came rushing out of the woods. Even more shocking though, this mysterious person was able to fire a shot at them even while jumping in midair!

Letting out a tense cry, Du Wei dare not hold back for risk of his life! Mustering up every drop of magic in his body, he conjured up a volley of fireballs at the mysterious enemy!

Although a fireball spell cannot be considered lethal to even the average Dou Qi warrior, but it is Du Wei’s most highly practiced spell. Matched with the gun powder from Solskjaer, he not only could cast a storm of fireballs in a blink of an eye, but it is also chant less spell cast! Like this, the level of power is increased significantly, especially when the enemy is caught off guard!

The other party obviously did not expect Du Wei to still have something like this up his sleeves! Facing against a storm of fireballs, this shadowy figure only spent a second in shock before twisting his body in midair to dodge the fireballs.

But how can Du Wei so easily let the enemy have his way? Without delay, Du Wei saw through the enemy’s intent and immediately threw out another magic scroll in his sleeves!

This mysterious enemy is really out of luck! Normally, a high leveled mage would only at best carry one or two magic scrolls on their body for in case of emergencies, but who would have thought Du Wei to have so many hidden away?

From the magic scroll he just threw out, a yellowish light erupted from the parchment and covered the entire area. This spell is none other than a paralyzing spell specifically intended for dealing with foes that focuses on speed and movements! Once the enemy is enshrouded in this light, Du Wei’s volley of fireball naturally had an easy time landing on the target. Upon impact, scattering sparks of flames and smoke rippled across the road, creating a small crater on the ground!

It truly is a shame for this powerful master. Due to his carelessness against Du Wei’s sneak again, his whole body was bombarded into a charcoaled mess!

Figuring it was a chance to earn a quick fortune; Du Wei forcefully turned around and headed towards the fallen foe. Thanks to his sharp eyes, he immediately deduced the strangely crescent shaped bow was a magic weapon due to the faint glow emanating from it. As he passed by the already near dead warrior, he used one of his free hands to rip the bow out of the enemy’s grasp. And to make matters worse, the guy was already nearing death’s door, but as Du Wei made a second run on him, the horse ended up trampling over his body and finishing the deed…..

This poor guy is in fact the master bowmen that killed the court magician earlier and injured the mighty Sir Chick. Yet, thanks to Du Wei’s sneak attack, this famous warrior ended up losing his life in such a shameful situation and to a kid no less….

Once Du Wei snatched up the precious bow, he didn’t waste any time and quickly rushed up to the prince’s side in front because around 10 enemy riders were pursuing them from behind.

The mounts belonging to Du Wei and the prince may be breeds of extraordinary quality, but their riding skills were too lacking to take advantage of this. Knowing this, the experienced soldiers pursuing the two didn’t overly force their mounts and kept their distance within range of sight. As time passed, the two horses did exactly what the enemy expected and began slowing down.

Seeing the enemy riders closing in on them, Du Wei began cursing at the horses in his mind! For someone like Du Wei that has never been taught the art of horse riding, he would of course not understand the reason for their lack of speed lies on him!

Normally, a mere dozen riders wouldn’t be much of a threat to someone like Du Wei. However, his reserve of gunpowder is already used up and the only magic scroll left in his sleeve is the “Heart Piercing Spell”. This spell may be powerful, but the effect is only useful in a duel against another magician and is useless against a mob of enemies! It would be another story if he could have a moment to get some more scrolls out of his storage ring, but it is impossible right now due to the constant rattling from his horse.

Then suddenly, he could hear a clicking sound from behind him. Turning around to take a look, the images of a dozen crossbow bolts fell into his view! The riders pursuing them are clearly trying to shoot them down!

Just when the barrage of cross bolts is about to hit them, Du Wei lets out a cry of fright before the air behind them twisted into a barrier screen! Appearing behind Du Wei, a white haired beauty with a reddish blood colored robe floated in midair.

Without waiting for Du Wei to ask for help, Semel began pointing her finger at the pursuing riders. Every time her finger fell upon one of the riders, a cobweb spell was shot to each of the targets. Once caught in the spell, the rider easily fell off their horses and rolled onto the ground. Once off, there is no way they could possibly catch up again.

Just when Du Wei wanted to say thank you, Semel interrupted and spoke with a sullen face: “There is still a powerful Mage in front of you, be careful!”

Just as her words finished, a melodious whistling sound floated into their ears. This sound didn’t cause any pain to Du Wei or the prince, but the horses began to cry in pain. Within seconds, their horses began bleeding in their eyes and mouth before falling to the ground in pain! Caught off guard, Du Wei and Prince Son naturally suffered quite a bit as they too fell to the ground with their mounts!

That whistling sound just now is obviously infused with some kind of magic, what kind?!


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