Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 136

Night Mode

The 136th chapter “night attack”

Why would Semel suddenly speak up after disappearing for so long!

Maybe it was due to the shock of knowing Gandalf’s death, but Semel hasn’t shown herself to him in months.

Whatever… Du Wei sighed and relaxed his mind.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you making your move? Aren’t you a man?” The tone in Semel’s voice was mixed with endless ridicule.

Du Wei grunted in his mind before going on: “You’ve been following me every day, so you should know very clearly if I am a man or not. Although I’m a man, but I don’t have the habit of being a beast in front of others!” This time around, Semel’s voice sounded even more gloating than before: “If you really want me to, I can take a walk outside for a while. As long as I don’t go too far, it will be fine.”

“Forget it!” Du Wei lets out a frosty laugh: “You are living under my spirit, so even if you move far away, it would be the same as seeing the scene in person. In such a situation, how can you expect me to avoid you?”

No matter what, it would be quite disturbing if there is someone watching you as you screwed around! And if the person in question is your great ancestor….. Well, I believe there wouldn’t be a single man in this world capable of not falling flat.

The quadruplets had originally seen through the change in Du Wei’s breathing and perceived their new master was about to make a move; yet, the sudden calm that followed the very next moment had left the four girls in a daze of wonderment.

When Du Wei felt helpless to get out of this situation, someone finally came to rescue him.

With the subtle sound of the door opening, a respectful voice floated into his ears: “Mage Du Wei, sorry to bother at this moment…. His highness had some urgent matter that requires him to head back to the capital, thus he tasked me to ask you if you would like to go back with him or stay here for the night…..”

“Don’t ask if.” Du Wei immediately jumped out of the bed and donned his Mage robe: “His highness and I will go back together right now.” Without delay, Du Wei and the prince got on the coach and started to head back to the capital with their possessions.

While on the road, the prince kept looking at Du Wei with an amusing smile: “My friend, I never would have thought you could be so strong willed. In such a case, you actually left as soon as you decided to. Could it be that you don’t like my gift?”

Du Wei replied in a mild tone: “With my status, it would be easy for me to get any woman I want in the future. I’m still young; I don’t wish to be so overly indulgent in the opposite sex at such an early age…. What about you? Your highness, didn’t you leave as soon as you decided too? Don’t you have any lustful feelings also? I know that Sir Bilaibuer gifted you with a Snake girl!”

Snake girls are women’s from a special minority tribe that used to live in the remote areas of the southern lands. Due to their scarcity and the low population of their tribes, this group of people had long been conquered by the empire a few hundred years ago. Due to their tribe’s special trait of having otherworldly flexibility, every female of this tribe is capable of pleasuring the opposite sex in so many ways that any man would die for a night with them.

It is precisely because of this characteristic that their people were faced with misfortune. Due to popular demand from the empire, poachers began capturing any female members of this tribe to sell in the slave market. In no time at all, this tribe finally faced destruction around 200 years ago. In modern times, the only place one would find any surviving members of this tribe would be in the arms and homes of some wealthy noble.

And what is even more abhorrent is the fact that once these girls are old enough to bear children, they would be forcefully impregnated to conceive the next generation. This is to ensure the owner will be able to continue to own a snake girl for future use.

From being a human being to a sex slave, such is the tragic fate of this tribe.

Back when he read the documents pertaining to this tribe, he could only sigh with grief: the terrifying part about humanity lies in how cruel we can be!

Du Wei really had to give it to this prince. Even when faced with such a tempting snake girl, the guy didn’t even flinch at the mention of the topic.

As the night drew closer to morning, the sky remained pitch black as the two coach road along the road. Leading in the front is of course the prince and Du Wei, but the other coach following close behind actually contained the quadruplets belonging to Du Wei. Because the prince had to enter the palace for some urgent matter, the snake girl was left behind at the villa to be picked up at another time.

As Du Wei sat inside the coach, his mind kept thinking about the time when he met that partially crippled waiter back at the villa…..

Similarly crippled and carried the air of a military soldier….. All of this is just too similar to those assassins that tried to take his life!

This question must be made clear one way or the other. The other party wants to take his life, so he must figure out the identity of the other party if he wants to protect himself!

Could his father really not know even though they are from the military?

Just thinking of this is sending chills down his spine!

While in thought, Du Wei suddenly heard a subtle sound ing from far into the distance. Thanks to his superhuman mental senses, he could immediately deduce the noise is from the lever of a crossbow!

Going on full alert, Du Wei dived towards the prince sitting across from him. Once they were on the floorboard of the carriage, he could hear a took took took took noise ing from the outside……

Right now, several powerful crossbow bolts had already struck the horses in the front! Fortunately for the two, these arrows weren’t able to penetrate their carriage despite being made out of pure steel!

In this situation, the first to react is the master warrior acting as their driver. With a loud cry, Sir Chick (the driver) had enwrapped his horse whip in a highly dense form of Dou Qi. Like a vindictive snake, the second wave of cross bolts was easily deflected in a single swing of his whip. It is well known the striking force of a crossbow is enormous pared to a regular bow, but to be able to deflect a shower of these bolts in a single wave, one can imagine how amazing this Chick fellow is!

After seeing the waves of arrows having no effect, the other side will definitely make another move. Knowing this, Chick moved with haste to grab his sword hidden away at the side of the carriage. In mere seconds, his entire body was enshrouded in a silvery aura of Dou Qi.

It wasn’t only Sir Chick that was getting ready for bat, the four court magicians had also dismounted from their horses and flew into the air. With a serious face, each of these highly powerful Mages was spreading a faint light powder substance in their vicinity. As if reacting to their spell chanting voices, the moment these lights touched the ground, it immediately created a defensive barrier around the carriage.

Just when the situation started to quiet down, a wind breaking sound came gushing out of the forest woods. Dressed in light armor, a couple of dozen warriors with masks covering their faces were rushing towards them. And even more shocking, around 10 Calvary knights further behind the first group were charging towards them with force!

With a very serious face, Chick felt pushed back because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to guarantee the safety of the prince in this situation by himself.

And it is certain the other party has a master hidden away if they dared to attack the prince so openly in the night…..

Just when Chick was thinking this, he suddenly noticed a strange light flashing across the sky! Enveloped in a sharp Dou Qi, this arrow was aiming straight for him!

With a loud cry, Chick raised his sword readying to deflect the oning attack!

Just when he slashed down against the arrow, something out of his expectation happened. Instead of shattering apart from his attack, the arrow only had its metal head break away. As for the rest of the arrow, it actually raised its speed and shot right through his shoulder and into the trunk of a huge tree behind him!

With blood profusely bursting out of his wound, Chick stabbed his sword onto the ground to lean against it. Letting out a grunt, he bit his lips and shouted in contempt. As retaliation, he forcefully pulled out his horse whip and pumped his own Dou Qi into it. Within moments, the whip shattered into numerous pieces and shot forth in all direction. Surprisingly though, this attack of his actually shot out even faster than the crossbow arrows from before!

Seeing Chick injured, the attackers saw it as a chance to attack and came rushing forward. However, when their allies suddenly dropped down without any chance to retaliate to the whip shards, their enthusiasm for fighting was suddenly lowered.

At this moment, another ray of light was flying across the night sky! Instead of aiming for Chick like before, the target this time around was the court Mages in the sky. Despite being highly skilled, these Mage were no match for the arrow fired from a master. As if the arrow had some kind of power to dominate over a spell caster, the court magicians were helpless against this attack. With a loud popping sound, one of the four court magicians was easily killed. But the court mage didn’t die in vain. Just before he died; he managed to shoot out an extremely high leveled fire based spell at the source of the attack.

With that last attack from a dying man, the master bowmen on the other side could no longer hide his presence! Just when Du Wei managed to repose himself, he mustered up his mental force to pinpoint the exact location of the enemy. It is then, a realization dawned on him. Despite the magnificent attack shot out by the dying court Mage, the high leveled fire based spell was countered with an umbrella of water!

The enemy has a magician hidden away too!


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