Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 133 part 2

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The 133th chapter “Du Wei took in some Magic Apprentices” (part two)

As much as his manhood wanted it, Du Wei’s self-esteem kicked in.

With a subtle laugh, he gently pushes the bold and erotic woman away: “No need, you’re not my type.”

Hell… … I don’t want to bury away my virginity in such a place.

Without any care, the woman lets out a Hee hee laugh and moved towards another noble on the side.

The entire banquet hall is simply a dissolute paradise. As he breathed in the air, the alcoholic scent became stronger and stronger to the point that even he started to feel a little dizzy. Then it finally hit him. Moving his hand, he grabbed one of the crystal glassed drinks from a passing waiter and took a sip of the amber colored wine…..

There is no doubt; this wine of the finest quality had an extra flavor mixed into it.

Like he speculated… … There are iced berries in this!

Du Wei lets out a sigh.

Iced berries, a magical plant that can cause the user to experience hallucinations. While he was stuck in the frozen forest, he used this drug to reduce Hussein’s pain, so of course he is familiar with this substance.

“Well then my friend, your standard is very high.” Prince Son Smiled as he came over with a girl in his arm. This time around, the girl wore a silken dress like those worn by the tribes living in the dessert. With unbelievably smooth looking skin, her tanned skin looked like it had a layer of oil applied to it. In his heart, Du Wei feared that if he so much as gripped this girl’s waist, her slender body would break from how frail she looked; of course, this is also a boon for her because it is her defining attraction.


Suddenly, from within the big Hall, a thunderous loud voice echoed through everyone’s ears. Following the source of the noise, Du Wei looked to his left and saw a mountain sized lump of meat. This overweight person is without a doubt at least 50 years old, but by his side sat no less than four petite looking young girls. With their small, delicate looking hands, these girls were caressing him in every part imaginable. In one case, Du Wei can even see one of the girls using her tongue to lick the furry fat chest of this beast!

Despite all this, this fat man showed a hint of impatience in his eyes as he looked around.

In that single shout, he managed to immediately interrupt the atmosphere of this place.

Finally losing his patient, this person suddenly pushed the girls aside and stood up to reveal all the dark furrowing hair on his chest. With a loud boom, he started to speak: “Dear friends!”

Shouting again, this person finally attracted the attention of everyone in the hall, including those currently enjoying themselves behind the beaded curtains.

“Oh look, our ‘Magical beast of Taklanshan’ seems to have another fun idea!” One of the guests shouted with joy.

As the scene quieted down, Prince Son came over to Du Wei’s side and whispered into his ears, “Do you know who this person is?” Seeing Du Wei shake his head, the prince’s lip curved into a smile: “That gigantic coach outside belongs to this person. It’s not surprising that you don’t recognize him because his title is the lowest here. Not only is he a lowly Baron, but he is also the first noble within his family history….. Despite all this, he is the richest person around here. Simply speaking, if we had to pare his wealth with those around, even if we bined half of the nobles here, he would still e out on top.”

Oh, really? Du Wei’s eyes sparkled.

”This guy is not so simple. As the biggest arms merchant within the empire, this person owns a weapons store within every city across the continent. Not only that, he also provides the military with weapons….. Ha-ha, so how can you not say he’s rich? Also, this guy may be cheesy, but he is not stingy at all. Did you hear his nickname? Magical beast of Taklanshan is what everyone calls him to make fun of his body shape. His family originated from Taklanshan, so his huge body image naturally earned him this nickname.”

Just as they were saying this, the fat man already called out in dissatisfaction: “I say count Biliaibuer, this party of yours is too boring…. Every time is the same thing without any bit of new attraction…..”

Count Biliabuer faintly laughed: “My dear Taklanshan, don’t rush. I know you played with all sorts of things before this, but today, I prepared something new that may be of interest to you!”

With that, he whispered a word to an attendant on his side. After listening to the count’s word, this attendant immediately trotted out with some kind of order.

Moments later, the door to the ballroom suddenly opened.

What appeared next is a wheeled platform radiating a magical glow as it was slowly pushed inside.

Normally, Du Wei wouldn’t be all that surprised to see such entertainment, but this glow is without a doubt created by real magic! From under the wooden boards making up the platform, several small magic crystals were arranged around the thing to create a lighting spell. It is due to this reason that the entire platform is enveloped in an almost pure holy glow!

But what is even more shocking is the people standing on top of this specially designed platform. Shoulder to shoulder, four girls were standing there while wearing Mage robes!

Outfitted in the white robed fashion of a grand Mage, these four girls each held a Mage staff in their hands. However, Du Wei only needed one look to tell these staffs were a fake.

Though these four girls were tall and well-shaped, none of their bodies were sticking out because of their Mage robe and pointed hat. Nonetheless, as the music echoed from within the ballroom……

The four girls started to slowly pull off their dress piece by piece to match the choir like choruses. First was the hat. When the four girls revealed their faces, everyone lets out a gasp of astonished. Not only are their faces stunningly beautiful, but they are quadruplets! With identical faces, their smile looked saintly holy despite being in such a raunchy place.

But then the next moment… …

These four girls that looked no more than 18 years of age suddenly started to dance to the music. Moving one of their hands, they gently pulled against something on their mage robe and most of their dresses came undone. With no more than the bare minimum of clothing left on their chest, their delicate and plump breasts were free for all to see. Although their upper body wasn’t pletely naked, but just the contour of their breasts has been enough to tempt every man in the hall!

It is clear now their robes were specially designed to e off with a simple tug. Following quickly behind their first act, the four pulled against another string on their skirt. Immediately the hem on their remaining skirts opened up on the side to reveal a pearly white thigh!

Dancing on top of the platform, these four girls performed so many different seductive yet shameful moves that it was unreal. Surprisingly though, despite their acts of shame to attract the audience, their faces remained as saintly as ever with their smile!

This strong contrast between their body movement and their face somehow made every man in the hall bee even more stimulated! With a body like a devil and a face like a saintly angel, how can any man hold themselves back?

Despite having his eyes light up in excitement, that Taklanshan guy actually hesitated before clapping his hand: “Good, Good, good Biliabuer! You actually managed to e up with such a great idea! Ha-ha, I conquered a lot of women’s in my time, but I’ve never tasted a female Mage before! HA HA HA HA … …”

Du Wei could only sigh… … Isn’t this no different from cosplaying in his previous life?

Instead of wearing a nurse uniform, these girls are wearing a Mage robe.

This really is fucked up!

Biliabuer had a proud face as he laughed: “These four female ‘Mages’ is something I spent a lot of effort to train. Though they cannot be pared to a real Mage, but they at least know a few spells. I guarantee they will not lose out to those magic apprentices in the union. When you are having a taste of these ladies, they can even bless you with some body enhancement spells. Now, wouldn’t that be quite the experience to be so fit down below! Ha-ha…. I also want to mention, every one of them has never been touched before and are still virgins!”

Biliabuer suddenly laughs: “For those present today, the prince naturally must have one, the same applies to Marquise Solomon…. As for you Taklanshan, I fear you may have to spill some blood to get your hands on one tonight!”

Taklanshan laughs out with joy: “What then, same old rules? Highest bidder wins I presume!”

As soon as his voice faded, another noble on the side muttered: “Then another one goes to this Fatso!”

As the cries started to e out, another suddenly shouted: “You better not rob me Taklanshan, I want one! Hmm… … 10,000 coins!”

Taklanshan took one look at the brave fool: “Only 10,000? Such splendid specimens cannot be held down by 10,000! I’ll give you 100,000! I want the remaining two!”

When his word came out, discontent spread among everyone in the ballroom. Some nobles with some wealth immediately cried out: “200,000, I want them!”

“300,000! ”

“350,000! ”

Very soon, the price went as high as 500,000 coins. That Taklanshan coldly looked at everyone and coughed once before shouting: “1million coins, this old guy here wants them!”

With that said, the rest of the nobles became silent… … After all, they may all be wealthy, but money doesn’t fall out of the sky. Though these ladies are rare beauties that can make a person itch….. But 1million gold coins is simply too much to fool with a woman.

Seeing Taklanshan is about to get what he wants, Biliabuer laughs in a scolding manner: “Well then you Fatso, it seems it’s you success again. For 1 million gold coins, the remaining two belongs to you!”

Laughing out in a ha-ha manner, Taklanshan pulls out a roundish looking badge and threw it towards the closest waiter: “Take this and go to my place to collect the money tomorrow. Count this as your reward!”

Calmly nodding, the waiter showed no signs of change in his emotion.

Just as Taklanshan was about to laugh, Prince Son suddenly spoke up.

Taking forward a few steps to look at this Taklanshan, Son smiled: “I say, my dear lord magical beast……” His joking words seemed to have caused everyone around to laugh, but Taklanshan thought otherwise. Without delay, Taklanshan asked: “Your Highness, do you have anything to say?”

“There isn’t any mand, but I do have a favor to ask you.” Prince Son suddenly pulled Du Wei to his side and said: “You see? My good friend here is a real magician, but he couldn’t get a single woman he desires. Aigh, when I saw these four ladies, I felt they were very suitable for my friend. Therefore, I ask you if you could gift my friend with one of these ladies for tonight.”

Taklanshan glanced at Du Wei once before laughing out three times:

“Your Highness, you are joking! If you ask, how can I Taklanshan refuse? Don’t mention just one; I’ll even gift the kid with both of the girls I bought! Magician matched with Magician, this really is interesting!”

Prince Son laughed: “Fine! Since you are so generous, I cannot be such a cheapskate… … I will also gift Du Wei with mine!”

Seeing this, Marquise Solomon also jumped in: “Since it is so fun, why not count me in too! I am already so old, I fear my body cannot digest so much in one night. Just those snake girls are enough to give me a headache. I’ll also give my share to Du Wei!”

Prince Son started to laugh as he winked at Du Wei, “My friend, this arrangement, are you satisfied with it?”

When Du Wei wanted to protest, Prince Son secretly pinched him on the side. This is obviously a setup so Du Wei could only nod and smile: “This is perfect, I accept. As a Mage, I lacked magic apprentices. Now that I have those four, I won’t have to go looking for others in the future…. Ha-ha.”

In a flurry of ambiguous laughter, Du Wei formally stepped up to the platform. With a simple glance, he instantly understood how this magic array worked. Twisting one of the crystals, the glow from below started to dim away. Then from the side, Count Biliabuer came up to him and whispered: “Upstairs is a VIP room, I’ll have them ready it for you.”

Unable to refuse, Du Wei could only nod.

As the dinner continued into the night, Prince Son seemed to have no intention of letting Du Wei leave. Luckily, Du Wei wasn’t in any rush to leave either. As for that Taklanshan, he had long left the party to enjoy himself in the back with those four girls.

“Du Wei, are you pleased with my arrangements?” Prince Son asked.

With a smile, Du Wei replied: “Of course I’m satisfied… … However, this gift is a bit overly expensive.”

“Oh… …” Prince Son flickered a hint of disappointment in his eyes: “If you say it like this, it seems that you don’t really care for those four girls. Hmm, your standard is really high… …. In this case, I’ll also give you the snake girl that Biliabuer gave me.”

Du Wei shook his head sternly: “Your Highness, my interest in the opposite sex is not so high… … But you have been so good to me, so I won’t beat around the bush. I know you have something to say, so why not make it clear?”

Prince smiles faintly: “Very good, I appreciate the fact that you’re not easily tempted by the opposite sex. Let us go out to the terrace where it is quieter. Once we are there, we can talk.”

With that, the two slowly walked to the side of the Ballroom. Immediately a waiter marched over and pushed open the terrace door for them.

At this time, Du Wei’s eye inadvertently swept across the waiter’s hand.

This guy is missing a thumb on his hand!!

With an air of sturdiness only found in the army….. Yet he is missing a thumb…..

Du Wei’s face suddenly revealed a murderous aura around himself. Noticing this, the waiter hastily hid his hand inside his sleeves…..


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