Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 129

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The 129th chapter “brothers”

Gabri? That kid.

Du Wei’s face immediately turned into a genuine joyful expression as he went to open the door.

Standing in front of the door is the emotionally excited eight year old Gabri.

Though the kid is considered to be the family’s future hope and pride, but right now, Gabri stood there without any hint of the so called “genius” style everyone expected of him.

Wearing a set of blue colored suit, the style of Gabri’s clothing seemed a bit eccentric by the standard of the Roland continent. Unlike the usual dresses of the noble class, the suit was sewn with a lot of pockets that made it look weird in parison… All it took was a glance for Du Wei to recognize the style because it was something he mentioned to his brother in their private meetings at night.

Only in Du Wei’s past life would there be such clothing’s with so many pockets. It is clear to him that this kid was inspired by his ideas and actually ordered some servants to produce such a weird thing….. To be honest, this suit had the same clothing style as those “movie directors” in his past life.

Gabri looked just as handsome as Du Wei and inherited all the good points of their parents. However, the eight year old Gabri looked a little more robust than he did. Now that the kid is practicing martial skills at such an early age, it is more than likely the Rowling household would produce another outstanding military mander.

As Gabri looked at his older brother, the innocent smile on his childish face immediately caused Du Wei’s heart to overflow with warmth.

After all, this kid did cause him to spend two years in a row climbing windows at night!

“Brother! You are finally back! I knew you would eventually return.” Gabri cheered. When the kid walked came up to Du Wei, he immediately embraced him with all his might. Inwardly, Du Wei felt really touched…. After returning to the capital, he was disappointed by the act his father put on for him. Now that he has seen his little brother again, this feeling he is getting should be real and sincere, right?

Du Wei smiled as he patted Gabri on the head, but then he started to frown as he looked down at his clothing: “So you actually made such a suit… … My God, why is your body full of dirt! I heard you went to Scholar Blue Ocean’s place, did you go play in the dirt halfway there?”

Gabri laughed: “My brother, this suit I made is pretty good, right? What said is true, this really is convenient! My book, snacks, coins, and some small things can all be put in the Pocket… … Ah yes, there is also the dagger Captain Alpha gave me, I can put them all in there!”

Finishing his words, Gabri suddenly turned around and shouted loudly: “EH? Why aren’t you ing in?”

Du Wei was surprised!

There are still people out there?

Subsequently, someone slowly walked out from the darkest corner of the corridor. This man really caused Du Wei to be taken aback!

Du Wei was born with far better spiritual senses than the average person. And after practicing magic for such a long time, whether it is his hearing or sight, it has reached an alarming level! Yet, he could only hear the footsteps of his little brother when he approached!

So where did this second person e from?

Du Wei carefully assessed the eyes of this person and quickly became alert!

This person is not so simple!

Perhaps no more than 20 years of age, this person was wearing the servant uniform of the Rowling household. Yet, despite his unexciting attitude, Du Wei could clearly feel the icy cold personality extruding from his eyes!

Not only that, this person was also really strange….. The posture of his body has been just like that of cheetahs, and those eyes…. They were cold as if they were filled with fear of accidentally stepping on an Ant!

Du Wei didn’t know who this guy is, but the first impression he got from this person is that he is a true martial arts master!

Moreover, this person… … Probably seen blood! The indifference in his eyes is the kind that ignores life when they are taken! Such qualities cannot be imitated and can only be achieved by personally experiencing it.

More importantly, this person is likely well experienced in life….. While in the hallway C likely out of instinct C he identified the spot that would draw the least amount of attention and stood in the darkest corner he could find….. Even though he was just standing there, Du Wei couldn’t figure out what bizarre methods he used to avoid his own detection!

“Brother.” Gabri smiled fondly as he watched the weird expression on Du Wei’s face: “This person is my personal servant given to me by father…. Aigh, he is just like this, cold like a wood. I do not like him, but father gave strict orders that I must bring him along to any place I go,…. Today is the first day he is with me…. Aigh, I tried many ideas, but he refuses to even smile.”

Oh, really?

Du Wei could not help but sigh inside: this guy is obviously a personal bodyguard. On top of that, this guy’s ability is not weak!

Du Wei changed his examining eyes and casually asked: “Oh, what’s your name?”

Acting like he didn’t hear Du Wei’s question, he just stood there.

Gabri was not happy as he stared at his personal bodyguard: “Hey, my brother is asking you something! Look, this is my brother! His words are my words! You understand!”

This silent and mysterious master glanced at Gabri, his eyes didn’t show any hint displeasure as if he didn’t care one way or the other.

Finally, he nodded slightly and turned to face Du Wei. In a low and husky voice, the guy answered:

“My name is Slayer.”

A reunion of two brothers should be a pleasant occasion, especially for Gabri.

This eight year old kid has always been hailed as a genius… … And he is indeed very clever. But Gabri understood a secret from an early age: this brother of his C disliked by his father and looked down by everyone C is actually a far more intelligent person than he is by 10 times!

For a period of two years, this older brother of his would sneak into his room every day at midnight to play interesting games with him. Of course, Gabri knew now they weren’t games, but actually uniquely devised teaching methods. If not for the knowledge he gained from his older brother, the title of a genius would never have been awarded to him.

So all along, Gabri had wondered why his older brother would allow others to misunderstand him so despite being a true genius….

After Du Wei left the Imperial capital, Gabri became puzzled at his own mother’s saddening tears and the indifferent attitude of his father. But Gabri always believed one thing: This wise older brother of his would sooner or later return to the capital! Because his brother is a person that stands above the ordinary! Though everyone is misunderstanding him, but eventually the truth will be revealed!

Du Wei was very pleased at the sincerity shown by Gabri…. Inwardly, Du Wei was fully aware of the infighting between siblings for succession among noble houses. Fortunately, this younger brother of his didn’t show any form of gap between their relationships.

“You didn’t answer my question yet… … Didn’t you go to Scholar Blue Ocean’s place? And what’s with the soil?” Du Wei pointing at the clothing and laughed.

“Ah… … These stains are from the task teacher gave me.” Gabri face showed a hint of helplessness.

After all, children of the nobility have already been taught to pay attention to their appearances from childhood. Now that he is so dirty, he would of course be somewhat unhappy.

Subsequently, Gabri explained what happened before and piqued the interest of Du Wei.

As the capital’s foremost scholar, this Mr. Blue Ocean’s educational method caused him to feel quite a bit of admiration. Unlike those traditional teachers that forces the student to memorize the content of a book, this guy intentionally changed some of the content inside to mislead his student. Then he handed it to Gabri and asked him to go into the yard to observe the plants and creatures there.

Through actual observation, it would allow Gabri to find the intentional errors he made in the book…. Such practices are far more impressive than reading a book!

As for the soil on Gabri’s clothing, it is believed to be from digging earthworms in the yard.

It is no wonder this Mr. Blue Ocean is considered the greatest scholar in the capital! Such teaching method is a step above the norm.

Du Wei smiles as he looked at the plaining Gabri: “Gabri, listen to me. Your teacher is right. While I cannot explain in detail, but trust me! You must respect your teacher… … You will be able to learn many things in the future under his tutorage!”

“I still think……” Gabri hesitated, then he sincerely smiled: “Brother, I think if you taught me, it would be even better than this person! Brother will not lose out to any scholar!”

Du Wei laughed, easily diverging from the issue. Thinking for a moment, Du Wei headed over to the cabinet and took out something. Then handing it into Gabri’s hand, Du Wei smiled: “While I was at the old home, I didn’t make anything good, but I believe this gift will interest you.”

This is a singular tube shape telescope, created by Du Wei while he was bored. Though the technology is a bit rough, but the basic functionality is still very good. On the Roland continent, the use for such a thing is still not obvious because a low leveled Mage is perfectly capable of using a far seeing spell called the “Eagles eye”.

However, it is still very good as children’s toys.

The smart little Gabri only needed to fiddle around a bit to figure out the use for such a contraption. In an excited manner, the kid rushed to open the window flap and peered out with the telescope. Amazed by what he saw, Gabri started laughing loudly: “Awesome! Brother, I’m afraid this thing is even more useful than the Eagles eye spell from the Mages! Are you really giving this to me?”

Du Wei smiled: “Of course.”

“I knew it; my brother is a very smart person!” Gabri happily stuffed the telescope into his pocket, but then, his expression started to look very dim: “Unfortunately, tomorrow I have to go to teacher’s place… … Aigh, I will have to stay at teachers place till after the summer festival.”

It was at this moment, the martial master called “Slayer” suddenly spoke up from outside the hallway: “Young master Gabri, we have a change of plan. The Earl said that after you return, you are to immediately go meet him.”

“I know!” Gabri looked impatient: “You can go back first, I want to spend some more time with my brother.”

“I can’t.” Slayer simply refused: “The Earl said I must go wherever you go. No matter the circumstance, you cannot be out of my sight.”

Though his face remained calm, but Du Wei’s mind started to work overtime: why is he protecting Gabri so tightly? Why is that?

On second thought, Du Wei spoke up: “It’s fine Gabri, you go back first… … I think you better not break father’s order. Anyways, I have returned, there’s no need to worry about not seeing me again.”

With that, Du Wei gently pulled his little brother next to his side. Then in a very serious voice, he said: “Always remember my words!”


“This Slayer… … You have to be polite to him, and what he said is correct. You must never leave his sight, you understand?!”

While facing Du Wei, Gabri seemed to be very obedient. Without hesitation, he immediately nodded: “Okay, I trust you!”

With that, Gabri turned to face Slayer, but this time, his attitude was much kinder: “Mr. Slayer, let us go back.”

Before this Slayer fella left, he slightly glanced at Du Wei with eyes of surprise because he never expected that someone like Du Wei could possibly convince this kid to be so obedient.

Once the door was closed, Du Wei rubbed his temple and said to himself, “I’m afraid the situation of the capital really isn’t very good… … Otherwise, why would father bother sending a master to be his little brother’s bodyguard?”


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