Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 127

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The 127th chapter “Cheating deception”

Such a request was pletely out of what Alley expected.

Stumbling at first, the old geezer immediately turned ecstatic when he regained his thoughts. Ignoring his disciples behind him, the old man directly stepped forward and grabbed hold of Du Wei’s wrist: “You want to learn? You believe in my invention?”

Since Alley is so excited, it can’t be helped that he may have overexerted himself. So when Du Wei felt the force on his wrist, he found that this guy may be old, but his strength is still there: “Of course I want to learn! If it is as amazing as you say, then your invention would be the greatest masterpiece of this age!”

“You hear that?!!!” Overjoyed, Alley suddenly turned around to face his two apprentices and angrily scolded them: “You hear that! You two idiots! Although you have been submissive to me, but I always knew you two never believed me! You thought I was senile didn’t you, huh! Do you hear it now! This young boy believed me! Humph!”

Overly excited at his words, this Alley broke out into a giant laugh:

“OK, OK! If you want to learn, then I’ll teach you! Ha-ha, isn’t it only a flying broom! What else do you want to learn! Ah… … Why not just let me take you as my disciple… … Oh no, no, you are already Master Gandalf’s disciples… Hmm, this can be troublesome… … ”

Despite spending a moment in thought, this old geezer still couldn’t e up with a solution; so instead, this guy simply forced the broom into Du Wei’s hand: “Let’s not mind so much for now! We will first have a test flight!”

Before Du Wei could even speak, Mage Clark was already panicking at the terrifying scene unraveling in front of him because he managed to recall the pieces of information regarding all of the test subjects prior to this.

Inside Clark’s mind: Hmmm….. Didn’t this old guy’s apprentices suffer from multiple injuries? So the reason was because of this flying broom….

Unlike Du Wei, Clark is well trained in the foundation of magic, so to him, the very concept of a magic tool without any energy crystal to power it is nothing but whimsical nonsense. If this old guy wants to be crazy, no one will stop him! But if he somehow ended up hurting Du Wei in the process….. Clark feared his own position as a Deacon would be in jeopardy!

No way! This absolutely cannot be allowed!

No longer caring if he will offend this old monster at this point, Clark called out: “Master Alley! Master Alley! The….”

But when Alley stared at him, Clark’s voice quickly weakened to the point of murmuring. Despite his fear, Clark pushed on and said: “The… … President said he has important matters with him… … Oh no, no, no! I of course do not dare hinder your magic experimentation. It’s just……” Clark suddenly had an inspiration: “But now is not the right time. Would it be possible for Du Wei to meet the president first, then e back and acpany you?”

In Clark’s mind: as long as Du Wei finishes meeting with the president, then he would be off the hook even if Du Wei breaks a leg or two afterwards.

Just when Alley wanted to refuse, Du Wei realized which matter is more important at the moment.

Although he was still very curious about the broom, but even he is not so blind to not notice the danger surrounding this situation. As such, he interrupted: “

“Yes, Master Alley, let’s do this. First, I’ll go meet the president and then I’ll e back and find you.”

The itch inside Alley was reaching an intolerable level. Originally, he didn’t want to wait and was about to drag Du Wei away with him. However, after listening to Du Wei’s words, his mind changed because right now the more he looked at the kid, the more pleasing he became in his eyes. As the sole person capable of understanding his inventions, this old geezer didn’t want to offend Du Wei in any way because he feared he might lose this last guinea pig.

Since it came to this, he might as well wait.

Thinking of this, Alley sighed and nodded. But just when everyone thought it was over, this old guy suddenly had an inspiration and stuffed the multicolored gemstone into Du Wei’s hand:

“Consider this a deposit! Now that you have received it, you cannot go back on your word!”

With that said, the old guy laughed several more times before heading away with his two disciples following close behind. It’s just that when the two drifted pass Du Wei, they gave him a pitying look as if someone was on a death road.

Oh… Poor boy, to be so unfortunate to meet our teacher. There will be much suffering ing your way in the future.

However, when the two caught sight of the rainbow colored gemstone in Du Wei’s hand, they couldn’t help but drool at the thing.

On the other hand, the reason old Alley first stuffed the thing into Du Wei’s hand is because he had alternative motives.

“Humph, this kid. Now that he has accepted my thing, he can’t go back on his words. Even if he wants to return it, there’s no way I’ll let him! And considering my status, there’s no way he would dare try to cheat me! Humph!”

After seeing Alley and his group leave, Clark was finally able to feel a bit relieved inside. Turning to face Du Wei, Clark smiled wryly as he spoke: “From now on, you had better avoid this old fellow… … Aigh, he is not to be trifled with.”

Du Wei shook his head: “I think he is very interesting. I’m really curious about that flying broom.”

Clark took a look at Du Wei and inwardly thought: It can’t be helped then. His days of learning magic theories are simply too short. From the looks of it, this new student of Master Gandalf never managed to learn the foundation of magic in its entirety….. Humph, how can it be possible to work a magic circle without energy crystals?

With that thought, Clark did not say anything else because it is after all none of his business.

Walking through the door, Clark and Du Wei stepped into another magic transfer circle similar to the one outside. Then, with a few turns of the crystal plate by Clark, the two finally came up to the highest floor in the tower.

Unlike the previous scenes from before, the two were weled by a very thick oak door in front of them. Pushing it open, the first thing Du Wei saw was how bland the room looked. Different from what he expected of a room belonging to the president of the Magic Union, this room is nothing but an ordinary looking office. Looking around, the first thing Du Wei noticed was the big circular door in the back of the room. It is then that he realized the laboratory is probably hidden behind that door.

Standing in the middle of the room, Du Wei felt something was not quite right…. This place seems…. Too be too big?

That’s right! This place is at the peak of the tower. According to his visual observation from the outside, this room should be no more than a dozen meters in space…. But this office room alone is more than 100 square meters in length! As for how big the lab in the back is… … Du Wei didn’t want to imagine.

Clark smiled faintly: “Every floor here is a laboratory belonging to some Grand Wizard, but because of the limited space available, we would use some kind of space rearrangement spell to expand the rooms!”

Just as he explained this, the circular door in the back slowly opened and a manding voice reached out: “Clark, you brought our new magic scholar?”

Hearing the voice, Clark hastily changed his expression and bowed: “Yes, Lord president. I brought Mr. Du Wei here.”

The Magic Union’s President, Supreme Leader of all mages on the continent, Dorgan slowly came forth from behind the circular door.

The moment Du Wei caught sight of this person; a positive and pleased feeling arose inside his heart.

No need to say anything else, just the black hair and eyes is enough to please him. But to top it all off, the facial features of this president is just too familiar. Yes, this person is similar in appearance to his own ethnic background in his previous life. So of course Du Wei would instantly feel a bit more intimate regarding this president.

Instead of wearing the expensive black robe like he did during the empires founding festival, Dorgan only wore a white Mage robe. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but just that if one were to look a bit closer; they would notice the stains in some areas.

“Well then Clark, you can go out… … Oh… Yes, I already know about the events downstairs. Alley notified me using a magic array earlier. Regarding this situation, you don’t have to care anymore. You can go out; it’ll be fine if you wait for us down below.” Dorgan waved his hand.

Seeing he is dismissed for now, Clark bowed again and hastily turned around to leave.

Still standing there in silence, Du Wei and Dorgan were both currently analyzing each other.

After a while, Dorgan finally smiled to break the silence, “Hi, we finally meet at last, our new Magic Scholar.”

Du Wei had to admit that this president of the Magic Union is a very attractive and his smile looked very nice.

“Sit down.” Dorgan’s hand pointed towards some strange arch shaped blocks in the room. At first, he thought they were only wood, but he quickly realized they were not when he came up close to check.

Dorgan looked at Du Wei and faintly smiled: “I’m sorry, but very few people would e visit me in my room, so there aren’t any fy couches here… … Oh, just sit on top of it. This is a chair made out of a skull from a ‘Mara giant elephant’.”

Du Wei can’t help but secretly take in a breath.

Mara giant elephant?

This huge creature is not actually a magic creature, but a normal giant animal of this world. In the past, he had seen pictures of this animal and the reason it was so memorable is because according to the records, this animal is even parable in strength to a magic creature.

“I think you must also be looking forward to our meeting.” As Dorgan continued to speak, he was able to figure out Du Wei felt a bit unfortable with all this: “Well then, no need to be so reserved, I just wanted to ask you a few questions.”

With that said, Dorgan walked slowly around the table and even personally handed Du Wei a cup of tea.

Looking at the white glass cup in front of him, Du Wei thought: This thing can’t be made from some animal bones too, right?

“This is ‘Kheir El-Din tea leaves.” Dorgan smiles faintly: “I know you are very proficient in magic potions, so you should know that Kheir El-Din has a very good flavor and is good for keeping someone feel refreshed. As someone ages, it can’t be helped that they would be lacking in energy, so this has bee my main drinking solution.”

Under the gaze of the president, Du Wei took a sip and his eyes quickly lit up in amazement. Then squinting his eyes as he savored the flavor: “You added Northern Orange leaf grass in it.”

A glimmer of appreciation wafted out from Dorgan’s eyes when he heard Du Wei’s words:

“Nice. It would seem you really are good at medicinal herbs. Let me test you. You know why I want to add the Northern Orange leaf grass? ”

“By only using Kheir El-Din, there will be a certain degree of bitterness in the taste. If you add the Northern Orange leaf grass to it, the flavor of the two will neutralize the bitterness. But more importantly, I’ve read in some records that a few indigenous tribes in the southeast have a habit of chewing the northern Orange leaf grass. By doing this when they were young, these people tend to grow up with stronger bones.” Even though Du Wei said all this, but inwardly, he was thinking: Humph, all this about strengthening one’s bone structure is no different from having a little vitamin boost……

(The part about the vitamin is something I made up because the Chinese word has no true English translation but the meaning is the same)

“Very good.” It seems this president is satisfied with the answer: “You really do have an extensive knowledge regarding medicinal herbs. This makes me very happy because you may be able to help me solve a very difficult problem.”

Du Wei slightly knitted his brow: “Excuse me, what is the reason you came looking for me? I think it can’t just be because of my relationship with my teacher, right?”

Dorgan gently smiled: “First of all, I need to ask you a few questions. I need your honest answers. I’m not Clark, you do not need to tell me what you already told him, you understand?”

Du Wei’s expression darkened under the watchful eyes of Dorgan. Although his face still had the kind and gentle smile he always had, but the feeling Du Wei felt was that he was being pletely seen through.

“Okay.” Du Wei nodded.

“Well then, the first question… I need to know, master Gandalf… … Is he really dead?”

Du Wei immediately nodded and whispered, “Yes.”

Dorgan sighed… … “Sure enough, it is like this; even the life stone is shattered. From the looks of it, my last hope is gone.”

“So can you tell me… … How on earth did he die?”

Du Wei knew that in the presence of this President, his story from before is not a feasible solution. Thinking for a moment, Du Wei purposely made himself look a bit embarrassed: “……”

“Is there some kind of issue?”

Du Wei sighed: “Teacher told me that if I say it, there would be trouble following me.”

“It’s okay, you tell me.” Dorgan smiled slightly: “I think, even if there is any trouble, the Magic Union will stand by your side.”

Du Wei he looked a bit dejected, but his mind immediately had an idea!

You want to try?

Hmm… …

“It’s like this.” Du Wei raised his head and peered into Dorgan’s eyes: “Teacher took me all the way to the north and then we went into the frozen forest.”

“Why?” ”

“I don’t know specifically, but he seemed to be looking for some kind of rare magical beast.”

Dorgan nodded his head in agreement with this interpretation because Mages have a tendency to seek out magical beasts in order to procure the right materials. Moreover, he knew Gandalf had a pass for the frozen forest.

“Then we continued to head north inside the frozen forest and came up to the Big circular lake.”

“Big circular lake?” Dorgan was surprised because everyone knew this place is a landmark of the frozen forest! Anyone entering the frozen forest knew not to cross this lake.

Gandalf is indeed a legendary magician of unparalleled strength.

“In the Northern side of the lake, teacher managed to catch a lot of magical beast. But after a while, we encountered an ice demon wolf…. Hmm, but the thing didn’t seem to be an ordinary demon wolf. If you ask me, I say it was a Wolf King. Then later on, we encountered another evil faced spider queen.” Speaking up to this part, Du Wei sighed.

Dorgan’s face also turned pale: “So many mighty magical beasts? Could it be that Master Gandalf also captured them all?”

“Yes, but teacher expended quite a bit of energy in order to catch these beasts.” Du Wei sighed.

“And then what?”

“Then we planned to e back, but because of an accident, teacher took me along and continued further into the north.” Du Wei intentionally revealed a trace of fear on his face. This little emotion was enough to capture Dorgan’s attention. In a whispering voice, Du Wei continued to speak: “We… … Met someone.”


“A wounded Knight.” Du Wei did not pretend to be calm; instead, he deliberately showed a trace of fear in his eyes as he looked at the old guy: “We thought it was strange because teacher said that no one dares to go pass the lake.”

“The Knight we met was just as surprised as we were. I’m not sure why, but the knight suddenly attacked us! Never in my life did I’ve ever seen such a powerful knight before!”

“He attacked you guys?” Dorgan immediately guessed: “Could it be that the wounded knight is actually Hussein from the temple?”

Inside Dorgan’s mind: Yeah, that’s right. According to the news, Hussein fled to the North and disappeared into the frozen forest.

“Hmm, that’s right. That guy’s name is Hussein.” Du Wei nodded in affirmation, then clenched his fist and whispered, “Teacher said that the guy’s strength had already reached the level of Saint Knight.”

“Saint Knight?!” Dorgan was surprised, this is important news!

Saint Knight? The continent hasn’t seen someone of that level for a hundred years! Could that traitor really have reached the Saint level?

Hmm, but… … From the information, Hussein was able to the murder two of the knight leaders, so this information is not beyond expectation.

“Why did Hussein raise his weapon against you guys?” Dorgan knitted his brow and asked.

Even if Hussein became a Saint Knight, he wouldn’t just randomly take the initiative to attack Master Gandalf, would he? For someone of Gandalf’s level, even a Saint Paladin wouldn’t be able to have the upper hand without suffering something in return!

“When Hussein met up with us, he seemed to be very surprised and probably wanted to get rid of us to erase any tracks leading to him.”

Du Wei reply was very reasonable.

A fleeing traitor of the temple wanted to murder someone to get rid of his tracks?

This is also fair and reasonable.

“Didn’t Hussein know of your identity prior to making his move?” Dorgan puts forth his last trace of doubt.

“He didn’t know.”

Then that’s right! If Hussein had known he was facing one of the strongest Mage on the continent, would he have so carelessly challenged them in such a situation?

“What was the result?” Dorgan sighed.

“The result is that teacher threw me far, far away from the battle. Once they engaged each other, the entire landscaped in that area got destroyed. In the end, Hussein was felled by teacher’s hand.” Speaking up to here, Du Wei rubbed his eyes with something. Prior to ing here, he had already guessed the fact that he would be questioned…..

What he hid in his hand wasn’t any form of powder… … Because Du Wei is certain any form of magic material he came up with would not make it pass the eyes of a Grand Mage! So, Du Wei used…. Sand!

Hidden in his sleeves, he had stored away a few grains of sand the entire time. Now that he rubbed it into his eyes, the tears started to flow uncontrollably!

With tears in his eyes, Du Wei continued to explain in a choppy manner: “Not only was their battle fierce, the fight lasted for an extremely long time…. In the end, teacher even used his ‘wheel of time’ magic…..”

Wheel of time?

Hmm, it certainly is Master Gandalf’s top tiered magic spell.

“In the end, that Knight was killed by teacher, but teacher……” Du Wei sighed: “That Knight really is too strong, before he died; the knight threw out his sword pierced through teacher’s body.”

“And then what?” Dorgan’s voice was somber as he spoke.

“…… Then, teacher was heavily wounded; even healing magic could not mend his wounds…. After teacher left behind a few words to me, he…… died.”

Dorgan looked gloomy as he carefully thought for a moment with his eyes closed.

This child… … His words are fair and reasonable.

For someone to be able to kill Gandalf, that person must be at least the level of a Saint Knight to pull it off.

It’s no wonder he can’t be honest with Clark before. Any matters regarding Hussein are simply too plicated! With the involvement of the Temple… … Hmm, the reason he didn’t dare speak the truth must be because of Gandalf’s last words.

Aigh, it’s too much of a pity for Master Gandalf to die with a Saint Knight…. This is too big of a loss for the union.

Dorgan pondered for a moment: “What about you? After your master died, how did you get out? With your magic level, I’m afraid that you won’t even be able to make it past the lake!”

Du Wei felt his heart tightened… … This old guy is not easy to fool.

However, Du Wei was still able to reply: “Before teacher passed away, he gave me something to avoid the magical beasts along the way.” Touched the magic bag on his waist, he carefully pulled out a bottle from it. Then gently popping the lid, Du Wei poured some greenish looking powder out….

“Oh, this is Dragon dung.” It is only natural that Dorgan can recognize this stuff. With that, the last hint of doubt in his mind vanished.

With this kind of thing, it’s no wonder that such a boy is able to freely walk through the frozen forest unhindered.

“Later on, I came across a few mercenaries further to the south and followed them out of the frozen forest.” Du Wei added one last sentence for the finishing blow.

Dorgan carefully thought for a moment, and then brought back up the gentle smile on his face: “Very good! You are a good boy. Master Gandalf’s soul will definitely bless you.”

He then again pointed at the cup in front of Du Wei and smiled: “You drink a little more. I think that while in the frozen forest, you must have suffered a lot of trials. Aigh, I heard your body is not so good…. It is already very fortunate for you to be able to make it out of the frozen forest.”

Everything so far seems to be very reasonable. Dorgan removed his inner doubts and began thinking about the following questions.

He did not think too much about Gandalf’s death… … After all, the person is already dead and that will not change. Although Hussein was involved, but it is the Temple’s business and the Magic Union has no obligation to care. Humph! But with the death of Gandalf, his own plans will have to befall on this teenager!

“Dear sir Du Wei.” Dorgan’s tone turned slightly serious: “I would also like to remind you that your teacher’s advice is the correct move! If you had revealed this matter prior to this, I fear that the temple would have already taken you back with them for interrogation because the matter about Hussein is very plicated…. But now….. Humph, you are already part of the Magic Union so the temple can’t just take you away. No matter what, the union will negotiate with the temple on your behalf! You don’t have to worry anymore, so just let the matter regarding your teacher’s death go! You have to understand that the highest pursuit in life for us magicians is in the study of magic. For someone as great as Master Gandalf, he would have already seen through this meaning.” Pausing a moment to let the idea set in, Dorgan continued: “Since you are a disciple of master Gandalf, the magic union will naturally give you some special care…. Hmm, you still didn’t take part in any magic evaluation test, right? Although your time together as student and teacher was short, but as a student of Gandalf, I believe your talent must be above the ordinary…. Hmm, as a show of respect towards Master Gandalf….”

Du Wei nervously looked at this President.

“Hmm, let’s do this then. A few days after the summer festival, myself and a few grand Mages will personally host your magic evaluation test!” Dorgan made up his decision and carefully stared at Du Wei: “You have to understand the problem: since you are masters Gandalf’s disciple, then your life is bound to and associated with magic from now on! You are doomed to be a magician by trade and will stand above all sentient beings of this world! Free from the mundane lifestyle! From here on out, you are no longer the young master of the Rowling household, nor will you have anything to do with the nobility’s….. Your identity in the future will be very simple. From this moment on, you are a Mage of the magic union… Do you understand?”

Everything this president said so far had been revolving around him and the magic union, so how can Du Wei not connect the dots that this person wanted to tie him together with the union?

Standing outside of the mundane lifestyle? Isn’t that saying just to make him understand that his identity is mainly a magician and he must side with the Magic Union side? Then wouldn’t that also mean he can’t see himself as a member of nobility?

This… … Is like a method of pulling him in, but also serves as a warning!

In front of the other party, Du Wei of course wouldn’t contradict him. Although nodding, he was secretly laughing in his heart: This old guy is bullying him by taking advantage of his own ignorance! Humph, Gandalf’s disciple must be loyal to the union? Not so! When Gandalf was alive, he didn’t really associate too much with the union either! Even his baby girl apprentice was hidden away at home and refused to let her into the magic Union!

But these words cannot be said out loud.

Dorgan was very satisfied with the silent agreement from the teenager in front of him. Again revealing his gentle expression on his face:

“Other than your rank examination… … I will also give you a big surprise. Hmm, I know your status in your family is not high… … Oh, please forgive me for being so direct. But we magicians don’t have much care for such mundane things. As long as you can bee an excellent grand magician, those nobles will instead e pandering to you.

So, in the future, you won’t have a need to consider whatever family status. And once you finish taking your assessment test, I will also give you another surprise…. It is a special identity status. With this special status, even your old man wouldn’t dare to look down on you!”


Du Wei leaked out a surprised expression on his face, but secretly, he was on full alert!

This is probably not some kind of surprise… But a problem!

The Magic Union is expending so many costs to bribe him….. It is likely to do with this surprise then!

Coming out of the Dorgan’s room, Du Wei was then led back to the bottom level of the tower and guided back outside.

As for that old Alley, when Du Wei was just about to leave, Dorgan told him he had already talked to the old geezer and decided to postpone it to another day. The next time Du Wei came to visit, he can just directly go meet Alley in his place.

From the time of ing out of the president’s room, to outside the magic union, he has been constantly thinking about the meaning of the word ‘surprise’ Dorgan had mentioned.

The magic union wants to draw him to their side…. Along the way to capital, he was nearly assassinated…. Then when he was home again, his father suddenly became kinder to him.

What exactly is this “surprise”?

Captain Alpha remained cold as ever and didn’t talk much during their return home. Once Du Wei reached the mansion, he immediately went to his room and called Gargamel to e out.

“Gargamel……” Du Wei then explained the main events of today’s encounter to the mouse in hopes of gaining some kind of assistance. Although this mouse is timid and somewhat obscene, but after all, this guy used to be a member of the magic union. Maybe he will be able to give him some clue.

“You encountered Alley? You promised to help him do the magic test? Do not need an energy crystal to lay a magic circle?” Gargamel asked all of these questions in one single breath. Although his tone was bitter, but mixed into it was a touch of pity and sympathy: “Boy. I have to remind you that you should beg for more luck! This old Alley is one of the few old and dangerous monsters of magic union!”

“Dangerous? He is not dangerous, right? I think that his words were very friendly.”

Gargamel sighed: “This old guy’s ‘danger’ is not so ordinary! This crazy old geezer often es up with some weird and terrible trials… … Do you know how miserable his apprentices are?! When I was in the magic union, his apprentices would be seriously injured after every other day! All of this was to help him do those tests! As for the broom… … I need to remind you with my magician identity. This is perhaps another whimsical nonsense of this crazy old geezer again! In the past, his crazy ideas were numerous, but none of them were successful! Every one of them failed in the end! And those that ended up in the trial tests always suffered a lot!”

Gargamel jumped up onto the table and nearly pointed his claws right into Du Wei’s nose: “In short, this old guy is definitely a dangerous madman!”

“I feel it’s okay.” Du Wei did not believe: “If the broom is successful……”

“Don’t even think about it! This is against the laws of magic!” Gargamel bluntly refuted.

“Oh, yes, he gave me a thing.” Du Wei pulled out the rainbow colored gem from his pocket.

The second the thing was pulled out, the mouse suddenly froze in mid movement!

His bean sized eyes suddenly froze and his jaws dropped in amazement as he stared at the gemstone in Du Wei’s hand. Then out of nowhere, Gargamel freakishly screamed: “Five colored magic nucleus!! My God! Oh universal god! That old madman really is mad! He really gave such a thing to you!!!”

Du Wei looked at the mouse: “This thing… … Is very precious?”

“Precious??” Gargamel jumped up as if his tail had just been stepped on: “You say precious?! HA HA HA HA! Boy, you really don’t know what it is!

I’ll tell you, if you take this thing out, I fear every Mage on this continent would break their heads to get their hands on a piece of it!! Precious? Let me tell you, Once upon a time in history, there was a ninth-level magician that offered a forbidden spell to get a piece of this five colored gemstone. But in the end, he was still rejected!! Many Mages would trade everything under their possession to get a piece of this thing!! Do you understand?!”

After saying this, Gargamel eyes were beaming with greed as if he would cling to the stone at any moment. While drooling like he had seen a tasty prey, the mouse exclaimed: “It’s worth it, it’s worth it! It’s definitely worth it! Whatever magic test he wants you do, just go!

Even if you encounter any danger and break your hand or feet… … Oh no, even if you break your neck, as long as you can get this thing, it is absolutely a bargain!”


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