Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 126

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The 126th chapter “Disruptive breakthrough!”

Still standing on the side, Clark was already so scared that his soul nearly flew out of his body! It wasn’t hard for him to recognize who this old guy was because in the Magic Union, this old geezer is not only infamous; his status is beyond pare as one of the top three monsters living inside the tower! At more than 160 years old, not even the president would directly cross him! Why? Because when the president was still young, this old geezer directly mentored him.

Oddly enough, despite reaching a terrifying level in magic, this guy still prefers to immerse himself in researching and creating odd magic tools. But what’s even more horrifying is that whenever he makes one of his inventions, this old geezer would pull anyone nearby to test his new magic tool! For this reason, all of those unlucky enough to be forced into being his guinea pig would always suffer major injuries. Eventually, every person inside the Magic Union would bee weak kneed the moment their sight catches wind of this old geezer.

And now, he himself is currently escorting this important guest to go meet the president. If Du Wei suffered any injury, Clark feared he will not be able to bear the responsibility!

But the status of this old guy is just too high. Not even the president would take a stand against this person, so how can he, a little Deacon dare refuse a request from such an important person?

However, efforts still need to be made. With a quick jerk on Du Wei’s back, Clark smiled wryly and said: “Master Alley, this person is the newly appointed Magic Scholar by the president….. I was just about to take him to meet the president….”

“Oh!” Master Alley paused for a second, eyes blinking as he looked at Du Wei. Then suddenly, his eyes looked like they were burning with curiosity: “Eh, so you are the disciple of Master Gandalf? So young? Alas, you are too young. I fear your ability is very limited… … But don’t mind it, you can always e find me in the future, I will give you a lot of guidance.”

Clark continued to remain quiet without interrupting, but in his mind, he was thinking: If he goes see you often, who knows when he will lose his life!

Think up to here, Clark quickly said: “The … … President is still waiting to see him…”

“You don’t need to worry about Dorgan’s side….” Master Alley glanced at Clark.

Seeing the questioning look ing his way, Clark hastily introduced himself: “My name is Clark, I’m the newly appointed Deacon.”

“Oh. Clark … … Hmm, you go tell Dorgan this kid is doing me a favor first. After we are done, I’ll have someone send the kid to him!”

Alley waved his hand at Clark without care.

Its over! Clark was pouring cold sweat now. After Master Alley decides this, how could he possibly refuse?

Alley didn’t care how Clark looked. Turning to look at Du Wei, the old geezer waved at him with the brightest smile: “Come, e! Little one, e here, I’ll show you some good things. You help me test this and I’ll be sure to give you a lot of benefits.”

Seeing the odd scene in front of him, it wasn’t hard for Du Wei to realize the situation wasn’t right.

Letting out a cough, Du Wei faced the old geezer in the eyes without any hint of fear: “Dear Master Alley, you want me to help you test your experiment?”

“That’s right!” Alley laughed: “You are so young, so you shouldn’t fear heights, right?”

“No, I’m not afraid.” Du Wei squinted his eyes as he chuckled: “But I’m not your disciple. If you want me to test your experiment, I like to know what benefit I will be getting.”

“Huh?” Slightly angered, Alley knitted his brow. Within the Magic union, his status is beyond pare, so why should he discuss conditions with a kid?

Without any hint of fear in his words, Du Wei continued: “Although this is the first time I came to the Magic Union’s headquarter, but at the very least I know some rules. No matter how high a Mage’s status is inside the Union, other than a magic apprentice or a disciple under one’s mand, they cannot ask for a favor without offering something in return. You know I’m neither your disciple nor a magic apprentice, right?”

Alley was angered now. Although there is such a rule, but who is he? If he has a demand, who would dare defy him? If he want to take someone to use, all he has to do is go have a word with that teacher, so who wouldn’t show him some face?

“Humph!” The old guy angrily spoke the next words: “You are not willing, then I’ll just go have a word with your teacher…. Ah! No!” He suddenly frowned. Glancing at Du Wei, the old geezer smiled wryly: “Your teacher is Master Gandalf…. Aigh, I almost forgot. I can’t just take you……”

Indeed, Gandalf is still a generation higher than himself and the kid’s seniors are all old monsters inside the Magic Union. This old geezer may be arrogant, but even he wouldn’t dare go bulling one of the Master Gandalf’s apprentices!

“This……” Right now, Alley is just like a child that couldn’t play with a toy even though he has it in his hand. Impatiently scratching his head, the old geezer frowned as he spoke: “Tell me then, what do you want for helping me test this experiment of mine? Aigh, I don’t even have a single young student under my care. Now, whenever I go outside, those magic apprentices look at me like they had seen a ghost every time they encounter me. And I feel too embarrassed to publicly kidnap someone….”

Seeing the smile on Du Wei’s face, the senile old geezer gritted his teeth and pulled out a small little box. Opening it, what was revealed is a brilliant looking gemstone!

In the past, Du Wei had seen many different types of gemstones, but they were all of one shade…. However, the color on this gemstone was exuding all kinds of colors from afar. It is obvious this thing is not so ordinary!

“You help me finish this test and I’ll gift this to you.” Master Alley smiled faintly.

“No!” Before Alley could even finish his last word, the two disciples behind him screamed with disbelief!

“Who would have ever thought teacher was so senile to actually give such a precious thing away! If I had known we get something so nice, I would do it even if I suffer some injuries!” Both of the gray robed mage was thinking this.

Du Wei is clever enough, although he doesn’t know what the thing is right now, but he can tell the multi colored gemstone is something good. If it wasn’t, the two mage behind this old geezer wouldn’t have lost themselves in such a way!

“Shut up, useless things! Just a simple test and you make so many excuses! Now you even want ruin my business! Get the fuck away! If you two dare say another word, I’ll break your legs!!” Turning around, Alley stared down at his two disciples with wrathful eyes.

With that, the two Mage no longer dared to even make a sound. As a students of this estranged teacher, the two Mage knew very well how weird their teacher’s temper is. Once he says something, he will absolutely go through with it!

Even if their relationship is that of master and student, if he says he will break a leg, he will definitely do it! There is no lie in his words!

Though Du Wei was shocked inside his mind, but his face remained calm. Shaking his head, Du Wei said: “This … … thing in your hand, I can’t even recognize it so I don’t know whether it will be useful to me…. And in my family, there is an abundance of precious stones…… ”

After hearing Du Wei’s insulting words, this Alley wanted to jump up in rage. If not for the fact that the kid in front of him is Master Gandalf’s student, he would have already summoned a thunder god lightning strike at Du Wei.

“What! You say this thing is useless! Blind kid! This thing is something I spent 10 years collecting in the sea, and I had to spend another 3 years to refining it so that it would bee like this! I’m willing to bet the entire continent wouldn’t have another better gemstone than this thing! Humph! How could a kid like you possibly understand the way to use this thing?!”

Du Wei’s still remained calm as he shook his head: “Well then, even if this thing is good, but that doesn’t mean I will like it or even have a use for it.”

Seeing the old geezer was about to put the thing away because of how angered he was, Du Wei quickly added in his next words: “Well then, this thing does look interesting, so I’ll reluctantly accept it. But if you want me to help test your invention, there must be a condition.”

“What condition!” This old geezer actually started to laugh instead of being angry: “Say it kid so we know!”

Du Wei stared at the broom lying on the floor. Then with a frown, he asked: “You should first tell me what kind of test you want me to help you do. This way I will have an idea to make my decision.”

“Humph!” The moment the topic of his invention was brought up, the arrogant attitude of this old geezer once again emerged. Raising one of his hands out in the air, the broom automatically floated into his grasp. Then with both hands, he lifted the broom above his head like an emperor holding his gorgeous token. With a face full of pride, the old geezer exclaimed: “This is my greatest master piece that I invented! Once this thing is plete, the entire world will be shocked by how great it is! Boy, listen up! The name of my greatest invention is… … Uh……” His voice seemed to be delayed. Apparently, the thought of naming his invention never even crossed his mind and now he is trying to e up with one on the spot. After a momentary pause, the old geezer immediately cried out in joy: “Flying broomstick!!”

Flying broomstick?

Du Wei hesitated for a moment before turning to have a look at the two Mage behind this old geezer. After a brief moment of being dumbfounded, Du Wei burst out into a hard laugh.

“What else is new about this?” Du Wei knit his brow with a puzzled look on his face: “Isn’t it just adding some miniature wind spell onto the broom?”

“What are you talking about? What else is new?” Old Alley had a serious and angry look on his face. For the past few years, this guy had been pletely focused on creating this thing and could even be his life’s masterpiece. For his greatest work to be looked down upon like this, the old geezer nearly jumped into the air at that very moment. In his fit of rage, he nearly ripped his beard off as he shouted: “You say this is nothing new! Then show me something capable of flight!”

Du Wei curled his mouth into a smile. From the magic bag left behind by Gandalf, Du Wei pulled out the magic cloak he had stored inside.

“This is a flying cloak my teacher left me.” Du Wei walked up to the old geezer and handed it over: “It’s only a flying tool, what is so strange.”

Upon seeing the cloak, the old geezer suddenly turned silent. Using both of his hands to grab the cloak, the anger on his face disappeared to be replaced by a faint sadness!

Silent for a long time, his fingers caressed the cloak for a long time. With a sigh, the old geezer asked: “Aigh … … It really is this cloak … … Did Master Gandalf leave you this? Did he always keep it by his side?”

With that, the old guy’s eyes suddenly turned a dull red and even his beard was gently shaking. Apparently his emotion was very agitated inside.

“That’s right.” Du Wei nods: “This is indeed something teacher always carried with him.”

“Hmm……” Alley sighed. Giving the cloak back to Du Wei, his eyes were calm as he spoke: “You think my flying tool is that simple? Humph!”

Then the next things he said pletely stunned Du Wei.

What he said is: “This cloak is the first flying tool he made when he was young! At the time, Master Gandalf gave him a lot of advice, so after pleting his first cloak, he gave it to Gandalf as a souvenir!”

“This … … you made it?” Du Wei hesitated, but then he saw the look in the old guy’s eyes and understood he wasn’t lying.

“Yes!” Alley waved his hand: “This thing, you keep it.”

After a pause, his face looked gloomy as he laughed coldly: “You think my flying tool is the same as thing in your hand? Humph, if I want, I can make a hundred of these flying cloaks if want! But this broom is pletely different!”

With that, he pointed towards Du Wei and said, “Look at my broom and see what is different!”

Finishing his word, he threw the broom to Du Wei.

Scanning over the broom carefully, Du Wei was shocked!

“This … … above……” He looked up, his face serious as he carefully looked at the old Mage: “Are you sure … … This thing can fly?”

“Ha Ha Ha! See it now!” Alley laughed three times and proudly spoke his next words: “Now you know the secret!”

What shocked Du Wei is the earth shattering difference between the flying cloak and broom.

This difference is as Alley says, it is enough to shake the entire world!

Because … …

That cloak of flight is not bad, but the principle behind it is to use magic crystals to create a magic spell on the cloak. Although this method works, but the fist sized crystal is far too expensive and it requires a Mage to first charge it up with energy before it can fly!

This method of charging a crystal with energy before use is a mandatory requirement in any magic tool.

It is exactly because of this reason that this cloak cannot be universally used. To top it off, the cost of a crystal can cost tens of thousands of gold coins, so not everyone can afford it.

As for this broom… …

After carefully checking it over, he found that there isn’t a single magic crystal anywhere!

It’s true!

Without any expensive magic crystals or precious stones … … it can still carry an ordinary person into the air…..

Let’s assume it’s not a broom, but something else. For example…..A cart?

Without magic or magic crystals gemstone … … What does this represent?

Universal flight is possible!!!

The age of flight is ing!

Right now, the inner shock inside his mind is not little!

This old chap … … How did he do it?

No magic crystals or magic stone … … Where would the magic energy e from even if he blessed it with a magic array?

No insertion of magic energy, how can the magic array function?

This is just like a flashlight without battery. If you don’t supply it with energy, how can it light up?

No energy!

But … …

But looking at the cocky face of this old guy and his own identity, Du Wei believed this person wouldn’t lie so easily!

So then, it’s true?!

This is overthrowing all laws!!! It is a revolution!

However, why do the two students behind this old chap have a look of disapproval? Logically speaking, if a person is capable of being a magician, their IQ cannot be that of an idiot!

For such an innovative product, even a kid like him could see the value, so why does those two have such an expression?

There must be a catch behind this!

Forcibly suppressing his inner doubts, there no way he would let such an opportunity slide him by. In a much milder and respectful tone, Du Wei said: “Master Mage….. I would like to help you…. But I also have an additional condition.”

“Say it!” Alley looked somewhat impatient.

“I want to learn how you made this flying broom!” Du Wei’s tone is beyond doubt.


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