Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 125

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The 125th chapter “Old monster”

Letting out a sigh of relief at the dampened tension, Clark feared saying anything more. With due haste, he moved his hands quickly to drag Du Wei away with him into the magic circle. Then touching one of the crystal dials on one of the stone pillars, he turned it to activate the spell.

Instantly, the scenes in front of the duo changed and now they were outside the room.

Standing in the middle of a square the size of the two football fields, a tower stood further a bit further away from there. Du Wei understood now they were already in the core area of the magic union!

Still speculating about the two wacky Mage from before…. Du Wei suddenly recalled their chests didn’t have an identification badge! Now there is no way for him to even guess their level of rank…..

“Don’t dwell too hard on it. Sir Du Wei.” Clark glanced at Du Wei, his mouth curved into a smile: “When I first met those guys, I was the same and suffered at their hands a bit. Those guys are all abnormal monsters and cannot be pared to normal people. If you must know, they are the Mages law enforcement team.”

“What exactly is the Mages law enforcement team?” Despite the fact that this problem is somewhat abrupt, but Du Wei pretended it was to be expected of him C after all, he is still a young child, it’s not unmon for kids to ask inappropriate questions. This is also an advantage for him because of his age.

Clark ponders for a moment and said, “Since you are also a person of the inner department, I guess it’s time you were told….. The Mages enforcement teams are an internal fighting force that has been around for Millenniums. This team is directly under the mand of the president himself and it could be said they are the Union’s defense force. If you need a better idea, they are more or less similar to the Holy Knights of the Temple of Light…. However, they are also somewhat different.”

With Clark’s explanation, Du Wei finally got a clearer understanding of this mysterious fighting force.

Under the Magic Union’s rule, the Mage enforcement team is not allowed to attack any non-Magic personnel’s! Their entire reason for existence is to eliminate evil Mages because in the past, there had been many powerful, yet vile mages running rampant on the continent! Due to the scarcity of the numbers of Mages, it would be a great loss if a grand and powerful mage fell victim to one of these villains during their suppression; as such, this special unit of Mage hunters were born.

Even till this day no one actually knows how powerful this team really is. However, it seems that other than magic personnel’s, this mysterious team had never actually fought with another faction or group. The only time this special fighting force is ever mobilized is when an evil Mage runs rampant on the main continent!

But what is even more terrifying is the fact that this special unit is the nemesis of Mages! No one knows how they are trained or raised, but even a powerful Mage will suffer in their presence as if they had some special restraint over the rest of the populace.

Recalling his earlier test with his mental force, Du Wei could not stop his facing from turning pale white….. Special restraint magic?

According to profession system on the Roland Continent, a Mage has the advantage over a warrior…. Then wouldn’t these monsters be unbeatable?

But Du Wei then immediately thought of a possibility: maybe the special abilities of these monsters are only valid for magicians and are useless against others like a Warrior.

One force to counter another force, this is the natural order of things.

Seeing the plex face on Du Wei, Clark quickly reminded: “You must not carelessly inquire about the secrets of these monsters. It’s fine as long as you remember some of the taboos and precautions around them. Just make sure you don’t go searching for them to make trouble.”

“Of course!” Du Wei immediately raised his face, revealing a young and innocent smile: “Why would I go provoke such monsters?”

Clark felt somewhat relieved. Although he was sure that innocent smile was ninety percent fake, but as long as Du Wei understood this much, he is fine with it.

“This tower is the second highest building in the imperial capital. At 88 meters tall, this building is at the epicenter of the magic array protecting the main headquarters…. But personally, I don’t believe there is a need for any defense at this place… In this world, I don’t think there is anyone crazy enough to try to break into this place!” Clark faintly smiled: “Because living in this tower are all those eighth level grand Mages inside their laboratories! With a total of 18 floors, each layer belongs to at least one grand Mage, particularly the top floor where the ninth level masters reside!”

Du Wei immediately understood.

With all of the continents strongest magicians living inside this tower, who would dare e mess with this place! Even the mighty dragon patriarch would have to think twice if he wants to face 10 master Mages at once!

As the two were busying conversing, the door further in front of them suddenly burst open and a white robed old man came rushing out. With a senile looking face, who knows how old this senior really was. To make it even weirder, the guy’s beard was so long that it was dragging down to his waist and he even braided it into a bow!!

(Finally, I love this old fart!!)

With a quick look, Du Wei was pondering how long it has been since the old man washed his stained cover robe!

But before Du Wei could finish his thought, Clark hastily grabbed him to one side and bowed in salute?!
Good thing Du Wei had sharp eyes because he immediately noticed the badge on this dirty old man was a ninth level Mage badge!

However, what Du Wei saw next surprised him somewhat. Walking out as if the old man didn’t even see the two, this senior had a face full of excitement as he held onto a ragged looking broom! Bouncing around like a kid, the guy looked up into the sky and suddenly shouted with excitement: “HA HA HA HA! I finally succeeded! I finally made it! I am a genius! Genius!! HA HA HA HA!!”

Under his maddening laugh, the old guy’s voice was filled with pride and excitement. Then suddenly, the senile old man grabbed his hair and dropped the broom onto the floor. Turning around in anger, the guy suddenly shouted again: “What are you dawdling for! Come out now! Do you expect me to ask you to e out?!”

Immerging from behind the shadows of the door in front of them, two gray robed Mages around forty to fifty years old hesitantly walked out. From the badge on their chest, it was clear they were both sixth level Mages in their rank. But unlike the dignified faces you would expect of them, their faces were trembling with fear like a scene of cat preying on a mouse.

Once the old nutcase saw the two, he started to laugh even harder: “Well then, e on! I promise this time it will not fail! Who wants to try it, teacher here has a reward for him!”

The two mid-leveled Mages looked at each other once and understood what the other was thinking immediately: Reward? More like heavy injury! Among their six brothers, four of them were used as guinea pigs by this eccentric teacher of theirs. In the end, the four that came before them either broke a leg or arm thanks to this test. Fortunately, the healing magic managed to heal the injuries. But because of this experience, the four used their injury as an excuse and ran away!

Now, only the two of them were left to “taste” this invention!

As if they were in agreement, the two took a step back at the same time…. Although healing magic will mend any wounds as long as they don’t die, but it is after all their body, so of course they don’t want to experience such bodily harm and pain.

This white-bearded old Wizard immediately understood when he saw the reaction of his two apprentices. Screaming in a fit of rage, he said: “You bloody things! Do you actually doubt your master’s genius idea! Could it be that you dare doubt my invention will fail!”

The two Mage faltered, but one was bold enough to reply: “Teacher, you know that I’m not good with wind magic. Also, I have a big fear of heights, really, I do…..”

Then the other quickly followed up, “Teacher, I’m too clumsy. I’m not afraid of physical pain, but it won’t be good if I break master’s genius invention. Ah! What’s more, both of us are already more than 50 years old, this kind of thing……”

The White-bearded old geezer paused for a moment to glance at his two disciples. Then, with a sigh, he shook his head: “Oh, I’m too foolish. The both of you are already more than 50 years old, this kind of thing at your age does not seem to fit… … Hmm, unfortunately I do not have any young disciples under me….”

Just as the old geezer said this, he noticed Du Wei standing next to Clark. With beaming eyes of joy, he laughed: “Ah! There’s a kid! Come e e! You e here!”

After he finished his words, the old geezer started to wave his hand at Du Wei to e closer with an unmatchable face of kindness.

Seeing their teacher’s focus move away from them, the two gray robed Mage had a chilling aura seep off their body. With a sympathetic expression, the two looked at Du Wei with eyes saying “Sorry, better you than us!”


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