Law of the Devil – Chapter 124

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The 124th chapter “The Mages law enforcement team”

Casually walking through the hall, Du Wei managed to get enough information out of their conversation to confirm his thoughts.

In terms of strength, this Clark character is definitely not at the forefront of the rankings. However, all of those grand Mages in the eighth level and higher are all old monsters that disliked the mundane lifestyle. Majority wise, these old beings are always immersing themselves in their research and would hardly take part in the daily functioning of the Magic Union.

So, the management of the entire union is usually handed down to people in the lower level.

Currently, there are six Deacons in headquarters’ managing the day to day activities. Usually, these individuals are students belonging to some senior old monster that holds immense status within the magic munity, even the president would have a hard time controlling these guys.

Can you imagine how plex the internal structure of the magic union is? Not only does the union have branches located in just about every place on the continent, there are only 6 Deacons overseeing the entire operation! And let’s not even begin to discuss the management of the Mages legendary law enforcement team inside the union…..

So other than matters of great importance that requires the president’s personal decision, the 6 Deacons inside the Union are given enough authority that they are people with true power!

As for Clark’s origin, he is a student of some ninth level Mage inside the union. Majoring in dark magic, the guy isn’t all that bad in terms of talent because he was able to reach the sixth level by the time he reached mid age. It’s just that unlike his peers, Clark had a craving for worldly possessions so his relationship with a lot of nobles is really good. All in all, the guy is someone that is well balanced in all aspects of his life.

If by the odd chance that Clark had just focused on magic research instead of trying to climb the ladder, he would have been only average in terms of talent. Even so, he still had a ninth level master in the union’s top brass backing him. If he had just waited, sooner or later, he would have been promoted to the position of Deacons anyways.

But as fate would have it, Clark’s master passed away a few years ago due to illness. So his political backing was weakened by a large margin. If he didn’t take extra measures to raise his status like he did, his ability to pete for the Deacon position would have probably been lost to him. After all, the status of a Deacon is a position of true authority and power, so there would of course be a lineup of Mages craving to take it.

Luckily for Clark, the appearance of Du Wei gave him a big chance! Not only was the president extremely mindful of Du Wei’s whereabouts, the rest of the old monsters still alive inside the magic union was also painstakingly turning the entire continent upside down to locate him. Since Clark almost became Du Wei’s teacher in the past, the job naturally fell into Clark’s lap.

So the fact that Clark managed to bee a Deacon can be all thanks to Du Wei. For this reason, Clark is very grateful towards Du Wei.

Du Wei is not foolish enough to not notice the goodwill Clark is sending his way. As they conversed during their walk through the halls, the friendlier they got as time pass.

(I swear, every time Clark shows up, there is always some kind of homo line.)

“This six pointed star building in the outer perimeter is the main building where the different departments work, but it’s not the core area. The true core of the magic union’s headquarter is the tower in the center. However, Du Wei, Sir, did you notice? There is no pathway leading into the core area.” Clark faintly smiles.

Indeed, this six-pointed star-shaped building only has doors leading to the outside. Looking around, Du Wei could not see any door leading into inner area, not even a window fan!

“The reason is because there are a lot of restrictions set on anyone entering the core area inside the main tower. Of course, you and I are not under such restrictions. In order to enter the inner area, the only option is to use a teleportation circle connected to the inside. If by the odd chance someone wanted to enter by flying through the sky, they would not be able to because a restriction spell is set up in place.” While Clark explained all this, he was also leading Du Wei pass a long hall he had never seen before.

Once they came out, the two were standing in front of an arched concave looking wall.

“Don’t tell me we have to break through this wall in order enter the inner area?” Du Wei questioned.

Clark chuckled as he looked at the wall: “Of course not! Though the wall cannot stop the might of a great warrior, but even if someone manages to break it apart, they wouldn’t be able to get inside. Why? Because in-between the wall, there is a dimensional space barrier.”

Scanning the wall carefully, Du Wei could clearly see a line of crystals embedded onto the surface. He wasn’t sure what they were for at first, but when they came up to the wall, Clark reached out his hand and touched one of the round crystals in the middle.

Turning to face him, Clark smiled wickedly and twisted the crystal like a dial.

Immediately, everything in front of Du Wei’s sight started to glow and a wave of magic energy started to wrap around his body.

Then, as if they never existed in the world, the two were gone, disappearing without a trace.

Moments later, Du Wei opened his eyes to the unfamiliar sight of a brightly lit spacious channel. Without a single soul nearby, all he could see are decorative statues standing on both sides of the passageway.

“A moment ago, we were still down in the main hall of the lower level. Now, we are in the upper floor where the teleportation circle is located.” Clark laughed a bit and gently patted Du Wei on the shoulder. Once they were both out of the arched transfer array, Clark continued to speak: “This spot here does not need any guards for security because the magic array can automatically recognize anyone that works here. Only by having these specially crafted badges like ours can they e here through the transfer array from the lower level to the upper level. If anyone dares to force their way through…..” When Clark reached this point, his voice became cold as he chuckled.

Du Wei sighed. “This place is the main stronghold of some of the strongest Mages on the continent, who would dare e mess with this place and provoke their wrath?!”

Once the two crossed a corridor, they finally came across two others in this eerily silent place. From appearance, they were still wearing the monly worn silver robe of a magic apprentice, but their badges were pletely different. With a stern and serious looking face, the two were busy carrying stacks of thickly laid scrolls as they came up to Du Wei and Clark. Even when the two strangers saluted them as they passed by, the air around them cannot be pared to those down below.

“These people are all workers in this place.” Clark lightly chuckles: “But only after a variety of tests to measure their loyalty will they be allowed to enter this place…. Alas, just the management of the resources under the union is tedious enough. As it so happens, those higher in the ladder are all lords of spending. Never once would they bother spending their time managing any of this. I myself am currently in charge of a department that is solely dedicated to managing those resources used in magic research. More often than not, whenever one of those old monsters sends out a list of items to us, the people outside here would be breaking our legs just searching for it. Also, we have to balance the books whenever we take a loss…. For this reason, even the simple position of a secretary must be stationed by a magic apprentice.”

Continuing through to the end of the corridor, they came up to a dominating black door that sent chills down Du Wei’s back!

With a dark looking face, Clark whispered: “Du Wei sir, when we go through this door, you must not say anything unnecessary or look in places you should not be looking. The place behind this door is where the only teleportation circle into the core area is located. As such, it is routinely guarded by the magic union’s one and only law enforcement unit. Just about every one of these individuals is inhumane monsters that kill without emotion. Because they are charted by the union itself, it’s for that you do not provoke them.”

With that said, Clark pushed the door open and he could immediately feel the chill around his body increase several folds.

Walking in, the first thing he saw was the gorgeous crystal chandelier up in the ceiling. The air in this place may not feel very good, but the decoration definitely had its style. Looking down, Du Wei could finally see the infamous teleportation circle. With dark red crystals mounted on all six corners, this magic array felt overwhelming whenever the bursts of energy fluctuated off the center.

But that’s not all. Different from the average magic circle setup, there was also a two meter tall column embedded onto each corner.

Analyzing the thing, he is certain this magic circle is not simply only used for teleporting someone into the core tower!

As he was thinking all of this, a “humming” sound reached his ears.

Vibrating with energy, the noise was piercing straight into his heart. Agitated and unwell, Du Wei immediately looked around to see two special looking Mages standing next to the magic circle.

With a base material of white and patterns of steel black flames etched along the surface, their style of clothing was something he had never before seen. But what really put him off was where they were standing. No matter where he looked, the entire room was bright and alive; the only exception was the two shaded areas where the two stood. It was as if they were intentionally trying to hide their presence.

As Du Wei tried to take a closer look at their faces, some mysterious chill suddenly started to creep along his spine. Maybe it was just his imagination, but despite his efforts, Du Wei couldn’t see through the shadows created by the tall pointed hats on their heads. Instead, what he got in return are murderous sparks of light from their eyes that sent him back a step!

Those eyes… they truly intend to kill!

It was at this moment, the two terrifying Mages sent out an extremely dense aura of spiritual energy around the room. Like waves, Du Wei could feel his own mental force being pushed back every time his made contact with theirs. Never once in his life did he feel so overwhelmed in such a manner.

Dripping with cold sweat, he couldn’t understand why his mental force is losing. He knew the other two foes mental force isn’t in any way superior to his, but yet, his mental force is being peeled apart like a fruit skin.

Du Wei began to feel the pressure more and more heavy, even had they felt, pimple on the tip of a drop of sweat!

“Both of you, stop this at once. This special guest is someone the president must see, do not overstep yourselves!” Noticing the painful expression on Du Wei’s face, Clark immediately intervened with a shout.

Only after Clark’s intervention did these two creepy looking beings stop their oppressive aura.

Catching a breath, Du Wei wanted to secretly have a look at the two enforcement officer’s face, but when he tried, two beams of light focused on him from their eyes. Realizing things were turning for the worse, he instinctively retracted his eyes and stepped back a few steps behind Clark.

Too powerful! Where in the hell did such monsters e from?!

But what really depressed Du Wei was the fact that his prided mental force was beaten so easily! In his mind, he knew their mental force wasn’t all that much higher than his, but he couldn’t resist their advancement at all.

Something is not right about these beings!


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