Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 118

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The 118th “father and son” (part two)

Du Wei was faintly surprised. He did not think his father would investigate so clearly! The only people that have a plete grasp on his private properties is only himself and Marde. In his mind, Du Wei believes Marde is absolutely faithful to him and would never disclose any of this. For his father to know all of this, it would seem he spent quite the effort!

“This is the first year, if another two years pass by, your annual personal ine…. I’m afraid it will be more than the tax ine of the Rowling Household! I never thought my son was actually a business genius.”

Since his father is showing all his cards, Du Wei had no intention to keep hiding this. With a laugh, he said: “Those are just some stupid things I came up with. Though they can make money, but they are just small time things. At the moment, the family is not lacking in money, so I don’t believe it would be any use to the family.”

“So then, what about your fleet?” Earl Raymond smiles.

Du Wei was not surprised that his father knew about the fleet. Shrugging, Du Wei continued to speak: “it was just an accident. I happened to meet a very good puncher. Without her help, I would never have been able to get a fleet……”

Earl Raymond sighed. He stared at the Du Wei with a frown, then slowly said: “I’m very perplexed….. Why?”

“?” Du Wei glanced at his father’s eyes.

“You’re smart.” Earl Raymond’s tone was deep. Slowly, he said each word clearly: “I think your cleverness is rare even among our family history! When I was a teenager, I never had your level of mind and skill! So why? When you were in the capital, why did you keep such a low profile and allow others to misunderstand you as an idiot? Now thinking about it, even though you didn’t deliberately act like an idiot, but it seems like you never intended to confront such a misconception. In fact, I feel you were very happy that such a situation developed! So, I want to ask you…… Why!”

Earl Raymond looked at his son; his voice was firm as he waited for Du Wei’s answer.


Du Wei was silent for a long time; this problem was really difficult to answer…… No, it’s not hard, but instead, it cannot be answered!

Although it was not on purpose, but he did relish in the fact that he unintentionally led everyone to misunderstand him as an idiot.

Because he is not of this world and only wants to lazily and freely live in this world….. How can he possibly explain this to others?

Yes, Du Wei just wants to live in freedom and peace. But in the Imperial capital, he cannot acplish this point!

For these reasons, he cannot tell his father.

Watching the silent Du Wei, Earl Raymond could not wait for the answer. Again, he sighed as he shook his head: “If you don’t want to say, then I won’t force you. But I know…… You… Don’t seem to like me even from an early age… Right?”

Du Wei was not talking.

Earl Raymond did not wait for Du Wei’s reply this time either; instead, he continued to selfishly talk.

“When you were born, I was not by your side. As the chief of the clan, I had to assume the entire honor and responsibility of the family! As general of the empire, I have to carry the burden of expanding the frontier in the empire. Even when I met you at the age of three…. In my heart, I felt deeply guilty towards you and your mother…. ” Earl Raymond slowly took a sip from his glass of wine. Then, with a self-deprecating chuckle, he continued to speak: “But you should be able to understand that being a man, there are many times that these thoughts cannot be easily expressed.”

Du Wei continued to say nothing.

“You don’t like me. When I first came home and picked you, I can already see this point from your eyes. From the beginning, you never talked. If not for Marde later on….. Ha-ha!

You don’t even want to make contact with me… Though I don’t know why you are able to have such thoughts when you are still so young. Maybe it’s because you are a rare genius among the Rowling family…… Or maybe because when you were younger, I wasn’t around. For not being there for you, you dislike me. If it was for these reasons, I can still understand.”

For a while, Earl Raymond suddenly asked, “Do you know why I wanted to take you out of the Capital?”

“I…… Know.” Du Wei finally answered. Then he whispered, “Because you are disappointed in me, that I am not a qualified heir.”

Earl Raymond nodded: “You hate me?”

Du Wei shook his head: “No, what I have to say is…… I don’t hate you.”

“Oh, really?” Earl Raymond was slightly surprised.

“Yes.” Du Wei sat up straighter, his tone solemn: “You’re a father, but more importantly, you are the family’s chief. For this reason, you cannot treat your sons like an ordinary father! You need to consider the future of the family. As such, you cannot place the prosperity of the family in the hands of such a worthless son. I understand this kind of behavior….. So, I don’t bear a grudge.”

“You really understand.” Earl Raymond did not seem too surprised: “But your speculation is only half right.”

He stood up, gently holding his glass as he came up to Du Wei: “The other half you don’t know. The real reason is…… I have to protect you! My son! You…… Are after all, my son! I did it to protect you!”

Du Wei broke out into a quiver.

“The capital is the center of power on the Roland Continent! The most prosperous city on the continent, but at the same time, it is the place most likely to eat a person! Humph…… You have a look: his Imperial Majesty, the royalty Group, the nobles groups, the military groups, the Temple’s power, the force of the Magic Union…… For hundreds of years, you eat me, I bite you…… Humph, for hundreds of years, how many of those once-proud families have disappeared into the vortex of time! In the past, I misjudged you, thinking you are a…… Hmm, although I’m disappointed in you, but you are still my son! I can’t watch on and continue to let you to grow up in this man eating capital! I thought you weren’t smart enough and mediocre at best, so, I was afraid that at any time, you will be eaten by others without any remains left to salvage! So, I threw you back into the Roland Plains. This is designed to protect you!”

Earl Raymond looked at his son, at this moment; his facial expression was that of a father.

“My idea was simple: Although you did not have the gift to inherit the family, but after all, you are my son! I decided to let you stay away from this plex and dangerous side of the imperial palace. This way, you can be secured and live a free and happy life. Even if you’re mediocre, you can at least safely live in fort as long as the family in the capital does not fall! And even if……”

“Even if what?” Du Wei could not stop himself in asking.

“Even if the family faces a disaster in the capital and follow the same road as those long forgotten noble families in history, you will at least have some time to escape! At that time, you can hide your identity and help the family leave a seed!” This imperial court general spoke slowly: “All noble families does this! In the worst case that the family falls in the capital, there would at least be a seed left in the world!”

Du Wei looked solemn.

“You are my son.” Earl Raymond sternly continued: “Once upon a time I thought you were not as smart as your brother Gabri. But in my heart, I still love with you.”

Du Wei suddenly felt moved inside. Despite his tough demeanor, but the emotions inside him was pushing out like waves unable to be controlled!

“I told you these things today not because I have to…. But because these things have been misunderstood for far too long! And now I see you are much smarter than I thought! So, I don’t want to waste any more time. The words inside my heart have all been said, because right now, there is another matter I must tell you……”

“What is it?”

“You must be very perplexed…..” Earl Raymond looked gloomy: “Arguably, after you were recognized as the disciple of Gandalf, I should have summoned you back to the capital. But yet I stalled for so long! Do you not wonder why?”

Du Wei bitterly said: “I….. Thought that you don’t like me.”

Earl Raymond shook his head, “No, what I want to tell you is even now, I don’t want you back! Calling you back to capital now is after I dragged it and pushed it off to my limit. Under the pressure of multiple powers, I had no choice but be forced to call you back to the capital! This was not my intention!”

Du Wei frowned: “I may have the identity of Gandalf’s disciple, but why is it so important? Why would it cause so much trouble to follow?? Other than me, there are still other living disciples of Gandalf, so why must it be me that causes such troubles?”

Earl Raymond suddenly sneered, pointing towards the mage robe on Du Wei: “It is because of your robe!!”


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