Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 114

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The 114th chapter “Road to the capital”

By the end, Sparrow sighs: “Miss Rolynn is currently keeping everything together in the ‘Fertile Haven Port’. Overall, she only has 1000 gold coins left in hand. According to the consumption scale of 32 ships C maintenance, personnel expense, and weapons C the expected expense is close to a thousand gold per month. Of course, this number is already pressed to the lowest limit. Once we set sail, we can expect the expense to be even bigger….”

Du Wei took in a deep breath: “So, not only did you not bring me back a penny, you are asking me to fork over money instead?”

“Yes.” Sparrow also had a bitter face. The guy originally swore his allegiance to Du Wei with the intent of leading a fleet, but now it seems only the leader would know how expensive things really are. Before the fleet even gets out to sea, it would seem they are about to go bankrupt.

“If there is no new funding within a month, then would the fleet go bankrupt?” Du Wei questioned.

“In fact, there are a lot of people plaining already. When they were still pirates, they could eat meat and drink wine; but now, they can only eat cereal and drink the cheapest ale. Everyone is so poor that they cannot even seek out the cheapest whore for relief. If not for Miss Rolynn and Miss Joanna suppressing them, I fear that the sailors would have already rioted a few times.” Sparrow reluctantly said this.

Du Wei rubbed his brow and admitted to himself that he was a bit whimsical in the past. Although there is a powerful master like Joanna and an experienced pirate like Sparrow to keep things running smoothly, he did not expect the rate of consumption to be so big for such a fleet. If not for the small fortune he landed himself with, Du Wei feared that he really couldn’t afford to keep such a fleet running!

“Okay.” Du Wei taps his fingers on the table: “The fleet may consume a little bit more, but the current problem lies in the fact that things aren’t up and running yet. With no ine, of course they can’t afford to meet their expenses. First thing now is to figure out a way to make it into a money making machine.”

Du Wei then sent captain Sparrow to find Marde, this way he can take out 10,000 gold coins from the account as funding for the ing months.

General speaking, he actually still earned a profit. Although the fleets expense is quite high, but it was still acquired without spending a single penny. Since there are so many ships, the option of going back to being pirates is out of the question. The only solution is to rely on ocean trading.

Du Wei immediately recalled Beinlich from the snow wolf mercenary that he met in the frozen forest. According to his memory, Beinlich plained to him that those unscrupulous merchants that came to do trading with them would always suppress the trading price despite the fact that they risked their life to procure the materials. For example: a low leveled monster nucleus can be sold for one to two gold in a town at the forest edge, but once it reaches the south, the price would increase by 10 times! Although the empires law cannot stop everyone from entering the frozen forest, but it can definitely stop the flow of trade. For this reason, the mercenaries that risked their life often could not openly sell their spoils. The only option left for them is to reluctantly sell their goods at a cheap price to those with strong backings or a well-connected businessman.

Usually, those merchants are backed by some powerful northern nobles. Once they obtained the goods at a low price, they would go through some legal formalities and sell it off to the south as legalized goods at 10, or sometimes even 100 times the profit.

If others can do this, he can naturally do it too!

And now that he has a fleet, he can just send it to a port in the north. Once he does, he would of course earn a lot.

Even though he may have the halo of the Rowling Household, but the problem lies in the fact that he is still not an adult yet. With no proper title, how can he so hastily step into the northern business circle. If he doesn’t do it right, he may even offend those elites in the north. And smuggling such a large amount of materials is no easy matter. First he must build up some connections with the local officials, and then he must find a way to legalize his goods. For a kid like him, it’s fine to make a ruckus here and there at home, but if he really wants to start a business like this, it won’t succeed unless someone of great importance in his family steps forward.

Thinking it through, a strange idea suddenly popped into his head.

If―if I was really the heir to the family, then it would have been good.

When this idea came up, even Du Wei was surprise.

How could he think like this? Hadn’t he hated the life of bearing so much responsible and deliberately kept his silence? This way he would be misunderstood by everyone and be able to live a carefree life in the Roland Plains. If he really did bee the heir to the family, then problems and trouble would e looking for him. Once that happens, he can no longer have the life he wanted.

Thinking it over, Du Wei sighed and dropped the subject. The main priority is to solve the problem at hand.

Du Wei hesitated for a moment and then finally decided to assign the task to his new subordinate George Bush because he really had no other effective confidant under him right now.

Calling George Bush over, Du Wei confessed his plan and asked him to find Beinlich of the Snow Wolf Mercenary and pass on a handwritten letter by Du Wei.

Regardless of how, Du Wei first want to pull in the Snow Wolf Mercenary Corps because the scale of this troupe is not small. Their activity in the frozen forest is above average, so the amount of spoils they have would not be small. If he can get this done, then his maritime trade would finally be realized. The profit may be small at first, but it is still better than leaving the ships in the ports.

Just like this, Captain Jack Sparrow and Mr. George Bush became close rades as they prepared themselves to head up north in search of the mercenary corps.

Three days later, Du Wei finally received the news from the capital.

Raymond Earl wrote a letter and sent if over on horseback. The letter didn’t say much, the only message was an invitation to attend the annual summer festival.

It may just be words, but it is still a message asking Du Wei to return to the capital. Marde naturally rejoiced at the news, but Du Wei looked relaxed without any hint of anger or joy.

Go to the Capital?

Hmm, but the waters of the Capital are so deep! In the present, he is hiding in the Roland Plains and living a carefree life. While in the capital, there are so many powerful and rich nobles. And lets not forget the Temple and the Magic Union……

Hussein is strong, right? The number one Saint Knight on the continent! Yet, he is being chased like a lost dog by the temple.

Right now, he has too many secrets and each one will end in catastrophe if known. If the Temple found out, not even his bones would remain!

The night before heading out, Du Wei had a long chat with Hussein in the small little villa he built. From their conversation, they came to a decision that Hussein is to stay behind from this trip to the capital. The reason is because there are simply too many people there that would recognize the knight.

As for Nicole (Medusa), Du Wei hesitated repeatedly but in the end, he decided to not bring her with him. Although Medusa’s strength is superior and could easily be considered a bodyguard with her by his side, but he still couldn’t get a clear understanding of her. If by the odd chance she loses her patience and goes on a rampage, at least there is Hussein to control her because he wouldn’t have the strength to stop her.

As for the rest, Du Wei decided to take Gargamel with him. After all, he is only a mouse. Even if he does talk in front of others, he can just say he is a talking pet.

The last one is QQ. Other than talking and going on and on about being elegant, this bird is not in the least bit useful and is purely a waste of food. Contemplating the problem for a long time, Du Wei somehow decided to bring the bird with him as if he was suddenly controlled by a ghost.

Just like this, Du Wei packed his luggage. With a mouse, a penguin, 50 cavalry guards, and a bunch of carriages filled with his things, he set out mightily towards the capital.

Originally, riding the Hot-air balloon would have been faster…… But he had too many stuff with him and he also didn’t have that many hot air balloons to use. In any case, Du Wei wanted to leisurely walk for a while.

Traveling in this fashion, it wasn’t until they came up to the Rowling River that they saw someone standing on top of the river bridge.

Still riding on top of his horse, Du Wei took a closer look and saw that the person was pletely grey from top to bottom. This person was none other than Mage Clark.

Seeing Du Wei and his escorts ing closer, Clark immediately mounted his horse and laughed out loud: “Master Du Wei, the Magic Union received news that you are heading to the capital. So, under the order of the president, I’ve been waiting here for you!”

A few ideas popped into his mind, and then Du Wei jumped off the horse and walked up to the mage with a smile: “Mage Clark Sir, could there be some sort of request the president needs me to do?”

Jumping off his horse, Clark came up to Du Wei and gingerly fished out a black wooden box. Opening it to reveal a golden badge, Clark handed it over to Du Wei and said: “This is what the president tasked me to give you! You are already recognized as Master Gandalf’s apprentice. Although you did not participate in any magic grading exam yet, but a disciple of Master Gandalf must have some unmon magic knowledge. This gold badge does not represent any magic grade; instead, it is an honorary symbol that identifies your identity. If you wear this to any branch of the magic union, you will receive preferential treatment. Wait till you are in the capital, the president will then personally check your magic power and give you a ranking badge.”

His heart was slightly moved by the gold badge. As he held it in his hand, Du Wei could vaguely feel the waves of magic ing from it.

This is a good item. Du Wei of course knew what this badge represented. While not a symbol of a magician, but the person wearing this basically means he is a magician!

The so called Magic Scholar is equivalent to a College “visiting Professor”. Not governed, it is an honor, but also status symbol.

“And one other thing.”

Clark immediately took a burden from on top of his horse. After opening it, he carefully took out a folded robe inside. The style is similar to that of a Mage’s robes, but is neither gray nor white. Instead, it was a plain black robe.

From above, there were some markings of the magic union and some fine patterns. Du Wei didn’t know what they were, but Clark explained: “This is the robe of a Magic Scholar and its cost is not low. The patterns above have some supportive properties when you are using magic and can even fend off some simple physical attacks. Within the magic union, only members of the executive office have such a robe. This robe is a status symbol in the Capital! And in the magic union, there are no more than 15 with this robe throughout the continent!”

After a pause, Clark took a step back and reverently bent down on his waist to perform a salute from a lower level mage towards a higher level mage. Then with a smile, he said: “The status of a Magic Scholar is transcendental in the Union. Any level six or lower magician must pay their respect to you in the capital.”

Du Wei was being serious inside.

Before he can even leave his family land, the magic union has more than once tried to win him over….

Du Wei does not believe in this world there is something like a free lunch, the other party must have some kind of plot.

Now is not the time to refuse. Accepted everything, Du Wei wore the black magic robe and pinned on the badge. Immediately, he could feel the fluctuation of magic caused by the robe and a silver arc of light surrounded his body. From the looks of it, the magic is some sort of blessing spell that increases his speed or agility.

Also, it would seem this robe had another function that could adjust the temperature. Normally his body would feel slightly feverish from all that galloping, but with the robe, his body began to cool.

Delighted, Du Wei thanked Clark and allowed the mage to join his group as they headed to the capital.

Du Wei, finally returned to the capital, returned to the circle of power he tried to so hard to escape.

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