Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 111

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111th chapter “good”

With his suspicion cleared, Clark quickly went outside and tasked another mage to courier a letter to a nearby city. This way, he could take advantage of the teleportation circle in one of the branches and deliver the message to the capital at the fastest speed possible.

Even though the issue of how Master Gandalf perished still needs to be pursued, but no matter what, the person is already dead. To be able to find one of his successor and a ‘genius’ to boot, this can be considered a great achievement already.

The next morning, Du Wei headed out while being surrounded by all of the great magicians. (This time around, their attitude would naturally be different.) But Unlike before, the numbers of people in the group once again increased by one.

The garrison army officer knows that he have sinned greatly by going against the Holy Knights, but luckily for him, Du Wei is willing to take him in.

For the young master of the great military family to want someone, the garrison army wouldn’t dare disobey. Not to mention it is only a lowly third level warrior. Paperwork and procedure may take some time, but everything can be followed up later.

This third level Knight can be said to have hit the jackpot, even the mander of the garrison army came to bid his farewell. Of course, there is a reason for his appearance. When the officer reaches the Roland Plains, the garrison mander hopes his former subordinate would put in a few words to the Rowling household. This way, there might be a chance for the manding department to be a bit more lenient when it came to issuing supplies and equipment in the future.

Speaking of the officer, he only told Du Wei his name is called George when asked. As to what his last name was, the officer actually said he didn’t know. The reasoning behind this is because he was always an orphan. A few years ago, he secretly faked his age when the army was conscripting soldiers. Fortunately, his talent was good. By practicing only the martial Dou Qi techniques taught by the army, he was able to advance into the third level. However, due to the fact that he was never truly tutored by anyone with skills, he was never able to advance any further. Even his current name was given to him by an old senior officer at the time.

“I have no surname. Since I’m following Master Du Wei from now, I might as well go with the surname Rowling.” George thought the idea was beautiful, but Du Wei shook his head: “I don’t have any problem with this, but the Rowling family tree is closely guarded. To let an outsider into the family, it wouldn’t be proper.”

Just when George seemed disappointed, the several officers that came to show their goodwill made some mocking remarks: “This kid always eats a lot and randomly bursts out farts. For that, you might as well call him ‘George bursts’!”

George was infuriated. Staring at some of his former colleagues, he scolded: “Nonsense! You still dare talk bullshit in front of Master Du Wei!”

The garrison mander also inwardly hated the vulgarity of his subordinates because their actions have shamed him somewhat in front of the other party. In order to save face, the mander quickly followed up and said: “I think in this case, the word ‘bursts’ is indecent as well…… To make it simple, we can use the same note and call him Bush instead.”

As such, the poor pitiful name of this knight is set and done.

George Bush.

(I know, I know. The author loves doing this……)

Upon hearing this name, Du Wei was stunned beyond reason. Looking up and down at his new men, he realized this person really does look similar to the world famous George Bush from his previous world. The more he looked, the more his body itched because evil thoughts were quickly building up in his mind.

The officer is after all clever person. Noticing the look he was receiving from his new master, George feared the meaning behind those eyes. As a way of self-preservation, he quickly issued the next sentence: “Since young master dislike this name, it would be better to change it.”

“No need, do not change!” Du Wei immediately laughed: “From now on, you will be called George Bush! If you give birth to a son, you should just call him Bush Junior!”

Thinking about his past, Du Wei always disliked George Bush and wanted to give him a pleasant beating. Who would have thought in the present, he would get a subordinate like that? From now he would have plenty of opportunity. Yes, that’s right, plenty of chances……

The more he thought about it, the more satisfied he was. For that reason, Du Wei started to pat his new subordinate on the shoulder.

Originally, George was inwardly worried, but after seeing how happy his new master was, he could finally let out a sigh of relief. Furthermore, after being patted on the shoulder, even his bones felt lighter as he smiled.

After listening to a series of good words from those that came to bid them farewell, Du Wei and his panions were escorted down south with a handpicked team of Calvary riders. Furthermore, in order to curry even more favor from Du Wei, the garrison mander even gifted them with a good carriage for them to use.

Du Wei would of course accept the gifts. However, he did not ride in the carriage alone. Sitting inside the carriage with him were Hussein and Nicole (Medusa).

From public opinion, this Rowling young master is obviously more affectionate towards this mercenary. With a simple glance at Hussein’s eyes, all of them could tell this person was different from the rest.

As for Nicole… A woman so beautiful, yet delicate and graceful C she is most likely Du Wei’s woman. Although Master Du Wei is only at the tender age of 14, but it is not unmon for the children of the rich nobilities to have a few women’s at this age.

Du Wei did not care much about what others thought of this, and just like that, he headed south while being under the protection of the several mages and Calvary riders.

Traveling down south in this manner, the scenery was much more fortable pared to how he was dragged away from his home and into the north. After several days on the road, the weather changed from a bitter cold to a warmer climate. Looking back and forth, he could see all of those around him treated him with respect and care. Thinking on this, he couldn’t help but recall the miserable times when he was first kidnapped by Gandalf and the part about how the old fool died for him. Outwardly, Du Wei may say that he disliked the old fool, but he did miss the guy in his heart.

With the passing of five nights, a group of cavalry riders could be seen ing towards them from afar. This group of soldiers is in fact the private army of the Rowling household and leading them was none other than Knight Robert.

Once Robert received his orders, he immediately took charge of 300 light cavalry and headed north. Now that he has finally met up with the young master, he would of course be overjoyed.

In this manner, they spent another half a month on the road to finally reach the Emerald River. Once they have passed the Emerald River, then they can truly say they have reached home.

It is here, the several wizards that have acpanied Du Wei so far said their farewells. As parting words, Clark made it clear that in a few days, the president of the magician’s union will definitely make a visit.

Originally, the magicians from the union intended to bring Du Wei back to the capital with them.

But at the present, Du Wei’s identity is now a closed door disciple of Gandalf. With this, the situation is different, even the president has to revere him…… Otherwise, if they somehow offended Du Wei, the old disciples of Gandalf still alive inside the union will not let the matter slide so easily.

Therefore, a temporary order came in at the last minute to leave Du Wei alone and not bring him back to the capital. However, a secret order came in from the president that Clark and his peers must keep the young master safe at all costs.

Left with only people he trusted, Du Wei could finally let out a breath of relief. This of course applied to Hussein also because he could finally leave the carriage.

Robert is person of not many words. While loyal to Du Wei, he did not ask anything unnecessary.

With the crossing of the Emerald River (that is the Roland River); they have e to the Roland Plains. Seeing the cheering soldiers that have e to wele him home, this kind of reception is truly different pared to when he was first banished to this place. Continuing like this, they headed back to the Rowling castle in his hometown.

Upon arrival, the attitude of old butler Sier was much more polite than before. Bowing in his greeting, the old butler did not dare say anything unnecessary. Just like that, Du Wei headed into his room to take a bath and had several servants’ help him put on a new set of clothing. With a fresh face, Du Wei now looked quite handsome and young.

Once that was finished, he sent down orders to make arrangements for Hussein to live in the manor behind the castle. (This was the manor where he researched the hot air balloon.) This area was off limits to everyone. As for Nicole, he made special arrangements in the castle for her and specifically ordered a layer of drape to shield her as insurance. If by the odd chance she opened her eyes and petrified someone by mistake, then that would be a big mess.

As soon as Du Wei was out of his room, he could see Marde rushing towards him and plopping himself onto the floor as he cried against his leg: “My young master! I am your loyal servant, Marde! These days, I missed you every day, I was afraid you might have met with an accident outside…… ”

Seeing the funny looking act of the crying Marde, Du Wei laughed loudly and gently kicked him: “How are you these days? I have eaten a lot of suffering in the North. While you were at home, you must have passed your days really well, right?”

Marde is after all the person that has watched Du Wei grow up, so their relationship is of course not normal. Without hiding feelings, he wiped away his tears and smiled: “I have carefully watched over the business young master left behind. While you were gone, I was somewhat discouraged and slacked off a bit, but the money it earned really is a lot! The league you came up with managed to earn tens of thousands of gold within just a month. Moreover, when I was instructed to send the fireworks to her mistress’s birthday, it was able to steal the spotlight really fast! It is just that the lady misses you a lot. After I explained how you spent tremendous effort to e up with the fireworks, the lady was overjoyed, but that night she ended up crying for a long time…”

After listening, Du Wei’s face darkened because his feelings toward the Earls wife are not shallow. In this world, the first person to treat him with true kindness is this mother. Thinking it over a bit, Du Wei said: “Very well, let’s leave this topic for now. However, the days of us staying here won’t be long. The ruckus caused by my leaving this time is not small; I fear that father would soon call me back to the capital. Once I see mother again, we can make her happy then.”

After finishing his words, Du Wei returned to the study room was about to have Marde give him a report about all the finance that occurred this month. Yet, it was at this moment old butler Sier came rushing in.

“Young Master, someone came to offer gifts and they said it is only meant for you!”

Struck with a thought, Du Wei immediately ordered others to follow him outside. When he came out of the castle, he could already see a line of carriages waiting and his servants unloading the cargo.

Looking to the front, the carriage leading all of them was made of gold and the symbol of the Lister family household was imprinted on it!

From there, a well-dressed middle aged man saw Du Wei and hurriedly walked over to salute him. Then, with a respectful tone, this middle aged man said: “This must be Master Du Wei! From the orders of Marquise of Lister, I have e to bring gifts. Mistress said, the debt of saving her life must be repaid eventually. Since the summer Memorial Day is fast approaching, we have brought along these small tokens of thanks for now. Please do accept them young master!”

With that said, the middle aged man passed over a list of all the gifts to Du Wei. With just a glance, he could not help but be startled by the content!

This Marquise of Lister really is wealthy. With only these small tokens of thanks, it was able to move the hearts of the old butler beside Du Wei!

100 war horses and are all stallions! Two cars full of furs produced from the magical beasts of the frozen forest! In addition, there are plenty of products from overseas because the mother’s side of the Lister family is a famous wealthy merchant family. In the past couple of generations, all of their members have specialized in overseas trading, As such, within the gifts there are plenty of pearls and corals from the high sea! Let’s not mention the fact that there are over four pairs of the highest quality coral, just one pair is worth over tens of thousands of gold in the open market.

Somehow, they even heard of the fact that Du Wei delved deeply into magical plants, so they included some rare and valuable seedlings!

Also, there was a magic infused plated armor bought at a high price within the gifts. In the open market, the value is worth at least fifty to sixty thousand gold! With just a glance, Du Wei immediately sent it to the manor behind the castle. Du Wei could only consider this to be Hussein’s luck.

Lastly, the dagger they brought out is only half a meter long, but he could tell with one look that it was crafted with high quality steel. Most importantly, the edges of the blade were extruding a silvery air. The discoloration is a clear sign that the blade had added in the extremely rare ore, Mithril!

Mithril is a material that even mages coveted because it was so hard to e by. Unlike all other natural metals, Mithril is the only metal ore in the world that is capable of being blessed with magic! Generally, a magic weapon is created by inlaying a magical gemstone somewhere onto the weapon and blessing the stone with magic. Compared to a true magic infused Mithril weapon, the strength is higher by a hundredfold.

Mithril is not something money can buy on the market. Even with a 100,000 gold coins, the most you can buy is something the size of an egg.

So a dagger mixed with Mithril is something Du Wei naturally matched. Once he learned a bit more magic, he can start infusing magic energy in his dagger!

Such a precious gift, Du Wei felt somewhat ashamed in his heart. But just when he was about to speak, the man from the Lister household said: “The Marquise said Master Du Wei must not refuse her gifts. If I go back after you refuse, I cannot explain such a thing. Also, her lady-ship will be sad if you do. While the Marquise is still unwell right now, but her lady-ship said she must e visit young master once she is able to.”

After a pause, this man continued speaking: “Lady also said, young master is still young, so you must be interested in new and interesting things. If the young master has any requests from now on, you can seek out any of our branches in the south. As long as you let them know of your name, the Lister household will do everything in their power to help you!”

With that, the man bowed and left with his men and empty carts.

The face of old butler Sier has already turned pale as he stood next to Du Wei. The reason is because the gifts from the Lister household could easily match the entire ine of the whole Rowling household for half a year. God knows what the young master did to be able to have so much face in front of the famed Marquise of Lister.

Just when Du Wei was about to turn around and go back into the castle, another subordinate came to report that someone from the magician’s union have e bearing gifts.

It is no small matter in how surprised the old butler was. It’s one thing for nobles give gifts to each other, but a gift from a wizard is totally different!

Usually nobilities have to offer immense gifts to win the favor a wizard, but even then, it is not certain the other party would be willing to help. So where in the world would someone see a wizard turn around and offer gifts instead?

Once the branch office in the Rowling Plain received the mand from the imperial capital and found out Du Wei is a disciple of Master Gandalf, they immediately sent over a batch of high quality magic materials.

Ten Hawkweed jewel is the best thing for wind attribute magicians.

100 Fine Ruby are valuable fire magic tools.

Black Crystal, 20 pieces.

Fine magic crystal, 100 shards.

Other colored Crystal were also numerous.

In addition, there is also a small amount of other things used for tools or props.

Finally, there is also a good century year’s old Hickory wood, but most importantly, it was the first sprout when it was picked. Also, there were plenty of alchemic materials used for wand making!

Du Wei was beaming with joy in his eyes and accepted them all. Ordering his servants, he had them all sent to the small wooden building he built behind the castle.

The mage the union sent was a fourth level magician. Once he said a few kind words, he left right away.

Old Butler Sier was shocked in his heart because he did not know what kind of big event this young master has done to be able to cause the mages union and the Lister household to e currying favor!

Ignoring Sier, Du Wei only brought Marde with him as he headed to where Hussein was.

Du Wei’s wealth now may be quite lucrative, but he also has quite a lot of secrets he cannot let others know like C Hussein, Gargamel, Nicole, and the penguin QQ.

No matter what, the castle has too many eyes. He must find a quiet place in the Roland Plains and build a home of his own. Only by doing this will he have his own foundation.

At the very least, his wealth is quite lucrative now pared to the time when he was only allowed 300 gold coins a month. Maybe he should also buy a castle or manor and enjoy himself?

The future is bright and the situation is excellent……


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