Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 110

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110th chapter “Rights from playing dumb”

Within the closely guarded inn of the City of Colo, one of the rooms inside were closely guarded by several magicians that had e from the capital’s magician’s union. Moreover, the several magicians standing outside the doorway even put up a noise cancellation spell. This way, no trace of the conversation happening inside could be heard from the outside.

Inside the room, Du Wei sat on the opposite end of Clark because the gray bearded magician is currently staring at him with eyes full of suspicion.

Despite this, Du Wei’s face looked relaxed and even picked up a cup of black tea to sip. In the northern region, tea can be considered rare and hard to e by. So without a doubt, these tea leaves must have been transported here through trading caravans from the south. The only problem is that after air drying and long periods of travel time, the taste of the tea would inevitably degrade once it got here.

Du Wei was feeling good right now, but Clark on the other hand is feeling somewhat difficult after hearing the story from Du Wei’s mouth: “What you say is true?”

Du Wei immediately stiffened his face and spoke sternly: “Master Clark, you are a man of great capacity. Even though you are gifted with the title of a mage, but you cannot unjustly question the honest character of a gentleman! Every word I said is to be true, I’ll swear to the great Goddess of light!”

Clark is somewhat fidgety, but after seeing Du Wei’s stern expression…… He can’t simply be angry at a little child now can he? After all, he is a famous Grand Mage.

However, what Du Wei said may be too……

For the last great Magister and famed as the strongest magician on the continent, to be killed after being besieged by several magical beasts from the frozen forest?

Who would believe such a thing?

Is there even a magical beast on the continent capable of killing Master Gandalf? Unless it is a dragon or a heavenly beast, then that’s more like it!

“It is what it is.” Du Wei looked emotional: “He promised to take me traveling through the frozen forest, hoping I could grow a little more insight and hone myself a bit. But who would have thought the frozen forest is so menacing. In the end, we were ambushed by a pack of wolf kings! Cornered, teacher released his mighty powers and finally managed to kill them all. Unfortunately, we ended up encountering another evil faced spider queen in the north. With all of his energy depleted, teacher used the last option he had left, and that was using his life to take out his foe…….”

“You say ‘teacher’?” Clark noticed something wrong in the way Du Wei was speaking!

“Yes.” Du Wei continued to knit bad lies: “A month ago when he came to the Roland Plains, teacher and I hit it off right away. He said I’m talented and accepted me as his closed door disciple. This is absolutely not a fake!”

“Accepted…… Disciple?” Clark has begun to sweat.

Who is Gandalf? He is the continents last Magister!

A Magister is not a magician ranking within the ten magic rankings. Even if one were to reach the tenth level in magic, they can’t be called a Magister.

In a sense, the title of Magister is not a standard to measure someone’s magical strength. But rather, it is an honor or qualification.

According to the Roland Continent’s magic system, only those that have taught over two disciples at the eighth level can be considered qualified to be called a Magister. However, only those that have tutored their disciples up to the ninth level can they be called a Magister.

This is equivalent to a university professor.

Of course, if one can tutor a disciple up to the ninth level, then it goes without saying that the teacher’s true strength is above them all.

To be accepted as a disciple of Master Gandalf. What kind of concept is that?

In fact, based on Gandalf’s status and seniority, he did not accept many disciples in his 260 year life span. However, if you were to randomly pick one out the group, they would always eventually bee famed and distinctly powerful individuals of the continent!

Even the former and current president of the Magician’s Union is Gandalf’s apprentice! This way, Du Wei and their seniority are the same…… Now what is that?

Thinking this through, wouldn’t Du Wei and the President be from the same generation?

And let’s not forget the monstrous old magicians within the magician’s union. All of those monsters are also students of Gandalf. With the sudden turn of events, Du Wei had suddenly bee their little junior……

Swallowing his saliva, Clark unconsciously straightened his back as he spoke: “So….. You…… Hmm, Sir, has been accepted by Master Gandalf as his inner disciple?”

“That’s correct.” Du Wei’s calm tone is truly like eating Bok Choy when it came to lying.

From the information he managed to piece together after being questioned by Clark, Du Wei somehow figured out the relationship between the magician’s Union and Gandalf. If his conclusion came out to be negative, Du Wei would have pushed his relation clean with Gandalf. However, the information he got so far has been quite positive.

The numbers of Gandalf’s disciple still living in the magician’s union are about three. Each and every one of these old monsters is around 200 years old. Also, their true strength is no less than the ninth level in magic. Even the current president of the union must show some face in their present.

And the most recent news of Gandalf accepting a new disciple was a few years ago. That year, Gandalf brought with him a little stuttering girl (Vivian) to participate in the magic assessment. As a result, the bunch of old guys there nearly mopped the floor with their jaws because they were so shocked that a little girl of her age is already at the eighth level!

However, this matter was classified as a secret. If not for the relationship between the mission and Master Gandalf, Clark would never have been cleared for this information.

Clark is after all someone from the capital; he wouldn’t so easily believe everything Du Wei said. Continuing, Clark questioned Du Wei a bit more.

“Dear Du Wei.” Clark coughs once and his manner of speaking was much more polite. With his status as a magician, Clark would never have shown such courtesy towards a regular person, even if that person is someone from a prestigious family like Du Wei. However, it is another matter now that Du Wei has somehow connected himself with the famed Master Gandalf: “Just so you know this matter is very serious. I have to find out the details and then report it back to the Union. Once that is plete, we can then clarify your identity and a formal recognition will be granted by the union…… Ugh, first of all, when you first saw Master Gandalf, how did he accept you as his apprentice?”

Du Wei grabbed an apple on the table before him and ruthlessly took a bite before speaking in a normal expression:

“Ah, this is how. The first time teacher saw me; he shouted towards me and said ‘boy, I see your bone structure is excellent and can only be found once in a million individuals. You are perfect in practicing magic! As a present for our meeting, here are a few basic magic books for you. From now on, the burden of maintaining world peace and fighting off villains will be handed to you.”

Clark: “……”

Looking at the big mouthed chewing an Apple Du Wei; Clark suddenly had a feeling of wanting to laugh and cry because he is currently faced with a child not even at the age of 14 and listening to his outlandish and childish stories.

However, the big problem lies in whether Du Wei is truly Gandalf’s disciple.

Continuing, Clark carefully questioned Du Wei a few more times. Unfortunately for Clark, this time Du Wei only vaguely addressed the questions and started to act like a foolish child. The answers he got were either he did not know, or he can’t remember.

Anyways, Gandalf is after all a legendary figure. For such an amazing person to want such a young child to be his disciple, then they would of course have their own ways of thinking. So how could a small child understand the reasoning behind this? C This is a perfect excuse. Du Wei found that his age was a very good defense because a child is born with the right to play the fool; after all, who can anyone take a young child seriously?

After spending half a day like this, Clark may have been befuddled by what he learned so far, but the old guy still believed Du Wei’s story up to ninety to eighty percent.

Clark had long known about Du Wei and had personally tested his talent at an early age. Despite the fact that his innate magic is superior to others, but his poor sense of the elements in the surrounding hindered him from learning magic. Also, from the recorded feedbacks, Du Wei is only a young master capable of pulling off pranks before he was taken away by Master Gandalf.

But now, Clark could clearly see the power of magic in Du Wei! When dealing with the two Holy Knights, Du Wei promptly shot out two fireballs in one breath. That cannot be questioned! And the way he released those fireballs, his movements looked well-honed and not something he learned recently.

Firing off two fireballs in one breath, Clark can also do it himself. But the ability for instant incantation, he couldn’t do it. To be able to train such an untalented boy to such an extent within the short period of time, it was likely on this continent, only Lord Gandalf is capable of such a feat!

You need to know, when Vivian passed through the eighth level assessment that year, a live sample was set in front of everyone!

If not Gandalf, who else would have the ability to turn a rock into a diamond?

Certain of the point that Du Wei is really Gandalf’s disciple, Clark no longer dared to say anything else. After all, if this fact is verified, just considering the status and not his strength, Du Wei would still be two or three generations above him.


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