Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 109 part 2

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The 109th “knocked out teeth swallowed in the belly” (part two)

Still unaware, the officer pleaded in a loud voice: “Master Du Wei, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of reckless behavior. Every month we would beat up a few of these mercenaries because they always go on a rampage, so it’s not a big deal.”

Du Wei sighed and then smiled: “I was sitting too far earlier and didn’t notice, but now that I took a closer look, they are indeed people from the Temple!”

When this was known, the officer immediately went stupid. With eyes of disbelief, the colors in his eyes revealed the panic he was in. In addition, all the soldiers by his side turned pale!

Beating up Holy Knights, what are we going to do?

Smiling a bit, Du Wei gently patted the officer’s shoulder: “Alright, technically speaking, you are the ones responsible for protecting us. For that, I can’t just watch you suffer. Now listen to my words, I can help you with this.”

After a pause, Du Wei spoke the next words with a smile: “These two are only subordinates used to scout ahead. Following soon behind, there must be a high leveled knight. Now that you have injured their men, the senior Holy Knight will e seeking revenge and you won’t be able to resist. I have an idea that will force them to back off quietly.”

With that said, Du Wei took a look at the soldiers and continued, “I want a person, that individual must have a bit of courage and intellect. I fear this matter may be dangerous and the person may even suffer some pain. But don’t worry, it won’t be something serious. So who dares to e forth?”

The garrison officer immediately puffed up his chest and cried out: “I’ll go!”

Taking one look at his eyes, Du Wei could tell this person is someone with courage. For that, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of admiration towards the officer: “Alright, it’s settled then.”

With a slight smile, Du Wei continued speaking: “This issue may seem resolved on the surface, but someone will inevitably e seeking trouble. So after you’re done, return to the barracks and tell your manding officer that I want you. Once you are released from the military ranks, you can e to me, I’ll put you into the Rowling Calvary unit.”

After listening to his words, the officer immediately became overjoyed!

In these Northern lands, the manding department only considers the Northern Storm Regiment to be their dearest fighting force. Therefore, the Northern Storm Regiment always gets priority on whatever goods that is available. So even if the garrison troops here want anything, they must first yield to the other party before they can get their share. In conclusion, this place doesn’t have any future. If he can somehow stay by Du Wei’s side, then of course it would be much better than being a small little officer at this place!

Seeing Du Wei give out such instructions, Clark squinted his eyes and looked at him from behind with a plex expression.

The child…… Is not simple.

Later, outside the town of Kolo, a pany of 80 riders was slowly closing in on the city gates. Suddenly, two of the Temple elders in their pany frowned at what they saw. Pointing their fingers, the two whispered to those nearby, “look!”

From within the city, a golden light shot towards the sky. This light was exactly the distress signal sent out by the two Holy Knights earlier.

Leading the pany, the eighth level Holy Knight suddenly turned pale on his face: “This place actually has people daring enough to attack those from the Temple?! Pausing for a moment in thought, he suddenly shouted: “Did they meet Hussein?! Fast! We must go into town! If it is Hussein, we must not let him get away!”

With that said, the eighth level knight looked towards the two elders seeking confirmation. Contrary to what he was expecting, the two elders shook their heads instead: “Shouldn’t be. If it is Hussein, the two wouldn’t even survive a single sword strike. So where would they get an opportunity to call for help?”

These two individuals wearing priest robes of high rank looked proper and dignified due to the long white hair and staff in their hands. Not even the eighth level knight dared to go against them. In a respectful tone, he whispered: “No matter what, we should go and see.”

Picking up their pace, the pany of riders rode into town. It was then; they saw someone heading towards them with three horses and it just so happens, the one riding in the front is the garrison officer. Behind him, the two Holy Knights rode on the remaining two horses, but unlike him these two were heavily tied up with ropes and even their mouths were gagged.

Watching so many Holy Knights ing his way, the garrison officer was in fact really scared: Geez, so many people. If they all came looking for trouble, I wouldn’t be able to swallow it all!

Jumping down from his horse, the officer stood in the middle of the road to block their way.

Seeing someone blocking their way, the pany of riders had to quickly slow down their horses and the knight in the forefront yelled: “Why are you blocking the way!”

Following Du Wei’s instruction, the garrison officer stood tall and adopted an unyielding expression as he performed a standard knight salute.

Seeing the foe in front of him acting in such a manner, the Holy Knight did not neglect and returned a proper knight salute.

“I am a garrison officer belonging to the fourth battalion of the City of Colo.!” Following Du Wei’s instruction, the officer deliberately used the loudest voice he can to speak these words.

Seeing such a large force of Holy Knights in the middle of the road and an officer suddenly shouting, the people in the surroundings started to gather to watch the show.

Encouraged by the Knight’s reaction, the garrison officer felt relieved and continued to speak loudly: “Excuse me, are you Holy Knights?”

The eighth level knight leading the pany had long seen his own subordinates restrained on the two horses behind the officer. With a darkened face, the Holy Knight rode forward and looked angrily at the lowly third level rider in front of him: “Yes.”

“Your honor.” The garrison officer bowed slightly in respect and continued to speak in a loud voice: “Garrison army orders! 600 steps ahead have been temporarily closed off as a military zone! Earlier, these two men posing as Knights of divine identity had trespassed onto the restricted area. Also, they injured 36 people from the garrison army and 15 of them are in serious condition! Under orders, I have arrested these two. Now that your honor is present, I will hand over the two culprits to you! My lord said the Holy Knights Platoon is the symbol of the glory of the temple. Thus, they are the continents subject of admiration!

These despicable criminals actually dare defy the imperial decree and intrude onto a military zone. In addition, they openly attacked the imperial officers and wounded the soldiers of the Empire! Such people are definitely not members of the Holy Knights Platoon. Now that I have brought them here, I’ll hand them over to you!

With that said, the garrison officer performed another Knight salute and then walked backwards to where the two captured knights were. Using his hands, he pushed them off their horses and caused the two to drop heavily onto the ground.

Seeing the suffering of their panions, all of the Holy Knights had the flames of anger in their eyes. If not for the eighth level knight making a grunting sound to signal them not to move, it was certain they would have rushed forward and chopped the garrison officer into pieces.

Unknown to everyone, the garrison officer was also in cold sweat. With one big movement, he got onto his horse and big his farewell with a nod. However, just when he was about to leave, the eighth level knight suddenly shouted “Wait!”

“Your honor, do you have other instructions?”

“Humph!” The eyes of the eighth level Knight were filled with hate. Jumping off his horse, he walked forward and picked up one of his tied up subordinate with one hand. Afterwards, he gave the officer a deep look as he clenched his teeth: “Give my regards to your master! Tell him I’ll remember this event!”

With that, the knight lets out a “humph” sound that was filled with his Dou QI. From just the sound, the officer felt like he was struck by lightning. Thus, his whole body was quivering and his chest felt especially painful. Not certain of the reason, his horse suddenly ran forward, causing him to lose his balance. With a loud scream, the officer from his horse..

In this one fall, the officer felt like all his bones were broken. Stumbling in his attempt to get back up, he didn’t dare show any form of emotion on his face. Secretly in his heart, he was actually thinking this isn’t bad at all. After beating up two of their people and then causing their entire pany to lose face in front of all these people, this isn’t bad at all! It’s a good trade!

Now daring to say anything, the officer hurriedly snapped up onto his horse again and rushed away.

“My Lord, are we just going to leave it like this?!” A Holy Knight rode forward, his face full of anger.

The 80 Calvary riders behind the leader were waiting. With one order from him, all of them would rush forward to get their revenge!

“Just shut up!” The leaders face was cold. Using his gloomy eyes, his gaze swept across all his men. Then in a hushed tone: “Think we are not shamed enough yet?!”

The two Temple elders also let out a sigh and gave each other a look.

The other party got good methods! First, make their side to be in the right, and then deliberately announce this in public to force us to eat this humiliation. If we seek revenge now and the news spreads, the reputation of the Holy Knights will be damaged.

The leader got back onto his mount and shouted: “Hurry and pull both of these idiots onto the horse! Let’s go! We won’t stay here anymore tonight. Instead, we will journey through the night!”

Seeing the scowl on their leaders face, all the knights dare not disobey.

Unlike the rest, the two elders showed a look of appreciation towards the eighth level knight.

Seems like a person of high talent; able to endure and someone of high discretion.

Now that the three leaders of the Holy Knight Platoon are gone, the temple is currently seeking new talent to promote. This guy is promising.


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