Law of the Devil – Chapter 109 part 1

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The 109th chapter “knocked out teeth swallowed into the belly” (part one)

On this evening, only Du Wei, Clark and the mages he brought along came out for dinner. Fearing others would recognize his identity, Hussein decided to pretend he was too tired and hid himself in his own room. This also applied to Medusa.

Right now in the main hall, the garrison officer was angered by the fact that someone had disregarded his mand and rushed inside the inn. In a moment of rage, he banged his hand on the table and stood up, heading towards where the intruders were.

This officer must have bad luck because the Holy Knights are the temple’s main fighting force. Throughout the continent, the status of the temple is beyond pare. Even for nobles of the empire, they would still have to watch what they say in front of the Temple’s people.

“Who are you? You dare disregard imperial decree and trespass onto restricted land! Not to mention the fact that you actually wounded my soldiers!” The garrison officer stopped in front of the two Holy Knights and stared at the two intruders…….

Only heavens would know if this guy truly never saw the gears of a Holy Knight, or that he is naturally born a fool: Can it be that he has never seen a Holy Knight?

Actually this not that strange, the people of the Holy Knight’s usually stay within the Capital’s Temple. It is quite rare for them to e out and roam the continent. Not to mention there isn’t any TV or internet in this world. As to how a Holy Knight is supposed to look, only those that have actually met one in person would know.

It’s not that this officer is reckless, but that he truly never saw a Holy Knight till now. Also, he is given a rare chance to present himself in front of the eldest son of the Military’s second in mand. If he does it right, Du Wei may even look kindly upon him and his future prospect would grow exponentially.

But now seeing someone interrupting his prestigious guests, he would of course be the first to jump out.

The two Holy Knights that has barged in are both fifth level knights, so they have never seen a lowly third level knight act so arrogantly in front of them. Both were somewhat stunned by the officer in front of them, but the taller of the two was still keeping his heads together. With a frown, the taller looking knight said: “Imperial Decree? This is such a small town and only has this inn; do you know how important the elders are? Yet you still tell us to spend the night in the wilderness. I don’t want to waste words with you, go call your city governor to e here, then you would know.”

“Why are you saying so much to him?!” Inwardly, the ill-tempered Holy Knight was looking down on this lowly third level knight. Reaching out, the ill-tempered Holy Knight pushed the officer.

Losing his balance, the garrison officer fell backwards and crashed into a table behind him, breaking it in the process. In this small little place, he is considered a high ranking individual. In addition, he is currently in front of someone as important as Du Wei, so how can he lose face so easily? With an angry shout: “Guards! Guards! Someone dare attack an officer of the empire! Arrest them!”

With that single cry, the 300 soldiers outside rushed in after realizing the situation had turned sour. With the sight of their mander lying on the floor and instructed to apprehend the intruders, what other hesitation would they have? Swish, swish, everyone immediately pulled out their weapons and rushed towards the two Holy Knights.

Because the north is near the frozen forest, there are a lot of mercenaries moving to and fro. Due to this reason, the soldiers are used to picking a fight with the mercenaries. Moreover, what other reason do they need now after seeing their mander getting a beating?

These two fifth level Holy Knights are people with a bit of status in the capital; even the average noble would show their respect while in their presence. Moreover, they were previously fooled by Gandalf’s magic array within the frozen forest. Only after spending a few days in the cold, were they finally able to e out.

Their mood wasn’t good to begin with because some of their rades lost their lives and they have experienced way too much suffering thus far. Now that they are seeing such a scene, the grievance they have suppressed till now is about to be vented out. In mere moments, a brawl broke out in the hall.

In the beginning, the two still had a sense of propriety and didn’t harm anyone. After all, the enemies are genuine soldiers of the empire. In contrast, these garrison troops are used to brawling with the mercenaries on a daily basis. Once a fight breaks out, they would pull out their knives and attack without hesitation, so they are dangerous to the extreme.

With more people and without mercy, the local garrison soldiers eventually landed a few hits on the two knights. Furthermore, the taller Knight with a slightly better temper even took a full sword strike on his shoulder. Although the attack only landed on his armor and didn’t cause any serious injury, but this one strike is enough to make him go into a fitted rage! If not for the excellent armors of the Temple, the knight feared his arm would have been cleanly sliced off!

From then on, the two Holy Knights no longer showed any mercy.

A fifth level knight is naturally above the norm. Without delay, a burst of Dou Qi immediately came forth from their swords. Once the knight’s weapon collided with those of the garrisons, a metal breaking noise filled the hall. Seeing an opportunity, the ill-tempered knight kicked the officer in the chest and sent him flying through the hall and smashing into the wall behind him. Spurting out blood, the officer yelled: “Kill! Kill them all! You dare attempt murder on an imperial officer! That’s a capital offense! Kill them now!”

The two Holy Knight may be highly skilled, but the other party is after all 300 men strong. More importantly, these soldiers are seasoned warriors of the north, much stronger than their counterparts in the south. Secondly, the area around the doorway was narrow and hard to move in, so the knight’s had trouble fighting at their full capacity. After a short brawl, the situation became a mess.

As hard as they tried, the garrison forces could not overe the two fifth level knights. Before long, more than 10 soldiers lay on the floor. No matter how angry the knights were, they are after all from the temple, so they didn’t dare go into a random killing spree. For this reason, the people on the floor were only injured and not dead.

Outside the inn, there were still around 80 soldiers trying to get in. But due to the size of the door, they weren’t able to e inside and could only cheer the others on from a distance.

Then immediately, a thudding sound could be heard and the seven to eight soldiers surrounding the knights were sent flying. As a result, their weapons were broken and their armors were split apart. In addition, two of these soldiers were so heavily injured; they could no longer stand up.

“Kill! Kill them both!” Still sitting, the garrison officer continued to vomit blood. Nonetheless, seeing how tough the two enemies were, the officer pulled aside one of the soldiers and ordered: “Go quick! Call for reinforcements from the camp!”

The knights may be tough, but they are not invincible. Once the fight dragged on, the attacks on their body started to build up and eventually, one of the knight’s arms started to bleed from the injury he received. Facing back to back, the two formed a defensive circle to increase their odds.

According to their level of martial skills, it wouldn’t be a difficult feat for the two to flee this place at once. That’s why, even if the soldiers here wanted to stop them, they naturally wouldn’t have the skills to do so. However, the two were always taught by the temple to push forward and never back down since their childhood. For that reason, the idea of escaping never even crossed their minds.

Du Wei and the other magicians were just sitting inside the hall. Even though the brawl was happening just outside the dining hall, none of them said anything. On the contrary, Master Clark and the mages he brought along had a faint smile on their faces, as if they were inwardly happy at the misfortune that had befallen the Knights.

Just when he was in the middle of wondering what kind of grudge the two parties had against each other, Du Wei secretly noticed what Clark was doing under the table. Raising a finger to draw a small symbol, Clark muttered some kind of spell chant in an almost silent tone. As soon as Clark finished casting his spell, Du Wei could feel a slight disturbance in the air around him.

From where they sat, a faint light drifted towards the group of brawling fighters outside. Almost immediately, the two Holy Knights could feel their bodies bee much heavier. From this, they knew someone was playing a trick on them and immediately shouted in a scolding manner: “Magic Union bastards, sneaking an attack from the back!”

With a sneer, this time Master Clark didn’t even bother hiding his intent and stood up to form a net binding spell. From his magic, a silk like web appeared in the air and started to fly towards where the knights were.

Hindered by the binding spell, the movements of the two knights became much slower. In the end, they ended up sustaining even more hits from a couple of sword strikes and even took on a few fist blows. Seeing the results, Clark did not stop and even the mages behind him joined the party and threw in a couple of dazing spells.

To begin with, Clark’s magic level is not low. When so many mages joined him in his effort, the two Holy Knight’s didn’t stand a chance. Unable to resist the onslaught of spells, the two fell to the floor without any ways to get back up.

Realizing the chance, two of the soldiers wanted to strike at the currently unconscious knights with their sword. If this attack had succeeded, it was likely the knights would have been beheaded!

Du Wei was frightened when he looked at Clark because he realized the guy had no intention of preventing the soldiers. Instead, the guy had a sneering smile on his face. From that, Du Wei knew the situation wasn’t good!

By simply beating the knights up, it is neither a small matter nor a big matter. But once they are killed, it would be totally different!

Clark and his panions are trying to kill the knights through the hands of the garrison troops. Once the deed is done, they can just push the blame onto the city defenders and they alone would be free to walk away. However, the city has been kind and respectful to him thus far. If he let this slide, it was likely the garrison officer would be facing big trouble in the future.

Unable to bear it, Du Wei sighed and raised his hand to shoot out two fireballs! Without a need to chant any spells, his attack blew the two soldiers backward without injuring them.

“Enough! Don’t indiscriminately kill people.” Du Wei yelled this in a calm voice. The garrison officer was surprised at this, but thinking it over, he realized his guests still needed to eat. It wouldn’t look good for him if he ruined the guest’s mood.

With a wave of his hand, the officer ordered his men to tie the two knights up.

Once they were tied, the two knights soon woke up and flew into a rage. The ill-tempered knight even started to curse and shout: “Despicable bastards from the magician’s union! You dare sneak attack!”

Unlike the shouting knight, the calmer looking one suddenly pushed aside one of the soldiers while they weren’t paying attention and broke apart his rope. Then from his bosom, he pulled out something and hit it hard!

With a loud bang, everyone could see a golden light shooting out in all directions from the object. Then from the flashes of light, a magic mark shot out from the scroll.

“Humph, calling for help from his panions eh?” Clark frowned; he didn’t know where these two holy knights are from. Unlike Du Wei, Clark only thought these two were alone and didn’t e in such a big force. Seeing the opportunity presented at the time, Clark simply wanted to punish them a bit. But now, he realized the situation was bad when he saw the magic scroll because it was the Holy Knight’s way of calling for help.

These two Holy Knights only came into town first to organize things for the main force. Following closely behind, the main force wouldn’t be far away and should be arriving soon.

Thinking up to this point, Clark could not help but privately blame Du Wei for being a busy body. If that sword had killed the two Knights, the matter would have ended then and there. Once the deed was done, he could just push all the blame onto the garrison troops. But now that they are alive, he wouldn’t have any excuses if the other party were to seek revenge.

However, Clark suddenly recalled how Du Wei managed to cast magic. Narrowing his eyes, he aimed his sight at Du Wei.

This kid, I have already assessed him in the past. He is destined not to be a wizard! But the two fireballs he cast earlier was so quick! Could it be that Lord Magister Gandalf taught him?

Ignoring Clark, Du Wei had already stood up and was walking towards the mess. This time around, the two knights were pletely bundled up and even their mouths were plugged up. Taking a look at the crumpled garrison officer, he couldn’t help but sigh. Du Wei feared that this guy will be facing some rough times after this. Technically speaking, these soldiers were sent to protect him, so he can’t just leave them be and let the temple punish them.

Thinking things through, Du Wei called over the officer and whispered: “You’ve got trouble on your hands.”


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