Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 107

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The 107th chapter, “return to the human world”

“Dear Du Wei:

By the time you open this letter, I’m no longer in this world……

Right now, I’m actually quite curious because I have already guessed this trip will be the final adventure of my life. As to what manner will I meet my end is something I’m looking forward to….

When I first found you, I already knew you were the destined person in the prophecy. You must understand, when we first met, I wasn’t very satisfied with you. Although you may be smart, but I found that your character lacked determination. You may not understand what burden you must carry in the future, but I am convinced that in order to acplish great things, you must have a strong personality.

So along the way, I did not hold back and was even willing to discipline you. Maybe because of that, you must hate me now.

I may be dead now, but fortunately there is still Hussein by your side. He may have a bad temper, but patience and perseverance is what you lacked the most.

While your ability right now is not so great, but there is one point about you I do like. You are fully aware that in this world, respect is for the strong.

Also, you must be wondering why I didn’t leave behind any profound magic learning method or magic spells for you?

Believe me, after my assessment of you during our travels, I found that you are tricky enough to hide some of your powers, but I have already seen through your weaknesses.

Magic is not a game; it is profoundly deep and hard to learn. Your biggest weakness is that when you were little, you didn’t have an excellent teacher to guide you. As such, all of your knowledge regarding magic is solely based on your own groping of its meaning. Your knowledge may be rich, but you have never learned the basic theories in its entirety. No matter how gifted you may be, you won’t be able to appreciate the meaning behind the art of magic if your foundation is shaky.

With your family background, you shouldn’t have a problem asking someone in the magician’s union to be your teacher. Those individuals may have some skills and capabilities, but due to their opinions of those around them, they wouldn’t make good teachers. I’ve thought this over and over. Who would be best suited to be your teacher after I pass away? I fear that there is only one person in this world, but that person’s behavior cannot be considered good and they also have some unwanted connections with you. Using my relation with him, I believe that person wouldn’t refuse.

Remember this, after I die, on the month of June of this year during the night of the full moon, there is a small town called “Flying Horse”, 100 miles northwest of the capital. Outside the town, there is a mountain stream. Head there at midnight by yourself and make sure you don’t bring anyone with you! Then, using the green bottle I left you, light it up to create a green signal smoke. After that, there will be someone ing to meet you. The one to e meet you shall be your new teacher. His magic level is superb and not under me. The only problem is that he has an eccentric personality, so you must be careful.

Behind this letter, I used a stealth potion to write down the location of my mountain seclusion. The Stars Magic cultivation method is hidden there and the exact spot is also written down on the letter. Other than that, there is also the countless magic equipment’s I collected over my lifetime. Once you memorized what I wrote down, immediately burn this letter. You must always keep this in mind, unless you have reached the eighth level in magic, do not get the delusion that you can learn Stars Magic. It is profoundly deep and powerful. If your magic level is lacking, it will rebound against you. If you are unlucky, it will kill you. If you are lucky then your foundation will only bee shaky, but then it will be difficult for you to achieve anything in the future.

My little disciple is still at the straw house on my mountain seclusion. Vivian’s background story is a sad one; I only hope that you can treat her well in the future.

Sincerely: Gandalf”

Flipping the letter around, Du Wei conjured up a small spell to reveal the contents. Dealing with the invisible ink wasn’t a difficult task for him because he was also very proficient in the art of magic pharmacy. After memorizing the content, Du Wei burned the letter like he was told.

It wasn’t known what was going through his mind after reading the letter, but Du Wei ended up spending another day in the dark room to collect more of the fountain water. Once that was done, he came out to meet his panions.

When his panion saw him this time around, the air on him has changed somewhat. He still had a babyish face, but the deep look on his expressions and the cold eyes he had were not suitable for his age.

Even Hussein also noticed the difference, so he couldn’t help but take a few extra glances at him.

“Is everybody’s injury mostly healed?” Du Wei smiled: “If we are ready, we should hit the road.”

Even though Medusa had her eyes closed, but it was her that understood him the most.

The beautiful yet cold snake said: “Human nature…… When one needs to face it, he will face it.”

Saying their farewells to the treant leader, the group crossed the Great Lakes and continued heading south.

Hussein’s Dou Qi has already recovered around forty to fifty percent and Medusa’s energy reserve has also recovered seventy to eighty percent. Adding in Gargamel and Du Wei to the mix, the group no longer had to fear any attacks from magical beasts. It’s just that they still didn’t know what ability the heavenly beast left by Aragon has…. On their travels, the fighting capacity of the penguin is almost zero.

Before leaving, Du Wei proposed his determination: “Since we have returned to the human world, there are several things to note. First is Hussein, although your strength is high, but you are now the most wanted criminal on the continent. If you don’t want to be endlessly pursued, it is for the best that you take on a new identity. The reason is because the temple has so many strong individuals; just the fatigue of beating all of them off is enough to knock us down.”

On this point, Hussein only snorted and didn’t raise any objections. Though the knight is extremely arrogant, but after his defeat at the hands of dragon chief, his temper has been quite calm lately.

With one of his eyes injured by the gold dragon, it is likely that it wouldn’t heal anytime soon. To make things simple, Hussein decided to put a leather patchwork over his injured eye and bee a single eyed knight. Mixing this with his newly grown beard, the knight looked nothing like the handsome young man he once was. As a disguise, the knight left his armor behind in the Canyon and donned a new set of leather jackets with the sleeves torn off to show his muscles. The main reason he wanted to show his muscular arms off is because of the new northwestern tribal tattoos he got, this way it would be more convincing. As a final measure, Du Wei went out into the frozen forest and found some black dye for the knight and shaved off both sides of his hair. To match his disguise, Du Wei braided the middle section of Hussein’s hair to turn him into a genuine domestic warrior.

“And you…… Queen Medusa.” Du Wei sighed: “Now that you’ve decided to follow us into the human world, then I am afraid that your name has to change.”

This is obvious because otherwise, the public would be in a state of panic the moment someone calls out “Queen Medusa”.

“I’ve thought it through.” Medusa is truly worthy of being a monster of high intellect: “From Gargamel, I’ve heard of some ancient legends and stories in the past. Within them, there are some beautiful names I would like to use. So from now on, you may call me by the name of Nicole.”

“Very well then, Miss Nicole.” Du Wei smiles.

Strangely enough, after arranging everything, all of his panions agreed with his idea as if he was the most important person in the group. Not even the usually arrogant and prideful Hussein opposed.

Coming out of the frozen forest, the party headed South and came up to the Northern Storm Corps patrol defense line. It was also here where the old magician and he first entered the Frozen Forest.

But this time it was different, the numbers of defenders were three times than before and above the walls, hung a warrant with the portrait of the traitor Hussein!

The news of Hussein’s betrayal has already spread throughout the continent and the information on the Temple’s forces chasing him all the way into the Frozen Forest has caused great concern for the government. As a symbolic gesture, the officials had no choice but to reluctantly intervene and send out warrants to important location throughout the empire. As you can see, the forces at any stationed posts along the frozen forest were also heavily increased like the Northern Storm Corps. Although the average person can easily discern all of this as nothing but an act, but it was still necessary C You really can’t expect a mere hundred soldiers to be able to seize the number one knight on the continent, do you?

Within Gandalf’s possessions, there was still the letter of free passage that was signed by the previous emperor and magician’s union president. Though the order only lasts 100 years and has already expired, but luckily the soldiers managed to recognize Du Wei from before. So when he and his party came up to the soldiers, they naturally let him through! Just like the previous time, after Du Wei left with his party, the soldiers immediately sent out a message to the higher ups informing them the person with the letter of free passage has been located.

Afterwards, the group continued traveling south and came up to a town located on the edge of the frozen forest. This little detour was necessary because the funny thing right now is that none of them had any money. Du Wei did in fact brought along a bag of gold coins when he was first kidnapped, but the old magician had already used them all because of his bad spending habits.

Originally, the amount of magic nucleus he could use for exchanging wasn’t much. This was due to the fact that he gave away most of the spoils he earned during the trip with the snow wolf mercenary. Also in his mind, Du Wei thought it was too much of a waste to exchange some of the higher leveled goods in his possession. In the end, the amount of gold coins he managed to acquire wasn’t much.

After acquiring a machete for himself and four horses from a traveling mercenary, his pocket was already cleaned out.

Letting out a sigh, Du Wei wondered how he came to be in such a state. Back in his home, he had managed to start up his own business and can even be considered a rich man. But now, he has fallen into such a poor state.

So far they have been heading in the general south direction, but Du Wei has been leading them towards the Roland plain. In his heart, he missed his business greatly and there was also the violent Joanna he had asked to acpany his fleet. Counting up the days, the timing should be around now when they returned from sea. If he cannot get back in time, who knows what kind of trouble that violent Joanna would stir up.

Due to the winter weather of the North, the roads are slippery and unfit for carriage travel. The earliest they can expect to ride in a carriage is after traveling further south into warmer terrain.

Leaving the town on horseback, the group managed to travel half a day before they encountered the sounds of hoof beats ing from behind. Stopping his horse, Hussein turned around to have a look. In the distance, more than a hundred riders were ing their way and kicking up snow and debris along their path.

Unsettled by the fact that so many were traveling on this usually unused road, Du Wei frowned: “Could it be that Hussein’s whereabouts have been seen through?”

Sure enough, more than hundreds of riders are approaching them at a rapid pace. Both Du Wei and Hussein have keen senses, so they immediately saw that the two knights riding in the front were wearing a set of armor specially made for a Holy knight! And farther behind in the air, several white robed mages were giving chase with a wind attribute spell. It was obvious from the roaring winds caused by these certain individuals that they are extremely skilled!

Without waiting, Hussein had already put one of his hands on top of his scimitar hilt. With murderous eyes, the knight intends to wipe them all out if he were to be discovered!

Sharing four horses with several people and low priced horses at that, it was certain that they would be overtaken by the pursuers if they tried to flee. Du Wei exchanged a glance with Hussein and gave him a wink. Realizing his intent, the knight immediately got off his horse and readied himself for the imminent battle. With a Saint Knight and a legendary Medusa in their group, Du Wei wasn’t worried because he and Gargamel aren’t all that weak either.

But when the line of riders finally reached them, they didn’t stop and flew past Du Wei and Hussein like they weren’t even there. It would seem they are not here for them. Also, the people flying overhead weren’t genuine mages from the magician’s union. The white robes they wore were in fact the white clergy robes of the temple. With white hair, the fluctuating magic around each of these individuals indicated they are all very powerful people. As for the team of cavalry that was following closely behind, they were all low classed Holy knights except for the leading two that gave them a glance as they passed.

As soon as their party was left behind, Du Wei breathed a sigh of relief. He does not fear these people, but he is worried this will bring trouble to his family if his identity is revealed.

Seems like Hussein’s disguise has not been exposed, this is for the best.

Walking in front, Hussein whispered into his ear: “Those people are from the Saint Knight Platoon…. And the few that were flying above are from the temples Elder Platoon. From my assessment, they are not so tough.”

But when they got on their horses again and was about to leave, they could hear the galloping beat of horse running again!

And this time around, the beats were dense and thunderously loud. Listening closely, it was likely this time around there are thousands of riders ing their way!

Du Wei’s face turned pale the moment he turned to have a look. On the road, a band of Calvary was charging towards them with immense speed. Even at the pace they were moving at, the formation of the Calvary band was neat and tidy. The aura they were giving off is that of a well-trained army of the empire ready for war!

Even from a distance, Du Wei could hear someone shouting towards them with magic:

“The people in front please hold! Is the young master of the Rowling family here?!”


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