Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 106

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The 106th chapter (Gandalf’s belonging)

Coming out of the Frozen Forest, Du Wei and his party are currently taking a rest in the Canyon that was recently returned to the Treant’s.

Originally prised of several of the continents number one experts, this small team nearly met its end after a bloody and fierce battle on the forgotten ice field.

The Dragon chieftain, stationed at the highest point of the creature ranking roster set up by God is truly extraordinary. The team didn’t fare well even after bining the forces of a Saint Knight, a Magister mage, and a Medusa. They may have caused the dragon chieftain to use both of his trump cards in the end, but the price was a nearly disabled Saint Knight and an energy deprived Medusa.

The biggest loss in the party is undoubtedly the old fool known as the Continents number one mage and titled a legendary Magister. (Magister is a title given only to those that have trained several high leveled magicians in their lifetime)

Under such an oute, the position of being the strongest within the party has now befallen Du Wei. By relying on such a meager level of strength to transverse the Frozen Forest is undoubtedly very dangerous. If the party was unlucky enough to encounter another high leveled magical beast in these conditions, the group would have likely been killed.

Fortunately, the Canyon provided a chance to breathe.

The Fountain of youth can treat any injuries. Although the side effect is the solidification of the person’s form, but Hussein is not someone that is cultivating any kind of transformation magic, so naturally he didn’t care.

The main problem lies in the fact that certain areas burned by the Gold Dragon were stubbornly resisting the healing effect of the Fountain of Youth. Most of Hussein’s injuries have already healed, but certain areas injured by the dragon’s breath weren’t so lucky…. Mainly his blinded left eye.

Originally, Hussein’s personality is that of extraordinary perseverance and patience. Despite such setbacks, the knight became even more resolute. Wrapping a cloth around his left eye, the knight seemed as though nothing was lost and continued to stay silent.

Just like Hussein, there was also Medusa. If not for Medusa ing out at the last moment and performing her iconic gaze to petrify the Gold Dragon, it was likely everyone here would not have made it thus far. If not for the waters from the Fountain of Youth, the energy depleted Medusa would have most likely degenerated into her snake form by now.

Unlike humans, a magical beast can only rely on their magic nucleus to slowly recover their energy.

Similarly, the knight’s physical body may have been mostly healed, but his Dou Qi is not so easily recovered.

Without other options, the group stayed in the Canyon Valley for ten days.

And in those ten days’ worth of time, Du Wei had not been idle.

After returning the Canyon to the Treant’s, the trees had nearly demolished the entire humble looking palace that had once belonged to Medusa. Luckily, a few of the rooms did survive the demolition. After picking out a few rooms for the others to rest, Du Wei locked himself inside the secret room where the “As time goes by” was located.

Gandalf has perished. This reality had shocked him greatly. On one hand, Du Wei was still inwardly resisting the so-called Aragon mission. However, in order to cover their escape, the old magician sacrificed his life. Knowing the old fool died for him, Du Wei couldn’t keep his heart calm.

Although he wasn’t too fond of the old guy, but in the end, he did gain a lot of benefit. Most of all, the old fool met his end because of him. No matter how he tried, Du Wei couldn’t hide the guilt in his heart.

These ten days, Du Wei locked himself in the dark room, but most of the time was used to carefully examine the belongings left to him by the old magician.

The bag left behind by Gandalf was in itself a magic item capable of mass storage. Searching inside, Du Wei found some metal or glass containers with different magic pharmacy ingredients. He is fully aware that the stuff from someone as amazing as Gandalf is far too valuable for him to fully grasp at this moment. But with the passing of time, Du Wei is confident he will be able to figure out the uses for all these ingredients:

More than 10 intermediate magic scrolls, but all of them were the things he cheated from Vivian. After all that has happened, they were back in his hands once again.

For someone with a life span of over 200 years old and titled as the strongest magician on the continent, there is no doubt the things stored inside the bag are special beyond pare. With a quick assessment, Du Wei could easily identify several useful magical equipment’s for him to use.

A wind cloak blessed with an intermediate wind spell and capable of free flight through the skies.

For someone of Du Wei’s level, conjuring up a wind spell is not a problem for him, but the energy consumption is simply too high. Now that he has got his hands on this cloak, flying through the air is a much more convenient task from now on.

The cloak may be amazing but it could only withstand the weight of a single person. So for someone of Gandalf’s level, it was simply easier to use his own magic to fly. It was likely this thing was more like a toy than a real tool to him.

A stealth hat.

Du Wei has yet to learn any invisibility spells, but wearing this hat will allow him to be hidden for a certain amount of time.

A bag containing large and small magical crystals of remarkable quality. These things are good materials for setting up magic arrays and circles.

And in the end, what surprised Du Wei the most was in fact a piece of parchment he pulled out. On it was actually the secrets to the natural art of Druid manipulation!

The other identity of Gandalf is in fact a Druid capable of manipulating other living creatures. Du Wei had already seen the old guy drive the snow dogs, call in a team of ice wolves, and even control an evil faced spider queen to be used as their mount. Du Wei couldn’t deny the fact that he was really interested in the Druids magic, but now that he is able to see the secret learning method in front of him……

A sudden sour feeling filled his heart. Instead of feeling excited, he couldn’t stop himself from remembering the time he spent with the old magician.

Admittedly, the old magician was somewhat harsh towards Du Wei and even going as far as to manipulate his body like a doll. But once they entered the frozen forest, the old magician had been wittingly or unwittingly helping him at every turn.

The first was the set of stars Dou Qi movement routine and the warmth spell during their camping nights. You need to understand, the old magician wasn’t willing to waste any of his energy in order to prepare for the trip through the forgotten ice field.

Then there was also the time when Du Wei tried to step in to stop the fight between Semel and Hussein. If not for the intervention by the old magician, Du Wei would have turned himself into a dried husk by rashly attempting the wheel of time magic.

Carefully putting away the parchment containing the learning method of the Druid manipulation spell, Du Wei then dug up the piece of artifact containing the words of Aragon….

But this time, Du Wei had an exceptionally nasty feeling towards the thing. With just one look, he wanted to shred the thing to pieces! In the end, he lets out a sigh after hesitating for a moment and carefully put the thing away.

It was when he was rolling the prophecy paper up, he noticed a remnant of the paper was falling down to the floor. Picking it up, Du Wei realized the paper was in fact a part of the prophecy parchment!

Could it be that he accidentally used too much force and broke the thing?

But with one look at the handwritten text, Du Wei was absolutely shocked inside his heart!

Because the line of text is something he had never seen!

“He’s going to get Medusa to swear allegiance to him and receive the help of the heavenly beast. In the end, he would find my legacy and pull out the king’s sword, then……”

The last time he looked at the prophecy, the contents only reached up to this point. According to Gandalf’s word, the rest of the prophecy was already gone thanks to the nibbling of a mouse inside the tomb.

He did not tell lies.

However, he kept one sentence hidden away and didn’t let Du Wei see it!

“And then….. He will get the belongings of the last Magister on the continent……”

These are the words of the residual paper. Whatever that came after is presumably eaten away by the mice,

But when Gandalf showed him the prophecy before, he tore off this sentence and hid it away!


His heart was surging with emotions right now….. Can it be that the old magician already knew he would perish?!

The continents last Magister…… Who else can it be other than Gandalf?

Thinking about this, Du Wei could not help but think back to all the language and details regarding the old guy. No matter how hard he tried to remember, he couldn’t recall the slightest hint of sorrow or exception in the way the old guy acted. Just thinking of the easygoing manner the old magician acted is enough to leave a sour taste in his heart.

He knew he was going to meet his death!?

Du Wei didn’t know how long he was in his stunned state, but he was quite upset afterwards. Putting away everything, he came across a letter in the mix!

“Dear Du Wei”

Thinking it over, Du Wei noticed there wasn’t any seal on the envelope. Also, the ink was quite fresh, indicating it wasn’t written all that long ago.

With mixed feelings and a frown, he tore open the envelope and saw that it was a will inside.

Yes, that’s right, a will.

“Dear Du Wei:

By the time when you open this letter, I should not be in this world……

Actually, right now I’m also very curious. I’ve guessed that this trip will be my final adventure of my life. However, the manner in which I would die is something I’m looking forward to……”


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