Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 105

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The 105th chapter “The continent’s last Magister.”

Medusa’s gaze!

According to legends, this is the strongest form of petrification magic. Not even the Dragons are immune to this!

When the beautiful Medusa opened her eyes, it was like her gaze had already locked onto the old Dragon’s body!

Bewitchingly beautiful!

Almost impossible to grasp, the allure in her eyes was enough to bind the souls of any man to her will. Like a bottomless chasm, once someone lays their eyes on her, they would be unable to resist and be fully attracted to her……

Despite being the king of the Dragon’s and sitting on top of the world’s creature ranking, this prideful and proud Dragon with unimaginable strength still couldn’t help but be attracted to Medusa after looking into her demonic eyes.

When he looked into her eyes, what did he see?

No one knows, but the Gold Dragon immediately changed from his wild looking state of mind to a very quiet manner….. Slowly but surely, his eyes began to look hollow and empty as if his very soul is being sucked out by Medusa’s beauty.

Yes, it is beautiful.

With black eyes different from the rest of her appearance, they weren’t bright to look upon and even had a hint of melancholy mixed into them. Human scholars or poets would normally describe a woman’s eyes as a beautiful shining gem, but in Medusa’s case, her pupils carried a depth so deep that one wouldn’t be able to see the end.

Where in the world would one see such a beautiful gem? In front of her eyes, even the luster of black jewels and pearls would pale in parison.

No matter what, a Gold Dragon is after all an organism of higher stature. Instinctively aware of something wrong with the situation, the Gold Dragon wanted to turn away but an irresistible force inside his heart prevented him from doing so…. And then a subtle ‘kakakka’ noise could be heard……

Starting from his legs, a strange color of gray started to appear on his usually yellowish scales covering his body. Very quickly, the grayish spots started to spread upward and took on a hard stone like texture….. Soon, the petrification effect had already reached the torso area…..

At this time, the Gold Dragon finally broke free from his daze, but it was already too late!

Unable to resist the stoning effect, the old Dragon couldn’t budge his wing even an inch when he tried to spread his wings open.

With an unwilling ROAR, the stoning effect had already reached the Dragon’s neck!

The Gold Dragon angrily cried out: “Medusa! Insignificant snake kind! Lowly reptilian creature! How dare you use your eyes on me, the high and mighty Dragon race!”

Angered by Medusa, the old Dragon was furious! With a loud shout, the Gold Dragon’s roar carried with it some kind of strange magic. This is Draconic magic belonging only to the Dragon race. With a sudden spike in the Dragon’s aura, some mysterious force started to push outward from the Dragon’s body to resist the spreading petrification effect!

The resistance seems very effective because the stoning effect can’t seem to spread past the neck no matter what. As for the rest of the body, the two forces of magic collided against each other, vying for supremacy and control.

Medusa continued to remain silent in front of the Gold Dragon as she stood there. Compared to the huge bulking body of the Gold Dragon, Medusa looked tiny and delicate in parison. But those pairs of black eyes were sending out a terrifying gaze of infinite black, as if to swallow everything into their darkness……

The Gold Dragon desperately tried to resist with his Draconic magic, but eventually the battle tipped in Medusa’s favor. For him to last so long under the legendary gaze of Medusa is truly unbelievable……

With an unwilling roar, the petrifaction effect had spread to its head. When the Dragon opened his mouth, he looked like he wanted to spit out some kind of angry words before finally solidifying……

This Gold Dragon as big as a mountain finally turned into a stone statue!

Everyone seemed relieved, and Medusa continued to silently stand there in front of the Gold Dragon.

Seeing the enemy finally succumbing to her powers, Medusa’s body suddenly shook for a second before slowly falling down like a flower bouquet!

The strength of the Gold Dragon is indeed terrifying. In this one use of her iconic ability, Medusa nearly depleted all of her magical energy!

“The gaze of Medusa” is not unbeatable. At the very least if the opponent’s magical strength is high enough, they would then have the ability to resist her.

Seeing her frail body dropping to the floor, Du Wei rushed forward and lifted her body from the ground.

Despite her weakened state, the first words she uttered when Du Wei came up to her were: “Quick! Cover my eyes, can’t let my eyes see the light……” Her beautiful face now was pale and even had a deathly scent surrounding her! Du Wei was scared at what he saw, but without hesitation, he immediately tore off a piece of his clothing and layered it on top of Medusa’s eyes.

Du Wei ran up to the old magician’s side while holding Medusa, “She’s okay, right?”

“It’s all right…… However, Medusa’s iconic gaze consumed a lot of her magic. And magical beasts are inherently different from humans. Relying only on their magic nucleus, their speed of recovery is much slower than a magician’s. Who knows how long it would take her to recover the energy she consumed to petrify a Gold Dragon…..“ Sitting on the ground, the old magician squinted his eyes and stared at the stone statue: “Now, quick! Together with Hussein, leave! Quick! This is the last chance!”

Du Wei frowned at the Old magician’s serious tone: “What’s the matter? Hasn’t he already been……”

“It’s not so easy.” The old magician laughed bitterly:” Do you think a Gold Dragon, the most powerful of their kind and God’s favorite pet is so easy to kill?”

With that said, the old magician stared at Du Wei: “Quickly run! I can’t believe you didn’t run away during the battle just now! You expect me to praise your courage! You are such an idiot! Hussein and I are trying to delay things to give you a chance to escape! But you just stood there! Do you want us to die in vain! Go on, go! Don’t hesitate!”

Du Wei puts Medusa down to go help Hussein, but instead, the knight gently pushed him away: “I don’t need you to lift me. Old fool is right, now get out of here!”

With only a single eye left and an unstable body, Hussein still held his head high as he tried to straighten his body. Using his remaining left eye, the knight gave the old magician a deep glance as he spoke: “You really have to use that method?”

“That’s right.” The old magician smiled: “My friend, I leave the rest to you!”

This sentence was more like a will than anything else.

The Old Mage didn’t say anything more, but it seems the deep look he gave was enough to convey his meaning. Hussein paused for a moment and took in a deep breath. Though his body was in pain due to the injury, the knight clenched his teethes and said: “I understand!”

Du Wei could already feel something was wrong. With a dark face, he looked at the old magician’s face: “What are you trying to do, could it be that you don’t want to go?”

It was at this moment, circles of light suddenly floated out from the Gold Dragon’s petrified body. On top of the light, strange illusionary symbols could be seen……

The once lifeless body of the Gold Dragon suddenly soared to life again!

Although it’s still just a statue, the already diminished aura from the Dragon once again emanated out from the inside!

“Why are you hesitating?!” The Old magician’s face looked dark as he loudly yelled at Du Wei: “You are a smart person, so stop doing stupid things! Don’t let my sacrifice be in vain!”

With that said, the old magician raised his hand into the air and something suddenly flew into Du Wei’s hands. The thing was the magic bag the old magician usually carries with him.

“All my stuff is in there, now I gift them to you! If you appreciate our relation, then take care of my poor apprentice!”

With those last words, the Old magician gently lifted his finger and pointed at him. Before Du Wei could say anything else, a scene of when they first entered the frozen forest started to replay in front of him again!

Once again, Du Wei lost control of his body and became a puppet under the old magician’s magic. Letting out a sigh, Hussein mustered up the last remnant of his Dou Qi and carried Du Wei.

Gargamel had no other choice but to also change into his humanoid form because he was responsible for holding Medusa.

“Goodbye, undying old fool!”

Finishing his word, Hussein walked away in big stride towards the south while carrying Du Wei. Although seriously injured, the strength of a Saint Knight could not be underestimated. While carrying Du Wei with one hand, the knight easily caught the penguin with his other as he passed by.

While carrying Medusa on his shoulders, Gargamel took one last glimpse at the old magician and asked this before departing: “Even though you didn’t say this, but I had already guessed this. Lord Gandalf, Magister…. I…..” (Magister is a title given to only those that have trained multiple high leveled wizards in their lifetime.)

“Say no more master Gargamel. Since you know my identity, then I’ll ask you for this one thing.”

“Please say it.”

“If you want to restore your body into that of a human, you will need to train your transformation magic up to the tenth level. So it’s for the best that you stay close to Du Wei.” The Old magician continued speaking in a calm tone: “You cannot go back to the magicians union. Only by Du Wei’s side will you survive in the human world. The magician’s union will not accept a magician that has disappeared from the records for so many years. Also, master Azrael won’t allow you to go back in order to avoid exposing the truth of what happened in the frozen forest!”

Gargamel had a plex look in his eyes, but then the mouse bent his body and performed a standard etiquette of the Roland continent.

“I am much honored. In my lifetime, I was able to travel so many days with the continent’s legendary Lord Magister Gandalf.”

With that, the mouse actually showed a near reverence look in his eyes. Bending down as he moved backwards to show his respect, Gargamel quickly left with the weakened state Medusa on his shoulders.

The circles of light with the strange symbols have already faded away from the stone statue. In its place, a violent surge of aura once against filled the Dragon and bursts of wind blew outward from its body!

Into the distance, dark clouds started to reform around the northern sky. But this time, it was even more violent and terrifying than the previous two times. The thickness of the clouds and pressure in the air was so violent and strong that it nearly touched the ground.

After being forcefully dispersed by brute force from the moves of several powerful experts, the magical storm that has gathered now was so fierce, it was unstoppable!

The wise eyes of the Old magician remained calm as he watched the petrified skin of the Gold Dragon return to normal. Instead of fear, he had a smile on his face when he saw the dark clouds in the horizon: “Oh old friend, although you can call upon the ‘Dragon God’s blessing’ to ward off any abnormal state, but according to my knowledge, the Dragon God’s blessing can only be used once every 100 years and consumes half of your strength! Even if you could recover from the petrified state, how much of your strength will you be left with after facing the oning storm and escaping back to the Holy Mountain?”

With that said, the number one ranked magician and last remaining Magister of the continent stood up. Patting away the bloodied dust off his robe, he started to laugh as he watched the raging storm over the horizon as it drew closer.

As a reply to the old magician’s mocking question, the Gold Dragon lets out a great ROAR.

In one booming rumble, all of the petrified skin fell off his body and what was left is a fully reformed looking Gold Dragon!

Not only were all the scales and injuries healed, the Gold Dragon’s body was also revitalized back into his peak state!

Dragon God’s blessing is indeed the Gold Dragon’s life insurance. Even in a state of near death, the Dragon god’s blessing will still take effect!

Holding his head high, the prideful Old Dragon didn’t seem the least bit caring about the oning storm ing their way. Shouting in an arrogant manner: “I don’t care about anything else; killing you now is my biggest wish! My old friend, I thought I can spare your life, but now I’ve changed my mind! You’re still going to block me? Human magic is naturally suppressed by Draconic magic! This law was set by the Gods! Unless you’re stronger than I am, your magic cannot go against me! Your strength is lower than mine, so you will only lose by using your human magic against me!”

“That’s correct.” The old magician slightly stooped his back to nod: “What you said is not wrong. The properties of human magic are naturally suppressed by Draconic magic, this law set by the gods is indeed correct. But I think I still have a way to delay you for a while! At least long enough to not let you catch up with my panions!”

With those words, the old magician began chanting some sort of strange language!

This is not of the human language, or any kind of known language for that matter. His words were more like a call or a cry……

“You, I can’t believe you came up with this idea!” The tone of the Gold Dragon’s voice changed at these words, but he was grinning as he spoke the next sentence: “You’re seeking death!”

“I am seeking death, but I’m sure I can delay you till the storm descends upon us!”

With that statement, Gandalf’s body suddenly expanded like a balloon. Inch by inch his skins started to tear apart and his bones started to undergo a quick but strange and dramatic change……

With a loud cry, the robe wearing mage known as Gandalf was nowhere to be seen! In its place was another Dragon facing the Gold Dragon in a standoff……

Although his size was much smaller than the Gold Dragon, but its claws, body, wings, and thick torso…. Was all red C This is a fire Dragon!

This is not some kind of human transformation magic, but rather another form of magic that has already disappeared from the Roland Continent for hundreds of years…..

Within the magic tier set by the Gods, this is the closest form of magic to the natural forces of nature….. Druid transformation!

“I know……” Red Dragon raises his head, looking at the Gold Dragon: “My magic can’t stand against you because of the magic tier set by the Gods. But if I transformed into a Dragon, I can at least delay you!”

Then in the language of the Dragons, Gandalf in his Red Dragon form actually started to use Draconic magic to form a series of notes around himself. Once dissipated by the wind, the notes turned into a mark and fell upon his body!

“The Golden rule!” The Gold Dragon was infuriated: “Why are you able to use the Dragons Golden rule!!! All you did was take on the form of a Dragon!”

“No, you’re wrong!” Red Dragon Growls: “My friend, I am a Druid! According to the Druid transformation spell, any specie a Druid takes on can enjoy all of the species law and their powers in life! This is also the specie tier level set by the Gods, did you forget?!!”

After a pause, Red Dragon continues slowly in a low voice: “According to the Golden rule set by the Dragon God, when facing the challenge of the same species, both parties are not allowed to use magic! The only weapon they can use is their natural Dragon strength to fight! What I said is not wrong is it? Oh respected Dragon chieftain!”

The Gold Dragon was speechless.

The Old magician lets out a roar: “Do you regret it now my friend?! You can’t disobey the Golden rule because if you did, your Dragon Lord Armor and Dragon God blessing will be recovered by the great Dragon God! This is the iron clad rule passed on for eons!”

With a roar, the old magician turned Red Dragon opens his wings and attacked the Gold Dragon!

With a terrible collision sound, the two high class animals ruthlessly mangled together. Abandoning all use of their Draconic magic, the two relied on their fearsome strength and claws to attack each other!

A Gold Dragon is indeed superior to all other kinds of Dragons. The old magician in his Red Dragon form was at a plete disadvantage the entire time.

The red scales covering his body were already bloodied and broken in many places; even his wings were brutally damaged by the Gold Dragon!

Despite everything, Gandalf desperately bit into the Gold Dragon’s neck, but it was no use. The sharp teethes of a Red Dragon was simply not enough to penetrate into the flesh of the Gold Dragon.

In an attempt to remove Gandalf from his body, the Gold Dragon violently writhed around hoping to fling him off. Despite the Gold Dragon’s effort, the big body of the Red Dragon was just like sticky candy, refusing to budge!

Finally, after a bloody and fierce battle in the cold, the Gold Dragon succeeded in suppressing the Red Dragon under his feet. Under the deadly biting force of the Gold Dragon on his neck, the life in Gandalf’s eyes started fading away.

“Die, foolish thing!!” With a twist of Gandalf’s neck, the Gold Dragon finished the deed and the body of the Red Dragon lay limp on the ground……

But Du Wei and the rest were already long gone, disappearing into the cover of the frozen forest…….

“Damn it! Damn you guys! Despicable humans!!! I will always remember this day!!!”

The Dragon Chief angrily growled, but the magical storm behind him was already closing in!

His raging howl did not travel far because the noise from the unstoppable storm ing his way had masked every other form of sound nearby…….

960 years after the founding of the Roland Empire, on the eve of the national day.

A shooting star appeared in the sky and was considered by everyone as a bad sign. What followed afterwards is the shattering of an important life stone in the Magician’s Union. The news of this individual’s death caused great grief among their ranks because the last great Magister, Lord Gandalf has sadly passed away.

This chain of news wasn’t widely spread yet. At the very least, a group in the north didn’t know this. Two human, one snake, and one mouse was currently struggling to walk through the frozen forest.

Their orientation is towards the South!

On the same day, the magicians union sent out an urgent order to every branch location on the continent using a teleportation circle. On the bottom of every order was a gold olive leaf symbol representing the authority of the president!

“Use everything in our power to search for the missing young master of the Rowling Household!”


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