Law of the Devil – Chapter 100 part 1

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The 100th chapter “Aragon’s heavenly beast” (part one)

Open or not to open?

Du Wei’s hands are already placed on top of the sarcophagus, and the dragon chief stood beside him with awe inspiring eyes.

Suddenly sighing, Du Wei then retracts his hands and even took a step backwards. With a straight back, he turned his head towards the dragon patriarch and smiled: “I suddenly changed my mind.”

“What are you talking about?” The Patriarch looked gloomy.

“I said I had changed my mind.” Referring to himself by pointing at his own nose: “I am a human and no more than 14 years old at that. The life span of a human has always been shorter than a dragon. The most I would probably live is at best a hundred years. With such a short amount of time, I still have many things I want to do, many things I need to plete, and many things to achieve in my life… So I don’t want to die yet C I haven’t lived long enough yet.”

“HA!” The Dragon chief laughed coldly: “If everyone can live by simply not wanting to die, then in this world, there wouldn’t be dead people…. Boy, just resign yourself to your fate. Aragon’s debt must be repaid by someone.”

“I’m not stupid.” Du Wei’s tone was tougher: “At least for now, before the unfinished business is plete, I am still under the protection of the contract signed by Aragon and the dragon clan! You can’t kill me! Just like two hundred years ago, you can’t kill that undying old foolish magician, right?! Until the unfinished business is pleted, you can’t kill me… Otherwise; it is a breach of the contract! This way of doing things doesn’t match your usual proud way of doing things, right?” Speaking up to this point, Du Wei swirled his eyeball around, intentionally catching a glimpse of the dragon patriarch and deliberately stalling for time: “I heard the Dragons are a race that values their tradition very highly.”

Still holding the frosty knife in hand, the Dragon chief was shocked with amazement and doesn’t seem to know what to do.

“This problem is simple.” Pointing to the sarcophagus, “I open it and I die immediately. If I don’t open it, I won’t die immediately. Even an idiot knows how to choose.”

“But you will eventually have to open it.”

“Just wait then.” Du Wei casually perched himself on top of the coffin: “I’m in no hurry, not in a hurry at all.”

The Dragon chief looked like he was about to rage, but then a flash of thought crossed his eyes. In a sneering tone: “Then am I in a hurry? I have been waiting for nearly a millennium; giving it a bit more time doesn’t matter. Listen up, now that you are in this secret chamber, don’t even think about getting out unless you open this thing! You are merely a human and your strength is so pitifully weak. How long do you expect to last without food and water? For two days? Three days? The taste of starving to death is not a weling experience.”

Not conceding even an inch: “Then I could at least live a few more days. For a dying person, even a few extra moments are good enough, not to mention two or three extra days!”

With an amiable smile on his face, Du Wei spoke in a subtle manner: “But what if I ended up starving to death here….. Oh respected chieftain, think about it. The destined person ended up starving to death because of you, although this isn’t a breach of the contract, but…… In the future, no one would be able to open this thing anymore! Unless you are willing to forgo your pride and break the contract…. Otherwise, the contract can never be pleted! Even if you were to wait another thousand years, or even ten thousand years! Your dragon clan will forever be burdened with this contract…. Don’t you think this choice is very wonderful?”

Du Wei sneered with cold eyes at the dragon chief.

Not opening it, then so be it, piss you off to the death! Want my life? All right! After this little master passes away, there will never be the day for your dragon clan to plete this contract!!

“You……” Du Wei has truly incurred the patriarch’s wrath, a burning light shined in the dragon chief’s eyes: “You opening it or what! If you don’t open it now, I’ll kill you now!”

“You will then violate the contract and throw away the Dragon clan’s tradition, pride and dignity!” Du Wei held his head high.

“YOU!” The dragon chief was absolutely enraged. Suddenly palm striking the wall beside him, the noise oscillating back towards them was so powerful that it reached the entire mountain. From the single palm strike, the terrifying force it released was enough to create several small cracks in the mountain walls. Just the echoing noise vibrating back towards Du Wei is enough to make him dizzy.

“You’ll starve to death here!” The Patriarch continued to intimidate him.

“Then your Dragon race will carry this burden forever!” Clenching his teeth, Du Wei hanged on.

“!! ” Cornered, the dragon chief suddenly yelled out loud in some language he couldn’t understand―presumably some kind of swearing word in Draconic tongue, Du Wei maliciously speculated

The chief’s face changed colors a few times, then stretching out his hands; he aimed his fingers at Du Wei and gently slashed at him a few times. After hearing a few sharp sounds in the air, all of the clothing on Du Wei’s body burst apart, leaving only his skin exposed.

Du Wei barely managed to keep his calm as he laughed in a ‘Ha Ha manner: “What are you doing? I’m not even a woman, what good will it do by taking off my clothes? Could it be the dragon chief likes the tune of it?”

Seeing all of the clothes on Du Wei’s body getting shredded into fragments, the dragon chief lets out a humph sound before waving his sleeves at Du Wei’s naked body. From the small gust of wind created by the dragon chief, Du Wei could immediately felt a biting cold invading his body. Not even a moment had passed before a subtle ‘Ka Ka’ noise could be heard from under him. Starting from under his feet, countless ice crystals started to appear and very soon, everything below his knee was enveloped in ice!

“Are you going to open it or not! Your human body is fragile, if you continue to insist, then after a little while; your leg below your knee will be lost forever. Even after it is defrosted, you can only amputate it!” The dragon chief clenched his teeth.

“One can still live without a leg, it is still better than not living at all.”

Du Wei clenched his teeth. While his legs are frozen in ice, the sensation he was getting is just like having numerous thorns subtly piercing into him. The numbness and pain alone are enough to cause the muscles on his face to stiffen.

“See how long you can last!” Coldly smiling, the Dragon chief then gently lifts his hand into the air. From the movement of his hand, the ice under Du Wei’s knee once again started to spread, reaching all the way up to his waist: “If you still don’t yield, then you will freeze! Not only will you lose your legs, I fear you won’t even be able to perform the duty of a man!”

Du Wei finally opened his mouth.

He did not yield…. Instead, he began to curse!!

“You’re a lizard with horns on his head and a face like a rat, bitch! Your ancestor curses your pimples to rot and fester! You are a narrow minded, perverted old lizard! Fuck, you are nothing more than a big footed snake! You lacked motherly and fatherly love when you are a child. Psychopath!! Even when you are small, you like to peek at your mother bathing, and peek at your father masturbating!

(Oh man I had a strong urge to change this part, but in the end I didn’t. Not sure if it was wise or not.)

The sequence of continuous insults sent the old dragon hitting the ceiling in anger, even the veins on his face popped!

The dragon chief did indeed travel through the human world before, but never once did he hear of such nasty cursing words?

You need to know, in this world, the street cursing slangs usually revolves around something simple like ‘jerk’ ‘shit’ ‘bitch’ and stuff, but who is Du Wei? He is someone that has inherited five thousand years of swearing knowledge from his previous world. When it es to the diversity of swearing, the language of the east can easily take first place in the world! None of this can possibly be imagined by the people of this world.

Du Wei was cursing all the way from “spicy block mother” to “you are a turtle’s son” and even brought out “bang your godmother” to “kick your ass”……. From ancient times to modern to china, the ‘essence’ of every dialect was extracted into his curses. From when the old dragon was still in his egg, to how he peeked at his own bathing daughter at five hundred years old……

Du Wei was almost frozen to death as half his body was already submerged in ice. Due to the poor blood flow, his breathing was being weaker and his body was so numb, he could barely feel any pain. Even his face was starting to turn pale green, but the more he swore, the more he was mentally awake. As he continued to talk, his spit was flying all over the place and some even hit the old dragon in the face.

“You are an old dragon with rotten sores and a pus butt! If you dare then kill me, then for the exchange of my one life, your dragon clan will never shake off this burden! It’s worth it! Come on! Come on! Come on!!”

What kind of status is this dragon chief? Every person he encountered in his life would either be respectful or revere him. Anyone capable of meeting him would either be extremely powerful or of status, there is no way they would act in such a manner like what Du Wei is doing right now.

Du Wei was also on his last straw. The only reason he dared to spew such insults was because he knew the dragon elder can’t kill him. With this certainty, he would rather enrage the old dragon with the hope of him dying of anger.

“You! Boy, I’m dying of anger!!!”

Finally, a raging howl came rumbling out of the Holy Mountain. This noise pierced straight into the sky, and even the oscillating echoes were enough to cause the mountain to tremble in shock. Back inside the mountain caves, cracks along the walls were collapsing like caving hills. Even the old magician and the others standing outside the secret chamber turned pale at the sudden noise, unsure of what is happening…..

Being in such close proximity to the dragon chief, Du Wei immediately sprayed out a mouthful of blood upon listening to the raging howl. Within moments, his organs fell victim to extreme pain, causing him to black out pletely.

Unsure of how long the time has passed, Du Wei faintly woke up to his surroundings. The only thing he could keep his mind focused on was the haunting pain of his upper and lower body. No longer encased in ice, he quickly came to the realization that he was currently lying on top of the stone coffin. Turning his body around, he somehow managed to get up before spitting out another mouthful of blood. Standing beside him, the Dragon chief was breathing very heavily and eyeing him like a predator wanting to skin him alive and swallow him whole.

“You old…… Fuck, you are not a Dragon! You old bastard! You coward! If you have the ability, then go look for Aragon and duke it out to the death with him, why flaunt your shit down here! **, Fuck you……” Du Wei regained his posure in one single breath. Seeing the other party didn’t dare kill him and even went as far as to remove the ice encasing his lower body, he now even more certain the other party didn’t dare to harm him in any way. He must continue cursing while he can.

You! Haven’t you cursed enough yet?!” The old dragon was breathing so heavily who knows if he had heart problems. If he did, then he would be the first dragon in a thousand years to die of a heart attack.

“Enough? Of course, it’s not enough!” Du Wei was also very tired, but his blood continued to boil inside his chest despite shivering in the cold: “Too bad little master here can’t beat you, otherwise, I’ll skin your mother and rip out your veins!”

Seeing the tenacious will of Du Wei, the elder dragon helplessly shouted: “You can keep swearing in this place alone! Let’s see how long your lips will last before giving in!”

With that said he turned into the wind and disappeared, leaving only Du Wei alone in the secret chamber. Stiff from the cold, Du Wei sat there in the middle of the room wanting to scream out in agony at his own suffering.

It was at this time, a gust of wind swept past his flank and the red robed Semel appeared in front of him. With a horrified expression, she looked at Du Wei’s stuttering mouth: “The…….. The dragon clan’s strength is so overwhelming!”

Du Wei grunted a glance at Semel: “Of course they are strong, otherwise, how can he be Aragon’s opponent? Crap, I’m going to freeze to death, hurry and lend me a hand.”

Semel nodded and with a flick of her fingers, all of his clothing was restored to its original state. Although Du Wei was currently naked as he hurried to redress, but life was at stake here so he didn’t care how he looked in front of Semel. After he is finished putting on his clothes, he spoke in a whispering tone: “We don’t know when that old bastard will return, hurry and go warn the old fool outside. Make sure they leave this place immediately!”

Semel paused for a moment and Du Wei was somber as he spoke: “What are you looking at! That old bastard is not someone we can deal with! If they don’t go, then everyone will die here! Although I’m not a good man, but I’m stuck in here already! There’s no need to let them die in vain here with me! Go, go!”

Semel is after all a smart person, spending only a moment in thought, she immediately saw through Du Wei’s intent: “Ah! You did it on purpose! You intentionally trashed the old dragon away, knowing I will e out afterwards! Isn’t it?”

Du Wei smiled grimly: “Waste of words!! If I didn’t get him to leave, how can I possibly talk to you under his surveillance! Quickly now, go out and tell the others! The old dragon is not a fool, once his temper cools down, he will e looking for me! Now is the only chance to escape! Go, go!”

Semel lets out a long sighing sound before stealthily leaving him in the secret chamber. Not knowing how the situation was proceeding, Du Wei simply knew his body was far too cold and he could barely put up with the chest and abdominal pain. Struggling to stand upright, Du Wei carefully performed a couple of the Star Dou Qi movement routines to warm up his body.

Empty from all four walls, the only thing of notice was the stone coffin under him. Just by looking at it, he couldn’t stop himself from wanting to get a peek…..

It was at this moment, a sudden small voice quietly whispered into his heart.

(Open it! I have a way to deal with him!)

Surprised by the sudden voice, he cried out: “What stuff! AHA, you old dragon, you want to scare me into opening this thing eh?! Puff, like hell I would fall for such thing!”

The voice echoed in his heart again.

(I’m not that old bastard. I am right under your butt!)

These words fell into the very core of his heart. Du Wei was really scared now!

Jumping right off the sarcophagus, he looked at the thing in front of him with utter shock!

The thing inside is talking and not the old dragon messing around to fool him! At least with all his pride, the old dragon would never call himself ‘old bastard’; he was certain of this at least!”

In the sarcophagus…… What the hell!?


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