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Chapter 971: Attack

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Chapter 971 – Attack

The Ninth Prince’s team members, who were all waiting impatiently outside, all charged in after the forbidden power disappeared.

“Zhao Feng!”

Everyone saw that Zhao Feng was sitting on the ground, and their stressed hearts finally relaxed. From the looks of it, Zhao Feng had won.

“We’ll wait here,” Old Ying suggested, and no one disagreed. They could feel the terrifying disturbance from the battle between Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death. If they got close to it, the lifeforce within their bodies would flow away.

It was hard to imagine the fight between Zhao Feng and the black-robed person. It was already a miracle to them that Zhao Feng was still alive.

They didn’t know when this started, but they were placing all their hopes on Zhao Feng. If Zhao Feng had an accident, that would be the end of the Crown Prince trial for them.

“Ninth Prince, there’s still hope,” Old Ying comforted.

The Ninth Prince originally had a large amount of draconic providence within his pseudo Crown Prince seal, exceeding his expectations. However, a part of the draconic providence was used up in the fight against Sacred Lord Dark Soul. The Ninth Prince then risked his life to enter the area where Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death were fighting and expended more draconic providence in order to help Zhao Feng.

Over half of the draconic providence within the Ninth Prince’s pseudo Crown Prince seal had been used up.

“En. As long as we still have Brother Zhao, we have hope.” The Ninth Prince nodded his head.

He didn’t regret what he did. If Zhao Feng hadn’t helped him, he wouldn’t have been able to reach this stage. Zhao Feng was also the one that had obtained most of that draconic providence in the first place.

Three days soon passed.

“Let’s go,” Zhao Feng finally spoke after sitting there for three days.

In reality, Zhao Feng’s injuries had recovered long ago, but his weak soul took a lot of time to recover. Luckily, the power of the ancient lightning helped heal Zhao Feng’s soul. Perhaps because he had a Lightning Soul Body, he could recover soul-based injuries by absorbing the power of lightning.

At the same time, Zhao Feng realized that this fight against the Emperor of Death helped him lay down a foundation for an Undying Sacred Lightning Body.

Because the Undying Sacred Lightning Body couldn’t be cultivated very quickly, Zhao Feng originally put it aside. After so much time had passed, and with the help from the Intent of Death, Zhao Feng could finally start to cultivate it.

Everyone was stunned. Zhao Feng recovered already? After fighting such an intense battle against such a powerful opponent, Zhao Feng only used three days to recover?

Zhou Su’er was stunned as well, and she closely inspected Zhao Feng. She only relaxed after making sure that there were indeed no serious injuries on Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, the Emperor of Death…?” Old Ying asked.

He was shocked when he heard the black-robed person’s true identity and that he had a Samsara Immortal Body. An undying body, an undying soul at the level of a Sacred Lord, and the Eyes of Death – even normal Sacred Lords wouldn’t be able to do much against the Emperor of Death, let alone a King.

However, the one that remained after the battle was Zhao Feng. Old Ying could only sigh; he could never see through this youth.

The others also immediately looked at Zhao Feng. Although it was obvious that Zhao Feng won, they wanted to hear it from Zhao Feng personally.

“He left,” Zhao Feng replied simply.

Left? Everyone paused for a moment. This answer didn’t exactly give them a clear indication of who won.

“Zhao Feng, after we leave the Imperial Tombs, you can stay in the Imperial Palace,” Old Ying spoke after thinking for a moment.

While Zhao Feng may have won this time, the immortal Emperor of Death could revive through the Samsara of Death. Zhao Feng would only be safe by staying in the Imperial Palace.

“That’s right. It doesn’t matter if you won or not. Brother Zhao can always stay at my place.” The Ninth Prince agreed.

“We’ll see when the time comes.” Zhao Feng didn’t accept or reject Old Ying’s and the Ninth Prince’s offer.

He couldn’t confirm what he would do after the Imperial Tombs. He might stay in the Imperial Palace to avoid Nine Darkness Palace and the Emperor of Death, he might return to the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, or he might search for the Eye of Samsara.

Zhao Feng remembered what the Sage had said – he needed to find the Eye of Samsara to confirm Liu Qinxin’s location. Maybe it was because the Eye of Samsara had some kind of ability in that aspect, but Zhao Feng didn’t know.

However, Zhao Feng couldn’t confirm whether the Eye of Samsara’s owner was an enemy or not after this incident….

Outside the Seventh Prince’s city:

“Should we confirm whether Zhao Feng is dead or alive?” Jiang Hao asked.

“You’re crazy! Zhao Feng’s definitely dead. Even I wouldn’t dare to get close to the power that the black-robed person displayed,” a Quasi-Sacred Lord exclaimed.

After Sacred Lord Dark Soul returned, he was sent out again to approach the area where Zhao Feng and the black-robed person were fighting. He didn’t even manage to see them before being scared away by the terrifying Intent of Death.

“But the black-robed person hasn’t come back either.” Jiang Hao wasn’t respectful to this Quasi-Sacred Lord.

What Jiang Hao said made everyone else go silent. Neither the Ninth Prince’s team nor the black-robed person had returned. There was definitely something suspicious about this.

“Don’t worry. Even if Zhao Feng is still alive somehow, he will be heavily injured and won’t be able to attack us.” Sacred Lord Dark Soul knew the most about the black-robed person’s mastery of the soul, so he spoke in a confident tone.

Zhao Feng was the beast tamer, which was an extremely important position in attacking the city. If his soul was injured, he wouldn’t be able to control his beasts properly.

“The Ninth Prince and Zhao Feng are here,” Zhang Yi’s voice suddenly sounded.

Sacred Lord Dark Soul’s face went black, and he regretted what he just said.

Zhang Yi and a doctor were taking care of the beasts outside. The beasts that had been eroded by the Intent of Death would soon die if they weren’t taken care of. Because of this, Zhang Yi was the first to see the image in front, and he looked at Zhao Feng fearfully. “What kind of monster is he?”


The members of the Seventh Prince’s team flew to the city wall and looked into the distance.

“Zhao Feng’s fine!?” One of the Quasi-Sacred Lord’s was extremely surprised.

“Impossible! The black-robed person specializes in soul attacks and the laws of Death. Even if Zhao Feng survived, his soul should be heavily injured, and he won’t be able to control his beasts so easily.” Sacred Lord Dark Soul looked at Zhao Feng grimly. Even he was slightly scared of the black-robed person, so he wasn’t willing to admit that Zhao Feng was perfectly fine.

“From the looks of it, this battle can’t be avoided.” The scholar looked at the members of the Ninth Prince’s team and concluded.

The return of the Ninth Prince’s team brought shock to the other Heaven’s Legacy Cities and the other three princes’ forces.

“No one from the Ninth Prince’s team died even though the black-robed person and Sacred Lord Dark Soul both chased after them?” The Second Prince’s expression changed.

“How is this possible? The black-robed person didn’t return.” The Thirteenth Prince had an ugly expression, and killing intent flashed through his eyes as he looked at Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng!” Yu Tianhao’s eyes were full of battle-intent.

“Indeed, no one is able to defeat him.” The Eighth Prince sighed.

The Nine Prince’s team returned to the outside of the Seventh prince’s Heaven’s Legacy City.

No one mocked them anymore, and the Seventh Prince’s team was on guard.

“His soul…!” Sacred Lord Dark Soul closely inspected Zhao Feng, but he found that Zhao Feng didn’t seem to be injured. The aura of his soul was actually even stronger than before.

“Attack with full force. Our main target is Zhao Feng. We just need to stop him from controlling his beasts,” the scholar messaged the other team members with his plan.

“Zhao Feng, are you sure you’re okay?” Old Ying asked. He knew that the clash between Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death must have been soul-based.

“En.” Zhao Feng nodded his head. “Attack with full power.”

Zhao Feng had calm eyes. No one would stop them this time – this Heaven’s Legacy City would be theirs.

Everyone was filled with excitement after hearing what Zhao Feng said. They knew that Zhao Feng would take out all his beasts this time and let the others witness the full strength of the Ninth Prince’s team.

“Charge!” the scholar roared, and all the members charged out. Terrifying Magnificent Power filled the air and swept toward Zhao Feng. Zhang Yi also controlled his beasts and created a formation with them.

Zhao Feng looked at the members of the Seventh Prince’s team with the same expression and waved his left hand.


A surge of fierce beastly aura suddenly appeared outside the Seventh Prince’s city wall, and the terrifying aura instantly crushed the momentum of the Seventh Prince’s team. This surge of aura made them feel as if they were in a kingdom of beasts, and they were the prey.


An army of beasts surrounded the Seventh Prince’s city. Venomous scorpions, Wind Wolves, Night Wolves, Red-Faced Ice Snakes, Winged Wolves, seven Sky Shaking Golden Apes, and several other Emperor-ranked rare beasts appeared.

The people that just charged out from the Seventh Prince’s city instantly stopped and almost tripped over themselves. Zhang Yi, who was still arranging a formation at the back, fell onto his butt, and the beasts he controlled started to yell and retreat with fear and panic.

“This… how many beasts are there!?” Zhang Yi’s voice trembled in disbelief.

On top of that, all of these beasts were from the Imperial Tombs. They were extremely fierce and deadly.

At this moment, a chubby silkworm slowly flew out from Zhao Feng’s hand, and an ancient and powerful aura descended. The countless beasts around Zhao Feng instantly started to howl, and a deadly aura shocked Heaven and Earth.

At this instant, this species from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races became the leader of the beasts. They were willing to fight for the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly, who had a pure bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

“This… what should we do?” The Seventh Prince’s face went pale-white as he looked at the scholar.

“All-out attack, but we’re changing our plan.” The scholar took a deep breath.

“Change our target to the Ninth Prince and attack him with our full power. Threaten his life if you have to,” the scholar’s decisive voice sounded in everyone’s mind.

The Seventh Prince paused for a moment before understanding what the scholar meant. As long as the Ninth Prince used his pseudo Crown Prince Seal to ask for help, then everything would come to an end. It wouldn’t matter how many beasts Zhao Feng had because he would be forced out of the Imperial Tombs.


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