Invincible Chapter 678 – CN

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While Lin Yanhan led a group of subordinates all the way to the Alchemist Grandmaster Association while emitting a fierce aura, Huang Xiaolong was sitting in a corner of the hall, waiting with the Ascending Moon Old Man and Shi Xiaofei for his turn.

Sitting there, watching these disciples from various forces display their alchemy refining techniques one after another, Huang Xiaolong inwardly shook his head. These disciples who became prideful after passing the assessment, in truth, had terrible techniques. Some of them were appalling to look at.

Not only were their techniques appalling, their fire control capability and knowledge of herbs were just as awful.

Beside him, the old man had his eyes closed, not showing a hint of what he was thinking on his thin but calm face, as if the noises and surrounding activities were unrelated to him.

Whereas Shi Xiaofei watched these disciples interestedly with her beautiful eyes. That was because her own alchemy techniques weren’t that high, therefore, for her, some of these disciples’ technique were quite nice to look at.

After waiting for some time, it was finally Huang Xiaolong’s turn.

Huang Xiaolong stood up and walked forward.

 “How long have you been practicing alchemy?” Alchemist Jia Liang, the person in charge of assessing Huang Xiaolong asked casually. Before the assessment took place, it was common for the alchemists to ask some questions, to have a basic understanding of the person being assessed.

Huang Xiaolong thought briefly before answering, “Less than thirty years.”

In fact, if he was to be precise, from the time he began learning from the Ascending Moon Old Man until now, it hadn’t even been twenty-five years.

The answer to the casual question stunned Alchemist Jia Liang as well as the disciples that remained in the hall after passing their assessment.

Less than thirty years!

In the next second, these family disciples who had passed, and were already recognized as an alchemist burst into laughter.

“This kid must have some problems with his head. Less than thirty years of learning, yet he dares to come to the Alchemist Grandmaster Association to take the alchemist assessment!”

“Still, this kid doesn’t look like a fool in my eyes. Who knows, he might really shock us speechless during his assessment, haha.”

“Shock us speechless? Most likely he can’t even refine a common fifth or sixth grade pellet. A bundle of good herbs turned into a shit dung!”

Everyone around laughed even harder.

Which one of them hadn’t been practicing alchemy several hundred years? To them, without several hundred years of hard work, it was impossible to touch even a corner of the alchemy threshold.


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