Invincible Chapter 675 – CN

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Lin Yanhan turned elated when he saw the restaurant owner approaching.

“Young Master Lin, this appearance…?” The Royal Pill House’s owner, Deng Caizhi, inquired cautiously, shocked by Lin Yanhan’s condition.

Although Lin Yanhan looked different than usual due to his super swollen face, Deng Caizhi was still able to recognize him at a glance. After all, Lin Yanhan was a regular patron and they had exchanged greetings many times.

Deng Caizhi was shocked because he was familiar with Lin Yanhan and his identity. There were people in Royal Pill City that dared to attack Lin Yanhan?!

The Royal Pill City was unlike other mainlands, the owner of Royal Pill City was none other than the Alchemist Grandmaster Association, whereas Lin Yanhan was the only son of the Alchemist Grandmaster Association’s Elder Lin Pinghai!

Within the walls of Royal Pill City, even the core disciples and Elders of super forces that came over to participate in the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition treated Lin Yanhan politely, for it was no secret that offending Lin Yanhan was equivalent to offending Lin Pinghai, and indirectly offending the Alchemist Grandmaster Association!

Lin Pinghai possessed a high status within the ranks of the Alchemist Grandmaster Association, not to mention his apprentice-brother relationship with the current Alchemist Grandmaster Association Chief. It was said they were on excellent terms.

Hearing restaurant owner Deng Caizhi’s question, Lin Yanhao was a little embarrassed. He, Young Master Lin, was actually slapped by an old beggar. If this incident spread out, his face would be completely lost.

“Boss Deng, it’s good that you’re here.” Lin Yanhan spoke after he composed himself, “I remember that the Royal Pill House has a long-standing rule, only those whose wealth is above one billion are allowed to enter this Royal Pill House. How do you explain this old beggar being here?” As he emphasized this, Lin Yanhan pointed at the Ascending Moon Old Man and the two sitting at the same table.

Deng Caizhi was dazed temporarily.

The Royal Pill House indeed had such a rule, a rule established more than ten thousand years ago due to the extremely high price of their Royal Pill Wine. Moreover, there was also a rule that patrons had to spend a minimum of ten million, thus those who did not have at least one billion on hand dared not step into the Royal Pill House. Therefore, no one bothered with this rule for many years.

Which restaurant would block a customer prior to entering their premise, requesting them to display their wealth in public before allowing them to enter?

Lin Yanhan glared coldly at the three people opposite him. Could these three people take out one billion? He didn’t believe that they could, even he himself was unable to take out one billion as he pleased. He was just waiting for the restaurant to throw these three annoying people out.

Having no choice, Deng Caizhi approached Huang Xiaolong’s table.

“Three customers, you also heard just now that one of our Royal Pill House’s rules is that only customers possessing wealth above one billion are allowed to enter.”Deng Caizhi spoke as he came to a stop in front of Huang Xiaolong’s table, “Therefore, we kindly request that these three customers leave.”


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