Invincible Chapter 674 – CN

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To Huang Xiaolong’s surprise, the spiritual energy here was actually much thicker than the Black Warrior Institute, even its quality was a grade higher! Although far from the spiritual energy on his Golden Dragon Peak, it was far from expected.

Not forgetting the faint medicinal fragrance floating in the air, a whiff was enough to make a person feel refreshed and light. Looking around, Huang Xiaolong noticed that the medicinal fragrance actually came out from inside the shops lining the streets.

“Awestruck? The truth is, there’s a spiritual energy gathering formation on every street. As for how many spiritual energy gathering formations there are in the whole Royal Pill City, even this old man doesn’t know. But it’s definitely more than ten thousand of them.” A complacent look appeared on the old man’s face.

“Ten thousand formations!” Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei were close to shouting.

Although Huang Xiaolong guessed that there would be quite a lot of spiritual energy gathering formations inside the Royal Pill City, this amount was too choking and exceeded his initial assumption miles away.

Shi Xiaofei too was shocked, her little face expressed clear disbelief.

Ten thousand spiritual energy gathering formations! And it was probably more than that!

One must understand, laying out one spiritual energy gathering formation needed a huge amount of resources. Even the smallest formation, a first rank family was considered as better off just by having a few of them. The higher ranked super forces and families had no more than a hundred of these smallest size spiritual energy gathering formations.

“Let’s go, first to the Royal Pill House to get a good seat, that place has a horrible waiting line.” the Ascending Moon Old Man ‘s tone changed, urging the other two to move quickly, evidently craving the Royal Pill Wine.

Huang Xiaolong smiled helplessly watching the old man, but his interest toward that Royal Pill Wine was stoked. He knew how picky the old man’s mouth was, a wine that could make him show that expression must be extraordinary.

Both Huang Xioalong and Shi Xiaofei were practically dragged to the Royal Pill House by the Ascending Moon Old Man , reaching their destination rather quickly.

Different from what Huang Xiaolong imagined, although the Royal Pill House was busy, there weren’t too many customers. At least it wasn’t so crowded that one could barely walk.

As if he saw through Huang Xiaolong’s doubt, the Ascending Moon Old Man chuckled, “Say, little disciple, do you think the Royal Pill House’s Royal Pill Wine can be enjoyed by anyone? Although the Royal Pill Wine is first on the must-try list in Royal Pill City, it does not come cheap. Even some Elders of the first rank forces cannot afford to drink it!”

Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei were stunned, even some of first rank forces’ Elders couldn’t afford to drink it! This Royal Pill Wine was so expensive?!

While the Ascending Moon Old Man was talking, his feet did not slow down at all, leading them both inside the premise.


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