Invincible Chapter 673 – CN

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By tradition, every term of the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition was held in the Royal Pill City.

Hearing the Ascending Moon Old Man saying that they would depart almost immediately, Huang Xiaolong felt it was too abrupt, “We’re departing right after this?”

The Ascending Moon Old Man once again fumed with rage, “Then do you want to wait until the competition begins one month later before going there?”

Huang Xiaolong flashed a cunning grin, “Old man, you have that move, Greater Space Shift, right? We’ll reach there in time with just one Greater Space Shift.”

The Ascending Moon Old Man made an act of scolding Huang Xiaolong, “I already guessed that you kid want to take advantage of this, do you think space shifting is like cracking peanuts? Easily teleporting from Golden Dragon Peak all the way to the Royal Pill City? This time we’ll be flying the entire way. Now, quickly go get ready!”

Huang Xiaolong only mentioned it casually, he knew that using space teleportation consumed a great amount of godforce.

Exiting the hall, Huang Xiaolong went to inform his parents and the others that he’d be heading to the Royal Pill City with the Ascending Moon Old Man for the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition, and that he would probably return three months later.

But, Shi Xiaofei wanted to go with Huang Xiaolong.

The Ascending Moon Old Man looked at Shi Xiaofei, “Why, are you reluctant to part with your sweetheart even for a few months?”

A crimson blush instantly colored Shi Xiaofei’s face.

“It’s fine, you can tag along with Xiaolong, gaining some experience is good for you,” the Ascending Moon Old Man said seriously.

Shi Xiaofei was more than happy after getting the Ascending Moon Old Man’s permission. The truth was, she heard Huang Xiaolong mention that the Vermillion Bird Institute’s He Feifan would also be participating in the competition, hence, her main motive for tagging along was to ask He Feifan about her Master, Yang Yi.

Several years had passed, yet there was no news of her Master.

However, the Ascending Moon Old Man spoke again, “You’re worried about your Master, right? Actually, your Master is alright, but because of some issues, she couldn’t come back from the Vermillion Bird Galaxy right now.”

Both Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei were stunned. The Ascending Moon Old Man actually had news of Yang Yi. Huang Xiaolong was especially surprised.

Relief washed over Shi Xiaofei, and it clearly showed on her face, “Senior Ascending, you’re saying that my Master is alright?”

The old man laughed and nodded, “Since when has this old man lied to my disciple-in-law?”

This ‘disciple-in-law’ easily made Shi Xiaofei blush again, but after confirming with the Ascending Moon Old Man that her Master was alright, the worry in her heart finally disappeared. Although the Ascending Moon Old Man had reassured her that her Master was doing fine, Shi Xiaofei still decided to follow Huang Xiaolong to Royal Pill City.


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