Invincible Chapter 672 – CN

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Although the energy contained inside a Buddha śarīra was less than a godhead, it was many times better than those Highgod Realm beast cores that Huang Xiaolong had previously refined.

A Buddhist cultivator was known as a Buddha after they broke through to Highgod Realm. This Buddha śarīra only formed inside a Buddhist cultivator after they successfully entered to Highgod Realm, it was condensed completely from a Buddha’s blood essence, suffused with Buddhism aura and energy.

No doubt, if Huang Xiaolong refined this Buddha śarīra, it would bring crucial benefits to his current strength enhancement as well as his future cultivation.

The Ascending Moon Old Man was initially worried that the Buddha śarīra might reject Huang Xiaolong. In this case, Huang Xiaolong would have a difficult time refining it. Fortunately, watching the Buddha śarīra’s reaction, it did not seem to reject Huang Xiaolong’s presence, which was a relief for the old man.

“Old man, you’re injured, why don’t you use this Buddha śarīra instead?” Huang Xiaolong retrieved his gaze from the Buddha śarīra in his palm, and said, looking at the Ascending Moon Old Man.

Who knew that the old man’s temper would immediately erupt, “What fart! Who said I’m injured? What fart injuries are these? This kind of injuries need to use a Buddha śarīra to heal? Sissy fudge, do you kid know how difficult it was for your Master to get this Buddha śarīra? This old man took a big risk gambling his life! How dare you not want it!”

The Ascending Moon Old Man’s eyes were wide in anger, even his scraggly beard was standing on ends as he pointed a finger at Huang Xiaolong. Spit flew in all directions. Luckily, Huang Xiaolong was standing more than a meter away, otherwise that deadly saliva would have covered him from head to toe.

As usual, Huang Xiaolong was rendered speechless facing the old man.

Why was this old man being so dramatic, wasn’t this just a Buddha śarīra? Then again, watching the Ascending Moon Old Man’s exaggerated angry face, a warm feeling spread in his heart. Huang Xiaolong understood that the old man was reluctant to use the Buddha śarīra on himself because of him.

Huang Xiaolong suddenly smiled, cutting the old man off, “Fine, old man, I’ll listen to you and use this Buddha śarīra. Are you satisfied now?”

The Ascending Moon Old Man’s enraged rant halted. However, as if it wasn’t enough, he scolded a few more words before finally stopping.

“Forget it, this old man will toil a little more for you. Now, sit down, I will use godforce to help you refine this Buddha śarīra.” In the end, the Ascending Moon Old Man changed his tone.

Huang Xiaolong blanked for a moment.

“This, Master, it isn’t necessary. I can refine this myself.” Huang Xiaolong blurted out in a rush.

This old man was already wounded because of this Buddha śarīra, and now he wanted to use his godforce to help him refine its energy. If this somehow aggravated the old man’s injuries further, Huang Xiaolong would not feel comfortable. 


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