Invincible Chapter 671 – CN

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On this day, Huang Xiaolong was practicing his alchemy skills as usual in the Palace of Nine Halls. His hands waved and numerous elixirs flew into the air like they had a mind of their own as they flew around, grouping together and shaping into several ancient divine beasts! These divine beasts numbered exactly one hundred!

Any Alchemist Grandmaster seeing this scene would be absolutely rendered speechless with shock.

Compared to the Dragon Clan’s hand techniques that Huang Xiaolong used when he first met the Ascending Moon Old Man, the  Transfiguring Hand of the Dragon and Nine Dragons Rising to the Heavens, this technique was much more difficult to master!

Manipulating all the ingredients into taking the form of various ancient divine beasts requires delicate and masterful control, and an extremely terrifying understanding of elixirs to reach this stage.

Because dissonance existed between certain elixirs, forget about grouping them into the shape of an ancient divine beast, they could hardly shape a simple diagram. 

After these elixirs assembled in the form of one hundred ancient divine beasts, they flew in the air, uniting into one large diagram formation.

This diagram formation resembled an ancient symbol, yet it also looked like a mysterious living being from an era long past.

When the diagram formation was completed, spheres of light floated out from its surface. At first, these spheres of light were weak, but very quickly they became bright and dazzling.

All this time, Huang Xiaolong’s hands did not stop moving, controlling the diagram formation formed by those hundred ancient divine beasts. Then, his opened mouth wide and a large ball of true immortal essence fire flew out from Huang Xiaolong’s mouth, falling right at the center of the ancient divine beast diagram formation.

Starting from the diagram formation’s center, more than ten ancient divine beasts begin to light up, gradually spreading outward to the other ancient divine beasts.

In a matter of seconds, all one hundred ancient divine beasts were set aflame.

Purified by the true immortal essence fire, all the elixirs turned into pure essence liquid. Surprisingly, after these elixirs were purified into essence liquid, they did not fall from the air, nor did they separate. Instead, they continued hovering in the air.

Very soon, all one hundred divine beasts were turned into pure essence liquid.

Huang Xiaolong’s hands formed one seal after another, causing the pure essence liquid hovering in the air to move, merging. This process was extremely beautiful, just like divine beasts flying in the sky, like a hundred dragons playing in the water and a hundred phoenixes flapping their wings.

As these different pure essence liquids continue to integrate, they emitted a soft light from their depths. At the end of the integration, the soft light grew bright and dazzling.

Roars of various ancient divine beasts could be heard from the dazzling light; dragon roars, cries of phoenixes, growls of tigers and bears, calls of eagles, and apes screaming.


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