Invincible Chapter 670 – CN

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“Your Master didn’t say why she was leaving with He Feifan?” Huang Xiaolong asked in a solemn voice.

Shi Xiaofei shook her head, “She did not, Master only said she’ll return in two months.” 

Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrows raised.

More than three months had passed now. If there was no unexpected incident, it was impossible for Yang Yi not to know what happened in the land of new moon. Then, the biggest possibility was that Yang Yi had yet to return to the land of new moon.

But, Yang Yi did say that she would return two months later, could something have happened to her?!

“Xiaofei, with your Master’s strength, she’s probably fine.” Huang Xiaolong comforted, “I’ll send someone to inquire about news of your Master, once there’s any news, I will let you know.”

Thinking of her Master’s strength, Shi Xiaofei’s worry eased slightly and nodded at Huang Xiaolong. 

That was the best they could do at the moment. As Huang Xiaolong said, with her Master’s strength, there shouldn’t be any accidents.

Liu Yun and Qi Wen came to visit Huang Xiaolong on the Golden Dragon Peak the next day. His senior Apprentice-brother Liu Yun came bearing wine, and when he saw Huang Xiaolong, he smiled brightly. “We’ve just returned from outside and have already heard that you brought sister-in-law back, so we came over to visit. This is an excellent wine that I’ve kept for several thousand years, let’s drink our fill.”

Third Apprentice-sister Qi Wen smiled, “Your Eldest Apprentie-brother ran here with this wine after hearing the news that you’ve been promoted to an Elder, wanting to celebrate with you. But, who knew that you’d run off to the land of new moon right after that, your Senior Apprentice-brother could only return with the wine.”

Huang Xiaolong showed an embarrassed smile. Beside him, Shi Xiaofei’s cheeks were red as apple hearing Liu Yun referring to her as sister-in-law.

Huang Xiaolong invited Liu Yun and Qi Wen inside, where the four of them took a seat.

Huang Xiaolong drank with Liu Yun while Qi Wen chatted with Shi Xiaofei.

Both Liu Yun and Qi Wen were happy for Shi Xiaofei when they heard that not only she had reached the mid-third stage of the Moon Summoning Rhyme, she even broke through to mid-First Order God Realm.

After a while, Liu Yun spoke, “I heard that in this trip to the land of new moon you killed the Zhang Family Patriarch’s son, Zhang Han.”

Huang Xiaolong did not conceal the matter, briefly recounting what happened to Liu Yun and Qi Wen.

Liu Yun nodded, “That Zhang Han deserved what he got, but you still need to be vigilant against the Zhang Family. Recently, they’ve been getting very close to the Jiang, Wang, and Gudu Families.”

“Understood, I will pay attention.” Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Where’s Master? How is he these days?”


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