Invincible Chapter 669 – CN

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Inside the Zhang Family Manor’s great hall, the Zhang Family Patriarch Zhang Dongbi’s face was horrifyingly somber, a monstrous killing intent gathered around him in chilling silence.

Staring at the pile of gray ash before him, Zhang Dongbi’s body trembled visibly. This pile of gray ash was his son? The son he doted on the most, Zhang Han?! 

Not only was his son murdered, there wasn’t even a corpse remaining, only a pile of ash! Sorrowful pain and vengeance swirled in his eyes.

His gaze suddenly raised from the pile of gray ash to Zhang Hao. Zhang Dongbi’s voice was extremely cold: “Didn’t I instruct you to look after Zhang Han?! When did he leave the back mountain? Why would he go to the land of new moon? How did he die?!!!” By the end, Zhang Dongbi was roaring at Zhang Hao, his face twisted with pain and fury.

Just as Zhang Hao was about to explain, Zhang Dongbi’s palm struck him, knocking him into the air. Zhang Hao’s body crashed into the great hall’s doors.

The other Zhang Family experts present in the great hall shuddered, no one dared to speak.

“If it weren’t for your loyalty and contribution to the Zhang Family all these years, I would have killed you with that palm!” Zhang Dongbi’s voice was chilling, devoid of any emotion.

Zhang Hao hastily kowtowed in gratitude.

Zhang Dongbi spoke softly to the pile of gray ash, “Han’er, don’t worry, no matter who it was, Father will kill him to avenge you! I will send all of them down to accompany you, so that you won’t feel lonely on the journey to the underworld!”

“Patriarch, we, should we report this matter to the Ancestor?” Zhang Hao asked, he couldn’t stop himself from doing so, after all, this matter involved the land of new moon.

Who was the owner of the land of new moon, all the higher echelon of the Zhang Family knew very well.

Crazy Lady Yang Yi!

A Highgod Realm master!

Regardless which super forces, once something involved Highgod Realm masters, the matter had to be treated with caution.

“No need!” Zhang Dongbi answered coldly, “The Ancestor is in death seclusion, in preparation for the next term’s God LRanking List Battle. Such a small thing, you need not disturb the Ancestor!”

Hearing this, Zhang Hao dared not speak further.

In didn’t take long for the news to spread that the Zhang Family’s Young Lord had been murdered in the Wintry North World, shaking the entire world surface.

There was actually someone that dared to kill the Zhang Family’s Young Lord Zhang Han in the Wintry North World. Immediately, various versions of the incident circulated.

As for the Zhang Family, all of its top experts were sent out to lock down all cities, even other planets in proximity to the Wintry North World as they went through these places with a fine tooth comb to locate Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei.


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