Invincible Chapter 668 – CN

Night Mode

Zhang Han, Chen Yun, and the other Zhang Family experts were stunned, their eyes went wide with disbelief looking at the Zhang Family Elder that was thrown back with a single punch from Huang Xiaolong, especially Zhang Han and Chen Yun. Their hearts missed a beat.

They remembered clearly that the last time they saw Huang Xiaolong, he was just a Fifth Order God Realm!

Yet, now..! How long had it been!

With a clap of his hands, Huang Xiaolong shattered the space shackles that the Zhang Family Elder placed around Shi Xiaofei.

At this time, Zhang Han, Chen Yun, and the rest of the Zhang Family experts finally recovered from their shock. Zhang Han couldn’t care about anything else, as he was the first to turn around, wanting to escape.

Just as Zhang Han, Chen Yun, and Zhang Family experts leaped into the air, Huang Xiaolong’s right-hand fingers curled into claws, ripping across the sky. The Asura Demon Claw cast a shadow over the earth as thousands of ferocious howling demons flew out.

Zhang Han, Chen Yun, and every one of the Zhang Family experts were struck by the Asura Demon Claw, slapping them down to the ground from midair.

Only then did Huang Xiaolong turn to face Shi Xiaofei, his voice clear and resolute: “It’s fine now, I…” before he could finish his sentence, Shi Xiaofei run into Huang Xiaolong’s embrace, hugging him tightly with tears flowing down her face. Wet patches bloomed on Huang Xiaolong’s robe from her tears.

Embracing Shi Xiaofei, Huang Xiaolong was laden with guilt, apologizing as he looked at her, “My bad.”

Shi Xiaofei shook her head vehemently, then she kissed him on the mouth. Huang Xiaolong froze in shock for the briefest time before returning her kiss. Their tongues locked as the kiss deepened, they were inseparable for a long time!

Some time later, a noise came from the side, reminding the two of the present situation.

Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder, glaring at Zhang Han who was trying to climb up from the ground, as did Chen Yun, and the rest. A strong killing intent surged in his eyes, but the monstrous killing intent in Shi Xiaofei’s eyes was much more piercing.

Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei separated, and both approached Zhang Han.

“You, what do you want to do?!” Looking at a murderous Huang Xiaolong walking toward him, his pupils dilated with fear as he stumbled backward. Even so, he tried to threaten Huang Xiaolong, “My father is the Zhang Family’s Patriarch, and this is the Wintry North World! Punk, you dare—!!!”

Before Zhang Han could finish, Huang Xiaolong landed a punch on his chest, knocking him backward, smashing into the stone wall in the distance.

“Young Lord!” Chen Yun and all the Zhang Family experts were alarmed, swiftly rushing to Zhang Han’s side.

The force of Huang Xiaolong’ fist bore through Zhang Han’s chest, causing blood to spurt out uncontrollably.

Chen Yun and the Zhang Family experts nearly lost their minds seeing this.

Zhang Han was a Fourth Order God Realm cultivator, but most importantly, for several thousand years, his physique was conditioned and enhanced using precious medicinal baths. Not to mention the fact that a God Realm cultivator’s physical body was extremely tough, common divine artifacts could hardly pierce through Zhang Han’s chest. Yet, this impossible thing had just happened in front of their eyes!


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