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Chapter 316: White Phoenix

Watching the countless halberd shadows raining down like meteors, fear suffused Li Li’s eyes. Both of her hands struck out the Dragon Breaking Hand one after another endlessly.

The Dragon Breaking Hand could terminate any attack midway and it was the skill that Blood Dragon City’s Castellan, Ao Gu, was most proud of. Every time Li Li used it against her opponents, it worked ten times out of ten, but this time, the skill seemed to have lost its prowess. She watched, eyes wide with apprehension and shock, as the halberd shadows pierced through the wall barrier of Dragon Breaking Hands like meteors over the sky, growing bigger in front of her eyes in an instant.

Halberd shadows fell on her body like a torrential rain.

Puff~~! Her body was thrown back after being hit by the great waves, crashing heavily to the floor with a boom. All surrounding noise and sound died with the crash.

Peng Feng and Du Huagang looked dazedly at the spot Li Li crashed into. The dust settled, revealing her tragic appearance, her body was filled with deep wounds, with blood flowing out constantly.

Only after some time did Du Huagang react.

“Fifth Senior Sister!” Crying out, he arrived beside Li Li in the blink of an eye. Only then were the two middle-aged men jolted back to their senses and hurried to Li Li’s side with an apprehensive expression.

Although Silver Dragon Ao Gu had more than a dozen disciples, Li Li was, without a doubt, his most favored disciple by far. If anything happened to Li Li, then…! Imagining the horrifying scene when their master Silver Dragon Ao Gu found out about what happened here, the two blue-robed middle-aged men shivered involuntarily as a chill spread over their hearts.

Li Li groaned from pain, wobbling unsteadily as she tried to get up from the floor, pushing away the three people surrounding her. Looking at Huang Xiaolong, the dread in her heart showed in her eyes, but even more was anger, indignity, embarrassment, and plain fury!

She was a half-Saint warrior, her Master was the Silver Dragon Ao Gu. At her level cultivation level, beneath Saint realm, the number of half-Saint realm warriors that could defeat her did not exceed ten, but despite that, a mere peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order insect managed to gravely injure her!

Peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order!

Li Li’s eyes were spitting fire, her venomous eyes fixed on Huang Xiaolong were filled with hatred, “From childhood till now, no one dared to hurt me! No one!! I want to kill you! I’m going to kill you!!!” Scorching white flames flowed from her body, burning wildly, and a large phoenix emerged behind her!

Top grade twelve martial spirit! White Phoenix!

This was Li Li’s martial spirit, and because of her martial spirit and talent, she was Silver Dragon Ao Gu’s most favored disciple.

The White Phoenix hovered above Li Li’s head, letting out a ringing cry that sounded from the ancient era, shaking heaven and earth and traveling more than a dozen miles. White flames surged around Li Li, emanating a powerful atmosphere and coercive pressure with her as the center, spreading in four directions.

Peng Feng and the rest were astonished as they watched speechlessly, the many wounds caused by the Eminent Holiness Halberd piercing into her flesh closed up at a speed visible to the naked eye, finally leaving no scar.

Li Li floated up in midair, her cold and imposing eyes staring at Huang Xiaolong.

“Brat, you’re very surprised that I have the top grade twelve martial spirit White Phoenix, aren’t you?! Let me tell you, the White Phoenix has the sacred white flame, no matter how serious my injuries are, I won’t die. I’m going to let you know how foolish your actions of injuring me were. I will make you regret, make you kneel down before, me begging for mercy!!” The more Li Li spoke, the more turbulent her emotions became, intense hatred ravaged her sanity.

Compared to Peng Feng and Sun Haoran’s shock after seeing Li Li’s White Phoenix martial spirit, Huang Xiaolong was more composed. Not to mention a top grade twelve martial spirit, even if a top grade thirteen martial spirit materialized in front of him, he wouldn’t blink an eye.

That year, during the Duanren Imperial City Battle, he battled Xie Puti, who possessed a first-rank grade thirteen martial spirit, Black Flame Phoenix, but in the end, didn’t he come out the winner? The Black Flame Phoenix was two grades higher than this White Phoenix.

The anger in Li Li’s heart escalated after seeing Huang Xiaolong’s nonchalant attitude after she called out her White Phoenix.

“Godly White Phoenix Claw!” Li Li bellowed, her body thrust forward in Huang Xiaolong’s direction. The shadow of a large white claw imprint fell on Huang Xiaolong from above. Before the claw arrived, the dense slaughter aura gathered around Huang Xiaolong exploded in a salvo, thinning his imposing momentum.

Just when Li Li’s claw was about to tear Huang Xiaolong apart, Huang Xiaolong hollered under his breath. Before the astonished eyes of Peng Feng, Sun Haoran, Du Huagang, and the two blue-robed middle-aged men, a resounding dragon roar reverberated in the sky with the emergence of a giant black dragon above Huang Xiaolong’s head.

“Primordial… Divine Black Dragon!” Peng Feng and Sun Haoran exclaimed out loud.

It never crossed anyone’s mind that Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit would be a Primordial Divine Dragon, a top grade twelve Black Dragon! Although they were both considered top grade twelve martial spirits, dragons were deemed slightly stronger than phoenixes.

Li Li stared blankly at the black dragon hovering above Huang Xiaolong, dumbfounded. In the next moment, she watched Huang Xiaolong leap up, his fist punching out at her White Phoenix’s body.

The fist imprint looked surreal, profound and mysterious, it was the Great Void Divine Fist!

Boom! A thunderous blast echoed miles away. A streak of white flame was seen flying back, the white claw imprint shattered into smithereens. Failing to withstand the powerful shockwave, Li Li staggered back until her feet touched the ground. Even so, it was a dozen steps later that she managed to steady herself.

“You!” She could no longer conceal the overwhelming shock she was feeling as she looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong stopped attacking and his feet landed back on the ground. His icy gaze fell on her.

Peng Feng, Sun Haoran, and the others forgot to breathe watching the two people going against each other.

“Fourth Junior Brother, he is?” At this point, Peng Feng asked dazedly. The shock Huang Xiaolong gave him was ineffable. Since when did such a character appear in the Bedlam Lands?

Sun Haoran shook his head, “I am also not sure of his identity.”

“You also don’t know?” Peng Feng choked slightly at Sun Haoran’s answer. He assumed that his Fourth Junior Brother knew who Huang Xiaolong was, seeing that they arrived together.

Sun Haoran nodded, “Before coming here, I ran into Wu Zhang, and nearly died in his hands. He was the one who killed Wu Zhang and saved me.”

“Wu Zhang… he’s dead?” Peng Feng’s eyes protruded in disbelief.

Sun Haoran nodded again, emphasizing, “He died… In three moves!”

Three moves! Peng Feng stood in stupefied stillness on the spot.

Suddenly, they heard a holler from the other side, the white flames shrouding Li Li soared to the sky in a spiral, at the same time, a glittering white armor covered her body, where a life-like totem of a white phoenix appeared.

Huang Xiaolong forced her to the point of having to soul transform. When Li Li soul transformed, Huang Xiaolong did the same, black scales emerged on the surface of his skin, covering him like a full-bodied armor. Pointed sharp spikes lined the length of his arms, reddish black energy shrouded him, akin to a true blood primordial divine dragon, a demon overlord.

Two powerful momenta clashing brought Peng Feng back to reality. Turning to look, he saw a soul transformed Li Li whistled through the wind like a mythical phoenix soaring through the Nine Heavens, a phoenix cry echoed in the sky, white Phoenix flames overshadowed the earth, and it dived down on its prey.

“Sky Sundering Phoenix!”

A giant white blade transformed from the white phoenix appeared above Huang Xiaolong’s head, cutting down. As the white blade came closer and closer, Huang Xiaolong raised the Eminent Holiness Halberd in his hands, and with a flick of his wrist, a windstorm of halberd shadows tunneled upward, like a whirlpool in the deep sea.

“Tossing Heaven, Moving Earth!”

The white phoenix blade was right in the path of the abyssal whirlpool of halberd storm, metallic sounds of clashes rang endlessly and pieces of blades and halberds dissipated.

In the center of the storm, a brilliant pillar of light erupted, soaring high up. The Eminent Holiness Halberd was akin to a divine dragon bursting out from the deep sea, penetrating straight into Li Li’s chest.

An anguished scream split the air, accompanied by pearls of red blood, splattering over Peng Feng and the others’ bodies.  Li Li was thrown far away in the distance, slamming into a stone pillar.

Chapter 317: Underground Palace

The stone pillar cracked and crumbled into gravel, rolling to the floor, burying Li Li underneath!

“Fifth Senior Sister!!” Du Huagang’s face was ashen at the result, in a flicker, he appeared above the palace building. With a sweep of his palm he blew the stone and gravel off Li Li, scooping her up, after which he landed on the side.

The two blue-robed middle-aged guards also rushed over to Li Li’s side. When they saw up close the magnitude of the halberd wound on her chest, all three drew in a sharp cold breath.

It was a penetrative wound, through and through, blood flowed out unceasingly. What horrified them even more was that at the edges of her wound, plumes of black flame corroded her flesh and even the sacred white phoenix flame was ineffective against them, thus failing to heal Li Li’s injury.

“This…!” Du Huaguang and the two men found it hard to believe what they were seeing.

A silhouette tore towards them, swinging a long halberd and creating another terrifying storm of halberd shadows. The three people looked over and saw Huang Xiaolong thrusting his halberd at them.

Neither Du Huagang nor the two men dared to confront the dangerous looking halberd head-on, in their moment of hesitation, the halberd had already pierced through Li Li’s throat.

Being helped to get up by Du Huagang and the middle-aged men, Li Li’s eyes lowered, staring at the long halberd stuck to her throat. Her mouth opened with difficulty, “You, you, dared to kill me?”

She never imagined that one day she would die in the hands of a Xiantian ant! Better yet, she had never imagined her death! Because of Silver Dragon Ao Gu’s existence, there were only so many people in the Bedlam Lands who dared to kill her.

“So what if I killed you?” Huang Xiaolong retorted without any changes to his expression, “I’ve said already, there is only one chance.” His hand then pulled out the Eminent Holiness Halberd, sidestepping some distance away.

Blood spewed out at high velocity, the White Phoenix sacred flame gradually dimmed.

Li Li desperately clutched at Du Huagang’s arm in her last moments, struggling with much effort to breathe out her last words intermittently, “Tell, Master, say, say I cannot take care of him anymore, tell him to kill, killㅡkill this person, a million, pieces!”

Du Huagang nodded fervently as tears rolled down his face. Finally, Li Li’s lifeless body slumped down.

“Fifth Senior Sister, Fifth Senior Sister!” Du Huagang cried out.

No answer came.

But, another noise of whistling wind sounded. Du Huagang turned back in alarm to see Huang Xiaolong’s hands no longer held the long halberd, instead, it was replaced why two black blades that emanated a frigid air, slashing down at him.

Du Huagang face was ashen, panic and fear filled his eyes, but his hands shot out by reflex: “Dragon’s Fetter!” Abundant energy from his palm transformed into a rope that resembled dragon tendons, binding Huang Xiaolong.

However, before these dragon tendons could come close to Huang Xiaolong, they were cut apart with a wave of his blades. Almost instantly, the Blades of Asura slit his throat.

Huang Xiaolong’s assault continued without stopping, like a ghostly phantom, he appeared in close proximity to the two blue-robed middle-aged men.

Once again, cold blade lights glinted in victory.

By the time Huang Xiaolong’s feet touch the ground again where he stood previously, Du Huaguang and the other two men tumbled to the floor. Peng Feng and Sun Haoran stared dumbstruck as three heads rolled off, separated from their bodies.

Four half-Saints, all dead!

The dumbstruck expression seemed carved forever on Peng Feng and Sun Haoran’s faces as their gazes moved from the rolling heads on the floor to Huang Xiaolong.

Sun Haoran remembered what his Master He Yunxiong once said, if no accident happened, Li Li could very well break through to the Saint realm within ten years, but now, she was dead!

Seeing that everything was done, the Blades of Asura returned to Huang Xiaolong’s arms and he walked towards the four bodies, harvesting four spatial rings from each of them. Then, with a turn of his hand, sparks of true essence fire fell onto the four corpses, instantly incinerating everything into gray ashes.

Sun Haoran had seen Huang Xiaolong doing the same thing before, with Wu Zhang’s corpse, therefore, he wasn’t so surprised this time. Peng Feng, however, inhaled sharply watching Huang Xiaolong’s familiar actions in dealing with Li Li and the other three bodies, turning them into ashes in an instant. A cold shiver ran down his back.

After burning the four bodies, Huang Xiaolong walked over to Peng Feng and Sun Haoran, whose thoughts returned to the present after sensing Huang Xiaolong coming towards them.

Watching Huang Xiaolong reaching closer, Peng Feng was nervous and a little apprehensive, not knowing how to act.

“Third Senior Brother, let me introduce you, this is Brother Huang.” Sun Haoran spoke and made introduced Huang Xiaolong to Peng Feng, then, turning to Huang Xiaolong, he said, “Brother Huang, this is my Third Senior Brother, Peng Feng.”

Peng Feng hurried forward, “Brother Huang, many thanks for your saving grace!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled, replying, “Don’t mention it.”

Peng Feng replied courteously, feeling a little bit flattered.

“Third Senior Brother, do you know where Master and Eldest Senior Brother are?” Sun Haoran asked Peng Feng, showing anxiety, “Master and Eldest Senior Brother could be in danger at this very moment!”

Peng Feng too looked worried, “Half a day ago, I got separated from them, so I also don’t know where they could be now. But the last time I saw Eldest Senior Brother, he was heading towards the deeper area of Ghost King Palace.”

“The deeper area of Ghost King Palace!” Sun Haoran exclaimed, “Let us head there now.” As he said this, he looked at Huang Xiaolong, inquiring, “Brother Huang, what are your plans?”

“I’ll tag along with you.” Huang Xiaolong answered solemnly.

According to Sun Haoran’s explanation earlier, this time, the Ghost King Sutra was very likely to appear in the deeper parts of the Ghost King Underground Palace. Huang Xiaolong decided to tag along with them to check out the underground palace to see if he could get his hands on the Ghost King Sutra cultivation technique. Although he had no need for another cultivation technique, it would still be beneficial if he could gain some insights from it.

The Ghost King Sutra, there was a chance that it contained the Ghost King’s records and understanding of his years of cultivation. The best outcome would be obtaining the Ghost King Dan that the Ghost King refined himself. According to rumors, this Ghost King Dan would greatly benefit those wanting to break through to Saint realm.

Both Peng Feng and Sun Haoran were delighted that Huang Xiaolong would continue onward with them.

“Brother Huang, then shall we set off now?” Sun Haoran inquired.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

The treasures in the Ghost Temple were already plundered clean by Li Li’s group, hence it wasn’t necessary for them to explore the Ghost Temple further. After all, all four spatial rings were taken by Huang Xiaolong.

The three of them flew in one direction, heading deeper into the Ghost King Palace.

As they got closer to the center of the Ghost King Palace, ghost and devil auras became heavier that at a certain point, these auras morphed into different strange shaped fogs, enveloping the sky above the Ghost King Palace. From afar, it looked no different from a ghost mountain or a devil mountain.

One day later, the three of them arrived at the entrance leading down to the underground palace.

The underground entrance exceeded a dozen zhang in height and in width, leading into a nothing but endless darkness. Huang Xiaolong was a hundred meters from the entrance, yet it was close enough for him to feel the terror of ghost and devil auras blowing out from the underground palace, to the extent that it made Huang Xiaolong uneasy.

He frowned, this was the first time feeling such strong unease ever since he arrived in this world.

“Brother Huang, shall we go in now?” Sun Haoran spoke.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, since he was already here, then he should relax and go with the flow. He was even more unwilling to give up at this point. With the Godly Mt. Xumi in his possession, nothing could go terribly wrong.

The three of them flew through the entrance, and in the blink of an eye, their silhouettes were swallowed by the darkness of the underground palace, obscured by the billowing ghost and devil auras.

“Brother Huang, this underground palace’s structure is extremely complex, filled with traps and bans, not to mention countless ghosts and devils. Everyone should be extra careful and cautious moving forward.” Peng Feng reminded.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

However, just as Peng Feng said so, the space around them rippled with echoes of unworldly things.


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