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Chapter 305: Why Should I Run ?

Originally, Zhao Chen had decided to capture Huang Xiaolong in his residence courtyard, but now that Huang Xiaolong had returned, very good!

“Order down, tell those trash not to alarm Huang Xiaolong at the moment, wait till I’m there before making any move!” Zhao Chen snapped an order at Steward Feng.

“Yes, Young Lord!” Steward Feng hastened to appease Zhao Chen.

A short while later, Zhao Chen led a group of expert subordinates heading out to Huang Xiaolong’s courtyard.

On the other side, Huang Xiaolong stepped inside the yard. Seeing Huang Xiaolong return, Qin Yang, Lifei, Jie Dong, and Fan Encheng were in high spirits, all four quickly went up to greet Huang Xiaolong. Telling them to stand, Huang Xiaolong inquired about the general situation in this period of absence.

Listening to Qin Yang’s report, it appears Zhao Chen’s men had been watching their every move all these months, Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly. Spreading his spiritual sense, his body disappeared in a blur, and when he re-appeared in the yard, Qin Yang saw his hands held four brocade robed middle-aged men prisoner. With a casual flick, he threw the four people to a corner of the yard.

Qin Yang, Lifei, and the rest were wide-eyed as they looked at the four people Huang Xiaolong casually threw to a corner, they of course recognized the four people’s faces being Zhao Chen’s subordinatesㅡmoreover, each of them was a Xiantian Eighth Order expert.

It was merely a lapse of few breaths’ time, Huang Xiaolong already captured four Xiantian Eighth Order experts?!

Did this mean that their Young Lord found the dwelling left behind by that ancient God Tribe master? Apart from that, they couldn’t think of any other reason for Huang Xiaolong’s strength advancing so much in a short seven months!

‘Young Lord not only broke through Xiantian Eighth Order, perhaps he reached late-Xiantian Eighth Order, maybe even peak late-Xiantian Eighth Order.’ Qin Yang secretly surmised.

In his judgment, Huang Xiaolong could defeat a late-Xiantian Eighth Order when he was still a mid-Xiantian Seventh Order, now that he had broken through to late-Xiantian Eighth Order, dealing with several Xiantian Eighth Order experts was nothing out of ordinary.

Huang Xiaolong had no idea about the thoughts passing through his four subordinates’ little minds. Looking at the four people on the ground, his cold voice sounded: “Speak, why is Zhao Chen so keen on dealing with me?”

Huang Xiaolong was really curious why someone he had no feud or grudges with was looking to trouble him.

The four of them ignored Huang Xiaolong’s questioning, all raised their head and glared at him. One of them snickered, “Punk, if you’re wise, let us go now, if not, you won’t even be able to wish for death later!”

“That’s right, obediently release us right now, our Young Lord might leave you with an intact corpse!” Another man added with contempt.

“Is that so?” Huang Xiaolong’s expression was icy cold. His hand reached out and made a grasping motion and the two people flew straight into Huang Xiaolong’s hands.

Their necks were tightly clutched in Huang Xiaolong’s hands, his icy voice sounded, “Then I shall leave you with an intact corpse now.” Finished saying that, Huang Xiaolong exerted pressure in his fingers, instantly breaking their necks.

When the two bodies fell to the ground, their eyes were bulging out in disbelief, Huang Xiaolong actually dared to kill them. The remaining two people stared in fear at the bodies of their comrades. The proud arrogance earlier vanished without a trace, leaving only terror on their faces.

Huang Xiaolong slowly approached them.

“You, don’t kill us!” Both men retreated in panic.

“Speak! Why must Zhao Chen come after me?!” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes were sharp and cold.

“We don’t know, truly, we really don’t know!”

“Steward Feng only ordered us to watch your movements, as for why Young Lord wants to deal with you, we really don’t know!” Both men blabbed out everything for a slim hope of survival.

“Since it’s like that, there’s no use in keeping you two alive.” Huang Xiaolong commented, without another word, his fist punched through the air.

The Great Void Divine Fist landed squarely on the two men’s chest, blasting a hole in their chests.

Qin Yang, Lifei, Jie Dong, and Fan Encheng jumped seeing Huang Xiaolong kill all four people without any hesitation, after all, these four were Zhao Chen’s men.

“Young Lord, isn’t it better if we leave this City of Myriads Gods now?” Qin Yang stepped forward and inquired cautiously. Zhao Chen would not let this matter of killing his subordinate go.

“Leave?” Huang Xiaolong turned towards the distant sky, “I’m afraid we won’t make it now.”

Just when Qin Yang and the rest were puzzled by Huang Xiaolong’s answer, several black dots appeared on the horizon, moving at amazing speed in their direction.

“Zhao Chen!” Qin Yang and the other three paled.

Huang Xiaolong watched as the several dots representing Zhao Chen and his people grew bigger and closer. He sneered, thinking ‘this Zhao Chen’s actions are real fast.’ It seems he was informed the moment he passed through the city gates.

Huang Xiaolong stood on the same spot, not showing any expression, waiting for Zhao Chen to arrive. Moments later, Zhao Chen and his subordinates finally landed in the courtyard where Huang Xiaolong was.

Zhao Chen landed in the middle of the yard, and his eyes scanned the surroundings. As he did so, he saw the four bodies of his subordinates and his face sank gloomily. Facing Huang Xiaolong, his voice was sullen, “You dared to kill them!” Like the saying went, ‘Look at the master before you hit the dog’, moreover, he even killed them!

He knew Huang Xiaolong was aware that these four were his men.

Huang Xiaolong retorted indifferently, “Why wouldn’t I dare?”

Zhao Chen glared fiercely at Huang Xiaolong, a blue light flitted in his eyes and he suddenly burst into laughter, “Huang Xiaolong, you really think I won’t dare to kill you just because that old fogey He Yunxiong is shielding you!”

“Let me enlighten you, anyone who offends me, no matter who it is, cannot live!”

A blue flame emerged from Zhao Chen’s body, dancing wildly. Blue flames licked the air, raising the surrounding temperature ten times higher, as if the entire courtyard fell into boiling magma. Qin Yang and the rest were astounded to see the water inside a big urn in the corner evaporating drop by drop, turning into strands of mist.

Streams of hot waves wrapped around the four of them, causing a searing pain in their flesh.

At this point, the silver-haired Steward Feng stepped forward, “Young Lord, please allow this slave to act, killing a mere Xiantian warrior would dirty your hands.” This Steward Feng was also a Saint realm expert, hence he did not put Huang Xiaolong, a mere Xiantian warrior in his eyes.

“No need.” Zhao Chen lifted one hand. Looking at Huang Xiaolong, a complacent sneer appeared on his face, “I will do it myself, I want to let He Yunxiong, that old fogey, know that the people I want to kill, no one can save!”

“Yes, Young Lord!” Hearing this, Steward Feng and the other subordinates retreated to the side.

Huang Xiaolong too indicated Qin Yang’s group to stand aside.

Zhao Chen looked at the calm Huang Xiaolong and an indifferent smile arched up the corner of his mouth, “This is my first time seeing someone at death’s door still being able to maintain such calmness.” Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s lack of reaction, Zhao Chen was no longer in a hurry to kill him. To him, killing Huang Xiaolong was merely a matter of second and minute.

“Are you so sure you can kill me?” Huang Xiaolong didn’t mind Zhao Chen’s words, showing a nonchalant expression.

Zhao Chen was stumped momentarily at Huang Xiaolong’s words, as he if had just heard the world’s funniest joke and he couldn’t help laughing aloud. Seeing this, Steward Feng and the rest of his subordinates also broke out in laughter. In their opinion, those words were indescribably silly and idiotic.

A Saint realm expert couldn’t kill a small, measly Xiantian warrior? If a Saint realm expert wanted to exterminate a Xiantian warrior, without a doubt, it was only a matter of squashing an ant. They had never heard of a Xiantian warrior having the ability to flee from a Saint realm expert.

Zhao Chen finally stopped laughing, but there was still mirth in his eyes as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, “You think you can run from me?”

“Run? Why should I run?” Huang Xiaolong asked in return.

Zhao Chen was stumped this time, not running? He failed to comprehend for a second the underlying meaning of Huang Xiaolong’s words.Previous ChapterNext Chapter


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