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Chapter 17: Only Huang Wei Is Going In

Sensing the changes of the evolved martial spirits behind him, Huang Xiaolong was genuinely shocked.

This, how could this be called a double-headed serpent martial spirit, this is absolutely the Primordial Divine Dragon race! A twin Divine Dragons nonetheless!

“Twin martial spirits!” A thought flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s mind, having trouble believing it himself. In the Martial Spirit World, people who possess twin martial spirits are exceedingly rare, and each one was considered to be the pride of Heaven.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong’s twin martial spirits were superb talent martial spirits!

Even though the martial spirits behind him was a far cry from resembling a Primordial Divine Dragon, however, this was its first time evolving, when he breakthrough to the Seventh Order, his martial spirits will undergo its second transformation and at that point, his martial spirits will truly become Primordial Divine Dragon that it is.

After the shock, enthusiasm burst forth from Huang Xiaolong’s heart.

He did not expect the martial spirits evolvement that he was looking forward to will map out this way, his martial spirits actually turned out to be superb talent twin martial spirits!

Then, what are the awakened martial spirits’ ability?

“There are two, there’s actually two!” Inheritance memory was transferred into Huang Xiaolong’s from the twin black and blue dragon.

In general, martial spirits that went through the first transformation will only awaken one innate talent ability from the heritage memory of their martial spirits, and because Huang Xiaolong possesses twin martial spirits, he gets two innate ability.

Going through the heritage memory in his mind, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged on the cold jade bed.  His silhouette suddenly blurred and disappear entirely from the room. Roughly about six breaths later did his silhouette reappeared on the cold jade bed.

This was Huang Xiaolong’s first martial spirit innate ability – Space Concealment!

Space concealment, concealing within space and void, shadowless, formless, traceless – invisible!

“This ability is too awesome!” A sparkle shone in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

Imagine, if Huang Xiaolong were to disappear suddenly in the middle of an intense battle, silently sneaking behind the opponent and delivering the killing blow while the opponent is unable to guard against it. This skill was simply perfect for assassination!

Although Huang Xiaolong only could hide for six breaths’ time for now, as he grows stronger, the time length will increase parallel to his strength growth. The stronger he gets, the longer he could remain concealed within space.

If the first innate skill was space concealment, then what is the second one?

Thinking about it, Huang Xiaolong’s body floated up from the cold jade bed without meaning and shifted into a phantom figure floating out of his room to his small courtyard.

The second martial spirit’s innate ability – Phantom Shadow!

While testing the second ability, Huang Xiaolong noticed his speed had increased about a third of his usual speed!

Fighting with an opponent of similar strength, to grasp victory, speed plays a crucial role, with the combination of both martial spirits’ innate ability, he could be utterly fearless.

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply, as various emotions including pride filled him; a domineering aura emanated from his body.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong’s surge of emotions gradually calmed down.

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong leaped up mid-air, his hands swinging.

One after another Ethereal Palm prints condensed in the night sky.

After breaking through this time, Huang Xiaolong could clearly feel his agility has doubled, and each of his attacks, his muscles’ explosive powers were fiercer and more intense; this did not occur when he was in the Third Order.

In the initial warrior stages, from the First Order to the Third Order, battle qi in the meridians strengthens the entire body’s muscles, tempering the flesh to be firmer, denser, and powerful whereby at the Fourth Order, the battle qi in the meridians refined not only the muscles but also the tendons!

One of Huang Xiaolong’s palm prints hit the half-meter big rock that was forgotten at the corner of the small courtyard before he landed the ground. The night breeze blew and the half-meter big rock disintegrated into powder debris, spreading to every corner of the small yard.

From the First Order to the Third Order, each order breakthrough increases one’s strength by one stone, and upon advancing the Fourth Order the strength doubles. Currently one of Huang Xiaolong’s strike contained a power force of six stones!

Dawn approached and the soft sunlight caressed Huang Xiaolong’s skin as if his body has a layer of golden halo.

Huang Xiaolong stood, unmoving in his small courtyard, letting the sun’s warmth filled his body before he stepped out in the Eastern Courtyard direction but when he reached the Eastern Courtyard main hall, his father Huang Peng was not there, only his Mom Su Yan was in the hall.

“Dad went to the Grand Hall?” Huang Xiaolong asked, puzzled.

Su Yan nodded and said “This morning your Grandfather asked him to go over, even Huang Ming, and the Manor Elders were summoned. I’m not sure what they are discussing about.”

Hearing this, Huang Xiaolong decided to wait until his Dad return.

In the Grand Hall, Huang Qide sat on the main seat, and his eyes swept across the faces of everyone present before opening his mouth to speak: “Tomorrow, the Spirit Pool opens, and Huang Wei is selected to practice inside for one month.”

Hearing this, those present in the Grand Hall exchanged knowing glances and then stole furtive glances to check out Huang Peng’s reaction.

Huang Qide established Huang Clan Manor with his bare hands thus none of the Elders dare to contradict matters that he, as the Lord had already decided. According to predetermine rules of many years, the winner of the sparring event after the awakening of martial spirits are eligible to enter the Spirit Pool to practice for one month. Obviously, Huang Xiaolong was the winner and should the one entering the Spirit Pool this time.

When Huang Peng heard his father’s announcement, he was flabbergasted for a moment, rage burned in his heart, and he stood up angrily: “Dad, this is unfair! This year’s Clan Assembly clearly it was Xiaolong who defeated Huang Wei. Why is the Spirit Pool quota goes to Huang Wei instead!”

Huang Qide was slightly embarrassed. He does realize the unfairness of the situation, and neither right nor reason is on his side thus he couldn’t reprimand his second son’s behavior, he could only mutter unconvincingly: “Although this year’s assembly Xiaolong won over Huang Wei, it was only a fluke, comparing them talent-wise, Huang Wei’s talent is much higher than Xiaolong. This time he could break through to Second Order was due to the three Yang fruits he swallowed. I initially set the winner will be able to enter the Spirit Pool, I actually meant each year’s most talented disciple of newly awakened martial spirit is eligible to enter the Spirit Pool to practice!”

The fury within Huang Peng wasn’t so easy to pacify, he abruptly cuts in: “Bullsh*t! Only the most talented disciples are eligible to enter the Spirit Pool to practice? Why wasn’t this brought up before? Why wait until Xiaolong won that it turned into the most talented disciple?”

Huang Qide faltered, not knowing how to answer.

At this moment, Huang Ming spoke: “Second Brother, is Dad the Manor Lord or you are? You have yet the qualification to question or comment Dad’s decision.”

Huang Peng’s hands tightened into fists, and his angry gaze bore into Huang Ming, but he was unable to refute the truth in Huang Ming’s words.

“Second Manor Lord, the decisions Old Manor Lord’s makes are all for the benefit of Huang Clan Manor.” Elder Zhou Guang opened his mouth: “Everyone knows Young Lord Xiaolong’s talent is much worse than Young Lord Huang Wei’s. If Young Lord Xiaolong enters the Spirit Pool to practice, it will only waste the potency of the Spirit Pool!”

Pointing a finger at Zhou Guang, Huang Peng thundered: “Shut your dog mouth, this isn’t a place for you to speak.”

Zhou Guang squirmed, and his face flushed a deep red, not daring to utter another syllable.

A moment later, forcefully suppressing his anger, Huang Peng turn to look at Huang Qide: “Okay Dad, since you said this time was a fluke, what if during next year’s assembly Xiaolong still precedes Huang Wei?”

Huang Qide was stumped.

“In your opinion, during next year’s Clan Assembly, Xiaolong will run into some dog shit luck again?” Huang Ming said: “Fine, if Xiaolong wins again during next year’s Clan Assembly, I will compensate you one hundred Battle qi dans and apologize to you!”

One hundred Battle qi dans are almost equivalent to one month’s practice in the Spirit Pool.

“Good!” Huang Peng stared fixedly at Huang Ming: “Remember what you said today!” Dropping this sentence, Huang Peng turned and walked out of the Grand Hall, not bothering to greet Huang Qide before leaving.



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