Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss – Chapter 2353 – The Upper Realm (3)

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Chapter 2353: The Upper Realm (3)

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The man seated before Luo Qingcheng was the very Gu Ying that had escaped from the hands of Jun Wu Yao with the Soul Shift Technique then. In five years, he had reconstructed a flesh body and his soul returned. There was no difference from the Gu Ying of that year but the killing intent in his eyes were much stronger than before.

Gu Ying laughed at the Luo Qingcheng who had lost her composure, “Don’t be so nervous, I am only stating a fact. The transaction that I made with you in the past, the person that I wanted was Jun Wu Xie. When Ren Huang blew himself up, I thought that she had been blown into pieces in that explosion. I’m not blaming you for not completing your end of our agreement, who would have thought that she would still be alive and five years later she will present us with such a big gift.”

Gu Ying’s eyes narrowed as complex emotions flashed by his eyes. There was even a trace of satisfaction, it seemed that he was very pleased on the fact that she was still alive.

Luo Qingcheng took a deep breath, she did not think that the person that Gu Ying wanted was actually Jun Wu Xie!

Who would have thought that in that powerful explosion, with Jun Wu Xie’s strength, she could actually survive?

One must know that the impact of Ren Huang’s self explosion was extremely powerful. Even all the Gold Spirits that Luo Qingcheng had left behind were actually wiped out. That year, Jun Wu Xie was merely a Silver Spirit. How could she have survived that when all the Gold Spirits could not even defend themselves?

Just the thought of Jun Wu Xie being alive made Luo Qingcheng reveal a look of malice and intense hatred.

When Gu Ying glanced over, Luo Qingcheng immediately felt his line of sight and turned her face away, stopping this prying gaze of his.

“You came to me just for this matter?” Luo Qingcheng asked in a cold tone with no intention to cover up her impatience.

While Gu Ying slowly retracted his gaze, he chuckled and said: “If it was just this matter, I would not come you to find you. Nangong Lie has returned and brought with him a sentence that Jun Wu Xie has for you.”

“For me? What is it?” Luo Qingcheng asked with furrowed brows.

Gu Ying said, “She said ‘if you want the soul bone, you have to bring Ye Jue to the Lower Realm’.”

“Lower Realm?” She was stunned for a moment and anger began to well up within her as she said, “The soul bone is really with her?”

“This has not been verified, Nangong Lie did not see the soul bone but these words were indeed spoken by her.” Gu Ying shrugged his shoulders casually.

Luo Qingcheng’s expression was no longer as relaxed after she heard him.

When Ren Huang blew himself up and levelled the mountain, she had sent people to look for traces of the soul bone after that. After all, he was the very person who had taken the soul bone away, since he had died, the soul bone should have been on him.

However, to her extreme disappointment, she could not find the soul bone at all. In order to bring Jun Wu Yao to the Upper Realm as soon as possible, she could not stay in the Middle Realm for too long. Hence, she could only hand over the task of searching for the soul bone to Nangong Lie. However, five years had passed and there was still no news of the soul bone.

Now, Jun Wu Xie suddenly appeared and told Nangong Lie specifically that the soul bone was in her hands!

The bait thrown out by Jun Wu Xie was indeed startling and because they were unable to determine if what she said was the truth, even if it was just a smoke bomb thrown out by her, they would still need to bite it with open arms!



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