Dominating Sword Immortal – Chapter 631: Treasure Holy Tower

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Chapter 631: Treasure Holy Tower

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There were only people from the Murong family and Chu Zhongtian who were watching the battle between Beiming Hui and Ye Chen. Since the people in the Murong family did not really have much contact with the outside world, and neither was Chu Zhongtian the kind of person who loved to spread news, there were not many people out there who knew about this battle.

As for Beiming Hui, he would not tell anyone really the fact that he had just lost to Ye Chen. Although he was not afraid of losing, there would be no point in telling if no one knew. Those young warriors who always traveled with him were all afraid of upsetting him, so they naturally would not say anything either. They only told some of their best friends, which made the whole process of spreading the news extra slowly.

Time went fast in the world of warriors, especially for those of who had already grown older than three hundred years old.

Within the blink of an eye, another month had gone by.

On this day, Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng left for the Treasure Holy Tower inside the martial region.

The Treasure Holy Tower, a historic tower from the ancient era, had become the holy place for the warriors in the world after all this time.

It was located on that Decapitating Peak of the Prison Dragon Mountain inside the region. The mountain was known as an evil mountain, since it was a place used to oppress the godly ancient dragon, and hence the name. The peak the tower was on was even more famous, since it connected to endless hills which made it look like the corpse of a dragon. Reaching the “dragon neck”, it was “chopped off” as if it was done by someone. Hence the name of the peak was not referring to the human head, but the head of the dragon.

On the Decapitating Peak, a seven floored treasure tower was looking extra obvious. If one looked closely, just the light itself was of seven different colors, in the order of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

On top of the first floor entrance were three massive Chinese characters written on top in gold—Mysterious Holy Tower.

Indeed, it was actually called the Mysterious Holy Tower instead of the Treasure Holy Tower. But, because there were a lot of treasures inside, it was commonly referred to as the latter.

It was dawn, and there were already some people who came to the tower and had entered within. Soon, there were more and more people entering, all of whom were young warriors below the age of forty. Some of them came alone while the others came in groups, but they all looked like they did not trust anyone; so, there were not many groups after all.

When the first beam of the sunshine landed on the ground, a powerful warrior entered the scene—it was indeed Lu Shaoyou, the Sword Master. He glanced at the fourth color shining on the tower and flashed his body, turning himself into a flying sword and entering the first floor’s entrance.

Then there was Bai Wuxue, and right after him was Xiao Chuhe.

Shoo! Shoo!

They flew toward different directions as two beams of light shot over. Looking from afar, it was not hard to tell that those two beams of light were wrapping around two womanly figures.

When the light disappeared, two ladies appeared on the two mountains right in front of the decapitating peak. One of them was Yan Fengfeng while the other looked scary on first glance, but with an unbelievably great body.

It was the Godly Shark Princess!

Yan Fengfeng glanced at that cold-looking lady.

It was indeed the most mysterious warrior among the top five young warriors, the Godly Shark Princess, who was rarely spotted. Only at places that could potentially increase battling power as such might she be spotted. Normally, it was impossible to find her.

At the same time, she was looking the former as well. She could already tell that Yan Fengfeng was no human, and just like her, she was also a beast.

Unlike her, the Godly Shark Princess had already reached rank 10 while Yan Fengfeng was still at rank 9. But, she would not dare to underestimate her at all, since she could sense that powerful vibe off her. It would not be hard to imagine that her original form would be even more powerful.

The two exchanged a look but did not say anything. Then, they flew into the tower one after another, disappearing in the first floor’s entrance.

As the sun rose up, more and more famous young warriors arrived here.

There were Lan Xieqing, Lin Tian, Lin Ku, Luo Haisong, Hai Wuya, and Du Gujue, who was the talk of everyone right now. There were also Beiming Hui and Chu Zhongtian, as well as Dantai Mingyue in red robes and a red veil.

“So many people are here! Almost all of the famous ones are here.” In the not far groups were three people standing together—Jing Aoxuan, Li Xiaoyun, and his girlfriend You Xin.

Jing Aoxuan and Li Xiaoyun were both at master level already, while Li Xiaoyun’s girlfriend had already started to train Zhen yuan, and was currently at Mid rank Astral Reaching Realm. In such a short couple of years, going from someone who had never trained Zhen yuan to this level would have to be thanked to the fact that she had a powerful soul and will power. Added with Li Xiaoyun’s full support, she had access to everything, which made the whole process of her reaching Mid Astral Reaching Realm not unreasonable at all. After all, she mainly cultivated will power, and Zhen yuan for her was only an enhancement.

“With our power, it might be hard to move into the fourth level. So, we will just stay on the third floor I think.” Jing Aoxuan had never given up. She believed that she would stand right next to the top warriors in the Sky Martial Region one day, but just not now. With her comprehensive ability and talent, she might not be the top of them all, and her physical talent was not as significant as Chu Zhongitan’s,. So, all she had was just her hard work.

Li Xiaoyun was just like Jing Aoxuan who was also quite open with these kinds of things, “The third floor is not that bad either. The chance of getting top rank weapons is not small there. If we are lucky enough, we might be able to get a set of top rank weapons!”

On the first floor of the tower were only high rank weapons, and there would be a slight chance of getting some top rank weapons on the second floor. Meanwhile, it would be more likely to get high rank weapons on the third floor, but there would also be a small chance of winning a whole set. As for the fourth level, semi extreme level weapons and full set of high rank weapons were all on the table. But, it would be extremely dangerous, and only top rank master level warriors would have a chance of saving themselves. If they were not lucky, then even the top master warriors could die. Normal master level warriors would definitely face critical moments of life and death.

Waiting until the three entered the tower, two people walked over while holding hands— they were indeed Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng.

“This is the Treasure Holy Tower!” It was Ye Chen’s first time coming here.

Murong Qingcheng said, “Do you think that the tower itself is like a weapon? But obviously, more powerful than most great weapons.”


Ye Chen could also sense that the colorful light around the tower had got some kind of energy vibration, but it was already almost solidified, which was way much more powerful than most of the extreme weapons. It would be hard to imagine what exactly was causing all this.

No wonder that even if Life and Death Realm warriors could not force their way in.


A beam of gold light shot out, and Ye Chen turned his head to look, “It is Xia Houzun!”

Xia Houzun wore gold robes, and his hair had been tied up with a golden crown. He had a similar style as Beiming Hui, whose choice of color was silver instead. However, he was even more aggressive looking. With his expressions, the golden light looked like it was leaking out of his body. That intense aura did not decrease because of the loss to Bai Wuxue at all.

Obviously, Xia Houzun had recognized Ye Chen, since he was the only warrior who was considered comparable to the top five young warriors. It would be a lie if Xia Houzun said that he did not recognize Ye Chen, but it was only at the level of recognition after all. For him, no one in the next couple of years had the chance of competing with the top five young warriors, even if it were the most powerful martial genius in the world. That Lin Tian, who was the talk of the most likely new replacement of the top five young warriors, had been beaten by Xiao Chuhe easily within three attacks as well.

Therefore, Ye Chen right now was not worthy for him to be taken seriously.

He did not stay a second longer before flashing his body and turning into a beam of lightning, disappearing in the first floor’s entrance.

“Let’s go in as well.” With that, Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng entered together.

The tower was named “Mysterious” for a reason. The first floor of the tower was like a small world on its own; it was a world of lava. Looking over, wherever the sight went was covered by dark red burning lava, its heat intense enough to set any powerful Astral Reaching Realm warrior on fire. Under the protection of their Zhen yuan defense, most of the powerful Seas of Souls Realm warriors would still feel the heat and discomfort, and start sweating like crazy.

“So hot!”

Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng could feel the change of temperature the second they stepped foot into the first floor. Only after activating their Zhen yuan layer did the two start to feel better.

“Luckily, we can go outside any time we want, or try to go up to the second floor. If we had to be stuck in here for a couple of months, it would be absolute torture.”

After flying for a bit of distance, they could see one or two human shadows. One of them had the ice element Zhen yuan around it, and the warrior did not seem to be suffering at all.

Ye Chen chuckled a little and continued to move forward.

This world of flames was filled with red qi flow, and there would constantly be burning aerolites coming down from the sky. They caused friction with the air, bringing up waves after waves of burning hot flames. The higher one got, the more falling aerolites there would be. Although Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng could handle them, they would not want to challenge it still. So, they moved forward closer to the lava, maintaining a height of one hundred meters.


A wave suddenly exploded up from the lava lake as a fire elemental beast jumped out. It was covered in red scales, and it attacked right at Murong Qingcheng who was closer.


Murong Qingcheng threw out a palm attack toward the head of the beast, slamming it back into the lava lake.

“Very high defensive power.”

She frowned. That palm attack she threw out was struck with about fifty percent of her full power, but the beast was still not wounded somehow. It was safe to assume that it had a very powerful defense. The first level of the tower was already not easy to make it through.

“This is the entrance to the second floor.” Ye Chen saw a white door in the midair, leaking out cold air.


The two swiftly entered the door.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

It turned out to be a world of ice. The temperature had changed drastically from the burning hot to icy cold. In this white world, the two looked extra small, vaguely visible under that thick snow.


An ice elemental snake crawled out of the ice surface before jumping into the air, letting out a cold beast qi. If not careful, it might actually get one unaware.

Taking out the gold sword, Ye Chen casually snapped off the head of the ice snake.

“Huh? Ice spirit! Top rank weapon!”

That snake beast was not a normal beast; it was actually a spirit formed from ice yuan qi, so snapping off its head could not kill it at all. That light shining from the wound of that snake was actually a weapon.

Grabbing onto it, Ye Chen wondered, “Perhaps all of the beasts in this tower have a weapon inside their body, eh?”

Ye Chen had guessed it wrong.

The hidden weapons inside the tower were not all predictable. They were scattered everywhere in different forms. Perhaps a weapon might appear if one cracked open an ice mountain; perhaps there might be a weapon if one dove into the ground. As for inside the beast’s body, there were rarely any weapons, and this ice snake was just an exception.



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