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Chaotic Sword God Chapter – Chapter 1723 – Opening the Dwelling

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Chapter 1723: Opening the Dwelling

The flying sword moved extremely quickly. Coupled with Huo Lian’s proximity, there was only a flash, and the sword arrived before Huo Lian.

Huo Lian’s face changed drastically. When he blocked the path of the people from the Mo clan, he had been expecting Mo Ling and Ando Fu to attack him, so he had always maintained his vigilance. However, even with how he was expecting an attack, the appearance of the glowing sword still frightened him to the point where he became covered in cold sweat.

The streak of light moved just too quickly as if it had teleported. The person who struck out showed no prior signs of moving either, so by the time the God reacted, the sword had already stabbed towards his forehead.

In this moment of life or death, Huo Lian bellowed out and Laws of Fire encircled his surroundings, forming layers of protection while origin energy surged out violently from his body, instantly condensing a shield.

However, Huo Lian’s defences were completely useless before the streak of light, unable to stop it at all. The light tore through all his defences and was driven straight towards Huo Lian’s forehead.

Huo Lian’s pupils had narrowed to the size of needles, reflecting the streak of light that approached with lightning speed. In the end, the streak of light plunged into his forehead under his gaze of disbelief; it was directly driven into his brain. His soul shattered, and he died.

Huo Lian’s eyes were filled with much regret as life rapidly drained from them. He had not even used his battle skills or protective treasure; instead, he was killed from just the first strike.

Huo Lian fell slowly, falling towards the ground from several hundred meters high up in the air. Jian Chen had already appeared where he was standing before, holding the Flying Snow sword that was dripping with a God’s blood.

Huo Lian’s Space Ring had ended up in Jian Chen’s hands as well.

“Huo Lian… Huo Lian… Huo Lian’s dead…” The young man from the Nanyun clan watched everything unfold in a daze. His heart surged. Huo Lian’s strength was similar to his, at early God, yet he had been slain in a single stroke, unable to fight back at all. That meant that he could not even escape if the same person wanted to kill him as well.

Run!” The God from the Nanyun clan paled in a single moment. Without any hesitation, he began to flee as quickly as he could, disappearing into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

“Linear Lightning Release!” Jian Chen was emotionless. He turned into a bolt of lightning in pursuit and caught up instantly. Under his almost-dazed gaze, Jian Chen passed through the chest of the God from the Nanyun clan and charged out from the other side.

The God from the Nanyun clan grunted. His eyes widened as he stared at Jian Chen who had just pierced through his chest in disbelief. He was scared witless.

He had lived for over a hundred thousand years, yet he had never seen such a terrifying sword technique before!

“W- who are you? I’m from the Nanyun clan. You can’t kill me,” the God said with a hoarse voice. On the surface, there was only a bowl-sized hole in his chest, but Jian Chen had already reached the great perfection of Sword Origin now. His sword techniques were so powerful that just a single attack had claimed half of the early God’s life, incapacitating him completely.

“You shouldn’t have come here!” Jian Chen said coldly and directly drove his sword through the God’s forehead, destroying his soul.

Jian Chen had realised that the news of Godking Duanmu’s dwelling had been leaked with the arrival of the Gods from the Huo family and the Nanyun clan. They had probably come to verify the information. Once they learned that the news of Godking Duanmu’s jade was true, all the powerful clans in the Dong’an province would definitely mobilise their entire clan and hurry over as quickly as possible. As a result, he refused to let the two of them pass any messages to their clans.

After taking the Space Ring from the God from the Nanyun family, Jian Chen flew towards Mo Ling.

In the distance, Mo Ling, Ando Fu, and the various Deity elders all stared at Jian Chen in disbelief. They had gained a new understanding of Jian Chen’s strength. Although they had witnessed Jian Chen crush Lu Tian, it was nowhere near as shocking as the current scene.

The God from the Huo family had actually been slain by a single strike. This was just too shocking to them.

Gods were figures who held the position of ancestor in the organisations in the region. They were experts who stood at the very apex of the province, yet they were so fragile before Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s talent really does make me envious.” Shen Jian was the calmest person among the group. It could be said that he had watched Jian Chen grow from a puny Saint Emperor to his current state. He understood just how terrifying Jian Chen’s talent was.

It was not just this life. Even in the past life, Jian Chen’s talent was famous, where no one could compare to him. He had already become invincible in the Jianghu at a young age.

Yan’er actually saved such a powerful person.” Xi Yu became filled with mixed feelings. She had completely objected to Mo Yan saving Jian Chen and Shen Jian, but she had never thought that the two people Mo Yan saved would become the saviours of the Mo clan.

“The information about Godking Duanmu’s jade has probably been leaked. We need to hurry to the dwelling as soon as possible,” Jian Chen said to Mo Ling and Ando Fu.

“Let’s not waste time and go right now.” Mo Ling was also grim. He immediately led everyone towards the location of Godking Duanmu’s dwelling.

Before long, Jian Chen’s group arrived at the boundary between the Lu family, Mo clan, and Ando clan. An ancient mountain range that spanned several tens of thousand kilometers stood there. The origin energy in the area was relatively thin, with a few weak magical beasts living there. It did not seem to be anything special from the surface, so people rarely set foot here.

Mo Ling and Ando Fu had become the guides, while Jian Chen and Shen Jian followed them closely into the depths of the mountains. Behind them were around a dozen Deities from the Mo clan and the Ando clan.

In the depths of the mountains, Mo Ling and Ando Fu stopped before an extremely ordinary mountain peak. Mo Ling said, “We’re here. The entrance to Godking Duanmu’s dwelling is right here. Let’s assemble Godking Duanmu’s jade and open the dwelling.”

Jian Chen took out the two pieces of jade without any hesitation and Mo Ling also took out the jade in his Mo clan’s possession. The three pieces hovered in the air, radiating with a suffocating pressure. Before the pressure, even Jian Chen, Mo Ling, and Ando Fu could not help but become stern.

The three pieces of jade assembled by themselves and joined together, forming a perfect piece. It shone with ink-green light as a mysterious power surged from within the jade. It connected with the surroundings and seemed to fuse with certain laws, immediately causing the space there to tremor. The space rippled like water, blurring everyone’s vision.

As space trembled, a tremendous and terrifying pulse of energy was emitted, causing the clouds in the sky to rapidly disperse.

The entrance to Godking Duanmu’s dwelling was opening.

“Stop!” At this moment, a bellow rang out from the distance. Four figures appeared in the distant horizon, hurrying over at full speed.

Jian Chen, Shen Jian, Mo Ling, and Ando Fu all looked over and became grim.

“Oh no, they’re from the Wayner clan,” Mo Ling said in a stern voice.


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