Chaotic Sword God – Chapter 2105: Confrontation

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For a moment, shouts rang out everywhere. All the Godkings gathered in the volcanic world avoided the raining lava with ugly expressions as they shouted at Ming Dong.

Some of the more powerful Godkings who either wore defensive supreme quality saint artifacts or god artifacts charged towards Ming Dong with lightning speed in an attempt to stop him from fighting on the floor.

“All fighting is forbidden on the eighth floor. Stop immediately, or you’ll become an enemy of everyone…”

“Sir, there are far too many Godkings gathered in this space. It has already affected the stability of these volcanoes. Any pulse of energy can lead to a colossal eruption…”

“I don’t care what f*cking grievance you two have, but you better stop here and conceal your presences obediently, or don’t blame me for being impolite…”

Furious shouts rang out as over twenty Godkings stood in Ming Dong’s way. Every single one of them was extremely powerful and more than half of them wielded god artifacts.

Even more people watched on from a distance as they avoided the lava rain.

“It’s actually Ming Dong. He’s protected by the divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng…” Some of the supreme Godkings in the crowd knew Ming Dong’s identity, which made their faces changed slightly. They originally wanted to charge over as well, but they came to a halt.

They did not know just what relationship Ming Dong had with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng and whether he was the disciples of one of the majesties there. However, as long as he possessed the slightest connection to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, they did not dare to offend him.

Bai Yi and Gong Zheng discovered Ming Dong as well. They looked at each other as a grave light filled their eyes.

Four of the eight supreme Godkings who had ganged up against Jian Chen had passed away in such a short amount of time. The fifth, Cang Ying, had been fleeing in such horrible shape as well, so they feared Ming Dong’s strength greatly.

“Turns out he’s Ming Dong. In the past few days, his name has been ringing through my ears constantly.” Jia Na stared at Ming Dong, who was stopped by over twenty Godkings, and he could not help but sneer. He made his way before Gong Zheng through the air and looked at how Gong Zheng frowned. He could not help but laugh aloud, “Gong Zheng, I know the two of you are being targeted by Ming Dong. However, you don’t need to worry at all. Here, Ming Dong won’t dare to even touch you.”

“Who knows where this Ming Dong came from. He is indeed a little too mad,” said a supreme Godking in Jia Na’s temporary group. His voice was cold.

Cang Ying had stopped running. He hovered in the air with a pale face as he looked at Ming Dong in angst. He experienced lingering fear.

Ming Dong was far more powerful than he had imagined him to be. He firmly believed that if it were not for the warning of his Azure Peng Scale and the Azure Peng’s Movement Technique, he would not have been able to escape from Ming Dong.

“Cang Ying, why don’t you join our group? Otherwise, you’ll struggle to protect yourself if you remain alone in your current shape,” Gong Zheng suddenly said to Cang Ying secretly, inviting him to come over.

When Cang Ying saw that it was Gong Zheng talking to him, his eyes immediately lit up. Afterwards, he discovered Bai Yi who stood with Gong Zheng and no longer hesitated. He firmly agreed to join Gong Zheng’s group.

The three of them all knew very well that they had bounties placed on them by Ming Dong, so they were definitely on Ming Dong’s kill list. With the strength that Ming Dong had displayed so far, resisting him alone was an extremely unwise decision. Only by working together could them fend him off.

Naturally, Ming Dong discovered Bai Yi and Gong Zheng. Although this was the first time he had seen them, he had already collected all the information available on the two of them in the past few days.

“Bai Yi, Gong Zheng, I never thought the two of you would be here as well. The heavens are really smiling on me. I’ll kill you all today. I want you to bleed for my brother’s soul in the afterlife.” Ming Dong looked at the three of them from afar. His icy voice was filled with heavy killing intent.

Afterwards, he looked at the Godkings in his way. Not only did he show no fear, but he even seemed slightly mad instead. He growled, “Anyone who stands in the way of my revenge will become my greatest enemy. Do you really want to stop me?” As he said that, a powerful presence began to radiate from Ming Dong, charging up like a furious storm.

Currently, Ming Dong was cold and brutal. The forcefulness he showed off was so evident that anyone could tell that he was ready to begin fighting at any time.

The Godkings who blocked Ming Dong sneered when they heard Ming Dong’s threat. They showed disdain towards him.

Not only were all of them extremely powerful Godkings who ranked on the Godkings’ Throne, but their backgrounds were extremely significant as well. Every single one of them had the support of a peak clan or peak sect, so they treated Ming Dong’s threat like nothing.

In particular, there was a young man in red robes amongst the supreme Godkings. His name was Xin Long, and he was known for his short temper. He was unable to withstand Ming Dong’s arrogance, so he immediately smiled coldly after hearing the threat. His gaze became extremely hostile, and he took a step forwards while coldness filled his eyes.

However, just when Xin Long wanted to say something, he suddenly heard a voice.

“Xin Long, you cannot afford to provoke this person calling Ming Dong, or you’ll cause great trouble for your clan. Do you know who the five guards behind Ming Dong are? They’re divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.”

Only Xin Long heard this voice. Aside from him, no one else around him did.

However, when Xin Long heard this news, his face immediately changed. He directly looked past Ming Dong and focused on the five guards behind him. Disbelief filled his face.

“Huang Baiyun, are you certain that they’re divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng?” Xin Long asked secretly as he became uneasy. His short temper was forcefully suppressed, as he had learnt the identities of the divine guards.

“I’m completely certain. When the five of them entered the Neptunean Divine Palace, the armor they wore was specially-made from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng,” someone replied with complete confidence.

After receiving confirmation, Xin Long immediately became stern. He deeply glanced at Ming Dong before clasping his fist towards him. Without saying anything else, he turned around and left. He did not dare to stick his nose in this matter any longer.

Although Xin Long was short-tempered, he was not stupid. He understood very well just who he could ignore and who he could not provoke. Although he did not know Ming Dong’s exact identity, five divine generals from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng followed him. Just that was enough to make him an existence that could not be provoked.

Even though it had been rumoured that the Anatta Grand Prime had passed away many years ago in the Saints’ World, as long as the majesties of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng remained, the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng would never collapse.

The first majesty, in particular, was a terrifying figure that could deter all organisations across the forty-nine great planes and the eighty-one great planets.


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