Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God – Chapter 2045: The Major Achievement of Sword Spiri

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It was fast, just far too fast.The late Godking struggled to react to the Profound Sword Qi. It had already punched through his forehead and struck his soul.

“Argh!” The Godking immediately produced a painful cry as his soul was unimaginably damaged. His consciousness blurred as he bled from the seven orifices on his head.

Kai Ya had already arrived before the Godking silently. Her presence surged as her eyes were cold. Just like before, wielding a different law in each hand, she struck out with her full power mercilessly. She caused the late Godking to cough up blood violently.

With an injured soul, the late Godking’s consciousness blurred. Whether it was his external senses or his defences, they had all been lowered to an absolute minimum. He basically could not fight back at all while his soul still had not stabilised.


A golden strand of sword Qi shot through the air. The Daluo Sword Jian Chen used had arrived before the Godking. It directly beheaded the Godking before being followed by a flash. The sword Qi shot into the sky and stabbed the head.


The head exploded in the air. From the golden sword Qi, the weakened soul of the late Godking had been ripped to pieces.

All the Godkings in the garden witnessed Jian Chen and Kai Ya kill a late Godking with lightning speed. It made their faces change, and they could not help but come to a halt as they looked at the two of them uneasily.

However, their hesitation only lasted for a split second before being replaced by their avarice. They quickly approached Yun Xin.

The temptation of the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways was just too great. Very few of them were able to keep their calm. Most of them had lost their rationality altogether.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya became extremely stern. Against so many Godkings, even the two of them felt powerless, where they would not be able to escape.

There were plenty of late Godkings among them. Even if they did manage to make it out of here, they would not be able to escape from their pursuit.

Even hiding in the Anatta Tower would not work. The Anatta Tower was extremely tough, but the speed that Jian Chen was able to unleash with it was nowhere as fast as late Godkings.

After all, the space in the Neptunean Divine Palace was safe, unlike spatial cracks that were filled with danger, where even Infinite Primes had to be careful.

As a result, Jian Chen was able to fend off Infinite Primes with the Anatta Tower in spatial cracks, but out here, he had lost that ability.

“My formation is almost complete. Make some time for me. Just a few seconds is enough,” master Chanlong said secretly. He had already cast down a defensive formation nearby when Jian Chen fought Mo Cheng. Clearly, he had expected them to encounter something like this.

“If there’s really nothing we can do, I’ll hand over the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways,” Yun Xin said with a pale face.

“We managed to keep the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways through a battle against Mo Cheng. How can we just let them have it so easily?” Jian Che snorted coldly. With a thought, the power of the ancient Skywolf’s bloodline was immediately activated, and he unleashed a howl.

Immediately, a deafening howl rang out from Jian Chen’s mouth. The terrifying sound wave formed a visible ripple as it swept out in all directions, engulfing the entire garden.

Right now, Jian Chen was like an ancient Skywolf. His howl expanded with a terrifying pressure.

The power of the bloodline within him was completely drained in that instance.

The Godkings who originally charged over seemed to lose all their strength at that moment. They flopped over powerlessly and crashed onto the ground.

The inertia, however, caused them to skid quite a long distance. Many of them somersaulted a few times before coming to a halt. Their eyes were hollow as if they had lost their souls while their clothes were all tattered, revealing the armor that they wore inside.

Even the more powerful late Godkings who managed to control themselves and not fall over also entered such a state. Their souls were stunned.

The bodies of some weaker Overgods had been torn to pieces by the shockwave while their souls had directly dispersed.

Aside from them, even Yun Xin, Yun Daolai, and Xiao Zheng were the same. They were stunned as they stood where they were.

Only Kai Ya and master Chanlong were unaffected.

Kai Ya charged out as quickly as she could. She used the Laws of Fire and Destruction together and struck out with her full strength to kill the late Godkings.

Jian Chen followed Kai Ya closely. While all the Godkings remained stunned, he wanted to strike like lightning and kill some Godkings.

Not everyone among all the Godkings wore defensive saint artifacts. Quite a few people did not wear anything defensive at all, which made dealing with them much easier.

In a short breath, Jian Chen and Kai Ya both destroyed the heads of a late Godking each, wiping out their souls.

The threat that the late Godkings posed to them in the garden was particularly great. Once Chanlong’s formation was complete, the damage that the late Godkings could cause would be far greater than the early or mid Godkings.

As a result, they only needed to deal with the late Godkings right now.

However, just when they were about to kill a second late Godking each, all the late Godkings in the garden actually returned to their senses.

The two late Godkings Jian Chen and Kai Ya attacked roared out furiously. They blocked the life-threatening attacks and began to engage in an intense battle.

Afterwards, the Godkings in the garden all began to return to their senses one by one. When they realised that they had been stunned temporarily earlier, and two late Godkings had already been slain by Jian Chen and Kai Ya, they all felt angst.

Jian Chen’s heart shivered. These people had recovered far faster than he had originally imagined. He understood that the threat and effects of the howl from the bloodline of the ancient Skywolf on cultivators were not as great as on space beasts.

Bang! With that sound, Jian Chen’s waist was struck by a late Godking, and he was launched far away by the great force. Even Kai Ya was injured, where her body was bloodied.

Even more Godkings charged towards Yun Xin.

Jian Chen borrowed the force to arrive before Yun Xin. After tossing her to master Chanlong, he bellowed out and blocked the Godkings with great battle intent. He engaged in an intense fight against them.

Kai Ya also fought and retreated. She struck out without holding back all, using the Laws of Fire, Destruction, and Creation simultaneously to erupt with terrifying power. She fought against all the Godkings.

In just ten seconds, Jian Chen was completely bloodied. There were wounds of various sizes littered across his body, making for a brutal and terrifying sight.

He had used all his trump cards aside from the Anatta Tower. He had even used his last strand of Profound Sword Qi. It was all because of his Chaotic Body that he could last until now.

At this moment, a sliver of understanding suddenly appeared in Jian Chen’s head. At that moment, he grasped the thought tightly, and in the next moment, an even more powerful sword intent began to radiate from his body. It was as tremendous as an ocean.

Jian Chen bellowed out as the sword Qi around him became several times more powerful. Without even forming a seal with his hand, he used the Daluo Sword with his thoughts alone.

Not only did the current Daluo Sword condense countless times more quickly than in the past, almost instantaneously, but even its power had reached a whole new level.

At this moment, Jian Chen had finally made a breakthrough with the Laws of the Sword, reaching the major achievement of Sword Spirit.


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