Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God – Chapter 2044: The Fight for the Spiritual Roo

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The old man in azure robes spoke firmly. His every single word was like a great bell, ringing through Mo Cheng’s head.

Mo Cheng remained silent. This was not the first time he had heard these words. The old man had told him this several times already.

However, Mo Cheng was just far too impressive. The talent he showed since young both for cultivation and comprehension made him a supreme prodigy, where he could shake up the Saints’ World.

Coupled with a powerful legacy and an incredible cultivation method, it had been smooth sailing for him the entire way. He struggled to find an opponent at the same level as him, so as time went on, he developed an arrogance of being invincible. It was to the point where he looked down on all people.

As a result, he never took the old man’s words to heart. He believed that there was no longer any person who could defeat him with the same cultivation. No one on the Overgods’ Plaque could, and it was even more impossible for those nameless Overgods.

However, after the battle he had experienced with Jian Chen, he truly understood this concept.

Being first on the Overgods’ Plaque was not truly being first while being first on the Godkings’ Throne did not truly mean invincibility among Godkings.

That was because not all supreme prodigies attempted the Overgods’ Plaque or the Godkings’ Throne!

“But there’s no need for you to be so depressed either. With your current battle prowess, you are basically at the apex among Overgods. Across the entire Saints’ World, there is basically no one who can match up to you. Even some disciples of Grand Exalts won’t be as great as you,” comforted the old man in azure robes. He was afraid that the talented Mo Cheng would be unable to take this shock and would end up ruined.

However, Mo Cheng was no ordinary person. He calmed down very soon, and his face brightened up once again. He looked at Jian Chen with shining eyes and said coldly, “Jian Chen, I will remember your name. I am indeed not your opponent as an Overgod, but once I become a Godking, I will challenge you again.”

Jian Chen said calmly, “If you can find me after you become a Godking, fighting again is no problem at all.”

Mo Cheng slowly raised his hand. There was a droplet of Jian Chen’s blood in there.

He took out a jade bottle and stored the droplet of blood away. He said, “Finding you won’t be difficult.”

From that, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. He stared at the droplet of blood Mo Cheng had stowed away as a light flickered through his eyes.

He could already tell that Mo Cheng would be able to find him in the vast Saints’ World from just that droplet of blood.

Mo Cheng and the azure-robed old man left the Divine Medicinal Garden. Mo Cheng did not mention the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways at all after the battle.

In the blink of an eye, the garden became peaceful once again. Everyone stared at Jian Chen, who stood where he had fought Mo Cheng, as they showed admiration and deep fear in their eyes.

They had personally witnessed Jian Chen’s strength. There were no early Godkings in the Divine Medicinal Garden who were confident about stopping Jian Chen’s attacks.

Yun Daolai had become completely stunned. He stared at Jian Chen blankly without returning to his senses for quite some time.

Only now did he understand just how great of a deviant the Jian Chen that had come in with them was. Even the person who held first place on the Overgods’ Plaque had been defeated by him.

In particular, Yun Daolai’s heart trembled when he saw them fight.

The might from the battle between the two Overgods was just too powerful, to the point where he trembled.

Yun Xin held the Space Ring with the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways as she struggled to calm down.

However, a person silently approached Yun Xin at this moment. Greed filled his eyes as he directly snatched at Yun Xin’s Space Ring.

This person had moved just too quickly. Moreover, he was completely silent like a ghost such that many Godkings present failed to realise his intentions as well.

It was even more impossible for Yun Xin to react.

Jian Chen’s eyes turned cold. He suddenly looked at the figure, and his presence exploded. He radiated with sword Qi as he used the Daluo Sword. A golden strand of sword Qi shot over with lightning speed.

“Hehe. Jian Chen, you can claim that you’re invincible among Overgods, but you’re nothing at all compared to Godings right now,” sneered the figure. He blocked Jian Chen’s sword Qi with a wave of his hand as he continued to reach towards Yun Xin’s Space Ring.

“The Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways is mine.” The person was extremely ecstatic. He really would not be bold enough to take the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways away from Mo Cheng because of the unfathomable old man behind him.

However, he had nothing to fear if it were Yun Xin or Jian Chen.

“Late Godking!” Jian Chen’s heart shivered as he became extremely grim. To him right now, a late Godking was definitely an extremely powerful opponent.

The power of the Laws of Destruction suddenly appeared just when the late Godking was about to take the Space Ring from Yun Xin. Kai Ya, who had remained beside Yun Xin, struck out. She wielded the Laws of Destruction in one hand while wielding the Laws of Fire in the other. The two laws combined in her hands, forming a profound inscription of the universe. It suddenly shot out, striking the hand of the Godking that reached towards the Space Ring.

With a bang, terrifying energy splayed out. Yun Xin, who was the closest to all of it, paled and immediately staggered backwards. A set of silver-white armor appeared on her, blocking most of the energy.

It was a high quality saint artifact. Although it could not be compared to supreme quality saint artifacts, it was more than enough to block the energy.

Kai Ya staggered backwards as well. She completely paled in comparison in both cultivation and comprehension. Even though she was no weaker than Jian Chen, she was unable to put up a fight against a late Godking.

However, her attack this time had forced back the late Godking’s hand as well.

The Godking was surprised. He glanced at Kai Ya before snorting coldly. He did not freeze up and took a step out, appearing before Yun Xin again in a split second. He reached towards the Space Ring again.

“Oh no, he wants to take the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways!”

“Stop him! Don’t let him take it!”

The many Godkings in the garden returned to their senses, and they immediately cried out. They charged over as quickly as they could.

Burning desire filled all of their eyes. They were all greedy. Clearly, they were not interested in helping Yun Xin protect the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways. They all wanted to take it for themselves.

The Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways was nothing particularly important to a supreme prodigy with a great background like Mo Cheng, but it was extremely tempting to the Godkings in the garden.

A Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways could create a Chaotic Prime. That was more than enough for them to lose all rationality and fight for the treasure regardless of consequences.

“D- don’t!” Yun Daolai called out painfully. Despaired filled his face. They had just managed to keep the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways away from Mo Cheng, yet they drew over even more Godkings. The world seemed gloomy now.

After all, not only were there many Godkings in the garden, but there were late Godkings as well.

No matter how impressive Jian Chen’s battle prowess was, it was unable to make up for so many Godkings.

Jian Chen’s gaze was cold as he radiated with killing intent. With a thought, he used a strand of Profound Sword Qi without hesitating at all.

The Profound Sword Qi was dazzling. It pierced through space and overcame time, shooting out with an unbelievable speed. In just a single instance, it arrived before the forehead of the late Godking before piercing right into his head.


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