AGM – Chapter 1743 – Borrow Your Woman for a Dance

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Chapter 1743: Borrow Your Woman for a Dance

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Outside the Lifelong Sainthall, a flight of stairs of ten thousand steps could be seen. On the top of the stairs, the statue of the Lifelong Realmlord was being worshipped by countless people and had stood here for tens of thousands of years, like a symbol of eternity.

As the grand banquet commenced, the ten gigantic platforms were erected once more. The nine world palace lords also had their thrones prepared for them, with the training grounds in the center where the various talented immortal emperors could display their skill.

At this moment, countless people were gathered below the platforms, they came here precisely because they wanted to observe this grand event of the Lifelong Realm.

“I wonder which of the world palace lords would be the most outstanding one this year.” Someone glanced up at the nine thrones as that person commented.

“I heard that the Kanwater Palace Lord actually died while he went for a mission in the lower world. I wonder if there’s anyone who has already taken over the Kanwater Palace Lord’s position. There’s a high possibility that someone would be selected as the new Kanwater Palace Lord this banquet.”

“Seems like this is an opportunity to many of the major powers. Most probably, many empyreans wish to take over the Kanwater Palace Lord’s position.”

“In the previous grand banquet, two supreme characters appeared. Qin Wentian and Di Tian caused the Lifire Palace to enjoy glory that was long denied them, they were even more inspiring than the Desolate Heaven Palace then. Sadly, the previous Lifire Palace Lord wasn’t able to enjoy for long before he was pulled down from his position and killed by the two supreme geniuses. For this banquet, Qin Wentian and Di Tian would be here with identities as the main palace lord and vice palace lord of the Lifire Palace. I wonder if the Lifire Palace’s immortal emperors would be able to have a performance as outstanding as a hundred years ago.”

Many people were discussing. The date of the grand banquet finally arrived. Outside Lifelong City, the entire space was bustling and extremely lively. It was unknown how many experts had gathered here.

“The Desolate Heaven Palace Lord has arrived. This time around, the Desolate Heaven Palace Lord is actually the first to arrive.” Someone revealed a startled expression, staring at a direction where a group of imposing experts could be seen walking over. These experts were all from the Desolate Heaven Palace. The man in the lead was none other than the Desolate Heaven Palace Lord. Beside him, the leaders of the various peak powers in his territories had come together with him as well.

After the Desolate Heaven Palace Lord arrived, he directly flew up to one of the nine platforms and sat on the treasured throne there. The other experts then went to find their own seats on the platforms.

“The Xuanyuan Palace has arrived too.” Many people stared in another direction. When the Xuanyuan Palace Lord arrived, he glanced at the imposing Desolate Heaven Palace Lord but he didn’t call out a greeting and directly sat down on the throne prepared for him.

After that, the Dragonsaddle Palace, Scarlet Origin Palace, Gengmetal Palace and Gemini Palace all arrived respectively. When the experts of each world palace arrived, they would undoubtedly cause a commotion and spark discussion among the crowd.

“The Lifire Palace is here.” At this moment, many figures appeared in the distance. Countless people stared in their direction, the focus of their gazes was on the white-robed young man in the lead. His simple clothing was unable to mask the light of glory exuding from him. His aura was extremely outstanding. Those who saw Qin Wentian a hundred years ago all silently mused that Qin Wentian has changed. His aura became even more transcendent. As the Lifire Palace Lord, he was also considered a major character of a region.

“So he is the Lifire Palace Lord?” Those who didn’t come for the previous banquet silently mused as they surveyed Qin Wentian, their hearts filled with curiosity. Qin Wentian was definitely considered a legendary character. In the past when he participated in the banquet, he shone so brightly with a cultivation base that was merely at the mid-stage of the immortal emperor realm. Tens of years later, he actually succeeded in replacing the previous Lifire Palace Lord and became the new one. This was simply a legend and his cultivation speed was truly terrifying to the extreme.

Although from the immortal emperor realm to comprehending source origins wasn’t really that strict on the timing requirement as the main point was one’s comprehension ability, it was still extremely difficult for most people. For some people, source origins of their respective laws might only take awhile to be comprehended. But for others, they might not be able to comprehend it even if they took forever.

Yet Qin Wentian managed to achieve this in a shockingly short period of time. He only used tens of years.

“The Skyair Palace Lord hasn’t arrived. The Kanwater Palace Lord won’t be able to come by in any case.” Many people silently mused. At this moment, on the top of the stairway, in the direction of the Lifelong Sainthall, two extremely beautiful fairy-like maidens appeared. They were still the same as the two maidens who appeared in the grand banquet before. Their beauty was unrivalled and their cultivation bases were also extremely high. All the palace lords respectively stood up and bowed in greeting, “We pay our respects to the two fairies.”

Jialan Qiuyue was among the people from the Lifire Palace, she sat quite close to Qin Wentian. When she saw this scene, her gaze involuntarily flicked to Qin Wentian.

A hundred years ago, Di Tian was beside her. When Di Tian saw this scene back then, he said a sentence that she would forever be unable to forget.

Di Tian said that his women must definitely become someone like the two of them, lofty and high up, receiving respect from the multitude of his subjects.

The Qin Wentian now didn’t bow. He calmly stared at the two fairies, his eyes had no hints of respect at all. His woman Ye Qianyu was still imprisoned in the Lifelong Sainthall. You want him to pay respect to the Lifelong Realmlord’s women now? It was impossible.

The beautiful eyes of the two fairies gleamed with a resplendent light as they stared in the direction of the nine world palace lords. When their eyes swept through Qin Wentian, their gazes involuntarily stopped there. They could see that Qin Wentian was different from the other palace lords, there was no respect in his eyes or manner at all. In fact, his eyes even contained a penetrating might to them, as though he was judging them. This caused them to feel extremely uncomfortable. In any case, even if one left aside their high cultivation bases, just the fact that they were the Realmlord’s women was enough for their statuses to be higher than the palace lords. How dare a new palace lord like Qin Wentian look at them like that?

However, Qin Wentian acted like he had no idea and continued looking at them in the same manner. Although he felt the gazes of the two maidens on him, he still continued to stare at them. This caused coldness to flicker in the eyes of the two women as they silently noted this down. Although Qin Wentian’s talent was outstanding, he actually dared to act so impudently after becoming a palace lord?

The two women stood at the side. After that, from afar, the figure of the Lifelong Realmlord could be seen walking over. As the personal disciple of the Lifelong Realmlord, the Skyair Palace Lord was walking together with him. This caused everyone to muse that as the personal disciple, the Skyair Palace Lord’s status was definitely a trusted aide among trusted aides of the Lifelong Realmlord.

When the Lifelong Realmlord arrived, countless gazes turned to him as everyone held their breath in silence. Their eyes were filled with respect, staring at this lofty character.

This man, was none other than the master of the Lifelong Realm, a realm that spanned countless territories. He possessed boundless authority, this entire realm belonged to him.

To countless people, their hearts were only filled with worship and respect towards the Lifelong Realmlord.

Countless people bowed willingly, their respect was from the depths of their hearts. When Qin Wentian saw this, his heart trembled. Everyone in the world would always admire those standing at the peak. Only by possessing supreme strength would you have a supreme position, allowing you to look down on the world as the masses paid their respect to you. However, who would know what the Lifelong Realmlord’s personality was like? Ordinary people would never be able to come in contact with him. They wouldn’t have any direct connection with him either. To the people of the world. He was a character that lives only in the legends, an existence where no one could touch. He was the symbol of their faith, their god.

And today, what he wanted to do was to knock the Lifelong Realmlord who was the symbol of faith, this divinity of the Lifelong Realm, off his divine pestedal.

The Lifelong Realmlord waved his hands, listening to the greetings by everyone as well as the awe, respect and reverence in their eyes made him feel extremely satisfied. This was the feeling of power, this was also where the charm in absolute strength lies in.

Why did people of the world chase after strength?

Because, only if you are strong enough would you be able to obtain a supreme and lofty position, enjoying the worship and respect of those below you, controlling immense amount of authority, embracing the beauties in the world. This entire realm was his, as long as he wanted a woman, he could directly take her for himself.

The Lifelong Realmlord was a pragmatic individual. He enjoyed authority, status and loved to be worshiped by others. He was fond of the satisfaction of having such immense power.

However, when his gaze turned to the direction of the Lifire Palace, when he saw Qin Wentian and Beiming Youhuang who was seated beside Qin Wentian, the sense of satisfaction faded away, replaced instantly by humiliation. This was a black mark on his reputation. The lofty and supreme him was actually humiliated by the lies of his subordinates? This was something he could not accept.

In the Lifelong Realm, he was the emperor. Only he had the authority to humiliate others, no one else had the qualifications to do this to him.

“Sit.” The Lifelong Realmlord calmly spoke, he no longer gazed in Qin Wentian’s direction.

“Many thanks Realmlord.” Everyone bowed before they sat down. The Skyair Palace Lord also left the Realmlord’s side and went to the treasured thrones arranged for the respective palace lords.

“Another hundred years have passed. During these hundred years, I have to still thank everyone for helping me manage the territories of the nine world palaces.” The Lifelong Realmlord laughed. “Let the banquet commence.”

As the sound of his voice faded, the countless beautiful female servers of the Lifelong Sainthall stepped out and started to serve the dishes.

The scene was extremely harmonious and lively, things were as flourishing as those banquets in the past. There seemed to be no difference at all. Everyone naturally didn’t realize that the Desolate Heaven Palace Lord seemed to be much calmer than before. The Xuanyuan Palace Lord also didn’t say much, not even greeting the other palace lords.

“All of us has received kindness from Realmlord, it’s only natural that we would do our best to manage the territories on behalf of Master.” The Skyair Palace Lord was still the first one to speak as was before. Everyone responded in agreement, the Lifelong Realmlord smiled and nodded his head. “A hundred years ago, the dances by the Red Dust Immortal Palace were so beautiful that even empires would topple. I wonder if everyone still remembered the mesmerizing dancer those years ago?”

As the sound of his voice faded, those who knew of some things, felt their hearts shudder. Those who didn’t know anything were bewildered as they glanced left and right. The mesmerizing dancer from a hundred years ago? Who was she?

People started to whisper to each other in discussion and soon after, many people recalled that the identity of the most outstanding dancer in the grand banquet a hundred years ago. It was rumored that it was precisely because of her that the previous Lifire Palace Lord died.

Ye Qianyu was now the new Lifire Palace Lord’s woman. When Qin Wentian first became the Lifire Palace Lord, the Realmlord freed Ye Qianyu and bestowed her to him.

And now, Ye Qianyu could be said to be the Palace Mistress of the Lifire Palace.

However, in such an occasion, the Lifelong Realmlord wanted Ye Qianyu to become a dancer?

What was the underlying meaning of this?

The hearts of many people trembled. Some experts of the major powers revealed sharpness in their gazes. It was rumored that the Realmlord wasn’t very happy with Qin Wentian. Seems like the rumors were true.

“Everyone, all of you are right. This beautiful dancer is none other than the woman the Lifire Palace Lord is in love with. Back then because he liked her, I bestowed her to him.” The Lifelong Realmlord continued to smile. “Speaking of which, I also feel somewhat reluctant. Her dance is simply too mesmerizing, causing me to sink in admiration. Those years ago, I would often ask her to dance alone for me to watch, helping me to relieve my boredom. If it wasn’t because Palace Lord Qin is in love with her, I would surely have been unwilling to give her over.”

“This is Master’s conferring a reward to Palace Lord Qin, Palace Lord Qin will naturally note this down with gratitude in his heart.” The Skyair Palace Lord laughed. Many people had strange expressions on their faces. There was no doubt that this did sound like a kindness from the Lifelong Realmlord to Qin Wentian. But saying this information out in public now was like the Lifelong Realmlord completely didn’t want to give Qin Wentian any face. It can be said that he was trampling on the Lifire Palace Lord’s pride.

“Palace Lord Qin. Today, this seat is prepared to borrow Ye Qianyu, asking her to dance her mesmerizing dance for the enjoyment of all. It’s okay with you, right?” The Lifelong Realmlord smiled as he asked!



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