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AGM – Chapter 1642 – Not Qin Wentian?

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Chapter 1642: Not Qin Wentian?

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The Lifire Empyrean’s expression turned heavy. It was very rare for him to act in this manner in front of his subordinates. But it seemed that somebody was intent on challenging his bottom line.

If this deed was really done by Qin Wentian, there would only be one ending for Qin Wentian.

Upon thinking until here, the eyes of the Lifire Empyrean flashed with killing intent.

Clearly, the Lifire Empyrean had already assumed it was Qin Wentian who killed the Jialan Monarch. Other than Qin Wentian, he truly couldn’t think of anyone else who would take the risk to kill a monarch of the Lifire Palace.

If it was a real bandit, he could have just plundered the mines, why was there a need to kill a monarch? That would only anger those above the monarch to investigate this matter even more deeply. To bandits, there simply wasn’t any benefits in doing this.

There were very few people with such strength that could kill the Jialan Monarch, and also for people with such a motive. Only one person came to mind, it was that man who was once a bandit, the northern governor of the Lifire Palace, Qin Wentian.

“Don’t speak nonsense. I believe that the people under me would know how to act within the norms.” The Lifire Empyrean had a heavy expression as he spoke. It appeared as though the person before him had offended him with his words. This caused that person to tremble in fear. He was an immortal emperor but was now almost grovelling on the ground. The formless pressure from the Lifire Empyrean caused him to feel stifled.

“Your subordinate knows my mistake.” That person spoke in a low voice.

“It’s good that you know.” The Lifire Empyrean calmly spoke. “Men, immediately send people to each of the governor’s manors and gather the governors. Tell them to come here for a meeting at the Lifire Palace immediately.”

The eyes of everyone flashed with sharpness after they heard it. The Lifire Empyrean was still the most intelligent. Although he publicly said not to suspect someone, but in truth, he immediately informed his men to gather the governors here for a meeting?

A meeting? To discuss what?

The Lifire Empyrean most probably wanted to see if each of the governors were inside their respective governor’s manors or not.

“Yes.” Some of his subordinates instantly sped towards each of the governor’s manors. In fact, they didn’t even send a message using the messaging crystals. They wanted to personally head to the governor’s manors to take a look, only then would they know if the governors were present or not. This is what the Lifire Empyrean wanted to know. Those who worked for him naturally needed to know the Lifire Empyrean’s thoughts. There was no need to speak too clearly for some things.

Not long after, somebody reported that the clan leader of the Jialan Clan, Jialan Yuntian, brought some of his family members here to pay a visit. The Lifire Empyrean naturally wouldn’t reject. After all, the Jialan Monarch was from the Jialan Clan. It’s only natural that his clan members would come.

After a few moments, Jialan Yuntian led his entourage and came to the great hall, all of them staring at the corpse on the ground.

Only to see Jialan Yuntian walking forward, he came to the side of the corpse. His fists were clenched as veins popped out of his neck. At this instant, it seemed like he aged several times.

Kneeling down, Jialan Yuntian gently touched the Jialan Monarch’s face. The eyes of the leader of the mighty Jialan Clan, were actually red at this moment.

Regardless if the Jialan Monarch had disappointed him or not, this was still his son. Also, his martial talent had always been outstanding or it would be impossible to allow the Jialan Monarch to have such heavy responsibilities. However, this outstanding son of his had now become a cold corpse lying on the ground.

The eyes of everyone from the Jialan Clan all turned scarlet, flashing with rage. Their killing intent permeated the atmosphere. No matter what was the relationship between the Jialan Monarch and them, all of them still ultimately belonged to the Jialan Clan. The Jialan Monarch was still considered a very important member of the clan.

But now, he was actually killed by someone.

“Palace lord, what is going on?” Jialan Yuntian’s voice trembled, he did his best to maintain the calmness of his tone.

“Tell everything you told me to the Jialan Clan Leader.” The Lifire Empyrean glanced at the immortal emperor who came here to make a report. That immortal emperor nodded, he stepped out and repeated what he said before. After hearing his words, the killing intent released by the Jialan Clan’s members grew even stronger. One of them then snarled, “It must be him. Other than Qin Wentian, there are no others.”

“That’s right, only he has enough strength and motives to do this. He used to be a bandit as well.” Another person agreed. It was evident that the first thought everyone would have after hearing the story, would be to suspect Qin Wentian.

“Shut up.” Jialan Yuntian berated, his voice was like ice. This caused many to glance at Jialan Yuntian, feeling somewhat puzzled.

Their Jialan Clan had shown goodwill many times to Qin Wentian but Qin Wentian had always ignored them. In fact, he even threatened them at Jialan Qiuyue’s grand banquet before, saying that the Jialan Monarch must die.

Right now, the Jialan Monarch had truly died. Other than Qin Wentian, who else could his killer be?

When they thought of this, the people of the Jialan Clan felt even more enraged. This bastard. They had already treated Qin Wentian with extreme benevolence and had never made things difficult for him since a very long time ago, wanting to mend their relationship. But Qin Wentian still eventually made his move against them.

“Palace lord, please don’t blame my members from shooting their mouths off.” Jialan Yuntian bowed and apologized. He naturally also suspected Qin Wentian but no matter what, Qin Wentian was still a governor of the Lifire Palace. Without sufficient evidence, it wasn’t their place to directly call Qin Wentian out, naming him as the killer. Also, back then in Lifelong City, the Realmlord had personally said that he wouldn’t mind Qin Wentian’s past background as a bandit.

“Qin Wentian is the northern governor of my Lifire Palace. It’s best you all pay attention to your words or don’t blame this seat for punishing some of you. With regards to the Jialan Monarch’s death, I’ll naturally investigate it all the way till the end. Regardless who the culprit is, I’ll execute him for sure.” The Lifire Empyrean coldly spoke, his voice was also filled with a heavy killing intent. This caused the hearts of the Jialan Clan’s members to shudder. They finally understood Jialan Yuntian’s meaning.

After all, they had never been on good terms with the Lifire Empyrean. They mustn’t give him any thing that could be used against them.

Slandering a governor wasn’t a minor incident. Although they felt that Qin Wentian was the killer, there was no proof as of now.

“I’ve already spread the word to the various governors, telling them to come here for a meeting to investigate this matter.” The Lifire Empyrean’s tone turned slightly warmer as he calmly spoke. The eyes of the people from the Jialan Clan flashed. The Lifire Empyrean has already summoned the various governors here?

In that case, they would soon know if Qin Wentian is in his governor’s manor or not.

Since that was the case, they would simply wait here.

Time flowed by, the atmosphere now in the Lifire Palace felt extremely heavy. The death of a monarch definitely wasn’t a minor thing. In addition, the monarch was killed by a bandit.

Very swiftly, this news circulated throughout Lifire City. For a period of time, a commotion shook the entire city, many people were discussing about this matter.

The Jialan Monarch had actually died.

Below the Lifire Empyrean, there’s a grand governor, five city governor as well as nine monarchs. In truth, a monarch can be considered to be truly ruling over their territories. They control many mines and had immense power and authority, with many more minor cities under them. The cultivation resources they would be able to obtain far surpassed what a governor could. Even the grand governor cannot compare to them in terms of obtaining resources.

But the Jialan Monarch of the Jialan Clan was actually killed by a bandit.

This matter caused rumors to circulate all around and many people started guessing at the identity of the killer. Many of them couldn’t help but to think of the northern governor Qin Wentian. Undoubtedly, he had the greatest suspicion on him.

There were even people who sighed in admiration. Governor Qin Wentian was truly an absolute genius. In the past, he defied orders and appeared in Lifelong City, startling everyone with his combat prowess. Now, he even assumed the mantle of a bandit again and killed the Jialan Monarch. This was just too crazy.

The various governors all soon arrived at the Lifire Palace. Beauty Xiao had her brows furrowed. She used her messaging crystal to contact Qin Wentian but Qin Wentian didn’t reply, causing her to curse at his impulsiveness. Killing the Jialan Monarch at this moment, wasn’t that simply courting death? This act would undoubtedly completely enrage the Lifire Empyrean. Once the investigation is carried out and he is found to be the culprit, the Lifire Empyrean will definitely execute him first before making a report upwards to the Lifelong Saint Hall.

Killing a monarch…Even if he executes Qin Wentian, there would be nothing the Realmlord could say.

Grand Governor Zhuge Xiong was the first person to arrive at the Lifire Palace. After that, Lin Ba, followed by Sun Qian who replaced Xia Hou, and then Beauty Xiao and Yin Qiu. Other than Qin Wentian, all the governors were present.

Upon seeing this, Beauty Xiao’s smile turned slightly stiff. That fellow actually didn’t show up?

The people from the Jialan Clan all frowned, even the Lifire Empyrean’s expression was ice-cold. Was it really Qin Wentian?

If this was really the case, Qin Wentian better not blame him.

Finally, the immortal emperor who headed to the northern governor’s manor finally returned. He even brought an additional person back with him. The Lifire Empyrean’s expression turned completely dark when he saw this. That immortal emperor walked towards him and bowed, “Reporting to Palace Lord, Governor Qin isn’t in his governor’s manor.”

“RUMBLE!” Many people from the Jialan Clan unleashed terrifying killing intent. The eyes of Jialan Yuntian flickered with sharpness. Was it really Qin Wentian?

The Lifire Empyrean radiated coldness, just as he was about to speak, that immortal emperor continued, “However, the people of the governor’s manor said that Governor Qin just left not long ago. He said that he wanted to head out to temper himself and if there are no major matters, they were not to disturb him. Hence, I intentionally brought an attendant from the northern governor’s manor back here.”

“Mhm?” The eyes of everyone flashed when they heard this. The people from the Jialan Clan frowned. The Lifire Empyrean glanced at the attendant and asked, “When did Governor Qin leave?”

“Reporting to Palace Lord, it was roughly about two hours ago.” That person replied while trembling with trepidation. The group before him were all people with extremely high status, there was also the Jialan Monarch’s corpse lying on the ground. He clearly sensed that something was wrong.

“He intentionally informed you about this before he left?” The Lifire Empyrean asked.

“Not only me, many people in the governor’s manor knew this. At that time, Governor Qin directly walked out of the governor’s manor and told us that he will be heading out to temper himself as he soared through the air. Everyone personally saw this.” That attendant didn’t dare to hesitate as he honestly replied.

The Lifire Empyrean turned his gaze back to the immortal emperor who went to the northern region. That emperor nodded, “Palace Lord, this is true. Everyone in the northern governor’s manor can confirm this fact. They all saw Governor Qin leaving.”

The Lifire Empyrean’s expression changed continuously. Could it be that he was mistaken? He believed that no one in the governor’s manor would be so bold to lie to him together. If this really was the case, he would be able to find the truth once he investigated. No one would be so foolish.

Could it actually not be Qin Wentian?

As he thought of this, the Lifire Empyrean’s expression turned warmer. It was good if the killer wasn’t Qin Wentian. At the very least, it meant that Qin Wentian didn’t challenge his bottom line.

“Palace Lord, although Governor Qin says not to disturb him unless there are major matters, I believe that if you issue a summons, he would return here immediately.” That attendant bowed.

The Lifire Empyrean fell silent. After that, he spoke, “No need. Since Governor Qin has something important to do, just let him settle his matters first.”



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