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AGM – Chapter 1639 – News from Youhuang

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Chapter 1639: News from Youhuang

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In an ordinary courtyard of the Lifelong Saint Hall, Ye Qianyu was quietly lying down, her alluring frame was extremely tempting.

For these past tens of years, she and some other maidens from the Red Dust Immortal Palace was imprisoned in the Lifelong Saint Hall and they were forbidden from taking a step out from here. Occasionally, when the Realmlord was in the mood, he would summon them to admire their dance. Although they were not being asked to do miscellaneous things like servants, they actually might very well choose to do miscellaneous tasks instead of being treated as a dancer.

Sometimes, Ye Qianyu also wanted to rebel. But she knew that given how high the existence of the Lifelong Realmlord was, he could take her life away with just a single sentence. Also, she still wanted to wait for someone to mature. Let’s see how many years the Lifelong Realmlord can admire their dance for.

Every time after a period of time, Ye Qianyu’s mind would ring out with Qin Wentian’s voice. Her messaging crystal was confiscated, the immortal sense she infused into it could now only receive messages, but she could not send any out. This has become the motivation for her to continue living. She knew that there was someone longing for her out there. Qin Wentian’s messaging crystal had her immortal sense, so he knew that she would be able to hear his message although she couldn’t reply. Qin Wentian would also frequently chat with her. Naturally, it was a one-way conversation.

At this moment, footsteps rang out. Ye Qianyu still laid there lazily, she opened her eyes and looked at the person who appeared. After that, a countenance that wasn’t in anyway inferior to her in terms of beauty appeared in her vision.

“You came.” Ye Qianyu spoke, “Please feel free to take a seat.”

“Does he know the Lifelong Realmlord is treating you like this?” Beiming Youhuang’s cold voice rang out. During these years, she has always been in the Lifelong Saint Hall. The Lifelong Realmlord personally gave the order for her to remain here and the Lifire Empyrean didn’t dare to disobey. From then on, she has been stationed here. Many people spread rumors saying that she, Beiming Youhuang, has obtained the trust and recognition of the Lifelong Realmlord, there were even other rumors saying that the Realmlord admires her and wanted to woo her. Naturally, she didn’t know any of these, no one would dare to tell her such things.

Even now, Beiming Youhuang had no idea why the Lifelong Realmlord brought her to the Lifelong Saint Hall. She knew that Qin Wentian displayed outstanding talent in the grand banquet, defeating the supreme and transcendent immortal emperors from the other world palaces completely. However, she didn’t understand why the Lifelong Realmlord summoned her here after that and also frequently made Ye Qianyu dance for him. This was a mark of disrespect to Ye Qianyu, and there was no way the Lifelong Realmlord wouldn’t know about this. In addition, Qin Wentian clearly stated that he participated in the grand banquet back then just for Ye Qianyu. The Lifelong Realmlord clearly knew this, but why was he still doing this?

Beiming Youhuang didn’t know anything about all this. She had no way to guess at the Lifelong Realmlord’s intention. The thoughts of major characters were extremely hard to fathom.

“Do you know why the Realmlord is doing this?” Beiming Youhuang asked.

“You don’t even know why he is making you stay here, how would I know of his intentions.” Ye Qianyu glanced at Beiming Youhuang. Clearly, this wasn’t the first time the two had chatted.

“Maybe, he makes you do this because your dance is too beautiful and he admires it. However, everyone in the Lifelong Realm knows Qin Wentian participated in the grand banquet for you and it clearly wouldn’t be good for the Realmlord to cut in and snatch you. Hence, he only made you dance for him.” Beiming Youhuang calmly analysed. If not, she truly had no other ideas. However, she wasn’t clear at all to her own situation.

“Didn’t you try asking him?” Ye Qianyu smiled.

Beiming Youhuang started. It has been a long time since she communicated with Qin Wentian.

“Why should I? Don’t tell me I should tell him about your bitter experiences here?” Beiming Youhuang spoke.

“You didn’t ask him because you know that once you asked, he would inquire about my situation and learn about what I’m experiencing. He will hate the Lifelong Realmlord and might act impulsively and encounter troubles. Hence, you rather chose not to tell him that you are also in the Lifelong Saint Hall, right?” Ye Qianyu’s beautiful eyes stared at Beiming Youhuang as she smiled. “You are in love with him, right?”

Beiming Youhuang’s beautiful eyes froze. After that, she stood up and turned around to leave.

When she saw this scene, Ye Qianyu smiled. She then spoke out, “Back then, he was already impulsive once for you and fell into danger. Hence, you don’t dare to tell him because you are afraid that he might be impulsive for me too, creating trouble that he cannot handle, right?”

Beiming Youhuang’s steps didn’t slow, she quickly disappeared from the area. Ye Qianyu glanced at her back and mumbled, “This fellow must have caused many poor ladies in Lifire City to have fallen for him.”

At this moment, Qin Wentian wasn’t in Lifire City, he was roaming around the streets in Heavenly City.

This place was the territory of Ye Qianyu’s Thousand Feather Palace back then. It has now become a transaction pavilion. Upon seeing Qin Wentian, the beautiful serving girl saw his extraordinary demeanor and smiled at him, “Sir, what do you need? I can make some recommendations.”

“I’m just casually strolling around.” Qin Wentian smiled. His originally handsome appearance was extremely dazzling when he smiled. That serving girl was completely stunned. Her heart pounded. Right now, Qin Wentian’s demeanor was simply too attractive. She knew that he was an extraordinary character the moment she saw him.

“Okay. Let me bring you around then.” The serving girl gently smiled.

“It’s fine, I can stroll around on my own.” Qin Wentian laughed and walked away. A look of disappointment appeared on the serving girl’s face as she stared at Qin Wentian’s departing back.

Qin Wentian then headed to the inner halls of the Thousand Feathers Palace, but now, everything inside was already changed. He walked to Ye Qianyu’s bedroom, and entered the secret courtyard through it, coming to the place where Ye Qianyu once built a cultivation platform for him as he looked down at the majestic Heavenly City.

“Who are you?” Someone coldly spoke. After that, several immortal emperors appeared here, all of them icily staring at Qin Wentian. “Sir, this is private property. You cannot enter without permission.”

“My apologies, I stayed in the area before hence I’m just walking around.” Qin Wentian smiled. The immortal emperors could sense Qin Wentian’s extraordinary demeanor and they couldn’t see through his cultivation base. They didn’t know what they should do but at this moment, Qin Wentian spoke again, “Just allow me to sit here for a while, I won’t do anything and will leave soon after that. Sorry for the disturbance.”

After he spoke, Qin Wentian ignored them and sat down like there was no one here. He took out a flask of wine and began to lie down, enjoying the wine alone. In his mind, Ye Qianyu from the past was here as well. Right now, he had completely no idea how Ye Qianyu was.

Those immortal emperors left, but they didn’t go too far. They stayed outside the courtyard and was using immortal sense to look at Qin Wentian.

The gentle wind gusted, he wasn’t drunk from the wine but was drunk from the past memories he had of this place instead.

Those years ago, Ye Qianyu and him were both lying on the ground here, staring at the majestic city beneath them. A trace of loneliness could now be felt from his aura.

The Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms were truly boundlessly vast, he encountered many people here but the one that left him with the deepest impression, was none other than Ye Qianyu.

Maybe, Beiming Yopuhuang as well. But Beiming Youhuang wasn’t someone from the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms.

“Are you doing well?” At this moment, a voice rang out in his mind. Qin Wentian started, feeling like he had imagined the voice. He immediately took out his messaging crystal and sent his immortal sense in. He located a particular strand and asked, “Youhuang?”

“Mhm, how are you?” A gentle voice rang out. Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed with a smile, “I was just thinking of you, who would have thought that you would message me the moment I did so. I’m fine, what about you? Did the Lifire Empyrean station you somewhere instead? Why don’t I see you every time I head to the Lifire Palace?”

“I’m in the Lifelong Saint Hall.” Beiming Youhuang replied. Qin Wentian’s gaze froze. He placed the flask of wine down and sat up slowly. “Why would you be there? Did something happen?”

“That year after you displayed your brilliance at the banquet, the Lifelong Realmlord transferred me from the Lifire Palace to here. From that time onwards, I’ve always been here. The Lifire Empyrean also broke off all connections with me as though I’ve suddenly become someone from the Lifelong Saint Hall.” Beiming Youhuang spoke. From her words, he could tell that she didn’t know what the reason behind this was.

Qin Wentian’s heart pounded madly as many theories appeared in his mind. He thought about the Gemini Palace Lords and Emperor Yi.

There’s only a possibility why the Lifelong Realmlord would know of Beiming Youhuang. It was because of him. The Realmlord must have investigated him and learned that Beiming Youhuang was his ‘senior apprentice sister.’ Since the Realmlord knows that he was a successor of Emperor Yi, the Realmlord must have transferred Beiming Youhuang to the Lifelong Saint Hall for that reason.

“Did the Lifelong Realmlord ask you any questions? For example, did he ask about the relationship between us and who our master is?” Qin Wentian asked.

Beiming Youhuang fell silent, as she thought back. After that, she replied, “Sometimes when he asked me for a chat, I don’t know if he is hinting at things or not, but he didn’t ask me for any specifics.”

It was Qin Wentian’s turn to fall silent. After a few moments, he asked again, “Have you seen Ye Qianyu?”

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask this question.” Beiming Youhuang immediately replied. “I met her not long ago. For some reason, the Lifelong Realmlord didn’t really treat her with respect. Although he didn’t make things difficult for her, he would…frequently make her dance for him.”

Qin Wentian’s expression instantly changed, becoming unsightly after he heard that. Those years ago, he participated in the grand banquet solely for Ye Qianyu. This was something everyone knew. However, by doing this, this wasn’t just the Realmlord showing no respect for Ye Qianyu, it was also a show of disdain to Qin Wentian, telling him that he didn’t give a damn about him. Naturally, as the high-up and lofty Realmlord of this realm, there was no need for him to care about an existence like Qin Wentian. So what if Qin Wentian was talented? He was ultimately nothing more than an immortal emperor.

“I only tell you about this now because I was worried that you would be impulsive. Ye Qianyu says that she believes in you, that you won’t be the same as in the past.” Beiming Youhuang slowly spoke. Qin Wentian started again, he thought back to the past where he impulsively rushed into Jialan Emperor City for the sake of Beiming Youhuang, leading to Ye Qianyu’s capture. From then on, Beiming Youhuang was restricted in her movements, trapped inside the Lifire Palace. And now, she was transferred to the Lifelong Saint Hall. All of these happened because of his impulsiveness.

“I will take note.” Qin Wentian drew in a deep breath.

“Mhm, I’ll leave first. Take care.” Beiming Youhuang muttered irresolutely to herself before she replied.

“Youhuang, you have to take care too. Let me know immediately if something happens to you in the Lifelong Saint Hall.” Qin Wentian replied. Beiming Youhuang didn’t reply to that. Qin Wentian kept his messaging crystal and turned his sights into the horizons. Abruptly, an intense cold intent radiated from him, instantly enveloping his surroundings. Those immortal emperors outside felt their hearts pounding with terror as they looked at him. They felt incomparably stifled.

A beam of light flashed and Qin Wentian’s silhouette disappeared. After he vanished, the immortal emperors appeared at the place he was in. They exchanged glances and spoke in low voices, “That man is extremely terrifying!”



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