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AGM – Chapter 1638 – No Fortune to Enjoy the Grace of Beauties

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Chapter 1638: No Fortune to Enjoy the Grace of Beauties

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The original central governor of Lifire City vanished, as did three aristocrat clans.

Before this, Di Tian hosted a banquet and had clearly stated his intentions, saying that he wanted to investigate the past incident and settle the debts. However, no one expected Di Tian to be so tyrannical at that time. To think he was so decisive and ruthless.

In addition, from the looks of things, the Lifire Empyrean truly allowed him to do what he wanted. Despite moving against Xia Hou, the Lifire Empyrean didn’t interfere at all. Xia Hou clearly wasn’t Di Tian’s opponent. He who had reigned supreme in the central city regions for so many years, had his position removed. His current whereabouts were also unknown.

Not long after, the Lifire Palace sent an expert to officially take over the central governor’s manor. This new governor was named Sun Qian and was a peak-stage immortal emperor who had cultivated for many years. He was a follower of the Lifire Empyrean before this. Sun Qian always had a smile on his face and seemed very amicable. After taking over, he immediately went to the Emperor Pavilion to pay a visit. Right now, the governors of Lifire City had come to a mutual consensus. If they wished to retain their positions as governors, the best thing to do was to forge a good relationship with Di Tian.

After all, who didn’t have some information that could be used against them floating out there somewhere? What if Commander Di Tian wanted to investigate their past?

Xia Hou’s incident made Yin Qiu feel extreme regret. So it turned out that it was useless even if he had expressed his stance, Di Tian would still do what he wanted to and in an extremely decisively manner. He had offended Di Tian for no rhyme or reason at all and had to tuck his tail between his legs now as the days passed, keeping a low profile. He didn’t know if Di Tian would resent him and move against him someday like how he did to Xia Hou.

After these, the Emperor Pavilion’s development was naturally as smooth as flowing water.

The Emperor Pavilion started to recruit from all regions, providing a high salary and many benefits. After all, the Emperor Pavilion could really afford it now. Just the fact that the Emperor Pavilion need not pay tax, it was already sufficient for the Emperor Pavilion to hire many experts. The experts sent from the other major powers to help Di Tian by taking important positions in the Emperor Pavilion, were gradually replaced by the Emperor Pavilion’s own people. Di Tian slowly regained complete control of his business.

Also, everyone knew that this was merely the beginning.

Just like what everyone expected, with the Realmlord’s support and having no need to pay tax, also in addition to Di Tian’s position as the supervisory commander, who in Lifire City would dare to cross Di Tian? After a short tens of years, the Emperor Pavilion has already become a major power with businesses everywhere, including the northern city regions where Qin Wentian and the Jialan Clan resides.

The Jialan Clan had always been extremely supportive of Di Tian. They maintained their friendly relations and Di Tian did the same as well. Jialan Qiuyue would frequently come over to the Emperor Pavilion to find Di Tian to chat. In fact, Jialan Chen would even personally pay a visit and hint to Di Tian about him and Jialan Qiuyue’s relationship.

However, although Di Tian and Jialan Qiuyue seemed very close, he continued to feign ignorance towards the Jialan Clan’s hints, causing Jialan Qiuyue to always shoot him looks of hidden resentment. A peak-level beauty shooting such gazes at him every time, Di Tian really couldn’t bear it. His grudge with the Jialan Clan was no longer so intense. Naturally, with the exception of the Jialan Monarch, he wouldn’t forget Ye Qianyu who was being imprisoned in the Lifelong Saint Hall now just because of how friendly Jialan Qiuyue was. In any case, if there was no Jialan Monarch, many things wouldn’t have happened.

Seeing the Jialan Clan ‘making a move’ to corner Di Tian, the Mo Clan was also extremely anxious. They urged Mo Junyi to be closer to Di Tian and she must not lose out to Jialan Qiuyue. But as the princess of a clan, how could she take the initiative to express her love for Di Tian? She would at most silently hint at things through her actions. With the two beauties acting like this, Di Tian felt that he had no fortune to enjoy the grace of the two beauties.

Time slowly passed as the Emperor Pavilion grew more and more every day. However, this was insignificant. As long as the Lifire Empyrean still sits at the peak, the Lifire Palace would still be the old Lifire Palace. Nothing will change too much.

Also, compared to the high-profile actions of Di Tian, Qin Wentian who had also displayed his brilliance those years ago, was much more low-profile. He acted in the same manner as the past, silently cultivating, showing no interest for external things. The Jialan Clan also sent people many times to invite him, wanting to repair their relationship. However, they couldn’t even manage to meet with Qin Wentian.

Some people guessed that maybe, Qin Wentian wasn’t even inside the governor’s manor and was out tempering himself somewhere. After all, no one would dare to cause any trouble in the northern city regions any longer. The tyrannical actions Qin Wentian took to deal with the Ancient River Auction House those years ago was still fresh on everyone’s mind. In addition, the Jialan Clan was no longer prepared to continue to make things difficult for Qin Wentian. Who else would dare to create trouble?

Naturally, for the contribution day held once every ten years at the Lifire Palace, Qin Wentian would still always punctually appear. Compared to Di Tian, Qin Wentian could be said to have given plenty of face to the Lifire Empyrean. He was acting just like when he was in the Lifelong Saint Hall, performing his duties remarkably. Even if the Lifire Empyrean was jealous and was on guard against him, it wasn’t too good for him to really do anything towards Qin Wentian. Maybe, the small kinks in their relationship could be slowly smoothed away by time.

Regardless of Di Tian or Qin Wentian, in the perspective of the Lifire Empyrean, their actions were true to their personalities and seemed very normal.

Di Tian accomplished his ambitions, he was rewarded personally by the Realmlord and enjoyed special authority in the Lifire Palace. It was very normal that his actions were high profile. Even when Di Tian didn’t give him face sometimes, the Lifire Empyrean brushed it off to Di Tian’s personality. In any case, there wasn’t any real conflict between them. Even if Di Tian really obtained the Realmlord’s favor in the future and was moved to a higher position, it wouldn’t really affect him much. Hence, this was why he was very lenient towards Di Tian. With regards to this point, even Di Tian had to admit it.

Qin Wentian was very normal as well. Because of his relationship with Ye Qianyu, in addition to the fact that he defied orders and went to the Lifelong Saint Hall back then, Qin Wentian was very clear of his boundaries after they came back. He did things in a low profile, accomplishing his duties and mostly kept to himself.

The river of time would never cease flowing. Unknowingly, tens of years passed. During this period of time, Lifire City was still the same old Lifire City. The only difference was that a supreme major power has been born – the Emperor Pavilion.

After several years of development, the Emperor Pavilion had truly become a terrifying power. Branches of the Emperor Pavilion could be found throughout Lifire City, no longer limited to any city regions. There were branches to be found in all the five regions now.

Right now, the Emperor Pavilion’s businesses were no longer restricted to auction houses and transaction grounds. They even expanded into the restaurant and inn industry, as well as miscellaneous tasks such as inscribing formations. The number of experts the Emperor Pavilion controlled had far exceeded the number of experts each governor’s manor had. With such a large business, it was only natural many people needed to sustain it. With how popular the Emperor Pavilion was, they also had sufficient resources to hire people. If Di Tian married and had kids, maybe a thousand years later, the Emperor Pavilion would become a supreme aristocrat clan.

Hence, during recent years, Di Tian encountered many speechless things. Many major powers sent their young misses over to the Emperor Pavilion clearly for the intention of asking for marriage. They even openly hinted that it was fine if Di Tian wanted to take the maidens as his concubines. After encountering such incidents several times, Di Tian no longer met with the major powers who wanted to push this agenda.

This caused many to feel bewildered. Grandmaster Di Tian already has fame and accomplishments. Why did he push all the maidens who were trying to get close to him so far away?

Leaving aside Jialan Qiuyue who was a peak beauty, even the young miss of the Mo Clan, Mo Junyi, was also a rare beauty. Also, all the maidens they sent to the Emperor Pavilion were all outstanding in both talent and beauty. How would they dare to send ordinary women over?

For others who had the same level of accomplishments as Di Tian, it was extremely normal for them to be surrounded by a bevy of beauties. However, Di Tian didn’t even accept a single one. Even if he didn’t want to marry or take concubines, it shouldn’t be a problem to keep them by his side, right? The major powers wouldn’t have any opinions about that. As long as Di Tian accepted the maidens they sent, at the very least, the maidens should be able to be his concubines in terms of status, right?

Could it be that Grandmaster Di Tian already has someone in his heart? If not, why wouldn’t he even not want to marry the princess of the Jialan Clan, Jialan Qiuyue?

Today, in the headquarters of the Emperor Pavilion in the central city regions, the size of this business had expanded numerous times and was incomparably prosperous. In the courtyard Di Tian was in, the environment was extremely elegant and tranquil. This place was designed by Mo Junyi personally for him and wasn’t a place anyone could enter as they wanted to. Even peak-stage immortal emperors had to report their arrival first.

However, there was a maiden standing in the courtyard now. She was incomparably beautiful and had a hint of nobility in her aura. She was none other than Jialan Qiuyue.

“Qiuyue, why are you so free to come over.” Di Tian smiled as he asked.

“I encountered a troublesome matter and wanted to take a walk here.” Jialan Qiuyue had a hint of bitter resentment in her eyes when she glanced at Di Tian. It has been over ten years and their relationship was already extremely close.

“Oh? Tell me about it.” Di Tian sat in front of Jialan Qiuyue.

“Do you still remember the Xuanyuan Clan we met in the Lifelong Saint Hall over ten years ago?” Jialan Qiuyue asked.

“I naturally do. The Xuanyuan Clan is extremely strong and they are even one of the world palace lords, how would I forget about them?” Di Tian laughed.

“Someone from the Xuanyuan Clan requested a marriage arrangement through the Lifelong Saint Hall, wanting to match a young genius of their clan with me. It’s not the son of Xuanyuan Hao but someone more outstanding them him.” As she spoke, Jialan Qiuyue’s beautiful eyes stared at Di Tian, feeling trepidation in her heart. In truth, there were no such matter. It was a lie she made up.

“Oh? He wants to marry you?” Di Tian started.

Upon seeing Di Tian’s shock, Jialan Qiuyue’s heart trembled slightly. She seriously nodded, her beautiful eyes filled with a hint of trepidation.

“Qiuyue, congratulations! This is a good thing, why are you troubled about it?” Di Tian suddenly laughed as he seriously spoke. Jialan Qiuyue’s beautiful eyes instantly froze. She stared into Di Tian’s eyes, he didn’t seem to be joking.


This is a good thing?

Her clan has hinted at matters of marriage between them multiple times with Di Tian for so many years but Di Tian didn’t give an open response. She finally drummed up her courage and listened to her clan’s suggestion. She discarded her pride and came here to probe him, yet he offered her his congratulations?

At this moment, Jialan Qiuyue felt incomparably grieved. All her pride and respect was as though they were trampled onto the ground.

“Di Tian, you are a bastard!” This was the first time Jialan Qiuyue cursed at someone. After that, she turned and ran off, her eyes were red, leaving behind a dumbstruck Di Tian!



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