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AGM – Chapter 1637 – Rise of the Emperor Pavilion

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Chapter 1637: Rise of the Emperor Pavilion

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In the central governor’s manor, Xia Hou was pacing about in the great hall, he felt extremely anxious. His subordinates that were brought away still didn’t relay any news back to him. Right now, he was like a deaf person, he was completely ignorant of what was going on in the Emperor Pavilion.

“Di Tian.” Xia Hou’s eyes were filled with killing intent. Those years ago, how could he give a damn about a mere weaponsmith? The central city regions was his territory and his words were law. He can play however he wanted to play. To think that he would actually meet with Di Tian’s revenge today.

At this moment, his eyes suddenly gleamed with sharpness. Turning his head, he glanced at the air only to see many figures suddenly appearing. It was none other than Di Tian and a group of people. Other than Di Tian, the Grand Governor Zhuge Xiong, Lifire Palace’s Protector Chen, and those vice governors and attendants of his central governor’s manor were present.

At this moment, Xia Hou suddenly felt a sense of unease. His heart grew cold as he looked at them. Those figures didn’t descend to the ground, they remained in the air and stared down at him.

“Xia Hou, as the central governor, you actually acted so arrogantly and were in cahoots with the major powers of Lifire City to privately deal with the Emperor Pavilion in your respective region of administration. Do you admit to your guilt?” Zhuge Xiong icily spoke.

“I don’t know what Grand Governor is talking about.” Xia Hou denied.

“IMPUDENT!” Zhuge Xiong berated. “Right now, the evidence is already conclusive, this fact was borne witness to by experts from the various governor’s manor. Your subordinates have revealed everything. Are you still going to deny your crime?”

Xia Hou’s expression turned ugly to the extreme. His icelike gaze turned towards those people standing behind Di Tian. His subordinates all lowered their heads, not daring to match his gaze. They had no choice but to do this. Under that situation, who would dare to lie? The Evil Emperor had been invited over and even if they wanted to lie, they wouldn’t be able to do so. They had no choice for the consequences of lying were too terrible.

“Do you admit to your guilt?” Zhuge Xiong icily asked.

“I will beg for forgiveness from the palace lord.” Xia Hou knew that he could change nothing no matter what he did. He clasped his hands in the direction of the Lifire Palace.

“The palace lord has already given the command to relieve you of your governor’s duties. From now on, you will not be used in any official positions and your responsibilities will temporarily be carried out by vice governor Ji until further arrangements. Xia Hou, come with me to see the palace lord and wait for your punishment.” Protector Chen spoke, causing Xia Hou to turn pale.

From now on, he will never be used in any positions? This was cutting off all future paths for him.

“Commander Di Tian. After returning to the Lifire Palace, the palace lord will naturally heavily punish him. What do you think?” Protector Chen glanced at Di Tian.

“Di Tian will naturally respect all decisions made by our palace lord. Let’s do things according to what palace lord suggests.” Di Tian smiled. Although he understood that nothing would happen to Xia Hou after he went to the Lifire Palace, the Lifire Empyrean still did this for him to see on the surface and crippled Xia Hou’s future. As of now, it wasn’t too good for him to be too forceful and adopt a confrontational posture going against the Lifire Empyrean.

“Mhm.” Protector Chen nodded. He then continued, “Xia Hou, come with us.”

Xia Hou didn’t say anything and prepared to leave with Protector Chen. His ice-like eyes swept towards Di Tian, not bothering to mask his killing intent.

“Governor Ji, you will temporarily replace him as the central governor. Put in all your effort to cooperate with Commander Di.” Zhuge Xiong spoke to the ex-vice governor Jimo. Jimo nodded, “Yes, Grand Governor.”

Zhuge Xiong then led Protector Chen and the others away. Di Tian looked at Jimo and spoke, “Governor Ji, instantly summon all the subordinates within the governor’s manor.”

“Your subordinate hears and obeys.” Jimo clasped his hands.

“Governor Ji, you are already a governor now, you can directly refer to me as Commander Di.” Di Tian laughed. Jimo started before nodding, while he cursed silently in his heart. This fellow crushed Xia Hou just like that. How would he dare to be careless?

“The people of the central governor’s manor assemble here immediately.” Jimo roared. In an instant, the other various vice governors and attendants moved to assemble their subordinates, not daring to be slow at all. Right now, no one dared to offend Di Tian.

Di Tian gazed at the experts below him. These were the troops of the central governor’s manor and were truly much stronger when compared to the northern governor’s manor.

“Governor Ji, command three vice governors to each lead a regiment of troops and head to the Yan, Han and Wei Aristocrat Clans, holding them there. No one from their clans is allowed to go out and they have to cooperate with the governor’s manor fully. For those who dare to disobey, kill them without mercy.” Di Tian spoke. Although the power of the three aristocrat clans is strong, they wouldn’t dare to do anything if the governor’s manor really chose to surround them.

In reality, Di Tian wanted nothing more than the three aristocrat clans resisting. If they did so, he would have a chance to capture them all in one fell swoop, settling everything in one go. Back then, the three aristocrat clans didn’t plan to even give his Emperor Pavilion any chance of survival. Now, Di Tian naturally wouldn’t show mercy.

Jimo led the three vice governors under him and set off to the three aristocrat clans. At the same time, Di Tian sent out a command for other regiments of the central governor’s manor to seize the businesses owned by the three aristocrat clans. Di Tian will personally head there to confiscate the businesses, just like how the Northern Governor Qin Wentian did so when he dealt with the Ancient River Auction House in the past.

A commotion shook the central regions of Lifire City. The incident where Qin Wentian acted in the past, already caused great waves when he moved against a single auction house backed by the Jialan Clan. Right now, Di Tian was actually doing the same thing but he was moving against three great aristocrat clans.

In Lifire City, powerful clans naturally have their own businesses or they wouldn’t be able to survive. How would they be able to sustain the running of the clan given the huge amount of resources needed by each member?

The Yan Clan was a formation-based clan, while the Han and Wei Clans were businesses-based clans. The auction houses and transaction grounds the three clans had, were considered the top-ranking ones in the central city regions. When the governor’s manor sent troops to confiscate the businesses, an earth-shaking commotion was caused. They were met with great resistance. However, Di Tian didn’t merely lead the troops alone. Back then at the banquet he hosted, for those major powers who agreed to support him, Di Tian got them to send their experts to aid him in this, directly placing the experts of the other major powers against the three aristocrat clans.

Although Di Tian obtained the top ranking in the martial competition of Lifelong City, in truth, the strength level of his Emperor Pavilion hasn’t really developed yet. After all, Di Tian just returned. If he wanted to depend on his Emperor Pavilion alone to deal with the three aristocrat clans, it would be akin to using an egg to smash a rock. Hence, Di Tian borrowed strength from those who verbally said that they would support him. He wanted to fight toughness with toughness, instantly allowing everyone in Lifire City to feel that the Emperor Pavilion was the strongest power in Lifire City, simply unexcelled by others.

Not only so, there were also enemies of the three aristocrat clans throwing stones at them when they were down. Within a single day, all the businesses of the three aristocrat clans were closed down and their assets confiscated.

And right now, within the three clans, the clan leaders all felt immense pain and regret. This time, they were really going to encounter a calamity.

Initially, even if the fact that they used dishonorable means to deal with the Emperor Pavilion, the fallout wouldn’t be this big. After all, such a situation was commonly seen in Lifire City when the major powers competed with each other. However, they rammed their toes into Di Tian which was like an iron plate. Di Tian was determined to get revenge no matter what.

The Yan Clan was completely surrounded by the governor manor’s troops. At this moment, a masked figure in black arrived here, standing in the air. His entire being radiated sharpness.

Upon seeing this figure, many of the Yan Clan recalled the time when this man first stepped into their Yan Clan. At that time, Di Tian was merely a junior specializing in the formation arts and came to challenge the Yan Clan’s prestige. At that time, nobody cared about him. It was only until Di Tian defeated their Yan Clan did they start to view him with some regards.

But even so, no one would have expected such a scene would occur now. Di Tian directly led men to confiscate their assets and businesses and was standing high up in the air above the Yan Clan right now.

“Grandmaster Yan Feng, how have you been?” Di Tian peered down from the air, looking at a familiar face.

Yan Feng’s eyes gleamed with sharpness, he stared at Di Tian, “Di Tian, you actually dare to borrow your official position to settle private grudges? You will definitely suffer retribution in the future.”

“Oh?” Di Tian mockingly laughed. “When you guys colluded with Xia Hou to deal with my Emperor Pavilion, pushing me to the dead end, did you all not expect that you would be the ones suffering retribution?

“Grandmaster Yan Feng, I won’t waste words with you. Back then when I came to the Yan Clan for the first time, it was difficult for me to even enter the gate, needing to pass some bullshit trial devised by your clan. But now, things are no longer so troublesome.” Di Tian sarcastically commented. “From today onwards, everything the Yan Clan owned shall be taken away by me. In addition, the Yan Clan will be prohibited from operating any businesses in Lifire City forever. If not, in the future, things wouldn’t be as simple as now, just merely confiscating your assets.”

“Don’t push things too far.” Yan Feng raged. The people of the Yan Clan were all glaring at Di Tian.

“When you guys bullied me, did you all show any mercy?” Di Tian coldly spoke. “In the future, behave yourselves well. If you break the Lifire Palace’s laws as well, you will definitely be severely punished. Farewell.”

“Let’s go.” Di Tian waved his hand, signalling for the troops to retreat. He then led the troops and flew away in another direction.

The people of the Yan Clan all had ashen looks on their faces. If this was the case, there was no longer a way for their Yan Clan to establish dominance in the Lifire Palace’s territories. They had no choice but to migrate away.

A vast aristocrat clan that has no businesses will not be able to sustain themselves. Why would all their guest elders still follow them? How would they nurture their own geniuses?

Di Tian was evidently forcing them away.

The central governor Xia Hou was stripped from his position and would never be placed in official positions again. The three aristocrat clans had their businesses sealed and assets confiscated and were forced to migrate away from Lifire City. This news instantly shook the entire Lifire City, creating tsunami-level of waves of commotion. All this happened because of a single person. Grandmaster Di Tian from the Emperor Pavilion.

For a period of time, Di Tian’s fame surged up into the skies. No one in Lifire City dared to antagonize him. By doing this, he was sending a warning to those who wished to oppose him. No matter if you are a governor or aristocrat clan, you best not offend me.

After a period of time passed, the Emperor Pavilion announced that they would undergo a restructuring due to the influx of assets gained. He also didn’t forget the powers that supported him and he split a share to each of them. Everyone was pleased with this outcome, the Emperor Pavilion didn’t suppress others and only sought to expand itself. There was no need to doubt that not long from now, the Emperor Pavilion would be the largest business in the central city regions. Also, he didn’t need to pay any tax.

Just like what everyone expected, the rise of the Emperor Pavilion was unblockable. It was just that no one had expected Di Tian to use such a tyrannical method and rise so quickly!



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