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AGM – Chapter 1636 – Conclusive Evidence

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Chapter 1636: Conclusive Evidence

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Xia Hou’s expression turned grim. The tension in the air could be palpably felt.

The various vice governors and attendants also understood the status the current Di Tian had. Not coming out would be treated as defiance and he would kill all without mercy? Who gave him such authority? He was clearly using the position given by him by the Realmlord to avenge private grudges while using his public post. However, he did have good reason to do this. If they don’t obey, would Di Tian really kill them all?

Given Di Tian’s terrifying combat prowess as the top ranker in the martial competition, it was probable that even Governor Xia Hou wouldn’t be able to stop him.

“Commander Di Tian, what place do you treat my governor’s manor as?” Xia Hou turned ashen as he asked. If it wasn’t for the fact that he knew he wouldn’t be able to win against Di Tian, he would have already fallen out and started a fight. Right now, he was suppressing all of his emotions.

“I’m doing my job. If they are innocent, I’ll naturally allow them to return and won’t make things difficult for them.” Di Tian spoke. Xia Hou’s expression was extremely sinister. If he allowed Di Tian to bring all of them back to his place, there would surely be trouble. When his people were moved to Di Tian’s territory, how could he still do anything?

“Who knows what sort of methods you would use?” Xia Hou coldly spoke.

“This time, I invited the experts from the grand governor and various governors to act as guards. They can watch the entire process and serve as witnesses. Guard Yun, brief Governor Xia Hou on the details.” An immortal emperor stepped out. Xia Hou glanced at him as his expression turned unsightly. He naturally knew who the head guard of the grand governor’s manor was.

“Governor Xia Hou, the Grand Governor believes Commander Di will carry out the investigation fairly. Please cooperate.” Guard Yun spoke. Xia Hou’s hands were trembling, he was angered to the tipping point. Right now, it was clear that Grand Governor Zhuge Xiong was already on Di Tian’s side.

“Governor Xia Hou, I’ve given you enough face. If you continue to obstruct me, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Di Tian might as well directly threaten. His voice turned cold, “I will give the vice governors and attendants of your central governor’s manor an incense worth of time. If no one comes out, I’ll go in and find them.”

The central governor’s manor was completely shocked. Di Tian was too forceful but the Lifire Empyrean didn’t do anything at all. Even the grand governor was on his side. As for the other governors, it was rumored that Governor Yin Qiu just said a single sentence that went against Di Tian’s opinions and was expelled from the banquet. As for the other governors, all of them sent their men here to support Di Tian. The situation was completely one-sided.

After a few moments, some people came out from the governor’s manor. These were the vice governors and attendants. Di Tian was simply too domineering, they didn’t dare to not show up. If not, just given Xia Hou’s strength, he wouldn’t be able to protect them.

Upon seeing all his men appearing, Xia Hou clenched his fists tightly, feeling incomparably sullen.

Not long after, more and more people appeared. Di Tian glanced at them, “Thank you everyone for your cooperation. Since you are all vice governors and attendants, I’ll give you the respect accorded to your ranks and treat you politely. Please come with me back to the Emperor Pavilion.”

Di Tian turned after he spoke, truly in a polite manner. Everyone glanced at Xia Hou. Xia Hou looked at a few of his men as his eyes shone with the light of a warning.

The news that Di Tian brought everyone away soon swiftly circulated outwards. The entire central city regions were shaken by the commotion. This Grandmaster Di Tian was truly tyrannical and incomparably domineering, directly heading to the central governor’s manor to bring their men away.

The vice governors and attendants of the central governor’s manor were brought to the Emperor Pavilion. Over here, experts were as common as clouds, giving them great pressure. Di Tian glanced at them and asked, “For that incident in the past, I’m sure everyone has already heard of it. Let me ask the first question. Do any of you know who the mastermind is?”

The people here glanced at Di Tian. This fellow wasn’t reserved at all and actually started the questioning so directly, not beating around the bush.

Naturally, nobody replied. How could they possible divulge the truth?

“It’s fine if no one wants to speak. However, if I manage to find out the truth later and if there’s someone intentionally not speaking out despite knowing the truth…” Di Tian smiled at everyone. “I’ll cripple their cultivation bases.”

Many people felt their hearts trembling, but they maintained an outward calm on their faces. If they didn’t speak, how would Di Tian know?

“I’ll give you all the same amount of time it takes for an incense stick to burn out. For those who know the truth about this, please take a step out.” Di Tian smiled. After that, he stood up from his seat and walked around casually like he had nothing better to do. He glanced at Mo Junyi beside him and asked, “Has that expert from the northern governor’s manor been invited here already?”

“Governor Qin has agreed, his subordinate has arrived.” Mo Junyi spoke.

“Mhm, invite him here quickly.” Di Tian spoke. Mo Junyi walked out and a few moments later, she returned with a terrifying-looking demonic lion beside her. This lion had jade-green eyes, he glanced at everyone, causing their souls to tremble as though their souls were momentarily out of their control.

“Senior Evil Emperor, thank you for making this trip.” Di Tian politely spoke.

This lion was none other than the Evil Emperor. He nodded casually in response. His green eyes continued to stare at the crowd, causing many to feel their hairs standing.

“This bastard.” Someone already started to curse at Di Tian silently in his heart.

“Evil Emperor is Qin Wentian’s subordinate. Qin Wentian truly also wants to move against Xia Hou. With the Evil Emperor here, if we don’t speak, would Di Tian use him to force us to reveal the truth?” There were people feeling a struggle in their hearts. They were no longer as calm as before.

“Guard Yun. You are the Grand Governor’s subordinate. Help me bear witness. I guarantee that I won’t ask about their private matters and will only ask questions about the past incident.” Di Tian spoke to Guard Yun. Guard Yun could only curse silently in his heart at how shameless Di Tian was. This was simply frightening Xia Hou’s men to their death.

As expected, there were a few people whose legs were already trembling as though they couldn’t stand straight. If Di Tian really found the truth by using the Evil Emperor, he would cripple their cultivation. At that time, everything would be over for them.

Di Tian wasn’t in a hurry, after walking about a few more steps, he inclined his head and smiled, “There’s still half-an-incense stick worth of time. As long as you all take the initiative to confess, I guarantee I’ll let bygones be bygones for you. If not, I’ll follow my earlier arrangement. Everyone, please consider carefully.”

After speaking, he continued to pace around. His footsteps rang out clearly in the dead silence of this space. The Evil Emperor’s green eyes shone with a demonic luster. Finally, an attendant took a step forward. The amount of time given was running out. He didn’t dare to take the risk.

With someone leading the way, there were instantly others who stepped out. Very swiftly, a total of three people stepped out. Di Tian coldly laughed when he saw this. This Xia Hou was truly absolutely unbridled, not bothering to hide his actions at all. There were actually more than three people who knew the truth of that past incident. From this, one could see how tyrannical Xia Hou was in the past, he simply didn’t care about leaking the details at all.

Finally, a total of two vice governors and four attendants walked out. Di Tian laughed and asked them, I’ll question you all before Guard Yun. Those years ago, who is the mastermind behind the troubles my Emperor Pavillion faced? All of you transmit your voices to me and Guard Yun privately, do not speak out openly. If your words don’t match with each other, I’ll have to move on to the next step of the investigation.”

“What a crafty fellow.” Everyone glanced at Di Tian. The people in the surroundings also didn’t expect that Di Tian would have such a method. As expected, everything was over once Di Tian captured the people from the central governor’s manor. He had already prepared for everything, there was no way out for these subordinates of Xia Hou.

After that, the voices of the six people were transmitted to Di Tian and Guard Yun. Di Tian and Guard Yun also checked the facts with each other. Moments later, a cold smile appeared in Di Tian’s revealed eyes as he continued to ask. “So it means that Governor Xia Hou was completely in the know? Although he didn’t initiate this, in truth, he had colluded with the other major powers, right?”

The six looked at each other in dismay and continued to transmit their voices. Di Tian’s eyes were extremely cold. Finally, he looked at the Evil Emperor and spoke, “Can I trouble senior to mind-control this attendant and asked if the words he has spoken earlier were true? I have no idea if they communicated with each other secretly to lie to me and Guard Yun.”

The Evil Emperor glanced at the weakest immortal king among the attendants as his eyes glowed with an evil light. Very swiftly, he controlled his target and asked the questions. The attendant replied straightforwardly that everything he has spoken before was true.

“Since this is the case, the evidence is irrefutable. I will summarize everything you six have told me and Guard Yun. Back then, the three aristocrat clans of the central city regions, the Yan Clan, Han Clan and Wei Clan paid a visit to Governor Xia Hou and wanted to form an alliance to deal with my Emperor Pavilion. After they did the deed, the governor’s manor still pretended to investigate but did nothing in reality and even secretly gave information to the three aristocrat clans. Are my words right? Is there anything else you all want to rectify?” Di Tian spoke. No one said anything, and the others captured here felt their hearts shaking. A voice appeared in their mind, Xia Hou was finished.

This Di Tian was determined to get his revenge. And right now, the evidence was conclusive.

“There are experts from all the other governors here, including the people from Grand Governor Zhuge. Since the truth is out, what do you all think we should do?” Di Tian gazed at everyone.

“I have to report this matter first to the Grand Governor.” Guard Yun and his subordinates spoke. Di Tian nodded, allowing them to make the report. A few moments later, Guard Yun replied, “Grand Governor says that he will instantly inform the palace lord about this matter. As for the three aristocrat clan, the Grand Governor says that from now onwards, they will be prohibited from expanding their power within our Lifire City, we will shut down all businesses controlled by them.”

“I have no objections with the Grand Governor’s ruling. As for Governor Xia Hou, I’ll wait for palace lord to make the decision. With regards to the three aristocrat clans, they have already broken the law of our Lifire City. Not only will their businesses be shut down, I will also confiscate all assets under them as well.” Di Tian smiled, his eyes flickering with coldness. The people here all felt their hearts trembling. They understood that Governor Xia Hou was finished. The three aristocrat clans would also be in dire straits.

Back then, since the three aristocrat clans wanted to force the Emperor Pavilion to its death, given his personality, how could Grandmaster Di Tian show mercy now that he was in power?



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