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AGM – Chapter 1635 – Tyrannical Di Tian

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Chapter 1635: Tyrannical Di Tian

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Zhuge Xiong and the others understood that Xia Hou was the mastermind. The others here naturally knew it as well. In addition, other than Governor Xia Hou, quite a few other major powers were involved in this as well and they might be among the crowd currently.

At this moment, many people narrowed their eyes. The lively atmosphere at the banquet abruptly fell silent. It was easy to offend people if one spoke out now. Although no one knew who they would offend, it was certain that those powers involved in the matter, were definitely people with powerful backgrounds.

Di Tian played with his wine cup when he saw this scene. He then smiled, “It’s fine that nobody wants to express their stances. It’s impossible for me to allow this incident of the past to fade away just like this, I’ll definitely get to the very bottom of it. It’s only that my Emperor Pavilion is still at its development phase and the forces I can muster are still weak. Hence, I might need to borrow some help from all of you. Is there anyone who is willing to support me and my Emperor Pavilion for this matter?”

“How forceful.” Many people silently mused. However, to many people here, this was an opportunity for them to build relations with Di Tian. Hence, although they might offend some people, many people were tempted as they would be able to gain Di Tian’s friendship. Now, it would depend on how they would choose.

“My Mo Clan would naturally throw in our full support behind the Emperor Pavilion. Back then, my Mo Clan was also affected by that matter and I feel extremely enraged. Now that Grandmaster Di wants to investigate, I, Mo Ting, will naturally help him out.” The Mo Clan Leader directly expressed his stance.

“If Grandmaster Di needs help, my Jialan Clan is also willing to assist.” Jialan Qiuyue’s father, Jialan Cheng, spoke out. Their Jialan Clan definitely had to maintain their good relationship with Di Tian. Di Tian might very well become the most critical person that would help them in their struggle with the Lifire Empyrean for the position of the Lifire Palace Lord.

“I’m also willing to help.” Another person from a major power spoke. After that, more and more people spoke. Even some of those with more ordinary backgrounds in the crowd couldn’t help but to give their support when they saw so many major powers speaking up. Almost half of the crowd today directly expressed that they are willing to support Di Tian.”

Di Tian had a smile on his face as he looked at everyone. After that, he turned his gaze towards Zhuge Xiong and the other governors as he stated, “Grand Governor Zhuge, I believe you also know that this matter would impact the various governor manors. Hence, I will need your help. I wonder what you all feel about this?”

Zhuge Xiong stared at Di Tian’s dark eyes as he felt his heart shuddered. Truthfully, although he was the Grand Governor, he couldn’t compare with Di Tian in terms of status. Di Tian basically didn’t even need to care about him.

Di Tian has already domineeringly expressed his stance. He will definitely investigate this matter to the end. As for him now asking for their opinions, it was Di Tian wanting them to choose which side to stand on. Would they choose to stand with him, or would they choose to stand with Xia Hou.

If it was just between Di Tian and Xia Hou, it would be easy to make a choice. The critical thing was that they had to consider the Lifire Empyrean’s attitude about this too.

Although the Lifire Empyrean didn’t publicly express his stance, he did get Xia Hou to apologize when they were back in the Lifelong Saint Hall. Clearly, he wanted everyone to forget about all these unpleasant matters. But now, Di Tian seemed reluctant to forgive and forget and wanted to investigate this to the end. Since this is the case, things are truly troublesome now.

“Commander Di Tian, I personally agree with you. It’s just that Xia Hou is ultimately a governor of our Lifire City. I have no idea about the palace lord’s attitude. But if you choose not to intentionally target Xia Hou, I can give you information about the other major powers involved.” Zhuge Xiong transmitted his voice to Di Tian. Di Tian’s eyes gleamed sharply as he mused silently at what a crafty old fox Zhuge Xiong was.

Di Tian didn’t care about the voice transmission. He directly opened his mouth and spoke, “Grand Governor, I became the supervisory commander of Lifire City on Realmlord’s order. I naturally have to execute my duties. Even if this past incident didn’t happen to my Emperor Pavilion but some other businesses instead, I would also definitely investigate clearly. Our Lifire City cannot be allowed to have cancerous cells festering within us. Since I already know about this matter, not investigating it would mean that I have let down the Realmlord’s love for me.”

Zhuge Xiong silently cursed in his heart. This bastard directly skipped past the Lifire Empyrean and brought out the Realmlord’s name once again. Di Tian was truly good at using powerful connections to intimidate people.

In any case, this Di Tian was truly not afraid of the Lifire Empyrean. Back then at the Lifelong Saint Hall’s grand banquet, he had already shown how close he was with the Jialan Clan and it was clear that he was now already on their side. Why would Di Tian care about what the Lifire Empyrean thought? The Lifire Empyrean was the one trying to pull Di Tian closer to him instead.

The Realmlord has personally said that as long as Di Tian didn’t partake in any act of rebellion, he can do what he wanted to in Lifire City. Nobody would dare to move against him. Not even the Lifire Empyrean would do so.

Right now, he said he wanted to investigate Xia Hou and even brought up the name of the Realmlord, acting in the name of justice. Even if the Lifire Empyrean was here, what could he say? It was impossible that he would choose to offend Di Tian to the death and push him to the Jialan Clan, right?

Zhuge Xiong guessed that most probably, the Lifire Empyrean would allow Di Tian and Xia Hou to do what they want and he wouldn’t interfere.

“What do you all think?” Zhuge Xiong glanced at Lin Ba, Beauty Xiao and Yin Qiu. This made Lin Ba and Yin Qiu to curse silently in their hearts. The ball was now in their court.

“I feel that we ought to support Grandmaster Di Tian. Since Grandmaster Di Tian is the supervisory commander, he does have the authority to investigate this matter. In any case, why would us governors of Lifire City have anything to hide?” Lin Ba spoke in a manner that exuded righteousness, causing Zhuge Xiong to feel somewhat surprised. This Lin Ba actually supported Di Tian so much?

However, he understood after thinking deeper into it. Out of the five governors of Lifire City, Qin Wentian was a special existence who already immensely disliked Xia Hou. Other than Qin Wentian, Xia Hou was very powerful, while Lin Ba was slightly below. If Xia Hou falls, Lin Ba’s position would instantly be elevated and could also gain Di Tian’s friendship. Why would he not support Di Tian? As for Xia Hou, both Di Tian and Qin Wentian wanted to deal with him. He wouldn’t last for too long. It didn’t matter if he offends him now.

“I also support Grandmaster Di Tian.” Beauty Xiao giggled, expressing her stance with no hesitations, shooting glances filled with charm at Di Tian. Zhuge Xiong thought she wanted to seduce Di Tian and didn’t feel anything strange about it.

“Hasn’t that matter already been brought to a close? Commander Di, there’s no need to investigate further, right.” Yin Qiu calmly spoke, his tone was still considered friendly. Di Tian’s gaze landed on Yin Qiu as he replied, “Since Governor Yin feels this way, please leave my place now. Those who walk different paths, cannot mix together.”

Yin Qiu’s expression instantly stiffened. He didn’t expect Di Tian to be so domineering. His tone was already considered very peaceful, was he being expelled from here just because he didn’t agree with Di Tian’s opinions?

Zhuge Xiong and the others present were all shocked too. What a domineering Grandmaster Di Tian.

Lin Ba and Beauty Xiao smiled as they looked at Yin Qiu, with hints of sympathy in their eyes. This fellow still couldn’t see the situation clearly?

“Commander Di, I’m just…” Yin Qiu instantly felt regret.

“Governor Yin, please.” Di Tian waved his hand, not showing any mercy at all. Yin Qiu’s mouth twitched, he then stood up and left with a heavy look on his face. One could very well imagine how bad his mood was being expelled like that.

“Although Governor Qin isn’t present today, I believe he would definitely agree with me.” Di Tian calmly spoke. Zhuge Xiong’s eyes flashed. If Di Tian wanted to act against Xia Hou, Qin Wentian would naturally agree too.

“Since this is the case, if Commander Di needs any help, I’ll do my best to support you.” Zhuge Xiong replied.

“In that case, I’ll have to thank Governor Zhuge then.” Di Tian smiled and nodded. He then lifted his cup and spoke to everyone, “I’m most grateful for all of your valuable assistance. Let me toast everyone here.”

The eyes of all the experts flashed, they all had different worries in their hearts. In the following days, a storm would soon engulf the central city regions of Lifire City.

Not long after the banquet ended, the news about what happened in the Emperor Pavilion soon circulated to the central governor’s manor.

A loud boom echoed within the great hall. A table beside Xia Hou was smashed to pieces. Green veins throbbed on his face as his killing intent gushed forth.

“What a good Di Tian, Zhuge Xiong, Lin Ba and Beauty Xiao.” Xia Hou’s entire body was trembling, one could tell how angry he was. But other than anger, he also felt a hint of fear. Di Tian organized a banquet just to bring this matter up. Not only so, he even got all the governors to express their stances. This meant that Di Tian was determined to do something to him. Given Di Tian’s capabilities, it was very probable that he, Xia Hou, might fall to Di Tian.

“Lord Governor, what should we do?” One of the vice governors asked. In the past, it was this vice governor who went to the Emperor Pavilion many times to recruit Di Tian. At that time, he felt Di Tian was stupid for not giving face to Xia Hou and was simply courting death with his actions. But now, they were actually starting to fear Di Tian. What an irony this was.

“We didn’t do anything, right? So what if Di Tian wants to investigate? What do you mean by what should we do?” Xia Hou coldly shot a look at the vice governor. His ice-like eyes were filled with a threatening look. Evidently, he wanted his subordinates to watch their words. They might be at risk of leaking information.

“Your subordinate knows my mistake.” The vice governor bowed.

“Retreat. Warn those below not to talk nonsense. I’ll report this to the palace lord. Di Tian is truly getting more and more lawless.” Xia Hou coldly spoke. That vice governor bowed and retreated, preparing to tell the others who were involved in this to keep quiet.

Not only for the central governor’s manor, the Yan Clan, Han Clan, Wei Clan, the three major aristocrat clans were all holding emergency meanings now. The Di Tian now wasn’t the Di Tian of the past. He had enough authority, status and power and could truly destroy them all. If he truly investigated and linked that incident back to them, nobody knew what was going to happen.

After several days, many people came to the central governor’s manor. They were none other than Di Tian and his people from the Emperor Pavilion. Other than them, Zhuge Xiong was present as well.

“Commander Di Tian, what do you mean by this?” When Di Tian arrived, Xia Hou personally walked out and blocked Di Tian from entering. His expression was sinister. He had gone to look for the Lifire Empyrean but he failed to meet him. The Purple Moon Immortal Emperor transmitted the Lifire Empyrean’s message to him, telling him that he better settle all the problems he caused himself. This meant that the Lifire Empyrean wouldn’t interfere in this. He had to deal with Di Tian himself.

“Governor Xia Hou, I still have some doubts in my heart with regards to the matter that happened in the past at my Emperor Pavilion. I need to seek some people from your governor’s manor to understand some things.” Di Tian spoke.

“Sure, I can tell them to come out. If Commander Di wants to understand the situation more clearly, I will tell them to comply with you completely.” Xia Hou glanced at Di Tian.

“I want to bring them back to my Emperor Pavilion. I’ve already reported this up to palace lord. There’s no need to build another place for my commander’s manor. I will just use the Emperor Pavilion as my office.” Di Tian spoke.

“This can’t do. They still have tasks they need to complete and wouldn’t be free.” Xia Hou rejected.

“This is the authorization token for the supervisory commander.” Di Tian took out a token. This token was similar to the governors’ token of authority. The words ‘supervisory commander’ was imprinted in gold on it.

“If there’s anyone who dares to obstruct me from carrying out my duty, it would mean disrespect to the Lifelong Saint Hall, going against them, defying their orders. I’m authorized to carry out any actions I deem fit before reporting upwards.” Di Tian calmly spoke. A moment later, a terrifying might descended on everyone, Di Tian’s immortal sense enveloped the governor’s manor as he continued, “I, Di Tian, the supervisory commander of Lifire City, hereby summon the vice governors and attendants of the central city regions to appear before me immediately. If not, it would be treated as an act of defiance and I will begin to slaughter everyone involved without mercy.”

This voice rang out like thunder, reverberating through the central governor’s manor, causing the hearts of countless people to tremble.



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