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AGM – Chapter 1634 – Settling Scores

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Chapter 1634: Settling Scores

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In Lifire City, when Qin Wentian and the others returned, news of what happened in Lifelong City also had already circulated around.

Grandmaster Di Tian showed extraordinary talent, obtaining first in the martial competition with his mid-stage immortal emperor cultivation base. The Realmlord personally rewarded him heavily, from now on, the Emperor Pavilion can expand as it wished through the Lifelong Territories and had no need to pay tax. Di Tian was also given the position of the supervisory commander.

When this news spread, the entire Lifire City was rocked by it. Everyone knew that from now on, the Emperor Pavilion’s rise was inevitable. No one would dare to obstruct it.

Those who once doubted Di Tian’s strength, all felt extremely ashamed. As for those who supported Di Tian from the start, they were off boasting about their intelligence to all their friends. There were even people who took the incident of Liu Feibai challenging Di Tian and mocked Liu Feibai for overestimating himself. An ant-like him even dared to challenge Grandmaster Di Tian? He wasn’t even worthy enough to carry the shoes for Di Tian. All sorts of ugly words could be heard, the genius Liu Feibai had lost face completely, and was being humiliated wherever he went, becoming the bad guy in the story.

At the same time, many major powers went to the Emperor Pavilion to visit, preparing to build up a good relationship with Grandmaster Di. However, the Emperor Pavilion soon sent out the news that Di Tian would organize a banquet and would invite everyone there.

Other than this, the other person who rose to fame, was none other than the northern governor Qin Wentian. That magnificent white-robed governor fought one man against eight other experts, even duelling against two during the last battle, helping the Lifire Palace to regain its face. His magnificence truly knew no bounds and his fame shook the heavens.

However, after his return to Lifire City, Governor Qin was as low-profile as ever, staying inside his governor’s manor and not meeting with any guests.

Di Tian and Qin Wentian, became the legendary characters of Lifire City.

Today, inside the central city regions, the Emperor Pavilion hosted a banquet and invited the major powers from all regions. Even many experts from the governor manors were invited. For example, Lin Ba from the Eastern Governor Manor, Beauty Xiao from the Southern Governor Manor, Yin Qiu from the Western Governor Manor and even Grand Governor Zhuge Xiong. Only two governors weren’t here. The first was Qin Wentian from the Northern Governor Manor, he was someone as outstanding as Di Tian. Many people guessed that Qin Wentian didn’t see the need to give Di Tian face as he was not weaker than Di Tian.

There were also some that said both of them were too competitive and wanted to see who was superior. Both were absolute geniuses and weren’t willing to accept that the other was better than him. Hence, Di Tian didn’t see the need to invite Qin Wentian.

Naturally, no one could verify all these conjectures. Also, another matter was even more interesting. The Central Governor Xia Hou actually wasn’t invited.

When thinking back to matters of the past, everyone all had thought-provoking looks on their faces. Back then, the central governor’s manor was riddled with scandalous rumors. Everyone knew that Governor Xia Hou wanted to act against the Emperor Pavilion. Right now, Grandmaster Di Tian was the one smacking Xia Hou’s face.

The banquet was already prepared and the place was filled to the brim. Not only were the experts from the central city regions here, all the major powers from all regions in Lifire City rushed here today. After all, it was easy to predict that the Emperor Pavilion’s future was boundless, the Realmlord has already spoken. In addition to Di Tian’s strength and capabilities of weaponsmithing, it was hard to imagine a situation where the Emperor Pavilion doesn’t rise to the heavens.

Today, the people of the Mo Clan were extremely excited. The Mo Clan Leader Mo Ting, personally led his clan here. Mo Ting and his daughter Mo Junyi, as well as the Mo Clan Elder, Mo Fei, would definitely be in the seats of honor at the upper level today. After all, everyone knew that the Mo Clan had supported Di Tian right from the start, even sending Mo Junyi and Mo Fei to serve as employees for the Emperor Pavilion. Now that Grandmaster Di Tian has finally risen to glory, the Mo Clan would naturally feel proud.

Seeing so many major powers seated below them, Mo Ting’s smile was extremely wide. He silently praised himself for having good judgement and making the right decision those years ago. Only sending coal in the midst of winter was valuable. Right now, these people were all adding flowery patterns on a perfect brocade.

Di Tian was seated at the highest level. After the food and wine were served, he raised his cup and toasted the crowd, “I, Di, am truly thankful for everyone showing up here. I would also like to thank Grand Governor Zhuge and the other governors for making time to come here.”

“Grandmaster Di is too polite.”

“Commander Qin, we are all comrades, there’s no need to be so courteous.” Lin Ba laughed. As for Beauty Xiao, she merely smiled and didn’t attempt to seduce Di Tian. Seems like she was really honoring her promise to Qin Wentian. From now on, she would only seduce Qin Wentian alone.

“Although the Realmlord has personally graced me and granted me the position of the Commanding Supervisor, it’s only a position with practically no obligations in reality. My interest is still on developing my Emperor Pavilion. I hope that everyone can help me out in the future.” Di Tian, who had his features masked, exuded a sense of mystery. He was robed in black and his entire person radiated sharpness.

“Naturally. Grandmaster Di’s Emperor Pavilion was originally a supreme major power. We would all have to count on the Emperor Pavilion instead.” Somebody laughed.

“That’s right, all the weapons forged by Grandmaster Di are considered an absolute gem. In the future, Grandmaster Di you mustn’t stop forging alright? We all really want the chance to buy a treasure forged personally by you in your auctions.”

Everyone spoke one after another, their tone extremely polite.

“That’s natural. I will definitely continue to forge weapons but the rate at which I will be doing so, will naturally not be as high as before. After all, if one’s strength doesn’t increase, their dependence on their divine weapons would eventually prove to be their undoing.” Di Tian smiled as the others nodded.

“You mean your strength is weak?” Mo Junyi by the side rolled her eyes at Di Tian. Di Tian laughed when he saw the expression on her face.

“Haha, Grandmaster Di is too humble.”

Many people turned their gaze to Mo Junyi, some of their eyes gleamed with a bright light as they laughed. “Grandmaster Di and the Mo Clan’s princess are truly an ideal couple, a match made in heaven. I can see the tender feelings in Miss Mo’s eyes when she looks at Grandmaster Di.”

Although this sounded like a joke, it was layered with hidden meaning. As expected, the eyes of the Mo Clan Leader Mo Ting, gleamed with sharpness after he heard that and smiled at the person who spoke.

Mo Junyi blushed and replied, “Everyone, don’t tease me please.”

“Haha, I truly felt this way.” That person spoke half-jokingly. How could Di Tian not understand what these people are thinking about. If he and Mo Junyi really got together, they would definitely express their goodwill towards the Mo Clan and build up better relations.

However, there were also people who were unhappy. These people were from the Jialan Clan. Today, experts from the Jialan Clan also came here to attend the banquet and Jialan Qiuyue was among them.

“Wow, they are truly a heavenly match.” A gentle voice rang out. The eyes of everyone turned and saw the flawlessly beautiful face of Jialan Qiuyue. They discovered that Jialan Qiuyue was smiling as she looked at Di Tian. The hint of a pout could be seen in her eyes, and this scene caused everyone to be shocked. The person who spoke earlier felt his heart trembling. He hurriedly smiled and replied, “I must have drunk too much and was just making a joke earlier. Please don’t mind me.”

Just as his voice faded, the Mo Clan instantly shot cold looks at him, causing this person to perspire cold sweat. Right now, he wanted nothing more than to find a hole and bury himself inside. This boot-licker made wrong moves everywhere. What a contrived scene. Who would have thought that the young miss of the Jialan Clan would actually be in love with Grandmaster Di as well. If he knew about this, he definitely wouldn’t have dared to say that sentence earlier no matter how audacious he was. The Jialan Clan was a clan he couldn’t afford to offend.

Many people felt their hearts shaking, Grandmaster Di was truly hot property. There are so many peak beauties wanting to chase after him and were all with high statuses.

Right now, the princess of the Jialan Clan and the princess of the Mo Clan, exchanged glances with each other. Sparks seemingly appeared as they matched gaze as the atmosphere turned tensed. Di Tian actually has such luck…

Di Tian was sweating as well. He softly coughed, “Right now, the Emperor Pavilion is still in its development phase. As for matters of the heart, I, Di, shall put it aside first and won’t consider it in the near future.”

As the sound of his voice faded, two pair of eyes filled with hidden resentment stared at him in unison. Di Tian sweated even more as he silently asked himself this. Were the beautiful females of this generation all less and less reserved?

In truth, one couldn’t blame Jialan Qiuyue and Mo Junyi being not so ‘reserved’. They also wanted to maintain the ‘reservedness’ females should have but they encountered a love rival. One should know jealousy was the emotion that would motivate most women. How would they be willing to appear weak in front of each other? Hence, they were not reserved at all in this situation.

“Seems like Grandmaster Di is destined to be blessed with many wives.” Many people had a meaningful look in their eyes as they stared at Di Tian.

For truly outstanding men, there would naturally be many beauties willing to take the initiative.

Di Tian pretended not to have noticed the gazes of the two beauties. He continued and speak, “I’m sure everyone here knows a little about the development of my Emperor Pavilion. In the past, my Emperor Pavilion encountered many calamities and troubles and was almost shut down. Even though the danger has passed, I, Di, still feels fear when thinking about it now.”

When the crowd heard Di Tian’s words, their eyes suddenly flashed. Their attitudes all turned serious. What did Di Tian mean by saying all this now?

“Back then, it was precisely in the central city regions where I started the Emperor Pavilion. However, when I tried to develop, I was obstructed by many mysterious powers. The experts who bought treasures from my auction house and transaction grounds were all plundered, and they encountered all sorts of trouble. At that period of time, my customers were all panicking, causing the popularity of my Emperor Pavilion to dip. One must know that the Emperor Pavilion then was just a recently established business but was paying the same tax as first-tier powers. Yet, the governor’s manor couldn’t even investigate anything.”

Di Tian’s tone turned solemn. The governors here all had sharp expressions. What was Di Tian trying to do by mentioning this?

“Later on, although this matter was resolved. something still felt fishy. Who were the mysterious powers that acted against my Emperor Pavilion?” Di Tian’s tone gradually sharpened. “Those powers used sinister and underhanded methods to act against my Emperor Pavilion and naturally would do the same in the future to other businesses too. This is extremely detrimental to the economic development of our Lifire City. Now that I received the love and grace of the Realmlord and became the Supervisory Commander, I’m prepared to investigate fully with regards to this. What do you all think?”

The hearts of everyone trembled. Di Tian brought up the point of him being graced by the Realmlord twice and became the Supervisory Commander. It was clear that he was showing off his backing, telling everyone that he is someone who belonged to the Realmlord.

Right now, this Grandmaster Di who had risen up, wanted to settle scores in the past. He was prepared for revenge the instant he came back, not wanting to waste any time.

The eyes of Zhuge Xiong and the other governors flashed, they clearly understood in their hearts that this matter didn’t simply involve Xia Hou. Di Tian was prepared to get payback for all the grudges in the past? One must know that the Lifire Empyrean had expressed that he hoped for everyone to bury the hatchet. But Di Tian seemed as though he wanted to challenge the Lifire Empyrean’s authority!



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