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AGM – Chapter 1633 – Summons

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Chapter 1633: Summons

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After the people of the Sword Spirit Sect left, the Lifire Palace’s monarchs and governors glanced at Qin Wentian and Beauty Xiao. When did these two get together?

“Governor Qin not only managed to gain fame, you even gained a beauty.” Yin Qiu spoke in a strange tone. Upon seeing Beauty Xiao pressing her body into Qin Wentian, he felt a sense of discomfort. He had been pursuing this vixen for many years but Qin Wentian had succeeded where he failed?

“We are all comrades yet you are actually willing to stand by the side and watch Governor Xiao being humiliated? No wonder you failed to win her heart despite so many years.” Qin Wentian coldly mocked. Beauty Xiao then shifted her body away and bowed to Qin Wentian, “Thanks for helping me out.”

“That’s what I ought to do.” Qin Wentian calmly spoke. The other monarchs and governors of the Lifire Palace stiffened. Could it be that there’s no relationship between Qin Wentian and Beauty Xiao? Qin Wentian only acted to uphold justice?

“Governor, let’s go to my courtyard for a while.” Beauty Xiao gently smiled. After that, she coldly glanced at the others gathered here. The others all revealed smiles on their faces before walking away in an embarrassed manner. Even Yin Qiu had no choice but to leave unhappily.

“Thank you, really.” Beauty Xiao softly spoke after they entered the courtyard.

“It’s fine.” Qin Wentian shifted his gaze away as he replied.

Beauty Xiao suddenly smiled charmingly when she saw Qin Wentian’s expression. She removed the outer layer of her clothing, Qin Wentian couldn’t help but start when he looked back at her and only saw a transparent inner-wear covering her body. “What are you doing?”

“Take me.” Beauty Xiao jumped up, cradling her legs around Qin Wentian’s waist while she hugged his head, pressing his head into her bosom.

“Are you mad?” Qin Wentian panted, he inclined his head and stared at Beauty Xiao.

“I know you already have someone in your heart. I wouldn’t request you to do anything for me. However, don’t reject me.” Beauty Xiao lowered her head, her eyes were filled with endless charm, causing Qin Wentian to be speechless. After that, he carried her into her room and they started a ‘war’ in the bedroom.

After many battles, Qin Wentian went back to the courtyard and sat down. He was in deep contemplation while sighing in his heart. No matter what, something did happen between them once. It was impossible to stand by and watch if somebody wanted to do something to her.

Beauty Xiao’s sexy body leaned against Qin Wentian, her head rested on his shoulders as she spoke in a low voice. “Do you feel the same way as what the Xiao Clan’s people have said about me? Do you think that I’m a slut?”

Without waiting for Qin Wentian to reply, she continued, “Once, I was a young miss of the Xiao Clan, my temperament was dignified and composed. Everything was fine until the Xiao Clan decided to marry me off to a clan I hated very much for the sake of achieving their purposes. Although it’s an irony to speak of this, such a method is very commonly seen among major powers. They don’t feel anything wrong when they do this. Out of anger, I left my clan alone. During my wanderings, I met a man. That man was in love with my beauty and was very good at sweet-talking. However, he was a weakling and a coward. When my clan caught up to me, he actually knelt and begged them for his life, willing to forsake me. Eventually, my clan killed him but I felt no sadness at all. He might have obtained my body, but he lost his life as the price. What an irony.

“The Xiao Clan captured me back, the people of my clan were as mocking and sarcastic as ever. Even the other clan whom I was forcefully engaged to, was humiliating me for rejecting the marriage arrangement. After that, I decided to become a ‘slut’ overnight. I broke out and the Xiao Clan and my personality also changed to what you are seeing today. Are they not the ones saying that I’m cheap? I’ll show them how cheap I can be then. Since then, there were many men who wanted my body, and an example was Yin Qiu. But I can tell that they only want the thrill of subduing me, using my body for their enjoyment. This is what you men are like. Hence, none of them had ever obtained me. All this lasted until your appearance. You might not believe this but in reality, other than my ex, you are the second man I’ve given my body to.” Beauty Xiao laughed.

“From your tone, you seemed to hate men a lot.” Qin Wentian glanced at Beauty Xiao.

“Yup. In this strength-oriented world, males clearly have an advantage over females in cultivation. Also, ever since ancient times, it was normal for men to have three or four wives. They covet beauty, but society deems that nothing is wrong. As long as they have enough power and authority, they can have many beautiful women around them. However, what if a woman was to act the same way? She would instantly be labelled as a slut. Don’t you think that this is unfair?”

Qin Wentian was speechless. The truth was truly as such. An example was Xiao Yu, he was the number one governor of the northern city regions in Lifelong City, and wasn’t he surrounded by beauties who were young misses of aristocrat clans? Regardless of the Lifire Empyrean or Lifelong Realmlord, they had no lack of beauties by their side and the women following them all had talent and beauty, as well as backgrounds.

Was this fair? Or was this unfair? The society’s norms in the world they lived in, was precisely this.

“You are different from them. For those I seduced before, none could resist my charm. You are truly different.” Beauty Xiao laughed.

“Are you mocking me?” Qin Wentian felt some guilt in his heart. How was he different from them?

“You know I’m not. I’m very confident in my own charm, even for those who had many supreme beauties around them, as long as I take the initiative to seduce them, they would definitely be tempted. After all, all men have their needs. Yet, you actually managed to resist me so many times.” Beauty Xiao smiled gently. “Although you eventually succumbed, you still managed to hold your desires in many times. Also, other than you, I’ve met one more person who was able to resist my charms.”

“Who?” Qin Wentian asked.

“That man is the same as you, he also gained fame in this grand banquet. I’m talking about Di Tian.” Beauty Xiao smiled as she looked at Qin Wentian’s handsome features. “The two of you are actually quite similar in many aspects.”

“Like what?” Qin Wentian casually asked.

“I can’t spell it out clearly but it’s just a kind of feeling. For some reason, I feel that the two of you seem to have a connection. It’s like you are both the same person but that is clearly not possible.” Beauty Xiao laughed. However, her words caused Qin Wentian’s heart to tremble. Beauty Xiao had interacted closely with him and Di Tian before and she actually sensed something between them. The instinct of a woman was truly fearsome.

“Enough, you should go. You’ve stayed for too long, if you stay any longer, people might wonder what are we doing in here exactly!” Beauty Xiao’s soul-stirring eyes stared at Qin Wentian. Her alluring body stood up, she walked over and helped Qin Wentian to tidy his clothes before she dressed up. “Let me send you out.”

Qin Wentian was somewhat speechless as he stood up. Before he left, Beauty Xiao transmitted her voice to him, “In the future, I’ll only seduce you alone.”

The world palace lords returned from their meeting with the Realmlord. After that, they respectively departed, heading back to their respective world palaces.

The Lifire Empyrean, Qin Wentian and the others all returned to Lifire City too. Before he left, Qin Wentian still didn’t manage to get a chance to meet with Ye Qianyu and Ye Qianyu’s messaging crystal seemed to have been confiscated after she was sent to the Lifire Jail. Qin Wentian could only send her a one-way message, telling her to wait for him. He needed more time.

After the people of the nine world palaces left, on a vast platform in the Lifelong Saint Hall, the Lifelong Realmlord was enjoying wine as he sat there. There were many beautiful serving maidens around him serving him as well.

Up ahead, a group of beautiful women came over and bowed, “Us maidens of the Red Dust Immortal Palace, pay our respects to the Realmlord.”

“Mhm.” The Lifelong Realmlord nodded, he inclined his head and glanced at Ye Qianyu. “In the future, you will temporarily become a maid of the Lifelong Saint Hall for now.”

“Yes, Realmlord.” Ye Qianyu bowed.

“Before this, you danced at the grand banquet. Perform that dance again for me.” The Lifelong Realmlord casually spoke. Ye Qianyu’s expression stiffened as her countenance paled. She spoke in a low voice, “Realmlord…”

The Realmlord frowned as a formless pressure radiated forth in an instant. He looked at Ye Qianyu, his expression as calm as ever, there were no fluctuations in his eyes.

“If you are unwilling, I won’t force you.” The Realmlord calmly spoke.

“Qianyu.” The Red Dust Immortal Palace’s maidens all turned their gazes to her.

Ye Qianyu saw the gazes of her fellow sisters. She sighed in her heart before she glanced at the transcendent demeanor the Lifelong Realmlord was projecting.

He was, after all, the major character here. So what if Qin Wentian had a dazzling performance? Could she still not gain any respect?

Upon thinking of the message Qin Wentian sent her via immortal sense, Ye Qianyu’s expression gradually changed.

Abruptly, her beautiful eyes flashed with a radiant smile. The her at this moment was filled with boundless charm.

“Yes, Realmlord.” Ye Qianyu charmingly laughed, causing the Lifelong Realmlord’s eyes to flash. After that, he watched as that alluring figure of Ye Qianyu shifted in different positions, performing that beautiful dance for him. Each of her movements were filled with endless glamor. The smile never left her beautiful eyes, which increased her alluringness. However, her state of heart was as calm as water, as cold as ice.

Regardless of the Lifelong Realmlord or the Lifire Empyrean, they would both sooner or later pay a price for underestimating Qin Wentian. It has only been a few tens of years and the Lifire Empyrean already felt threatened. In the future, it would be the same for the Lifelong Realmlord as well.

At this moment, a subordinate came by. He walked towards the Realmlord and bowed, “These are all the information records sent by the Lifire Palace.”

“Mhm.” The Realmlord nodded lightly, shifting his eyes from Ye Qianyu. He flipped through the records but very soon, a puzzled look could be seen in his eyes.

Beiming Youhuang? Qin Wentian and her were fellow martial apprentice siblings?

Since that was the case, what relationship did Beiming Youhuang have with Emperor Yi? Could she also be one of his successors?”

If she really is one of Emperor Yi’s successors, how could she have been forced by the Jialan Monarch to such dire straits then? Or was it because Emperor Yi told both her and Qin Wentian to temper themselves outside without relying on his help?

As he flipped through the information records, the suspicion in the Lifelong Realmlord’s heart grew even deeper. After he finished, Ye Qianyu has also ended her dance. The Realmlord spoke to his subordinate, “Send a message to the Lifire Palace Lord. Get him to send Beiming Youhuang to the Lifelong Saint Hall.”

“Yes.” That subordinate bowed and retreated.

The Lifelong Realmlord then turned his glance at Ye Qianyu and the maidens of the Red Dust Immortal Palace. All of you will temporarily become maids of the Lifelong Saint Hall to pay for her crimes. Be prepared for my summons.”

“Yes.” None of them dared to object. All of them bowed and watched as the Lifelong Realmlord stood up and left. After he left, a bright light flashed in Ye Qianyu’s eyes as she stared at the horizons. The man whom she was waiting for, when would he be able to prop up this entire sky?



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