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AGM – Chapter 1631 – Palace Lords of the Gemini Palace

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Chapter 1631: Palace Lords of the Gemini Palace

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After the grand banquet, everyone dispersed.

The palace lords of the nine world palaces still had things to handle and they remained in the Lifelong Saint Hall. They still needed to pass the hundred-year worth of tax contribution of their territories up to the Lifelong Saint Hall to account for it.

The world palace lords then arranged for temporary residences to allow their subordinates to stay. The location of the temporary residences for each world palace lords were the same every year. The monarchs and governors would naturally follow their respective palace lords. As for those from the major powers of the nine world palaces’ territories, they could only book rooms to stay at inns throughout Lifelong City.

Di Tian’s original identity was considered an unaffiliated cultivator. But because he was now the Supervisory Commander of the Lifire Palace, he could be considered an official of the Lifelong Realm. The Lifire Empyrean personally invited him to come along and Di Tian naturally wouldn’t reject it. The people of the Jialan Clan had some worry in their eyes as they glanced at Di Tian. They were worried that the friendship they painstakingly built up with Di Tian, might be destroyed by the Lifire Empyrean. Before Di Tian left, Jialan Qiuyue even shot a few glances filled with hidden bitterness at Di Tian.

Qin Wentian initially wanted to look for Ye Qianyu but Ye Qianyu was brought away by the maidens of the Red Dust Immortal Palace. They still had to wait for the Realamlord to sentence her. Although the Realmlord had spoken earlier, saying that she would temporarily serve as a maid at the Lifelong Saint Hall, the Red Dust Immortal Palace still had to give the Lifelong Realmlord an explanation why they would produce a bandit among their ranks.

The Lifelong Saint Hall was very vast, each of the world palace lords had a temporary imperial residence of their own. The Lifire Empyrean brought the monarchs and governors under him over there along with Di Tian.

Inside the great hall, the Lifire Empyrean sat in the host seat and smiled at Di Tian and Qin Wentian. “The battles today allowed Supervisory Commander Di Tian and Governor Qin Wentian to display your prowess, gaining much face for my Lifire Palace. As the palace lord, I naturally also feel gratitude and pride in my heart.”

“This is what subordinate ought to do.” Qin Wentian humbly replied.

“Palace lord is too serious.” Di Tian calmly replied in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

“The Lifelong Realm is extremely vast and major powers can be found anywhere. In the future, no matter where the both of you want to go, my Lifire Palace will be the shield protecting you and a home that both of you can return to anytime you want.” The Lifire Empyrean smiled. He then continued, “It’s the same for all of you as well, you are all representing the Lifire Palace.”

“Yes, Palace Lord.” Everyone nodded. This Lifire Empyrean was trying to win over people’s hearts. However, his words were true, there are definitely many connections between different major powers. Even if they were selected by the Lifelong Saint Hall in the future and come here to work, they would still be representing the Lifire Palace. Unless of course, they managed to become the trusted aide of the Lifelong Realmlord one day. Only at that time, would they be completely able to toss aside their past.”

“Di Tian, I’ve already heard about events of the past. Xia Hou took the initiative to create trouble for your Emperor Pavilion. After that, I sent Fairy Purple Moon to the central city regions to smooth things over, making Xia Hou settle it. Purple Moon should have gone to your Emperor Pavilion, right?” The Lifire Empyrean asked Di Tian. Di Tian glanced at the Purple Moon Immortal Emperor standing beside the Lifire Empyrean as he smiled and nodded, “Mhm, I have to thank palace lord for helping me out with that matter.”

“This is something I ought to do. Xia Hou, you will be comrades with Di Tian in the future, quickly apologize for what happened in the past.” The Lifire Empyrean commanded. Xia Hou’s expression stiffened. Earlier, he had already bowed his head to Qin Wentian. Now, he was commanded to apologize to Di Tian? He had completely lost all face.

One must know that Xia Hou was an extremely arrogant individual. This point could be seen from how domineering his attitude was towards Di Tian and Qin Wentian in the past. But now, these two people whom he had offended before, became dazzling individuals which he couldn’t afford to antagonize. He had to apologize to them both. One could very well imagine how difficult it must be for him.

However, he had no choice. The Lifire Empyrean had already given the order and he could only turn to Di Tian and said, “Grandmaster Di. I, Xia Hou, have offended you in the past. If there’s a chance to, I will host a banquet and invite you over to properly apologize for my actions. Please don’t hold it against me.”

“Since palace lord has spoken, I naturally wouldn’t hold it against you. As for holding a banquet, just forget about it.” Di Tian calmly replied, not giving Xia Hou any face at all. The him right now truly need not give Xia Hou any face. The Lifelong Realmlord had personally conferred the title of Supervisory Commander to him, he could supervise all the governors and monarchs and report their misdeeds upwards. These people would be rushing over to form good relationships with him, he didn’t need to do anything. Even the Lifire Empyrean could do nothing to him.

Xia Hou’s countenance froze but the Lifire Empyrean didn’t seem to hear Di Tian’s hidden meaning. He nodded, “Di Tian, in the future when you expand your Emperor Pavilion in Lifire City, just come to the Lifire Palace to look for me for help directly if you need any. I’ll naturally do my best to aid you.”

“Many thanks, Palace Lord.” Di Tian clasped his hands to the Lifire Palace Lord while coldly laughing in his heart. This Lifire Empyrean would be wary of Qin Wentian because of Ye Qianyu. But with regards to Di Tian, the Lifire Empyrean would try his best to recruit him, attempting to pull him away from the Jialan Clan.

Some things were enough by not overdoing it. The Lifire Empyrean naturally wouldn’t lower himself too much. He exchanged some conventional greetings with Di Tian and Qin Wentian and released everyone soon after that.

As they were exiting, Qin Wentian intentionally walked together with the Jialan Monarch as he spoke softly, “Jialan, be more careful in the future.”

After speaking, he increased his speed and walked away. The Jialan Monarch’s expression froze, staring at Qin Wentian’s back as an ugly look appeared on his face. This was blatantly threatening him.

After returning to his temporary residence, there was actually someone here to look for him. This person was a female at the immortal emperor realm and had an outstanding demeanor.

“Governor Qin.” The female greeted with a smile. Qin Wentian puzzledly asked, “Fairy, you are?”

“I’m someone from the Gemini World Palace, a serving maiden of the two Gemini Empyreans. My palace lords are sending me to issue an invitation for you to head there.” The serving maiden laughed. Qin Wentian had a bewildered look on his face, he then asked, “The Gemini palace lords? What are they inviting me for?”

“Maybe our palace lords admires Governor Qin because of the talent you displayed. They naturally wouldn’t do anything to harm Governor Qin.” The serving maiden smiled. Qin Wentian nodded. This place was the Lifelong Saint Hall. Regardless, it wouldn’t matter if he went there.

“Right, can Fairy please lead the way then.” Qin Wentian nodded.

“Governor Qin, please.” That serving maiden gestured. After that, the two of them soared through the air and came to the temporary imperial residence of the Gemini Palace Lords located in the Lifelong Saint Hall.

In a certain courtyard, within a pavilion, two figures could be seen playing chess there. Other than them, there was another serving maiden at the immortal emperor level. When she saw Qin Wentian had arrived, she smiled, “Palace lords, Governor Qin is already here. We will take our leave first.”

“Mhm.” The two palace lords nodded. The two serving maidens retreated and at this moment, one of the palace lords waved his hand as a formless energy covered this entire courtyard, blocking out the probing of immortal senses.

“Sit.” The two palace lords of the Gemini Palace were still playing chess as they spoke to Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian walked over to the chess board, glancing at it and realised that both the white and black chess pieces were equal, no one was having an advantage. He then sat down at the side and quietly watched. He didn’t interject to ask any questions.

The two palace lords continued with their game of chess. After some time, one of them suddenly asked, “Qin Wentian, where do you come from?”

Qin Wentian started. He stared at the palace lord and replied, “This junior comes from Lifire City.”

“I’m asking about your origins.” That palace lord continued. Qin Wentian’s immeasurably deep eyes flashed with a strange light but he soon managed to mask it. He replied, “Junior doesn’t understand the meaning of why palace lord is asking me this question?”

“Have you heard of Emperor Yi?” The two palace lords stopped playing chess and both were staring at Qin Wentian. At this moment, Qin Wentian felt an enormous pressure boring down on him. At the same time, his heart pounded rapidly, as he stared at the two palace lords, stunned.

Emperor Yi? They actually asked if he had heard of Emperor Yi.

The Azure Mystic Immortal Realms, City of Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperor Yi?

“Ancient Emperor Yi?” Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed as he asked.

“Ancient Emperor?” The two palace lords started, mutually exchanging glances before they broke out into laughter. “Maybe it’s because of the time difference. Right now, do you all refer to him as Ancient Emperor Yi?”

Qin Wentian also started. That’s right, this era of theirs naturally referred to Emperor Yi as Ancient Emperor Yi. Were these two palace lords people of the same era with him? If this was the case, it was naturally impossible for them to refer to him as ‘Ancient Emperor,’ they would only refer to him as Emperor Yi.

“How did the two of you find out?” Qin Wentian asked.

“That final buddha gigantic palm imprint must have been augmented and reinforced by God’s Hand, right?” One of the palace lords asked. Right now, Qin Wentian no longer had any more doubts. Seems like the two palace lords have already seen through it.

“Palace lords, who are you two to Emperor Yi?” Qin Wentian asked. His eyes stared at them, could it be one of them is Ancient Emperor Yi?

“Our surname is Qi.” The two of them replied simultaneously.

Qin Wentian abruptly stood up. Lightning flashed through his mind. Their surname was Qi? This surname wasn’t strange at all. But if he linked Ancient Emperor Yi to the Qi Clan and God’s Hand… There was a significant meaning to it.

“I’ve been to a place with three giant bronze gates. I opened them and entered.” Qin Wentian still didn’t dare to divulge anything easily. He still had a trace of wariness in his heart. His words already contained a clear enough hint.

“In that case, shouldn’t the two of us pay our respects to you, the Saint Lord of this generation?” The two of them laughed, staring at Qin Wentian, causing great waves to rise in Qin Wentian’s heart.

Surnamed Qi, God’s Hand, Emperor Yi.

Everything pointed to a single place – the Battle Saint Tribe!

“Seniors, both of you are too serious.” A smile filled with sincerity appeared on Qin Wentian’s face. He didn’t expect to encounter people from the Battle Saint Tribe here.

“In that case, you are really Emperor Yi’s successor?” The two palace lords asked.

“Mhm, junior managed to learn God’s Hand due to a stroke of fate and a series of coincidental events and entered the place where the Battle Saint Tribe is staying in. I’m the Saint Lord of the Battle Saint Tribe of this generation.” Qin Wentian admitted. He then asked, “Is senior Emperor Yi somewhere here too as well?”

“Have you heard of the two of us before?” The Gemini Palace Lords asked.

“Mhm, I heard that seniors are the disciples of a World Overlord. It’s rumored that that World Overlord is a good friend of the Lifelong Realmlord. In that case, is Emperor Yi that World Overlord?” Qin Wentian asked.

The palace lords smiled and nodded, “However, the rumors spreading outside are mixed with truth and falsehoods. Emperor Yi might not really be a good friend of the Lifelong Realmlord. In any case, I noticed that Di Tian’s attacks also contained a trace of God’s Hand’s essence but I’m unable to be sure. Is there a connection between you two?”



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