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AGM – Chapter 1630 – Change in Attitude

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Chapter 1630: Change in Attitude

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The Lifire Empyrean’s gaze stiffened. For a moment, he didn’t know how he should reply.

Qin Wentian’s situation was really extremely complex, but it was impossible for him to explain it for all to hear now out in the public. He could only reply, “Your subordinate doesn’t dare. It’s just that Lifire City needed someone to be in charge since I’m temporarily gone from there. Hence, this subordinate commanded Governor Qin to take over to prevent chaos from reigning supreme.”

“Oh?” The Lifelong Realmlord calmly spoke. The Lifire Empyrean even dared to give him such a lousy excuse?

A look of difficulty could be seen on the Lifire Empyrean’s face. But at this moment, Qin Wentian stood up and bowed to the Lifelong Realmlord. “This matter has nothing to do with palace lord. It’s just because my identity is sensitive which led to palace lord making such an arrangement. I humbly beg Realmlord for a pardon.”

Qin Wentian’s words caused the Lifire Empyrean to narrow his eyes. The Realmlord felt even more curious. Although he was the master of this realm, many things were managed by his subordinates and he would usually not ask about the finer details of the happenings in each of the world palaces. He naturally would have no idea that Qin Wentian, who is a governor, used to be a bandit. Hence, he had no idea about the connection between Qin Wentian and Ye Qianyu.

“Oh? Your identity is sensitive? Tell me more about it.” The Lifelong Realmlord asked.

“Junior has the identity of a criminal. I used to be a bandit and had plundered the mines under control of the Jialan Monarch who is one of the nine monarchs serving under the Lifire Palace Lord. After being captured, not only did the palace lord not blame my past, he even gave me huge responsibilities and promoted me into a governor. I’m filled with endless gratitude towards his kindness.” Qin Wentian’s tone was extremely polite. Not only did he not offend the Lifire Empyrean, his words were even praising the Lifire Empyrean faintly.

Although he was extremely imposing on the battle platform, the Lifire Empyrean was after all one of the nine world palaces’ palace lords. His status wasn’t something Qin Wentian could compare to despite being extremely impressive on the battle platform. Right now, his end goal was to rescue Ye Qianyu. He naturally didn’t want to offend someone as powerful as the Lifire Empyrean needlessly.

“A bandit?” A strange light flashed in the eyes of the Lifelong Realmlord as he cast a glance at the Lifire Empyrean.

“Yes, Realmlord. In the past, due to some circumstances, I became a bandit under Ye Qianyu, Right now, Ye Qianyu has also appeared in this grand banquet, and Palace Lord must have been worried as he knew that I have a good relationship with her. He must have feared that I might be impulsive upon meeting her and this must be the reason why he told me to stay behind at the Lifire City instead. He has given a lot of thought to this matter.” Qin Wentian continued.

“Ye Qianyu?” The Lifelong Realmlord recalled about the beautiful maiden from the Red Dust Immortal Palace whose dance stirred up a huge commotion earlier. That maiden’s name was precisely Ye Qianyu, the Night Empyrean’s daughter and she was here because she was seeking forgiveness from her crimes. He then turned his gaze towards the direction of the Red Dust Immortal Palace’s people, landing on Ye Qianyu and immediately understood some things.

The others in the crowd all had a look of understanding on their faces. They finally understood why Qin Wentian would appear here and displayed his prowess in such a domineering manner.

So it turned out that he was fighting for the sake of rescuing a beauty.

He wanted to do his best to perform here and request the Realmlord to release Ye Qianyu as a reward?

“Yes.” Qin Wentian nodded.

“In that case, you came here for her?” The Realmlord asked directly.

“Please pardon me, your eminence.” Qin Wentian bowed. The Lifelong Realmlord looked at him. Not only the Realmlord, at this moment, the Lifire Empyrean, the Jialan Clan’s people and all the other experts were staring at Qin Wentian.

With a background as a bandit yet possessing such a high amount of talent. He participated in the grand banquet and domineeringly got the top ranking for the final round of battle in the competition between the world palaces and his purpose was actually for the sake of a single woman? But truth to be told, this woman was truly an excellent creature. That dance Ye Qianyu performed earlier had caused their hearts all to stir, wanting to possess her.

Right now, they would have to see how the Lifelong Realmlord would decide. Would he grant Ye Qianyu amnesty because of Qin Wentian’s talent?

“Ye Qianyu was captured by your Lifire Palace in the past?” The Lifelong Realmlord suddenly asked the Lifire Empyrean.

“Replying to Realmlord, those years ago, Ye Qianyu was the bandit head and was wrecking chaos in one of my territories. I commanded my subordinates to capture her and detain her in the Lifire Jail. Qin Wentian was just an accomplice and he became a bandit because he had no alternatives. This is why I didn’t imprison him and gave him a chance to render merits to clear his crimes instead.” The Lifire Empyrean spoke. Regardless if the Realmlord values Qin Wentian’s talent or not, these questions of principle had to be made clear to him first.

“In that case, you did nothing wrong as well.” The Lifelong Realmlord nodded lightly. “Has Qin Wentian rendered any merit so far?”

“He has been the governor of the northern city regions of my Lifire City for the past several tens of years and did render plenty of merit in terms of quelling the chaos in the north.” The Lifire Empyrean replied.

“Since this is the case, Qin Wentian, don’t worry about your past identity as a bandit. Just do your job as a governor well for now.” The Realmlord smiled. With this sentence, this undoubtedly paved the way for Qin Wentian’s future. His past identity as a bandit didn’t matter to the Realmlord.

“As for Ye Qianyu, since she is the bandit head, it’s impossible for me to release her just like that. She can temporarily become a maid in the Lifelong Saint Hall first. In the future, if you manage to render any great merit, you can come and look for me again to redeem her.” The Realmlord’s single sentence had determined Ye Qianyu’s fate. Qin Wentian felt some disappointment in his heart. Seeing that Ye Qianyu had appeared her, he decided to take the risk and displayed his prowess in the battle. He naturally hoped that the Realmlord would pardon Ye Qianyu.

However, it was only natural for the Lifelong Realmlord to reply in that manner. As a bandit head, how can he release her so simply just like that? Telling him to come back for her after he renders great merits is already a form of kindness. What else could he say?

“Many thanks for Realmlord’s kindness.” Qin Wentian bowed, he could only thank the Realmlord.

“Give him more chances to render more merits in the future.” The Realmlord instructed the Lifire Empyrean.

“Yes, Realmlord.” The Lifire Empyrean nodded. Seems like the Realmlord truly regarded Qin Wentian highly. Although he didn’t ask for Qin Wentian to be transferred over, he made it clear for the Lifire Empyrean to give Qin Wentian more chances to render merits. In that case, it would be more convenient if the Realmlord wanted to use Qin Wentian in the future. Qin Wentian might even be transferred to the Lifelong Saint Hall.

“Enough. Everyone, there’s no need to feel so restrained. Let’s continue to enjoy the banquet. Next, does the palace lords of the nine world palaces have anything you want to report?” The Lifelong Realmlord laughed carefreely. Everyone had smiles on their faces and toasted the Realmlord. After that, the atmosphere turned lively, the maidens of the Red Dust Immortal Palace once again displayed their dances for everyone to enjoy. There were also beautiful women playing zithers, producing elegant music. However, Ye Qianyu didn’t join in this time. She remained at her original location.

Qin Wentian glanced in her direction, only to see Ye Qianyu just so coincidentally was looking at him as well. Her bright eyes and charming smile felt extremely soul-stirring and she even winked at him. Qin Wentian smiled when he saw this scene. Although she would temporarily become a maid in the Lifelong Saint Hall, and couldn’t be considered truly free, her environment would definitely be much better compared to her being imprisoned in the Lifire Jail.

“Governor Qin, congratulations.” At this moment, Beauty Xiao giggled and walked over. It seemed that she noticed the exchange of looks between Qin Wentian and Ye Qianyu. Her soft and alluring body leaned against Qin Wentian, exposing her bosom to him while a smile lit up the corners of her lips. Qin Wentian immediately knew that Beauty Xiao was doing this intentionally after just a single look at her.

Qin Wentian saw a smile layered with meaning on the face of Ye Qianyu when she saw this. Her gaze seemed to contain some hidden resentment. Qin Wentian bitterly smiled and shook his head before lifting up a wine cup and toasting Beauty Xiao.

“Beauty Xiao, there’s no need for you to lunge over like that, right?” Yin Qiu’s neither male nor female voice rang out. Beauty Xiao glanced at him and pressed her body even deeper into Qin Wentian, almost knocking him off his seat. The Lifire Empyrean kept his calm and didn’t feel that this was strange. Beauty Xiao has always been such a character. He didn’t think too deep into it.

“Seems like your bet paid off. With the Realmlord as your backing, the palace lord won’t dare to act against you easily in the future. He might even try to pull you closer to him by using soft tactics.” Beauty Xiao transmitted her voice over. She then continued, “I was the one who told you about this news. How do you intend to repay me?”

As she transmitted her voice over, Beauty Xiao bit her lips gently and had an alluring look on her face as she leaned in closer. Qin Wentian couldn’t help to silently muse what a vixen she was.

“Governor Qin, let me toast you too. For the unhappiness between us earlier, let’s all forget about it.” Xia Hou lifted his wine cup and spoke, as though wanting to sue for peace with Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian coldly glanced at Xia Hou. A playful smile appeared on his face. This Xia Hou had always mocked and insulted him every time they met. Now, he actually wanted to settle the score peacefully?

“Governor Xia Hou is too polite.” Qin Wentian lifted his wine cup and smiled, he didn’t make things ugly for Xia Hou. He knew that Xia Hou’s words didn’t really represent that the grudge had been settled. By lifting his cup, it also didn’t represent that he would forget what happened before. Both of them were just acting for the occasion.

“Qin Wentian, you have gained much face for our Lifire Palace today.” Grand Governor Zhuge Xiong laughed and initiated a toast. The Realmlord had clearly already backed Qin Wentian and they knew that the Lifire Empyrean would soon try his best to pull Qin Wentian closer to him. Hence, they didn’t feel any hesitation to express their goodwill now.

“Grand Governor, please.” Qin Wentian replied and toasted him back. After that, Lin Ba came by and toasted him as well. All of them had very respectful attitudes towards Qin Wentian.

Not only so, many major powers of Lifire City also came to show their respect. After exchanging conventional greetings, many of them expressed their goodwill and acted in a very friendly manner.

After the grand banquet today, both Qin Wentian and Di Tian became the most popular characters in Lifire City.

Only the Jialan Monarch had a heavy look on his face as he drank his wine alone in sorrow. He was somewhat pale and had an unsightly expression. Everyone could act friendly with Qin Wentian, except for him.

The Lifire Empyrean had recruited Qin Wentian right from the start. Although he was using him, the empyrean used soft methods and there wasn’t too much hatred between them.

Even the Jialan Clan could not be considered to have a grudge with Qin Wentian.

The one who truly had a grudge with Qin Wentian was none other than him, the Jialan Monarch. Because of his daughter Jialan Mingyue, the grudge between them had escalated to a point of no return. Naturally, Qin Wentian and Ye Qianyu had also caused him endless trouble and the lives of many of his descendants. It was impossible to resolve this grudge. But right now, given how outstanding Qin Wentian’s performance was, in addition to the fact that the Jialan Clan wanted to sue for peace, and the Realmlord’s appreciation of Qin Wentian, all caused the Jialan Monarch to feel increasingly unhappy.

From the looks of things, the Jialan Clan would definitely continue to express their goodwill to Qin Wentian and would no longer offend this transcendent immortal emperor that had gained the recognition of the Lifelong Realmlord.

When he thought of this, he could only sigh and continued drinking his wine down, cup by cup.

Over at the Jialan Clan’s area, the spiritual character of the Jialan Clan, Jialan Jiangshan, had already understood the origins of the grudge between their Jialan Clan and Qin Wentian. He transmitted his voice to Jialan Yuntian, “Do everything you can to mend the relationship between our clan and Qin Wentian.”



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