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AGM – Chapter 1629 – Questioning

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Chapter 1629: Questioning

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Fuzhan and Ye Kong had a depressed look on their faces when they glanced at the gigantic palm blasting towards them.

Clearly, this was a buddha palm imprint, yet they could clearly feel different law attributes within. Brilliant swords of light slashed out, manifested from the palm, along with a spatial storm of wind and lightning. This giant palm was like a supreme slaughter formation that comprised of many different types of attacks.

The two of them might be transcendent-level immortal emperors, standing at the true peak of the immortal emperor ream. But even so, they still felt despair and terror at this moment.

The spectators were all deeply shocked. This Governor Qin Wentian from Lifire City was actually so overwhelmingly powerful. The thousand-arms of the dharma body were fused together into a gigantic buddha palm imprint that blotted out the skies. Not only was the palm capable of unleashing different law-attributed attacks, it could even sever Fuzhan and Ye Kong’s resonance with their constellations, forbidding them from borrowing the boundless astral energy from their constellations.

“RUMBLE~” Fuzhan clenched his fists. His body expanded in size, completely transforming into an ancient battle god of the desolate wilderness. Fearsome destructive might gathered at his fists, churning with intensity as sonic booms could be heard. Fuzhan soared into the air as he howled in rage. Both his fists blasted out. sending two streams of destruction aiming for the boundaries of the space sealed by the buddha imprint. The impact was so great that the entire sealed space trembled violently.

However, the sounds of buddhic chants rang out. The terrifying buddha palm imprint kept transforming, manifesting a spatial gate that swallowed up Fuzhan’s attacks, transferring it out somewhere. There was no effect at all.

This scene caused Fuzhan to feel utter despair. Qin Wentian had too many methods, he was simply a perfect existence. He was proficient in all types of innate techniques and secret arts, able to do whatever he wants.

Ye Kong soared into the air. He directly slashed his sword down at the palm imprint, manifesting a countless number of sword shadows that sliced at the palm imprint, wanting to cleave it apart. If they continued to fight in this sealed space, both of them would be defeated sooner or later.

The palm imprint generated a burst of ruinous might. Ye Kong could not sustain his attacks. His sword domain manifested, with millions of swords swirling around him, incomparably resplendently. However, with the pressure from the giant palm, the swords around him all fell to the ground, the space around him becoming a grave for swords.

Ye Kong had no choice but to break out from that area and flee backwards, appearing beside Fuzhan again. The two of them glanced at each other as a helpless look appeared on their faces. They were trapped completely in this space and had no way to break out from it.

“Just concede.” Qin Wentian’s voice rang out. After that, countless arms were manifested from the palm imprint, launching endless attacks at them. The two continuously defended, destroying the attacks but right now, the giant palm was already extremely close, brimming with a crushing might, about to slam down into them.

Staring at the approaching giant palm, Fuzhan and Ye Kong closed their eyes. Fuzhan sighed, “I’ve lost.”

“You won.” Ye Kong also spoke out. A moment later, the giant palm halted as it slowly dissipated. When his constellation vanished, the pressure in the area completely faded as well. Only a white-robed figure could be seen calmly standing there, exuding boundless magnificence.

He, with the strength of him alone, continuously defeated the experts of the other eight world palaces. Not only so, his last battle was simultaneously against two and he even managed to force the two to admit defeat.

Such a radiant battle achievement record truly held an air of dominance, suppressing all previous rounds of battle. This was truly unprecedented and right now, none of the experts of the other eight world palaces challenged the other. All the glory was focused on the white-robed figure.

This man was a governor from the Lifire Palace, Qin Wentian.

Today, at the Lifelong Realm’s grand banquet, there would surely be two people whose name will resound through the Lifelong Realm.

One of them was the top ranker in the martial competition, Di Tian. He was also a genius weaponsmith grandmaster, as well as being extremely strong in combat despite having only a mid-stage immortal emperor cultivation base.

The second person was none other than this governor of Lifire City. He was also at the mid-stage but he tyrannically swept through the supreme and transcendent immortal emperors from the other eight world palaces with impunity, achieving complete victory.

Ye Qianyu was incomparably beautiful. Her beautiful eyes held a radiant and sparkling light as she looked at the white-robed figure standing on the towering platform.

The Lifire Empyrean glanced at Qin Wentian, huge waves arose in his heart. This Qin Wentian was way too outstanding. Back then when he made use of Qin Wentian, although he knew Qin Wentian was powerful, he didn’t expect Qin Wentian’s talent to be so extraordinarily high. If he knew that, he might have used gentler and softer methods to deal with Qin Wentian and truly nurtured him into a trusted aide.

Right now, Qin Wentian had obtained the top ranking in the competition between the world palaces, allowing the Lifire Palace to gain face but the Lifire Empyrean no longer cared too much about that. Right now, he was thinking how he should treat Qin Wentian in the future? But naturally, the prerequisite was that the Realmlord wouldn’t take the initiative to ask Qin Wentian to work for himself instead.

“Palace Lord. This Qin Wentian will definitely harbor hatred in his heart for matters of the past.” The Crow Emperor transmitted his voice to the Lifire Empyrean. The Lifire Empyrean frown and glanced at the Crow Emperor. He naturally understood what the Crow Emperor was thinking. Back in the past, the person he sent to the Jialan Emperor City was none other than the Crow Emperor. It was also the Crow Emperor who injured and captured Ye Qianyu.

If Qin Wentian comes into power, the first people he would deal with, would undoubtedly be the Crow Emperor and the Jialan Monarch.

When the Jialan Monarch saw the look on the Lifire Empyrean’s face, he instantly knew what the Crow Emperor was saying. However, he didn’t interject. Back then, the Lifire Empyrean had truly caused him to be in extremely dire straits. Although he was working for the Lifire Empyrean on the surface, everyone knew what their relationship was truly like. It wasn’t his turn to speak.

“This Governor Qin isn’t simple. Palace Lord, if you can gain his loyalty, he would definitely be a valiant general under your cause.” Beauty Xiao charmingly smiled as she intentionally spoke up. Bright light flashed in her beautiful eyes when she looked at Qin Wentian. She didn’t expect this fellow to be so powerful. Right now, even the Lifire Empyrean’s state of heart was shaken.

The eyes of many major powers in the territories under the Lifire Palace, were gleaming with sharpness. This man who was sent to the northern city regions by the Lifire Empyrean to be the northern governor, no one thought well of him at that time. They all felt he would be the same as the other northern governors in the past, played and controlled by the Jialan Clan. However, the battle at the Ancient River Auction House showed them how wrong they all were. And now, in Lifelong City, he displayed even more of his brilliance.

If it wasn’t because of his bandit past, the radiance from him would definitely be brighter as he would be more perfect. But even so, his past might still affect his future. Even the Lifire Empyrean had to think thrice whether to use Qin Wentian or not. No one knew how the Lifelong Realmlord would act after he learned of this.

Jialan Yuntian and Jialan Qiuyue both had complex looks on their faces. Who would have thought that Jialan Qiuyue’s random wonderings would be right. That figure truly appeared here and was more dazzling than their expectations.

Before this, when many people saw Di Tian’s performance, all of them felt that it was already very difficult to surpass Di Tian’s accomplishments. However, the northern governor of the Lifire Palace, Qin Wentian, was even more outstanding, crushing the experts of the eight other world palaces alone. But who was more outstanding between him and Grandmaster Di Tian who was proficient in both weaponsmithing and the martial path? No one could really tell.

“Grandmaster Di Tian, what do you think of Governor Qin?” Jialan Yuntian asked Di Tian in a light voice.

“Governor Qin’s magnificence knows no bounds.” Di Tian laughed. He naturally wouldn’t reveal that he and Qin Wentian were the same person. If Jialan Yuntian knew about this, it was unknown what sort of expression he would have.

“Seems like this old man was wrong in the past. Grandmaster Di Tian, please don’t take it to heart.” Jialan Yuntian spoke again, actually expressing his regret. Di Tian started, instantly understanding what Jialan Yuntian was referring to. Back then, in order to force him to stand with them, they alienated him against Qin Wentian, inviting them both to the birthday banquet of Jialan Qiuyue.

Right now, Jialan Yuntian evidently didn’t dare to have any thoughts of controlling Di Tian any longer.

“Clan leader, what are you talking about. I’m not very clear.” Di Tian shrugged and smiled. Jialan Yuntian’s eyes flashed before he also smiled and nodded his head. However, he was thinking in his heart whether if Di Tian truly didn’t mind what happened in the past?

Countless people were in fervent discussion as they looked at Qin Wentian, focusing their attention on him.

This governor from Lifire City, what would his fate be?

At this moment, the Realmlord laughed as he spoke, “The remaining eight of you, do you all still want to determine the actual rankings?”

He was naturally referring to the fact that Qin Wentian had already obtained eight victories. Those battles earlier made it so that this towering platform had completely become Qin Wentian’s stage and the other participants only served as foils to make him shine brighter. Before Qin Wentian’s appearance, everyone felt that the Lifire Palace was only good for making up the numbers. But now, the reality was completely different.

“There’s no need to.” Fuzhan spoke out. Since the Realmlord asked this question, it naturally meant that he also didn’t want to waste time. If not, the Realmlord would have directly stated that the competition should continue.

The other participants also understood the Realmlord’s meaning. They all shook their heads. It was meaningless to continue fighting. Qin Wentian had already seized all the glory here today, including everyone else who fought in the previous thirteen rounds of battles earlier.

“Mhm. Everyone, please return to your respective seats at your world palace.” The Realmlord waved his hands and smiled. The silhouettes of the participants flashed as they returned to their original seats. Qin Wentian moved towards the Lifire Empyrean and bowed, “Palace Lord, your subordinate did not fail to live up to your expectations.”

“Governor Qin, it has been hard for you. Come, take a seat.” The Lifire Empyrean smiled. He naturally wouldn’t blame Qin Wentian at this moment.

“Yes, Palace Lord.” Qin Wentian didn’t have any of the arrogance he displayed on the platform and became extremely humble. He knew that the Lifire Empyrean wouldn’t really allow him to easily see his true attitude. Qin Wentian also understood it was better for him to act humble and keep a low profile now.

Beauty Xiao cast a charming glance at Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian walked over and sat down beside her only to see her giggling as she transmitted her voice, “You did all this for Ye Qianyu, why wouldn’t you be able to do the same for me?”

Qin Wentian rolled his eyes at her, a look of hidden resentment could be seen on Beauty Xiao’s face as she transmitted her voice over, “Somebody has no conscience oh.”

Qin Wentian glanced in the direction of the Lifelong Realmlord, only to see the Realmlord smiling, “The competition between the nine world palaces this time, is more fascinating compared to the past. Is everyone satisfied with it?”

“There are truly many capable men in our Lifelong Realm, all of them will cause the future of our realm to be even more glorious.” The Skymist Empyrean respectfully spoke. He was the Lifelong Realmlord’s disciple, but he had to refer to the Realmlord with his proper title in such a setting.

“They are not subordinates chosen by me but by you all instead. All the palace lords should reward your capable subordinates who participated earlier heavily.” The Realmlord smiled.


“Your subordinates will naturally reward them heavily.” The world palace lords bowed and expressed.

The Realmlord smiled and nodded. He then turned his gaze towards the Lifire Empyrean and asked, “Such a grand character appearing in the Lifire Palace. Lifire Palace Lord, you actually prevented him from coming here before this? What is going on? Don’t tell me you are afraid of this seat snatching Governor Qin away?”



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