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AGM – Chapter 1627 – Five Consecutive Victories

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Chapter 1627: Five Consecutive Victories

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On the towering platform, nine figures could be seen, each standing in a separate location. Every one of them was an immortal emperor standing at the absolute peak.

This was the last round of battle, the one that everyone would remember. The Desolate Heaven Palace, Skyair Palace and the other powerful world palaces, all sought to get the first ranking for this final round. They wanted to end things beautifully, hence, the experts they sent out now, would definitely not be weaker compared to the experts they sent out for the first battle.

For this battle, everyone needed to fight with the other eight and the end results would be tabulated to calculate the ranking.

This meant that nothing was left to luck. Everyone would have to fight eight battles, until the last.

The nine experts each reported their positions and name.

Qin Wentian, northern city governor of Lifire City. Very swiftly, everyone clearly knew of his identity and where he came from. The mysterious challenge that caused a storm of commotions was from the northern city regions of Lifire City.

In addition, this northern governor of Lifire City actually defeated the number one governor of Lifelong City’s northern city regions Xiao Yu. It does sound a little like irony.

Lifelong City was governed by the Lifelong Saint Hall. The direct subordinates of the Lifelong Saint Hall were definitely true elites. Even if they didn’t participate in the competition between the nine world palaces, their statuses would be supreme. It was normal if the weakest governor in Lifelong City was weaker than a governor from the nine world palaces, but Xiao Yu was the number one governor in the northern city regions of Lifelong City. Could he really not be comparable to a subordinate by the Lifire Empyrean who had lost all face earlier? It shouldn’t be the case, right?

Is the number one governor of Lifelong City’s northern city regions, Xiao Yu, weak or is the Lifire northern governor Qin Wentian too monstrous?

Most probably, the truth would soon be revealed. They would soon be able to see the strength of this mysterious governor.

“Since Governor Qin of the Lifire Palace has such an amazing battle achievement record here in Lifelong City, let me take the lead and seek guidance from you.” A voice rang out. A monarch from the Gengmetal palace challenged Qin Wentian. Everyone had to fight against everyone. Since this was the case, considering that he was really curious about Qin Wentian’s strength, he might as well take the chance to fight him now at the first battle. He wanted to see how capable this governor from Lifire City is.

“Please.” Qin Wentian calmly spoke. The other seven participants temporarily stepped back, allowing them to have the battlefield. The Gengmetal Palace’s monarch radiated the law energy of metal. Resplendent golden light illuminated the area as astral light fell from his constellation, gently infusing him. In the air, a golden cloud layer formed, it radiated beams of golden light which manifested into golden lances that shot explosively through the air, aiming for Qin Wentian.

Upon sensing the terrifying might, Qin Wentian radiated boundless light. This supreme brilliance was even more dazzling than the light of the sun. Each mote of light from the laws Qin Wentian commanded transformed into a sword of light. The majority of the crowd couldn’t open their eyes in the face of this radiance.

The golden lances clashed against the swords of light. With an explosive boom, the golden lances were overpowered, the swords of light continued slashing forth, crushing the golden cloud layer completely.

Under the radiance from his laws of light, no other law energy could exist.

Qin Wentian’s entire person was basking in the radiance, he was like a divinity of light. His entire person seemed perfect and flawless. Upon stepping out, he punched out as boundless light gathered into a fist of radiance that blasted towards the Gengmetal Palace’s monarch.

The Gengmetal Palace’s monarch gathered his metal law energy to form a gigantic golden fist as he punched out with it. The golden fist arced through the skies, leaving behind a series of fist shadows, colliding against the fist of radiance blasted forth by Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian’s attack only just started now. He moved closer and closer. Every step he took caused the pressure radiating from him to increase. His powerful spirit could cause the wills of others to collapse. He no longer launched a single fist of radiance but chains upon chains of them instead, blotting out the sky. He was like the god of light, in control of everything, illuminating everything under the sky.

A fearsome aura gushed forth from the Gengmetal Palace’s monarch. Clones formed from metallic energy appeared behind him. All of them attacked together, the boundless might congregated and formed a fearsome-looking golden ancient shield. It spun around rapidly, attempting to block Qin Wentian’s attack.

However, how could one manage to block light? Light is something that’s extremely pervasive. Qin Wentian’s attacks transformed into curved lines that evaded the shield and continued on, aiming for his opponent’s body.

The entire body of the Gengmetal Palace’s monarch seemed to be plated in gold. His defense was absurdly strong, the clones formed from his metallic energy all merged together with him, granting him a temporary boost in his defense. Qin Wentian continued to chain his fist of radiance together, causing them to streak through the air, slamming into his opponent in an extremely tyrannical manner.

Under the light, the Gengmetal Palace’s monarch had no way to endure for too long. He retreated after sometimes and conceded the match.

The eyes of other participants who were spectating all gleamed with sharpness. From the start until the end, Qin Wentian only used a single kind of attack – the fist of radiance. With a single innate technique, he defeated a supreme immortal emperor from the Gengmetal Palace. From this, one could tell that him defeating Xiao Yu wasn’t a matter of luck, he truly had the strength. This caused the expressions of the other participants to turn slightly more heavy.

“Next, which other two participants will fight?” The governor of the Desolate Heaven Palace asked.

“There’s no need to waste time. Since I came here for the sake of being number one, I just have to win all eight battles, right? Earlier, many people insulted and humiliated my Lifire Palace. Since I’m up here now, there would be no meaning if my Lifire Palace doesn’t get the top ranking.” Qin Wentian’s white robes fluttered gently in the wind as he spoke. “So, just let the second battle commence. I’ll be here all the way. The monarch from the Kanwater Palace, let’s not waste time. Just come at me.”

As the sound of Qin Wentian’s voice faded, the crowd was completely stunned. The sharpness in the eyes of the other participants grew more intense. Qin Wentian wanted to conclude this last round straightaway by winning eight battles in a row?

Was he treating them as non-existent?

Before this in the martial competition, even that mid-stage immortal emperor Di Tian, wasn’t so brazen, right?

Now, are all transcendent-level mid-stage immortal emperors so arrogant?

On the battle platform, the supreme characters of the Desolate Heaven Palace, Skyair Palace and Xuanyuan Clan were still present.

However, they were all completely disregarded by Qin Wentian. He was prepared to fight them all, one after the other.

Since the Kanwater Palace’s monarch was named, he stepped out with a cold expression on his face. He is a very powerful monarch of the Kanwater Palace, yet Qin Wentian still seemed extremely calm. It was like Qin Wentian didn’t even treat him as an opponent.

“In that case, I truly want to seek guidance from Governor Qin. Show me your strength then.” The Kanwater Monarch radiated icy energy as frost covered Qin Wentian’s surroundings. A stifling coldness suddenly descended on the atmosphere, causing the temperature to plunge.

Qin Wentian’s eyes shot out a terrifying light. A pair of phantasm eyes appeared as his phantasm domain enveloped everything. In the next instant, the Kanwater Palace’s monarch felt himself being dragged into an eye-technique dimension. Countless Qin Wentian’s phantoms could be seen floating in the air, each of them radiating a brilliant radiance of the laws of light as they attacked him.

The expression of the Kanwater Palace’s monarch turned ugly. He unleashed a terrifying underworld frost energy, causing ice to form in his surroundings, freezing everything. Qin Wentian’s millions of phantoms were frozen solid. This was the power of absolute frost, he was like the frost king of a generation, unexcelled in the world.

“You have no hope.” A voice rang out from the void. After that, numerous phantoms of Qin Wentian appeared once more, radiating a brilliant light. Those frozen phantoms all caused the frost energy to dissipate, the glare from the boundless laws of light melted everything. Under the radiance, not only did Qin Wentian’s phantoms not lessen in number, they even increased.

The Kanwater Palace’s monarch knew this to be an illusion as he had entered Qin Wentian’s law domain. But although he knew it was an illusion, he had no way to break it. The ending of this battle seemed to have been already decided.

He was actually trapped by the law domain of a mid-stage immortal emperor.

“Just concede.” Boundless swords of light were unleashed, no one could distinguish the real from the illusory ones. The monarch from the Kanwater Palace didn’t know which sword would turn into a real sword of slaughter. He was always used to be in a lofty position, a supreme immortal emperor. Yet at this moment, a dispirited expression could be seen on his face. He shook his head and spoke, “I’m defeated.”

The law domain dissipated. The Kanwater Palace’s monarch stared ahead. Qin Wentian stood there like he has never moved before at all, but he still managed to trap him.

“Were those a reality or illusion?” The Kanwater Palace’s monarch asked.

“The truth is false, but the false can be also true.” Qin Wentian replied. That Kanwater Palace’s monarch nodded and retreated.

The gazes of many stiffened. This battle seemed even more relaxed for Qin Wentian compared to the last one. Qin Wentian had won two more victories.

“Will the Scarlet Origin Palace’s governor provide guidance for me?” Qin Wentian continued, challenging one after another. He didn’t even need to rest.

The governor from the Scarlet Origin Palace walked out. At this moment, there was a heavy expression on his face as he looked at Qin Wentian. Two world palaces have already been defeated. This undoubtedly proved Qin Wentian’s strength, how would he dare to be careless?

The phantasm eye appeared again, there was simply no way to resist the eye-technique dimension from drawing you in. One could only break free by using an overwhelming amount of law energy attacks. However, one must know how powerful Qin Wentian’s astral souls are. Although he’s at the mid-stage, his law attributes were of a higher-grade and were much more powerful when compared to others. In addition, this eye-technique dimension was a part of the domain he had comprehended. How could it be broken so easily?

Hence, in the eye-technique dimension, the governor from the Scarlet Origin Palace was bombarded by Qin Wentian’s endless attacks. He couldn’t resist it for long and was easily defeated.

After that, the expert from the Dragonsaddle Palace lost, as did the expert from the Gemini Palace.

The experts from five world palaces all lost consecutively to Qin Wentian.

He won five victories in a row. Qin Wentian had no intentions to halt. Although earlier, there were quite a few experts who obtained the stellar achievements of eight wins and zero losses, no one achieved it in the same manner as Qin Wentian did. He completely ignored the fight between others and wanted to fight the experts of the other eight world palaces continuously without pause.

Before this, many felt it was impossible. But as the battles continued, the defeat of the experts from the five world palaces, caused the hearts of the crowd to shake.

Right now, only the Desolate Heaven Palace, Skyair Palace and Xuanyuan Palace were remaining. However, these three were the strongest of all the world palaces.

Qin Wentian wanted to win three more battles consecutively against the experts of these three world palaces? It most probably wouldn’t be that easy, right?



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